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Dadhichi Toth

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Coronavirus Astrology Update


A special message from Dadhichi M Toth,  founder and CEO of astrology.com.au

The superior conjunction of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto right at the apex of the natural Zodiac is very telling. The virus is now reaching a peak.

Observe how Saturn and Mars are moving to the explosive square of Uranus. The Moon opposes the upper four planets in a very intense play of energies. The frustrating combination of Mars and Saturn is triggered by this opposing Moon. The Moon is the masses, the people, you and I. This is the classic passive-aggressive syndrome playing out here on planet Earth..

The lustre of Jupiter is lost in the sign of Capricorn. With its association of compulsive Pluto it can be exceedingly difficult not to feel down. Dwelling on negativity, concerns about finance, income and indeed one’s value system are spotlighted by this powerful combination of planets.

The message right now is to somehow find a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to try to extract the best out of a difficult situation. Right now it doesn’t feel like that but there’s always a seed of good, even in the worst calamity. You have to seek the positive rather than continually seeing what is wrong with the situation. Humans are historically at their best when they are at their worst. And you will often find that by whatever a person falls, they are capable of rising through that very thing. So take heart.

With the Moon moving to the opposition of Mars, it’s likely public anger and outrage will ensue. In some places like the Philippines, the impoverished have been asked to self-quarantine but have run out of money and food. Riots have broken out and this sort of community uprising is going to be seen elsewhere. Now that the virus is taking hold of the US, brace yourself for not only problems with coronavirus but with society at large venting its spleen at governments who have not done enough.Try not to get involved in these sorts of group mentality and negative waves of energy. 

Find your centre, stay put and get creative, artistically, mentally and spiritually. Enjoy your space, your own company and the company of your family. Use this time to reconnect with the simple things in life and most importantly your higher self. 

If you’re finding it difficult, it’s probably because you don’t find your own self the best of company. So, become better company for yourself!

For many years I’ve been saying that a major reset of our value system was coming. Here it is. The next part of this reset is currency, money and material things we’ve valued, taken for granted and become addicted to. A simpler way of life is just around the corner and you’ll either adjust or sink. This is not negative thinking, just plain evolutionary theory in practice. It’s all about survival of the fittest. Are you going to sink or swim?

More updates coming. Stay tuned.

Stay fit and be healthy.

In December Dadhichi videod his New Year’s message which hinted at adaptability being an important keyword for 2020.  Watch it now…..

Coronavirus – Astrology, Saturn and Pluto

corona virus

Coronavirus -Astrology, Saturn and Pluto

Dadhichi Toth

Coronavirus Transit Chart
In January 2020 the coronavirus news broke. Here is a horoscope wheel for the 20th January 2020, the approximate period the media announced its discovery in Wuhan China..

In this article, we will look at the natural Zodiac and what’s happening with the coronavirus. Here’s the Western-style astrology chart using tropical whole signs to analyse the connections between the planets and the outbreak of the virus.

The question has come to mind whether this disease simply jumped the species barrier or was fabricated. There are some people online asking whether there was some bio-military agenda behind the outbreak. Others ridicule that idea shouting that this line of thinking is simply a conspiracy theory. Leaving aside conspiracies, let’s take a look at what astrology and the current horoscope has to say about it.

In this chart, which you see here, Mars the ruler of the ascendant of the natural horoscope and Jupiter the ruler of the ninth house and co-ruler of the 12th house combine in Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto. The South Node or planet of past karma is also in this area of the horoscope. Apart from the karmic implications, the recent conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is extremely potent and is an indicator of events beyond our control. We are certainly seeing this in the current global circumstance emerging.

It was just around this conjunction that the news of the Wuhan province sickness was announced. On Jan 30, 2020 the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee which is a branch of the World Health Organisation made a public statement saying that this was an international public health emergency. Looking at the horoscope for that date we see that Saturn had just passed the conjunction by a degree, if that. In other words, just as this virus was emerging these two planets were doing their thing.

Figure 2 Reinhold Ebertin, German Astrologer

There are standard texts which describe the meaning of different planetary combinations. One that I find very accurate is that of Reinhold Ebertin and his Cosmobiological system. This is a German form of astrology incorporating midpoint analysis. The technique seems to translate very well practically against hundreds and hundreds of charts. Although I am a Vedic astrologer by default, I think we have to incorporate many different systems to arrive at the truth. This is one such system that definitely has great merit and I highly recommend it to any practising astrologer as a standard text.

In his book, the Combination of Stellar Influences, and written outlines combinations of planets and in particular the Saturn-Pluto duo is formidable indeed. Listen to what he has to say about that: “Hard labour, cruelty. The negative implications of this combination are quite hard and unfeeling disposition also told heartedness, severity, the tendency to violence, fanatical adherence to one’s principles once they’ve been adopted. A martyr.”

