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Cancer Love Horoscope

CANCERL1The quickest way to a Cancer heart is lots of cuddles and TLC; they’ll keep coming back for more. Warmth and affection are really their currency and, as long as they are reciprocated in this way, they’ll feel reasonably comfortable in the relationship.

Because Cancer dominates the area of family and domestic issues, home life and associated activities will be of paramount importance. As long as your partner is committed to creating and fostering a loyal and devoted family, you’ll be happy to consider that person your life and soulmate.

There are no half-measures in your relationship once someone wins your heart. You’re in it for the long haul and marriage to you is an honourable tradition. It’s not unusual to find young Cancer girls idealising marriage and family life and you may have had these dreams, too. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional path as well, but you’ll always try to find balance between your personal ambitions and love.

You’re an excellent life partner because your sincerity and affection are genuine and your partner will never be in doubt as to how you feel about them. Some Cancers also have the touch of Scorpio in them and this therefore makes you a little possessive and jealous at times. Your reasoning, however, is that because you give your ‘all’, you expect the same in return.

Because of your powerful intuitive nature, you sense the moods and states of mind of your lovers. You also know when they are not being particularly honest with you. This can be a little unsettling for them and therefore they’ll soon learn that honesty will have to be part and parcel of the relationship otherwise you’ll quickly show them the door.

Because you’re so sensitive you often feel hurt and this in turn can lead you to bottle up your emotions when it’s probably better to talk about how you feel.

Don’t be scared to talk about how you feel and share your feelings because this can be a source of health issues for you, not to mention the fact that your relationships may suffer, too. Don’t let your emotions reach a boiling point before spilling the beans.

You need someone who can love you equally and with mutual respect. If you feel as though you’re giving more than you receive, this will prove to be a problem. Sure, you are selfless, but there are limits as well. Hooking up with the earth signs or water signs is a good idea if you want a mate that will understand you on this level. Look at the compatibility section to get more details on that.

Being ruled by the Moon also means you can study your feelings by being aware of the lunar cycle. If you recognise these emotional signals early you can get on top of them and help avert some of the problems that are likely to arise between you and your loved ones.

Sometimes your partner will feel as if you’re changeable and just too moody for their liking. Perhaps part of the problem is that if you’re bottling up your feelings, your lover or spouse may see this as pulling back, which in turn will cause them to pull back as well and thus the vicious cycle begins. The importance of not transmitting the wrong signals can’t be overestimated here. Remember that not everyone is as complex as you and also not able to deal with your moodiness.

Being a little shy and withdrawn, you need to explain to others that this is not really who you are. For some Cancers who have been emotionally hurt in a previous relationship, your tough exterior may get tougher and tougher, making it hard for new people to break through to your inner self. This is a little counterproductive because closeness is really what you do desire in life.

You are the most loyal and faithful people and if you accept someone as a friend you make them part of your inner circle, preferring a few close friends rather than many half-hearted acquaintances. To you, friendships are for life and you’ll go the extra mile to prove your loyalty to them as well.

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