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Astrology and Fertility

astrology-and-pregnancyMany women are interested in the effects of the Moon on their monthly cycle. We are again presenting a piece on Fertility and astrology for you…. Don’t let your Moon phase you, especially when it comes to gaining an insight into your sexual and reproductive cycles. Astrologer Dadhichi Toth looks at fertility and its connection to Astrology. Pregnancy!

The word will either melt your heart or terrify the living daylights out of you. It all depends on which way you look at it. You’re either ready to give into your body clock’s demands or perhaps continue playing it safe. But how safe is safe’. For a lot of women, the exact time of ovulation and the different stages of the menstrual cycle are intuitively or physically felt by them. Others are not as sensitive and can even find themselves in the awkward position of having to terminate an unwanted pregnancy – all because they weren’t sure how fertile or at what point in their cycle they were. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way of tuning into your own personal sexual and reproductive cycle’ Imagine knowing beforehand your fertile or safe dates’

Well, astrology has long held that fertility and the Moon both share a 28-day cycle. And it’s not simply a coincidence. Just as farmers have applied their knowledge of lunar phases to the planting of seeds and harvesting of crops, so too can the more lusty seeds of human destiny be sown, keeping in mind your ovulation and lunar rhythm. These bio-lunar cycles have been shown to be highly effective in birth control and family planning. However, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the hard and fast routine of city living. Everyday pressures of work, money and social life increasingly disconnect you from your natural biological rhythms.

The Female Cycle

Your feminine, albeit, primitive cycle is subtly linked to the Moon’s phases and offers an invaluable insight into yourself. This requires a conscious re-connection with what the ancient astrologers called – The Goddess Within. This can empower you and help you better manage your relationships and life generally. This astrological factor is also a vital key to understanding why some women appear to be more fertile, yet at times, even when ovulation occurs and conception is desirable, just don’t fall pregnant. This at first appears to be a mystery. But let’s take a closer look and see whether there is in fact a natural, possibly more astrological association.

Fine tuning your sexuality and fertility by the Moon The period of a lunar cycle is more precisely 29.53 days and this is constant for everyone. You may be born during any of the lunar phases below. The key point is that when the Moon returns to its birth position each month it is called your Lunar Return. This position of the Moon at your birth time is the basis for establishing a personal Lunar calendar. Your own cycle is unique even if you may have your period at the same time as a friend. It’s by finding this initial lunar position that you can begin synchronising your cycle with that of the Moon. Because the cycle follows a regular pattern monthly, it can be seen in advance and utilised to your own benefit. By getting hold of your birth Moon position, it’s relatively easy to check your ovulation cycle against what is happening in the stars.

If you don’t know your Moon position, have your astrologer prepare your Lunar phase map. Just as you’ll observe that pregnancy occurs during a certain point in your cycle, there are points in the lunar cycle that are more “fertile”. There is a general rule of thumb which very simply sums up the issue of fertility and the likelihood of conception ie – that pregnancy is most likely to occur when ovulation and Lunar return coincide. Use this principle as a reliable pointer. It does seem to reflect more likely conception times. So, if you definitely do not want children, hedge your bets and play it safe.

Always assume that even when you don’t ovulate on your Lunar return, you are more likely to conceive. You might ask “I use the pill anyhow and that is 99.9% effective. So why do I need to know all this'”. Well, some women prefer to use alternatives to the Pill which are chemical-hormonal, especially over long periods of time. This allows them to maximise the “contraceptive” efficacy of say, condoms or other contraceptive devices, by preferably being active around the cycle of least fertility!

Pregnancy and sex determination of your child

Even without knowledge of your personal lunar cycle, there are your everyday variety of lunar returns which can be considered, especially if you’re making love in an attempt to fall pregnant. Astrologers have declared that certain times during the cosmic calendar are more favourable than others for producing healthy, intelligent and “lucky” children. Just as you’ll observe pregnancy occurring during certain points in the menstrual cycle, points in the lunar cycle that are more “fertile”.

Broadly speaking, we can divide the Moon’s cycle into four quarters.

The first quarter or New Moon Phase when the Moon coincides with the Sun. Astrologers refer to this New Moon as a period of beginnings and as such this particular phase reflects conception, birth and creativity. This phase of the Moon is the most important one and has marked connections with your own personal ovulation and reproductive processes.

Second quarter or Waxing Phase during the time when it is moving away from conjunction with the Sun and starts to grow in intensity. It is otherwise called a waxing Moon and represents the energy that shapes life forces into form.

Third quarter or Full Moon Phase is when the Moon reaches its maximum size and brilliance. This period symbolises culmination of growth and maturity of life forms in nature.

Fourth Quarter or Waning Phase is the darkening phase where again the Moon approaches the Sun. It is an inward and meditative stage where release and letting go seem to be the key issues being reflected.

First and foremost, a child should be conceived during an act of love, not simply as a result of hot and steamy passion. Conception could ideally take place anywhere between the 4th and 16th day from the commencement of your period.

The 4th, 6th 8th 12th 14th or 16th days, that is, the even dates are said to result in the birth of a male. Alternatively, conception happening on the odd days of the 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th 13th and 15th days result in female births.

The 10th, 12th and 15th and 16th are considered very positive in respect of producing fine children – if that’s what you have in mind. Some eastern traditions are very adamant about avoiding sex for procreative purposes around the Full Moon and eclipses. Children born as a result of these conception times may be adversely affected in terms of physical appearance and their emotional-mental equilibrium.

For a lot of women the cycle is not always 28 days.

* If your cycle is a short cycle the coinciding of the Lunar return and ovulation cycle will usually take place a couple of times a year

* If your cycle is a normal 28-30 day one, your Ovu-lunar peak will not occur quite as often but will repeat for 2 or even three months running.

* If your cycle is around 31-33 days long then you will find that it may take up to two years for your ovu-lunar peak to kick in

* Women with even longer cycles of 34 or 35 days can expect a similar result to their short cycling cousins By knowing your fertile periods and the lunar patterns you can optimise those dates, especially if you want to fall pregnant and don’t want to wait another two years for the next best opportunity.

Story by Dadhichi Toth – Director of


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