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Getting an astrology reading is very much like visiting a doctor and just as you wouldn’t randomly select a practitioner to diagnose some ailment, you wouldn’t randomly go to an astrologer. Generally people choose to conduct an astrological reading on the basis of having some referral from someone who has previously seen the astrologer and who can attest to their ability to decipher the horoscope and more so to do it in a way that is easily understandable by them.

Astrology ReadingI always discourage people from simply having a reading out of the idle curiosity or simply as an entertainment. Often there are other means of solving a problem other than seeing an astrologer. And the astrologer must be very careful to quickly assess whether or not the client can be helped by him/her or not. As an example, a person suffering deep depression, perhaps a chemical imbalance in the brain, emotional stress etc they do better consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist. Unfortunately some astrologers are indeed charlatans and will take advantage of people in a vulnerable position.

Finding a Good Astrologer 

To effectively find a good astrologer ask your friends whether they’ve seen anyone who has impressed them, has been able to give them some meaningful and practical guidance without all the mumbo-jumbo. Many astrologers hide behind a shroud of mysterious gobbledygook that the client can’t understand and this is supposed to impress the client. But the taste is in the eating and if the astrologer is fishing for information, or putting words in your mouth then you can rest assured that he’s not much chop.

When you have an astrology reading with an astrologer who is experienced, sensitive and intuitive you’ll feel comfortable and confident that he is not fishing for information and can quickly assess your state of mind, and at least some general information about the previous years and what has happened to you. If they especially gifted and knows their stuff they will be able to give you precise information and pretty near dates of specific events that have happened to you.

Getting an Accurate Astrology Reading

To have your astrology chart prepared correctly, and so your astrology reading is accurate, at least technically, you need to provide the astrologer your birthdate, preferably the time of the day you were born if that is available, and the location where you were born. From this information the astrologer can prepare the horoscope which is unique to you for the moment you entered the world. Unlike typical newspaper Sun sign astrology, the horoscope that will be prepared for your consultation will also include the position of all the other planets, the Moon and will note the precise Eastern point call the rising sign or ascendant. With all this information at hand the astrologer is ready to reveal many interesting things about you.

Finding the Right Astrologer for your Needs

There are several types of astrologers and this is also important to note as you may find yourself having a more detailed spiritual and karmic analysis when all you simply want to clear direction as to your work, finances and business partnerships. That’s why it’s a good idea to research the astrology you consider seeing, and don’t be afraid to ask astrologer for references and people that they can talk to prior to seeing you. This will clarify whether the astrologer’s style of reading is in keeping with the need you have in mind. There are spiritual astrologers, humanistic astrologers, Vedic and karmic astrologers, horary astrologers, who predict based upon charts prepared for the precise moment of the meeting with the client. And there are many other branches of astrology as well.

Do your homework, don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially those which relate to any technical information that can reveal to you the depth of the astrologer’s understanding. Having said that, don’t forget that intuition plays the most important role in how accurate an assessment the astrologer can give you when you finally decide to have an astrology reading.

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Fourth house of the horoscope –  Personal happiness and early family foundations

In this new series let’s look at happiness, family, self-worth and early childhood traumas and the impact on later relationships.  In many instances I have the opportunity to not only apply the principles I’ve learned over 35 years but to also apply my own personal experience and to repeatedly note similarities in those charts. Clients come to me to unravel the mystery of astrology and see what the planets have in store for them. In short, I am a destiny engineer who looks at the karmic implications of a horoscope.

Today is a case in point where I was able to see very clearly a combination of Venus, Saturn and the Moon. I was able to deduce from the similarities in my own chart the early life issues surrounding her mother. The individual is likely to be raised by a surrogate or sent sent away to be looked after by someone else, possibly more than one person. In the case of this client both Venus and Saturn in the dignified sign of Libra with the Moon I estimated that the critical time was in the first five or six years and that sense of abandonment must still be there underpinning many of the relationship this woman enters into. This planetary dignity protected her from some of the more harrowing events that can befall young children.

In my own chart the same combination of Venus and Saturn clearly affected my early childhood as I too was sent to an orphanage at about the same age of six, fostered out to many families and some years later was returned to my real family. This was a time that I was also separated from my sister. ( Note how I was able to transpose my own experience to this reading by way of similar astrological combinations. )

In the worst case scenario the fourth house of a horoscope is afflicted by Saturn and Mars or other malefics. This testimony is further boosted if these planets are in the fourth or the ruler of the fourth is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses. In this case the person may even be adopted out and is totally disconnected from their biological mother. The early foundation of one’s life are the first and fourth houses and signify the familial relationships one has and whether or not one is going to grow up feeling confident, with a high level of self-esteem. Early childhood emotional scars end up damaging future relationships. Unfortunately that is the case many a time.

I have seen numerous clients with this problem and as I said to my client earlier, she needed to be very careful that in her subconscious, that sense of abandonment wasn’t being dragged into each and every relationship. Yes, it had been the case. Astrologers should therefore not rely solely on mathematical or astronomical techniques. When we repeatedly see the same patterns in dozens and dozens of horoscopes as well as our own charts it make it easy to define outcomes. With some added intuition the life of the person becomes clearly seen. Replication of these celestial patterns is fascinating and this is where an astrologer takes comfort in being able to assert predictions with a high degree of accuracy. I’m not saying that each and every similar astrological pattern will play out precisely the same for each person but there is certainly a tendency towards those sorts of events occurring.

How does early childhood impact on relationships? If the individual is incapable of feeling accepted, loved and encouraged to explore and express themselves freely, later in life we see the effects on pretty much all their relationships. The vulnerability of the child emerges and love is perceived to be withheld and a sense of rejection dominates their emotional experience.

In my own case, during my first marriage, I had this sense that I was not particularly lovable even though I was always told so. The masks that we assume don’t always naturally reflect our inner emotional states. This is why astrology is the perfect tool that can establish precisely what may have been the cause of these problems.  By utilising remedial measures solutions are offered which result in psychological/emotional/spiritual release.

Understanding the problem that we have with our inner selves and others, if that root cause is connected to our past is the initial part of solving the problem. You need to accept that there is indeed a problem otherwise how will you begin to work on it? The astrologer will gently coax his client into confronting those fears and vulnerabilities of early childhood. Ultimately they can go on to become productive, integrated members of society enjoying relationships without the past being superimposed on current relationships.

Without resolving early patterns of emotional abandonment or abuse we run the risk of transposing all our psychological ailments on our partners. This complex psychological maze often results in divorce if neither party is prepared to concede that the problem primarily lies within them.

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