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Capricorn Celebrity – Kate Middleton

Kate-Middleton-150x150Most Capricorns are hard workers and to my way of thinking it seems as if this hard work does tend to attract good fortune. This is the case with Kate Middleton, who was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on 9/1/1982 in Reading, England. Kate must have some extraordinarily good karma to have hooked up with the future King of England, Prince William.

The characteristic trait of hard work in the Capricorn temperament must also be fuelled by the family that she was born into. Yes her mother and father do have an extraordinarily successful business but they had to work hard to build this up over the years and this would have set a wonderful example to Kate. Coupled with that hard-working Capricorn instinct and the good luck that she obviously has, it seems as if Kate is destined for great things.

Some years ago I made a prediction on a morning talk show on which I confidently said that Kate and Prince William had a near perfect matching of their horoscopes and that they would indeed marry in the future. Prince William will be fortunate to have the loyal and hard-working Kate as a support. Taking on the role of the wife of a future king comes with huge responsibilities and if any star sign is going to be able to handle that it would have to be a Capricorn.

On the 16th of November 2010, their engagement was announced to the world. The wedding which took place on the 29th of April heralded the start of a new chapter in the English Royal family. We wish her the best of luck.