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Astrology and the Art of Adaptation and Success

Astrology and the Art of Adaptation and Success explained…

The difficult circumstances, challenges and even tragedies that befall us are in fact the things that make us stronger. The more resilient and able you are to adapt to these fluctuating life circumstances, the more empowered you become.

In this video, Dadhichi briefly talks about his early struggles being sent to an orphanage and fostered out and how that helped him adapt and become stronger as a person. In fact, he says it is one of the foundational reasons for his success and satisfaction in life. How you adapt to your difficult circumstances and become successful?

Eliminating the unnecessary

In any case, the whole concept of achieving what you want in terms of happiness, of truly falling in love with your life, rests less upon acquiring more, than its opposite: eliminating the unnecessary. Sooner or later you have to spring cleaning the messy attic of your psyche.

As an example, being a practising astrologer, many clients ask about their career prospects or more importantly their life purpose. Careers manual are usually pretty large books and even if you could start to understand what it is you want to do with your life, there are, within any particular industry many, choices making it a confusing issue to settle on.

“Dadhichi, how do I make that choice?” is the usual question. I explain that it’s easier to tear out the pages of listed professions which don’t relate to the particular line of work you’re interested in. In other words, elimination is the solution. Slowly eliminating those peripheral professions and industries cluttering your perception and which you immediately know to be of no use should be discarded. And this is precisely the approach, to be used in reordering your observation of those things which are pertinent to your life and what you believe to be a destination.

There’s also a principle of success which states: Begin with the end. That’s a particularly powerful tool which slips by people’s attention and even their comprehension when I point it out.

To explain, I suggest that even in your day to day affairs you generally begin with the end. For example, the first order of business when flagging a taxi to get somewhere you’ve never been before, is determining exactly where you’re going, isn’t it?

The What and the How

Once you know that, you let the taxi, the means of getting there, do its job. The destination is the what and the taxi in the journey is the how. Once that’s figured out, you’re in trust mode for the most part.

But the what and the how are two very different things and we often get caught up in the how or the manner in which we’re going to achieve something.

The how of achieving something is often useless as an exercise unless the what is clearly established. Eliminating certain processes along with what’s unnecessary leads to a state of complete trust which is in itself one of the greatest tools of self-actualisation and happiness.  It’s the principal means of falling in love with your life. Imbibing this second tool or function of perception, trust, is exceedingly important. Once the what is clearly identified in your awareness, the how starts to take care of itself. Let’s check that out in more detail later as well.

I’ve introduced quite a few concepts that have to do with turning one’s attention back away from the objects of awareness to the subject of awareness or experience. We will look at those things weighing you down, such as the careers and work practices that have no relevance to your life or happiness and are impinging on your decision-making process. Elimination is such a wholesome process.

The elimination of baggage is often emotional luggage as well, and you need to deal with this component of your life in ways that break the rational habits of problem-solving that most often don’t work in practice anyhow.  You see, the majority of people have a habit of drowning in the thought of their problems rather than clearly working through solutions.

Spiritual Fertiliser

Most people refer to all the tough emotional stuff as baggage. You only really need to look at that BS of your life as baggage if you haven’t learned to use it as fertiliser. That’s why I refer to it as life’s spiritual fertiliser. The manner in which intelligent eco-gardeners know precisely how to make use of that bullshit is through recycling. This is the internal ecosystem of your own being. 

Learning how to churn and use that garbage of the past – the pain, anguish, resentment, jealousy, etc intelligently, is the skill of recycling those emotions and memories. This is psycho-spiritual fertiliser that provides you internal confidence to be your own teacher, your own leading light and hero, to live life on your own terms according to your own standards, fearlessly, without the impact of past conditioning. Yes, past conditioning has shaped you, but there are parts of your nature in that realm of the observer, that aren’t shaped by anything at all.  Again, this whole exercise is one of self-awareness and ultimately self-realisation.

Realisation is the culmination of awareness of awareness. The practice of being aware that you are aware results in an unbroken choiceless, loving mindfulness of life without the mechanism of judgement intruding on every moment.

That is of time, the silent enemy of happiness. Without saying too much about it at this point, it will be used as a reference point and is beautifully intertwined into this whole process of self-awareness and personal freedom.

