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Understanding Astrology of Psychology….

Most people are familiar with astrology as a means of forecasting day-to-day events and possibly giving a superficial view of your personality. Most people identify with the 12 tribes and feel a kinship with people born under the same Zodiac star sign.

Although astrology offers you novel and entertaining views of human nature, few are conversant with the fact that that it is also a very deep and serious psychological tool. This view is supported by psychological giants like Carl Jung who were also great exponents of astrology. They placed credibility in its ability to delve far more deeply into the human condition. They understood the correlation between these complex human emotional states and the planetary positions at the time of birth.

Key points in this article

    • Different types of psychological problems and links to astrology
    • The mask of the ascendant
    • Influence of different planets on psychological health
    • The link between repressed anger and depression
    • Obsessive and psychopathic example
    • Karmic links, causes and links to further legal problems
    • More….

First, You Must Acknowledge the Problem

It’s fascinating that if you broach a troubling psychological issue with someone they immediately take exception to it. People’s egos react badly to these sorts of problems being addressed directly. Astrology, however, has a unique way of objectifying these problems and placing you in a position of “observer” rather than being the one who is in the line of fire. It then becomes easier looking at the horoscope. It gives you a chance to look at issues from a bird’s eye perspective. Not only that, you can study how each of these different conditions is influenced by a multitude of factors without necessarily being caught up in it all.

One by one those causative factors can be broken down. First, it is necessary to identify, and then analyse which specific areas of life have been affected. Finding an appropriate remedy, solution or course of action is imperative but often not all addressed by many astrologers. As far as they are concerned, predicting the future and taking the cash is all their jobs about. But by looking at astrology from a remedial perspective can help direct the person to more meaningful integration of these seemingly disparate parts of his or her nature.

It’s always necessary to look at how well-integrated a person’s internal life is with their external presentation. For the most part, a different persona is assumed to present to the world rather than the one you really are. That’s just human nature. We all want to be seen in the best light. Perhaps as is the case for many, there’s an underlying insecurity about being accepted. The sense of rejection is too much and therefore the masks used are almost like the makeup or clothes that are put on every day before going out into the larger world.

This mask can be clearly seen from:

  • The ascendant,
  • The ruling planet at the time of birth and also
  • The placement of that planet along with
  • The relationship with other planets.

Astrology and Examples of Planets Related to Psychological Disorders

Astrology of PsychologyLet’s say for argument’s sake a person is born with the sign of Cancer rising. This Zodiac sign is ruled by the emotional, moody and changeable Moon. Now, if the Moon is well associated with positive planets like Jupiter and Mercury it will create a buoyant sort of emotional nature that is generous and well-balanced. On the other hand, if the Moon is weak, placed in adverse sectors such as the 6th, 8th or 12th house with the influence of Saturn, the Nodes or even Mars, it simply doesn’t function well. It brings out the darker emotional traits of the individual. Identifying which of these planets predominates at birth will show you how the individual temperament is skewed. It will offer you a broader understanding of the formative factors and early influences that shape personality.

Let’s assume in a second example, that the Moon, weak in the 12th house is associated with Saturn. Also, Venus ruling the fourth sector for Cancer ascendant is in the sign of Capricorn. This would mean that Venus is at a right angle to both the Moon and Saturn. Being the ruler of the early part of life, mother and those formative nurturing qualities we can expect a problem stemming from these earlier childhood issues. Most often than not, they are unconscious in nature and eventually resurface to play out in many different relationships later on.

The Venus and Saturn square or 90° angle, is often found in the horoscopes of people who yearn for love but may not have been given the affection and emotional support at the outset of life. Building self-esteem will, therefore, be one of the main challenges for this individual. The responsibility of the astrologer is not only a point that out but to help the individual come to terms with and if necessary, seek a wider range of therapies such as psychology or psychiatric assistance to solve these issues.

There are so many other different if not, innumerable permutations that are possible. If for example, a different ascendant says Sagittarius, has the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th house. This is a fixed sign and may refer to an inability to express the problems they have and which underlie their personality. This will be an even greater challenge for the astrologer or psychologist. The Scorpio temperament runs deep so indicates that the placement of the Moon in its debilitation deepens the rift with the maternal or early life-carers. It produces a state of depression and in the worst case scenario, despair. Depending on the other planets colouring this, the way this is resolved can clearly be seen through identifying those planets and analysing the nuances. Each case is unique and with the right astrologer, astrology can help you in your life.

Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Multiple Personality Disorders

Most of the traditional psychological problems many of us are confronted with can be seen in the play of planets in a horoscope. One of the most prevalent in modern society is an ever alarming rate of depression. Depression is simply repressed anger. Unfortunately, most people take the advice of their local GP rather than having any serious analysis done. Biochemical and hormonal tests by a qualified specialist are needed to confirm whether or not they indeed have a clinical problem. Unless a physiological basis can be found for this, it isn’t advisable to use pharmaceutical medications to overcome the problem. In fact, my understanding is that many people struggle to come off those drugs and can, in the long run, worsen the condition they have. Naturally, there are people who do indeed, have some sort of chemical imbalance and in those instances, I recommend that they listen to the advice of their qualified practitioner.

