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Beyond The Pick-Up Line: Practical Astrology For Your Love Life

What’s Beyond The Pick-Up Line: Practical Astrology For Your Love Life means?

Beyond The Pick-Up Line: Practical Astrology For Your Love LifeUsing the power of astrology to predict and understand your love life can be a powerful tool, but too much pop culture scorn has given it the whiff of shame for some people. It’s important to remember that the astrology of love isn’t a “what’s your sign, baby” pick-up line; it’s a sophisticated system which emphasises personal agency and your ability to take control of your own life. To truly be in control of a situation we have to understand it first, and astrology is one way to reach that level of understanding. By delving deeper than the surface compatibility between signs, it’s possible to examine everything from whether a new flame is right for you to why you’re having petty arguments with the love of your life.

Start With Yourself

The Oracle at Delphi said to “know thyself”, and this command is the starting point for any real insight into your love life. Surface astrology is all about generalisations; the key to really making it work is to understand how it applies to one individual: you. Having your birth chart done is a good first step, at which point any reputable astrologer would have explained the significance of every element to you. If nobody did, seek out someone new to speak to about it so that you know what you’re working from. Once you have that grounding, try looking into your life to see the astrological influences working on you. It’s easy to say that you blew up at your partner because of celestial influences, but harder to look at and accept the chain of events those influences caused.

Look Deeper

If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the more intricate patterns of astrology which can have deep, though subtle, impacts on your life. These are particularly important when dealing with your love life. The beginning of a relationship hinges on possibility, while established relationships can become unexamined, and both of these states are easily influenced. If someone has just caught your eye, it can be informative to research what the celestial mood of the moment is, as well as its effects on you and your potential new flame. Sometimes the answer to your question is surrounded by blinking lights, but usually it takes a little more digging to understand what should be applied to your current situation. This is also true of examining astrology’s effects on an established relationship, since the status quo can dominate and erase certain signs; if you find yourself saying “but nothing’s different!”, take a deep breath and really consider what’s going on.

Involve Your Partner

Whether or not your partner has shown an interest, it’s possible to enlist their help in using astrology to better both of your lives. Bring any concerns to their attention with an attitude of honesty and openness – this can be frightening, but talking around problems rarely solves anything. Focus on your own perception of their actions, as well as yours, since assigning motives and thoughts can block their opportunity to really examine themselves. If your partner is skeptical about astrology, use whatever approach you think would be best. However, if they’re open to understanding more, consider printing out some information for them; the focus of your discussion should be on the “what”, but the information might help them understand the “why”.

Remember to Stay Grounded

Finally, it’s important to stay grounded in the physical world even when using astrology in your love life. If you or your partner is behaving very erratically, or if the problem is physical, it’s possible that medical intervention may be required to bring things back to normal. Severe personality changes can be a symptom of several disorders, so consider speaking to your loved one about having things checked out if the changes have been extreme. Problems both in and out of the bedroom can also be caused by sexual dysfunction, particularly if you or your partner does not feel safe or comfortable talking about it. If you suspect this may be the case, create an atmosphere of love and acceptance with your partner and give them the opportunity to speak without shame – bodies sometimes fail us, and using sexual dysfunction medication to restore a wonderful love life should be celebrated.

By Melissa Hathaway

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