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Case Study: Heavy Karma by Dadhichi Toth

Case Study: Heavy Karma by Dadhichi TothThis is the chart of someone with heavy karma. The 5th house of the horoscope along with the 9th rule the future and past lives respectively. Past karma node Ketu sits in the Sun’s star which rules and is placed in the 12th house, another karmic sector. The stellium of the Sun, Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury attest to two things- firstly, many health problems, hospitalisation and also lengthy periods of being confined or unable to experience consistent schooling due to ill health in childhood.

The Mars and Neptune conjunction in the ascendant of Virgo and with Mars ruling the 8th house of problems and suffering, we can easily see this. Mars is in the star of the Sun which fires it up but the conjunction of Neptune creates a seething cauldron of pent-up emotion, anger and physical frustration. This cruel planet aspects the 4th house of his horoscope and represents along with the 1st house his early upbringing and maternal influences.

Secondly, the acts of charities and giving away one’s money and resources was always a significant part of his dealing with others. The 12th house is also the house of expenses relating not so much to charitable works but to ineptitude in keeping one’s bank balance in check. In the end this man ended up penniless. Venus the ruler of income and the 11th ruler of profits, the Moon are both posited in the stellium of the 12th house. Income as well as profits from business whenever a forte.

The loose Square of Saturn and Mars in the primary angles of the 1st and the 10th also damages the horoscope. The square usually represents violence of some sort and this indeed was the case with this individual who often attacked the women he was involved with. The opposition aspect of Mars to the 7th house on the hard 10th aspect of Saturn brought the full force of these two 1st rate malefics on his marital sector.

In the 9th harmonic chart the rising sign is Aries and its ruler Mars is exalted in the 10th house fully aspecting the sign of Mars. This is a powerful configuration for warlike personalities and is a further testimony to the physical force this individual would use if confronted or contradicted. Saturn becomes the karmic obstructer ruling the 11th house and a strong in his own sign of Aquarius.

In this navamsa chart both Mars and Saturn are ruled by Saturn as well as Ketu and being the most elevated planet and the fundamental chart shows how important this planet was in shaping his destiny. Saturn on the 10th house is often associated with loners, people who enjoy their own company and those who don’t but who generally tend to be uncomfortable with groups of people. There is a sober element to their personalities.

Saturn is located in the 10th house in the star of Rahu which is placed in the house, a house of strength for any planet but in particular for malefic planets such as this. Saturn in this horoscope also exhibits another very important element of the karma. There is a dictum in one of the ancient South Indian texts which stipulates that a week Moon in the 12th house conjoined with Saturn causes lunacy.

Although Saturn is not actually in the 12th house its 3rd aspect to the week new moon and acting as the ruler of the 6th house of disease from the uppermost part of the horoscope shows that this was indeed the case. The individual suffered mania, bipolar and schizophrenia. There are also delusions of grandeur in which he sense of self, to him, seem to be on par with that of Jesus Christ. The ruler of the 9th of past karma and higher mind is posited in the 12th house in this connection of the 9th and 12th houses does indeed give an inclination to spirituality and meditation. Saturn ruling the 5th house of the horoscope aspects this 12th house as well which gives a mind bent on studying and understanding the nature of the universe and other arts and sciences. The position of Saturn in the sign of Gemini gave him an acute mind bordering on genius but unfortunately the other celestial elements discussed above pushed him over the edge mentally.

His analytical brain is shown clearly by the ruling planet Mercury being on the 9th house of the 9th harmonic chart in the sign of Sagittarius and being in the 12th house of the fundamental chart shows his deeply probing mind. Saturn gives the ability to concentrate for protracted periods and this was indeed the case particularly in his state of mania when he would spend 2 or 3 days at a stretch without sleep working. Of course once he would come down the depression would set in and he would spend as many if not more days simply sleeping.

His personal relationships never lasted although he was married once and had many children. His eldest born was a heroin addict and died of an overdose after 2000. His relationship with his children was generally marred and he was never able to reconcile particularly with the eldest and hearing and we see the karmic influence of Ketu with the shadow of Saturn, Gulika. Saturn rules the eldest son as well and is placed on the 6th house from the 5th that is the 10th. This indicates the health problems he too suffered and the 12th house stellium of this map becomes the 8th house stellium for the eldest born Sun. The heavy karma to the Sun and the father seem to be tied in.

That his diseases were somewhat karmic in nature can be seen by the nodal axis on the 6th house-12th house in the lunar map. Placing Leo as the rising sign with five planets we see good reason astrologically for the overinflated ego and often bombastic platitudes which would consistently visit his friends and guests.

In the mid-2000s he suffered multiple strokes which left him paralysed on one side of his body and incapable of talking properly anymore. After losing most of his savings and selling his house the medical bills began to catch up and he ultimately settled in a special needs aged persons facility. The 12th house is indeed a house of deprivation and be conceded in the 1st part as well is the last part of life this man’s destiny was sealed.

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