Astrology of PsychologyOn the other hand, many, not all, who suffer from these state of depression or the “blues” need an adjustment in attitude and lifestyle. In particular, more exercise and a radical adjustment to their diet can yield incredibly good results. The effect of food on one’s hormonal balance, mental and emotional states can’t be overestimated. By working with your astrologer/life coach to regulate these areas of your life an immense transformation can take place. Supplementing diet with high doses of vitamins especially the B group can work wonders. But I am not a medical practitioner so you should always verify these general statements so that a qualified practitioner can tailor specifically for your individual needs.

I often recommend the use of a dietary diary, as I call it. Taking note of each and every morsel of food, drink and other substances ingested and noting that is imperative. By correlating different states of mind and moods with the food taken, you’ll see connections which can exacerbate the problem. In a fairly brief period, of say 1 to 2 months, the foods that are aggravating your problem can be discovered. Apart from your mental and emotional states, your physical well-being should also be set for a pretty nice lift in well-being.

Esoteric and Occult Perspectives on Mental Health and Remedies

Astrology of PsychologyThere are mysterious states such as bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis, multiple personality disorders etc. Astrology can also pinpoint at least in a general way, some of these problems and what sort of initial remedies or approaches can be taken. The job of the astrologer isn’t to assume the role of a doctor or psychiatrist. That should be made very clear. But whether you believe it or not, some of these states are in fact not necessarily covered by the dietary, genetic or even hormonal imbalances often associated with such problems.

There are some ancient Scriptures such as Prashna Marga which discuss the subtle or occult causes of mental and emotional disease. Some of these include karmic blemishes, black magic and other forms of distortion of the electromagnetic energies around a person. The astrologer should also be well-versed in how to determine the difference between naturally occurring or genetically based psychological disorders and other esoteric or occult sources.

In Prashna Marga it discusses very unusual sorts of causes of these problems. To the modern thinking person, it might seem laughable. As an example, based upon the favourable and unfavourable Karma of one’s past existence, such things as afflictions to the family deity, misappropriation of other people’s property, wrath of the serpent God etc may be causes for mental ill-health. Parental curses or curses from the elders and troubles from ghosts and other elemental beings, which apparently there are 14 different categories of spirits that can cause evil eye, astral attack and so on and so forth.

The modern astrologer must be careful

to analyse any of these potential sources of psychological distortion and present them in a way that is appealing to modern sensibilities without scaring the client.

Depressive states of mind are usually covered by the planet Saturn and its adverse aspects to the ascendant, the ascendant ruler, the Moon or Sun or even Mercury. Mars on the other hand which is an aggressive planet is likely to be involved with issues of anger, resentment and violence. Schizophrenia may be associated with Mercury, a convertible planet and adverse influences to some of the dual signs such as Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Compulsive disorders are often found to be associated with the earth signs and in particular meticulous and finicky Virgo. Taurus and Capricorn are also fixed signs and tend towards obsessive behaviour as long as other combinations of planets support that.

Sexual Obsessions And Addictions

Astrology of PsychologySexual obsessions and addictions can be seen through the association of the planet Neptune with such signs as Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. And there are many other combinations as well. Each and every individual is unique. Sometimes we see that the expression of these planetary forces takes shape over time with events triggering some of those astrological combinations. As an example, I had the opportunity to travel to Cessnock jail many years ago to meet and interview Australia’s longest-serving child serial killer, Peter McDonald. He died a couple of years ago but I recorded the session and was able to delve into the mind of a psychopath and ask him how and why he thought this happened to him.

I was quite shocked to learn that he grew up in a wealthy family in Europe before moving to Australia. He was educated and became an accomplished pianist displaying great talent. In his late teens, he joined the army and it was during this period of his life that he was violently raped and beaten by the company Sgt. He told me that it was a defining moment in his life – the before and after point. This was the event that triggered his homosexual latencies and violence towards children, also he said. He was known as the knick-knack man. He would rape young boys, kill them and dismember their private parts.

What was surprising was his soft-spoken and demure nature. He was very shy from my impressions. Getting back to the point of these latent tendencies in the horoscope, we see in this case the triggering mechanism was the violent rape while he was in the army. Those events can be seen in the horoscope which is why there is such a contradiction in terms of personality types. Sometimes a person is happy for a long period of time only to find some traumatic event triggering these other aspects of their nature. That too is seen in the horoscope. Only timing is the differentiating factor. It’s this fascinating research and investigation into the horoscope that allows us to explore the what and also when these psychological issues are likely to arise. By the same token, we are also able to see when and if these problems are likely to be cured.

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