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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – Relationship Overview

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – Relationship Overview…Read here

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – Relationship OverviewMarriages made in heaven can sometimes descend and dissolve in hell. One such marriage which some years ago was placed on the international celebrity pedestal was that of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, two of Hollywood’s most loved stars. Recently however their announcement to divorce has proved the fragility of the institution of marriage in that most racy, high-powered and ego centred city of Los Angeles.

The horoscopes of Jennifer and Ben along with current transits have been provided and we see immediately the outer planets making their impact on the couple. Most importantly the second house transit of Mars which has passed over the South node in Jennifer’s horoscope is a very telling sign of dispute and karmic fate. The second house is also speech and we see disputes taking place when Mars transits this sector of the horoscope. In Ben’s horoscope, Mars is now fast approaching his natal Mercury, also in the second house, which can present problems in communication. This would by no means be the only transit of Mars to this Mercury as obviously this breakup hasn’t happened overnight. We would see those previous squares, oppositions and other hard aspects of this planet building to this point. The conjunction for Ben will be harder than the trine aspect to Jennifer’s Mercury. Overall however the Mercury trine in both the horoscopes should give and ease of communication and hopefully a transition that isn’t too hostile especially when we consider that children are involved.

Ben will bounce back rather quickly as we see his Mars in Virgo will receive the Mars return sometime in the next few months. This will empower him again and give him a sense of purpose again. At this time however Jennifer will receive the hard aspect of Mars to her Gemini natal Mars which is in her 12th house and I suspect that this may create a lot of frustration for her in the interim.

The conjunction of the Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn is not an easy conjunction especially in her 12th house and this can show a lot of past and suppressed issues that she needs to deal with although Gemini does make her more vocal than would otherwise be the case in this hidden-suppressed sector of the horoscope. As is also falls in the 12th house of Ben he too would have had to make some serious concessions for Jennifer during their marriage.  The Saturn and Venus conjunction is a very needy emotional one.

Note also the very tough Saturn return recently and also the transiting conjunction of Saturn to her Venus, then Mars, and now moving to the natal moon – all testimonies of a very difficult emotional period for her. In Vedic astrology this transit of the lunar position is known as the 7 ½ year cycle or Sade Sati so she still has approximately three or four years to endure.

For those of you who don’t feel Pluto has much of an impact on horoscope you should look closely at the retrograde transit of Pluto in Jennifer’s seventh house of marriage which has also received the opposition aspect of Mars recently-not all an easy one. Because Ben’s ascendant is the same as Jennifer’s, he will also be experiencing similar transit effects with Pluto also in his seventh house. This radically tears down and rebuilds relationships. It is indeed the planet of death and transformation.

There is a long-standing dictum in astrology that the North node shows where one is most blocked in this life and where desire is strongest but unfulfilled. In Jennifer’s horoscope the North node is in the eighth house indicating her lack of sexual fulfilment whereas in Ben’s horoscope it’s in the seventh house indicating his inability to feel fulfilled in one-on-one meaningful relationships. Such is the fate of even famous celebrities unfortunately.


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