The approach is that time is both vertical as well as horizontal in nature, much like an XY axis. In the normal process of a lifetime is lived predominantly in a linear or horizontal fashion. I’m introducing you to the vertical experience of time which is a radical new approach. The baggage of your past suffering is projected onto the present through which you live this moment, filtered, where you are currently looking towards some anticipated happiness in the future.

If you have any hope for that future, it suddenly reflects the universal principle of attraction-repulsion or polarity in this dimension of space and time. That attraction-repulsion is shaped by the happy, sad, pleasurable or painful experiences you underwent in the past and this becomes a template for how you perceive the present and anticipate your much-awaited or perhaps dreaded future whichever and have the pleasure-pain baton you’ve grabbed onto.

Becoming acquainted with the vertical nature of time is a whole other matter but one which brings with it, the most aesthetic, cultural and spiritually sublime components of wo/man and that includes art, music, poetry, along with the spiritual and intuitive skills of man and woman. Those experiences only ever take place in vertical time precisely because you are so absorbed in your function in the present, that the past and future cease to register as anything in this moment.

The experience of the moment, vertically, rather than horizontally, is the root of all great art, science, culture, philosophy or in fact any great achievements. The greatness of these accomplishments is seen in the way the creations of those great artists are able to connect an onlooker, a listener, a connoisseur of culture and art with the very same experience that produced it.

These are some of the miracles in life we overlook and in this book, falling in love with your life is precisely that experience. Feeling this love is not necessarily restricted to any of the above cultural or artistic activities.  The book points out that it it can be any activity in this moment which vertically, through rapt attention gives you glimpses of that ever present happiness. That attention is the fuel of happiness.

Falling in love with your life, requires a couple of other dynamics and they are trust and fearlessness. You can add earnestness to that. We need to discuss these layers of your nature to see if you possess these qualities. You need to measure them to see exactly what balance or imbalance exists in your life, within yourself.  If any of these distinguishing traits are lacking, eg fearlessness, at the very extreme, you may lack the initiative or ability to take any sort of gamble on life.  Success may not be possible under the circumstances. And looking at these human traits requires a more detailed look at how these qualities may be cultivated.

Free Will?

I once believed in free will. That was until 1999 came along. Of course, free will is what helps determine you’re going to be successful and happy. There’s a sense of intention associated with success. It seems to make perfect sense that successful people unless they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, must have worked extremely hard to achieve the result they did.

Travelling to India quickly changed my mind. The ancient karmic Akashik records changed all that. The ancient Palmyra leaves upon which all the destinies of each human being are written was made available to me. Unlike normal astrology, the client simply provides their thumbprints, both right and left. Thereafter a bundle of leaves, apparently several thousand years old are ferreted out.

These records are like large rulers, stiff, thick parchment-like leaves with unusual characters, possibly Sanskrit, Dravidian or ancient Tamil Nadu language. After some poking around with a few superficial questions, my name was provided. When my name was mentioned and thereafter my mother, fathers’ and spouse’s name I quickly sat up in my chair, vertically erect and ready to start paying attention to what the priest was about to tell me.

At that time I was travelling with my client who till today is one of my best friends. He’s since made his name as an up-and-coming Hollywood film producer. He’s worked with the likes of Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and many other A-list actors. We quickly turned our heads to each other and somewhat loudly whispered WTF!

The reader continued, “Your father is no longer alive, and you were separated from your mother in infancy”. “You were brought up by others……” For over forty minutes he reeled off incredibly precise prediction after prediction – that past, present and also future destiny forecasts which were revealed with incredible fluidity. It was surreal. All written in black and white, there on those dusty ancient leaves! It was my life on a leaf.

He continued, “You will leave your current spouse, also your country of birth and move to the land in the north-west.  Not only that, you will move to a provincial region and live like a farmer, reclusive to some extent.” At this point Bill and I again both stared at each other in disbelief. We both uttered a double WTF, “That can’t possibly be right.” I scowled as he went on, “You’ll meet and marry a woman much younger than you and will start a family with her. In this later age of your life, you will have a daughter with whom you will become extremely close”.

