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Break free of resistance

Our difficulties stem largely from resistance; Buddha taught that resistance was at the core of all suffering.

Understanding Resistance

What Is Resistance?

Resistance refers to our unwillingness to accept reality as it exists at any moment in time. In astrology, Saturn represents resistance; therefore its position in your birth chart indicates areas in your life where there may be more resistance – this shows where more surrender should take place to let things flow smoothly and naturally.

Personal Anecdote

I recently underwent surgery that has been quite painful; both doctors are perplexed as to why the discomfort continues postoperatively. For me personally, the key to dealing with pain effectively in each moment of living has been immersing myself fully into each momentary experience of it, without resisting or fighting against its presence – rather accepting its full experience without making things worse – rather than resisting and fighting it against itself – this applies not just emotionally or relationship related suffering but all forms of suffering such as emotional turmoil as well.

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Venus is doing her cosmic dance.

Non-Resistance Is Key

Meditation on Non-Resistance

Today’s insight or meditation for you focuses on non-resistance. Allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in this moment without resisting it; simply enjoy and appreciate every second that passes—no thinking about past events or planning ahead; simply rest here and now without thinking ahead or backwards. Use breathing techniques if it becomes challenging. This practice can help you overcome Saturn, an energy that often poses limitations that limit you and create tension within you.

Practical Steps

  1. Breathe: Focus on breathing to ground yourself in the present.
  2. Observe: Acknowledge your surroundings, sensations, and thoughts without judgment or bias.
  3. Accept: Accept all without trying to change or alter anything about them.

Reconciling Saturn’s Challenges

I vividly remember my third trip to India in 1999 when I met Agni Sharma, an amazing astrologer guru specializing in Saturn. He provided a fascinating perspective of Saturn’s function; where temptation or resistance arise, Saturn will no longer hinder you; instead it will serve you with mysterious blessings in return.

Encouragement to Practice

Meeting Agni Sharma was an eye-opener. He taught me that welcoming Saturn’s challenges as blessings allowed me to see resistance with fresh eyes.

Now give it a try – sit down for one moment without doing anything, close your eyes, and just experience this moment not with your mind but through your heart. Feel the air, posture, breath, sensations, and thoughts with an observer’s gaze before just allowing everything as is for now and tapping into that inner space where peace resides; where everything can just exist peacefully together without resistance – that inner space where nothing resists. So stop resisting life; just enjoy every second.


Recap of Key Points

  • Understanding Resistance: Resistance lies at the root of all our suffering. Saturn’s placement in your natal chart highlights areas in your life where resistance exists, giving an idea of where and why this resistance manifests itself.
  • Practice Non-Resistance: Adopt a mindset of non-resistance to meet Saturn’s challenges more gracefully and use breath to anchor yourself to the present moment.
  • Affirm Present Moment with Heart: Allow all that arises to be peaceful without resistance or argumentation from others or yourself.

Final Encouragement

By practising non-resistance, you can drastically transform your experience of life. Instead of fighting what exists now, learn to flow with it, find strength in being present and accept what comes your way. Welcome this practice with open arms and enjoy its many blessings.


– Dadhichi Toth,