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Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for Success

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Ways of effectively planning for success

“Super successful people understand clearly that success is subject to universal laws. Planning and correct execution of those plans is the cornerstone of success.”

What are those laws of success? How can astrology and studying your horoscope help you to achieve your ambitions? Often your plans, resolutions and initiatives fall by the wayside within a few weeks of inception.

You’re back to the same old grind, not really achieving anything significant. Consequently, you’re left feeling a little embarrassed, possibly even ashamed. That’s especially so when you see others sticking to their resolutions.

So what’s the secret? Is there even a secret? Why are some people destined for greatness, success and wealth and others not? Some say its a matter of karma.

The majority seem to be treading water on a daily basis and getting nowhere? What are some techniques that can help you to step up into a new lifestyle and find real success? Astrology has some answers for you.

Looking at your Horoscope for success

Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for SuccessA careful study of your horoscope shows the lines of least resistance to achieving success. There are several areas in your horoscope which will help you determine such things. The type of career path you’re best suited to is easily seen from your birth chart.

What you are destined to be is found according to your astrological signature and temperament.

What type of money can I earn?

Will I be rich or remain a salary earner?

Am I suited to business partnerships or entrepreneurial activities?

Does my horoscope show that I will earn great profits from any sort of business venture?

These are the sorts of questions that astrology can answer. But the other question is: If my horoscope shows that I’m fated to have success and loads of money what’s the point of even trying? You’ll be forced by your nature to make efforts, in spite of yourself. You may as well analyze your horoscope to see how to best use the talents you’re naturally endowed with. 

Cycles of the Planets

While most of us are quite familiar with the everyday solar and lunar cycles, we’re generally unaware of the other planetary cycles which determine events in different phases of life. These cycles show the highs and lows in our lives. The Sun determines seasonal changes.


Sun Cycles

Your waking, sleeping hours and timetables are symbolized by the watch you wear. Clocks simply reflect the daily movement of the earth on its own axis. The yearly calendar, of course, represents the solar cycle of 366 days and the movement of the earth around the Sun.


Mercury and Venus Cycles

The movements of Mercury and Venus are fast as they’re never very far from the Sun. They have varying time intervals, more or less similar to that of the Sun.

Mercury determines phases in our communication and intellectual capacity. Venus says more about the cycles of your relationships. Both these planets must be looked at to plan your best times for negotiations and business meetings. 


Mars Cycle

marsMars is the primal planet. It represents your basic drives. It takes just under two years to complete its cycle around the Sun.

The return of this planet to its fundamental position in your horoscope, that is where it was that birth, shows a whole new lift in the physical drive, energy, vitality and a determined effort to recommence your wotk with renewed efforts.


Jupiter Cycle

Jupiter, the first outer planet after Mars takes about twelve years to travel around the Sun and return to its birth position in your horoscope. This means it spends around one year in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac completing one circuit.

With Jupiter, we see fractions of that twelve-year cycle, as with the other planets, indicating stresses and /or easy points in life’s journey.

When Jupiter returns to its base position it indicates a fruitful period of expansion, spiritual awareness and the ability to achieve success. Opportunities usually present themselves at this time. The positive aspects of Jupiter to key planets also indicate times of success and good fortune.

Saturn Cycle

Saturn, the principle of limitation and time, as well as suffering, takes between 28 and 30 years to travel around the Sun. Many of you have heard of the term Saturn’s Return.

This planetary cycle clearly shows when it’s going to cause problems and challenges. If for example, Saturn is transiting the second house from the ascendant or Moon financial difficulties are be expected.

Separation from family and greater difficulty in communicating and earning is noted. If however, Jupiter, happens to be transiting your second house at the same time this will turn out to be a period of expansion.  Expect an increase in income and success. 

