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Astrological Observations about Mother’s Day

Along with the first, seventh and tenth houses of the horoscope, the fourth house represents one’s mother and is the foundation of your horoscope. The signifying ruler of this fourth house is the Moon which is also representative of one’s mind and the link, although not immediately obvious, make sense when you realise that the formative years of our lives and how our minds develop are indeed mainly attributed to the quality of the relationship we have with our mothers. Loving and secure childhoods result in well-adjusted individuals and vice versa. The mother is the foundation of a child’s early development, so it is no wonder this fourth house of the horoscope has been given so much importance by astrologers.

Astrological Observations about Mother's Day
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If Mars and Saturn have an influence on the fourth house and to a lesser extent the Sun and/or the Nodes, children have a difficult childhood and may even be subject to abuse. Looking at many horoscopes containing these combinations you find many of these individuals have surrogate parents or may even be adopted. Even though they are raised in affectionate families that sense of separation is an obvious and lasting influence on their development. From that perspective, we see just how important a mother’s love can be.

Planets are constantly moving and changing. Their influence also impact our understanding of ourselves and the relationship we have with others including our mothers. Let’s take a look at where planets are now in their transit and see how each of the 12 signs are being impacted.


Astrological Observations about Mother's DayThe North node is transiting your fourth house of mother and domestic relationships right now and indicates a big turning point in terms of your understanding of your relationship with her. This will impact life journey in a big way. The North node is of course that point in the horoscope relating to karma and the major lessons you have to learn life.


TAURUS SELF ESTEEMYou can consolidate your paternal relationship now is the Sun, ruler of your fourth house of mother and is into a favourable relationship with Saturn. There is a strong connection between your family life and work now and for some of you your mother may be instrumental in helping you understand the nature of your work and what it is you should be doing on your life path. Talk to her. She may have some words of wisdom for you.


Astrological Observations about Mother's DayUnexpected changes, for better or for worse, occur during this period as Mercury, the ruler of your mother and your own Sun sign enters the orb of Uranus. This can bring sudden shifts and changes in your relationship with her but also in your domestic sphere. It can also Herald the beginning of a new style of communication between the two of you.


CANCER SELF ESTEEMVenus is the ruler of your mother-based upon your Sun sign and is challenged by Saturn during this cycle. This means greater responsibility and for some born under Cancer, a need to reconnect and let go of the past. You may be having difficulty expressing your feelings are now and vice versa.


Astrological Observations about Mother's DayAs Mars is the ruler of your mother and transiting your eleventh house now, great friendship can be expected as long as you make the appropriate effort. There can be financial gains for both you and her but generally this is a wonderful period to reconnect and assert your similarities rather than your differences.


VIRGO SELF ESTEEMJupiter, the ruler of your mother, is transiting its own house now but retrograde. This is a great opportunity for both of you to retrace your past, go through those issues that have bothered you and to finally resolve those differences. Jupiter is magnanimous in nature so generosity of spirit and preparedness for forgiveness is the secret key to improve your relationship with your mother.


LIBRA SELF ESTEEMAs Saturn, the governor of your mother, now transits your karmic axis, deep understanding can be experienced for you and her. Deep issues stemming from your childhood may have brought up anger and other feelings of resentment as also shown by transformative Pluto being in the company of Saturn now. Try to reach out and communicate how you feel without being too judgemental.


Astrological Observations about Mother's DayWith Uranus, the significator of your mother transiting your seventh house of relationships currently, you may find that whatever issues were unresolved in your childhood are now playing out in your most intimate personal relationships with your partner, or spouse. Remember, your partner isn’t your mother and you must try to distinguish the two so that your subconscious issues don’t create a wedge.


SAGITTARIUS SELF ESTEEMAs Jupiter rules your mother and is in your Sun sign now in retrograde motion, this is a wonderful period to spend time having deep heart-to-heart conversations and create a greater bridge philosophically. If you’ve had differences in your belief systems you magically start to find that you are not all that different after all.


CAPRICORN SELF ESTEEMServing your mother is important during this cycle. Mars, is the ruler transiting your sixth house of service, health and also financial debts. Helping her, helps yourself. Giving time to your mother may be challenging as your schedule may not give you all that much wiggle room. The more time you allocate, the more Mars will bless you in other areas of your life.


AQUARIUS SELF ESTEEMYou may feel frustrated with your mother late but this is only because we are wired differently and trying to change her is not the appropriate way to handle your differences. There may also be health issues surrounding her now. The best gift you could give her on Mother’s Day is to be there, without judging and with the support understanding that each and every one of us has our own way of doing things. Acceptance is your key to greater maternal relations now.


PISCES SELF ESTEEMOver the coming few years your mother will play a more significant role in your life. There may be some mentoring that she can provide when you have exhausted other means. Don’t dismiss her as being simple or unacquainted with the complexities of your life. Her intuition now may be useful in solving some commercial or business issue that has been on your mind.

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