This was starting to sound ridiculous! I was frantically taking notes and on several occasions since, went back to have more detailed readings and even took other somewhat sceptical friends and clients to verify what I had experienced. One senator also accompanied me in 2014 and nearly fell off her chair when all her family names were also read off the leaves.

That was in 1999. It’s now nearly 20 years later and looking back I’m still absolutely astonished by the accuracy of all the forecasts made. I indeed departed Australia in 2010 and moved to the Philippines where I met my current wife. We were married in 2012 and we had a daughter, Alyana Tara, who is the love of my life.

We live two hours out of Manila, in the rural province of Batangas on a quarter acre of land upon which we have many tropical fruit trees. We often produce a surplus of fruit so my wife and gardener sell that food at the local produce market. This was obviously the north-west country alluded to in the leaves.  

Since that time, without exception, everything that was predicted has come to pass, precisely, as written in the leaf. There are fourteen chapters available for each and everyone who dares delve into them. One could be sceptical regarding the past and I must admit I spent considerable time trying to figure out how they may have solicited that information somewhere, somehow. Although that may have been a distinct possibility, it’s the future forecasts which were impeccably correct and in no way could have been guessed with such accuracy.

This mystery still to this day leaves me dumbfounded. As a result, I’ve spent the past 20 years investigating the methodologies of these nadi granthas and many of the principles bear out as I can attest to through my practice as a professional astrologer.

I must say it was fascinating having chapter 9 regarding my past life experiences laid bare along with other more mystical aspects of my destiny. Chapter 8 relates to one’s date, time and place of death, including the manner in which your body will be disposed of and who will be there. Chapter 12 was very interesting in that it gives an insight into the condition of one’s spiritual self, and at the time of death what precisely your experience of death will be like. Scary stuff to most I think you’d agree.

This was a remarkable eye-opener along with all m numerous any other aspects of this fascinating astrological anomaly. My life was indeed written on a leaf and that everything on that leaf, including the date and time of my birth and death along with my horoscope which was drawn from my thumbprint, were included in this account. Incidentally, the horoscope drawn from my thumbprint is as accurate as any computer-generated horoscope. Unbelievable.

The accounts of our lives in this manner are given in the context of the great sage and his ring of disciples. Speaking about the person to whom the thumbprint relates to in a teacher-student dialogue goes something like this: “Master, tell us about this man who has 3 circles and a triangle on his thumb. What is his fate? Please do tell”. In this way, the arguments go to fro between master and disciples and the leaf readings are done giving the astrological principles as a means of substantiating what is said by the sage.

Suffice to say that the court case predicted, the loss of money and problematic business issues, the insertion and replacement of parts in my body (2 heart attacks in late 2017 and surgery and also dental implants), and other incredibly accurate events pinpointedly given, led me to the conclusion that if all of this information was contained in the leaf, written thousands of years ago, what did I, as an individual person have to do with it?

From that point onwards I thought deeply about this and it substantiated what another great sage by the name of Ramana said about destiny:

“Try as hard as you will to make something happen in life, if it isn’t destined to happen  it won’t, yet try as hard as you can to stop something happening, if it’s meant to happen, it will”.

We will explore some of these most fascinating components and how one can simultaneously juggle both and live a life of artistry, being in love with the role that one has to play without becoming at all attached to it.

The point of all this, of course, is that to be happy, at some point you must open up the can of worms called fate versus destiny to understand your life more fully. If your life is indeed written in the stars, on your palm, or on a dusty old leaf in India, where do you, as an individual, with so-called volition fit into the picture and if your life is already mapped out what’s the point of making any effort? Let’s look at these questions in more depth as we continue. Believe it or not, fate and free will can, through creative living, be easily reconciled.

The important point to note, however, is that the quality which distinguishes conjugal love from any other sort of love is passion. And what distinguishes your life being an extraordinary one from the millions and millions which aren’t, is also determined by your passion. Falling in love is concomitant with the notion of being passionate, intensely absorbed and attentive to the object of your love. When you make that object of love your own life, a truly remarkable transformation takes place.


Dadhichi Toth with the planets as a halo

Dadhichi Toth is a Vedic astrologer with 37 years experience. He specialises in remedial astrology and has helped thousands of people over his many years of clinical practice. He is the founder and CEO of He can be contacted at [email protected]

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