Some systems of Eastern astrology say the second house is also linked to your family. It will, therefore, signify the birth of children and improvements within the family circle. There will be good news such as engagements or marriage.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Nodal Cycles

The trans-personal planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, along with the North and South Node are usually used to determine generational influences. They also indicate important transits and events in your horoscope. Your personal calendar using these longer-range cycles indicates significant milestones in life. Note them and keep a record for yourself.


Take the half cycle of Uranus. The half-cycle is 42 years and usually coincides with what most of us call a midlife crisis. Unless these planets are closely linked to personal points in your horoscope you won’t easily recognize the impact on your life. Needless to say, these planets do have a subtle but also very profound influence.

026-plutoYou should incorporate these cycles into your calendar and life planning. Generally, however, the outer planets like Neptune and Pluto take hundreds of years to complete one cycle. For this reason, they’re used to study the development of humanity as a whole rather than individuals.

Other Systems of Astrological Forecasting

In astrology, there are many systems of forecasting. Both Western and Eastern systems have their own unique wisdom to impart. Astrologers take the transits of the planets in terms of their influence on the natal positions of the planets.

They also look at the relationship of planets to other transiting planets. This is very effective and offers accurate timing of when events are likely to occur. It helps you pinpoint those ‘success crescendos’. You can also see when you’re likely to find yourself in a lull.

There are also primary and secondary progressions which are regarded as symbolic methods of forecasting. Divisions of the year such as the movement of the Sun in its solar arc of 1° are used to indicate one year of life. There are other measures which many astrologers have experimented with.

Vedic Astrology Cycles

In the Hindu system of astrology the calendar and forecasting method is based on your lunar position at birth. This relates to the 27 stars and which one the Moon is located in at birth. By finding the ruling planet of the Star, the sequence of planets is allotted different intervals of rulership.

The Sun is given six years, the Moon ten years, Mars seven years, Mercury seventeen years, Jupiter sixteen years, Venus twenty years and Saturn nineteen years. Within these intervals, each planet is further allotted a sub-period, sub-sub period etc. This can be divided down to the interval of a breath. This is called prana dasha. For practical purposes, it’s highly unlikely you’d need to divide time to those very minute intervals.

In Vedic astrology, the transit of Saturn is extremely important. Its transit from the lunar position of the birth chart is given great consideration. The 7 ½ year cycle is called Sadesati. This includes the transit of Saturn through your 12th lunar house, your lunar house and 2nd house from the Moon. This is considered a very challenging cycle. It’s dependent on many other factors in your horoscope.

Studying Success from your Horoscope Makes Good Sense

Indeed, having your horoscope cast and studying the transits and planetary cycles is a great tool to determine success. If you want to gain an insight into what likely trends are occurring look at your horoscope. Understanding what’s going to happen in future makes good sense. It can help you effectively plan your life for success and any ups or downs.

Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for Success

Knowing when times will be lean affords you the opportunity to buffer and prepare for periods of adversity.

Life is always a series of highs and lows, wins and losses, ups and downs. It’s cyclic and everyone knows that. Any intelligent person, irrespective of their station in life understands this through personal experience. It’s extremely useful to incorporate this understanding into your life and work schedule.

Professionally, it’s useful to understand the high and low cycles. Knowing this, if you’re in a lazy cycle, take your holidays when you’re least efficient. If you’re at your peak and most productive, why would you take holidays? This can be applied to relationships as well.

Success isn’t only related to work and money. You want to be successful and happy in your love life to right? So many people work hard to find a soulmate without an understanding of the current or upcoming cycles.

Saturn in an adverse position to Venus trashes love. Knowing this why wouldn’t you redirect your energies into more constructive activities. Waiting for positive planetary love aspects improves relationships.

Resisting these cycles only produces more pain. An understanding of them creates a greater sense of freedom and autonomy. Some say that you’re in the grip of these planets and they have control over what’s happening.  Understanding your planetary transits and cycles gives you the ability to flow more freely with the passage of time. You’ll enjoy life to the fullest planning effectively for less favourable cycles.

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