Along with the psychological correspondences and sociological issues he mentions the biological relationship of these two planets. Here is what he has to say:

“Organic underdevelopment (absence of testicles by descensus, infantile organs, organic gardening or calcification processes). The following medical observations have been found: in the case of lithopaedion (i.e. dried up or calcified features in the maternal body the mother ….).”

“Sociological correspondence deeply searching scientists, reactionaries and violent people.” This is the probable manifestation on a sociological level is the thing I find interesting is this: “the application of force or of compulsion, self-destructive energy. The loss of one’s fortune or possessions.”

In this work, he also incorporates combinations of planets including the following: “Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter: plainness and simplicity, excessive modesty, the inclination to sacrifice oneself others, religious and social fanaticism, difficulties caused through illness.”

He goes on to say:

“Saturn-Pluto-nodes: the misery of the masses, common suffering shared with many people together”

This sociological correspondence has growing relevance to what is being seen in the media now. I was only watching a documentary on Australia’s credible ABC channel. It showed people being forcibly made to take coronavirus tests. Police in China are going from door-to-door enforcing some very heavy handed laws aimed at protecting the populace.

When you see them welding residential doors shut you can realise how everyday people are finding it harder and harder to reconcile civic liberties and safety. In this scenario we clearly see the Saturn and Pluto combination showing reflecting this forceful energy, brute force, also expressed by Ebertin as ‘force majeure ‘.

Coronavirus and social unrest

This violence is also playing out in supermarkets worldwide where shelves are now empty. A shortage of food, day-to-day stocks and other basic necessities including toilet paper is creating panic buying. This would have seemed laughable just a few short weeks ago. Now, everywhere you look, people are panicking, there is fear, and people are stockpiling just to be sure that they have enough to keep them going. Now, there are lockdowns of whole cities and countries. Italy has pretty much shut down.

My understanding of the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, especially in the sign of Capricorn is one that is going to bring about changes based upon the material values we hold as individuals, and as a race. The earth signs have a lot to do with security as well, not just money earned. When there is a clearly threatening disease epidemic, and that is the very existence of people, then natural instinct kicks in. Self-preservation is the mode and we see that en masse.

This aspect has to do with the lockdown. Being deprived of liberties, basic essentials of life, freedom to move etc brings us back down to earth. We start to realise and appreciate the simple necessities of life. Saturn and Pluto indicate some forced scenario. This is an imposed type of re-evaluation.

That re-evaluation is also now extending to the financial markets and stock exchanges around the globe. It centres of self-preservation. Survival will always win hands down against profitability. Yes, the Saturn Pluto combination is not only instrumental in the deaths of thousands of people through this virus but now extending its tentacle-like impact on our money markets and central values as well. We have a tendency to take things for granted. These intense planetary cycles are difficult but can also help us eliminate what is no longer useful. This crisis will bring us back to our core values.

As a race, we’ve drifted away from the inner spiritual core values to your materialism. That can be seen in the way we treat our environment. Let’s face it, being a murdering race historically, we are prone to killing ourselves in the tens if not hundreds of millions. Why would we have any respect for the environment when we don’t respect ourselves as living, breathing beings?

Saturn is the natural significator of death. Pluto is the natural significator of elimination, transformation and regeneration. Saturn-Pluto combinations indicate circumstances that are out of our control, forced upon us. We like to think that we have a high degree of free will and self-determination. Crises, especially global ones like this, drive the point home very clearly that we certainly do not have as much control as we think. Mother Nature can be punishing in her retribution.

It is evident that the coronavirus is now sweeping the world like an unstoppable hurricane. The immediate implications are scary. People are terrified. It’s only natural to want to preserve your health and life as well as those of your family. It’s under these current circumstances that you realise how much you have and that gratitude should at least emerge from that appreciation.

Unfortunately, when people’s very existence is at stake they will do anything to survive. Now that supermarkets, communities, cities and even countries are shutting down, we don’t want to be negative about the consequences of this on a societal level, however, one human nature in this instinct for survival takeover, people do primal things which they ordinarily wouldn’t do. In a forthcoming article I will be talking about the impact of Uranus and the real potential for mass uprisings worldwide.

Good news and the role of the media

If you look at the example horoscope, the recent retrograde Mercury, ruler of the sixth house of disease, has been transiting the 11th house. It only recently went stationary, then direct. It will shortly move into the 12th house of hospitals. In that same position, we see the Sun, ruler of the fifth house of children with Neptune. A genetic of the virus may start to see children being more affected by it.

Shortly there will be some new communication of this fact. At the same time there can be uplifting news that there will be breakthroughs in the treatment of it. Right now, while Mercury is in the trine aspect to the North Node in the fourth house let’s hope for some good news.

The coming month requires very delicate handling of communication, public relations and media. It is definitely a need for the media to be much more responsible in its approach to what’s happening. You’ll note that the transit of Mercury will hit Neptune and then the Sun. The Neptune Mercury combination is notorious for next or fuzzy communication. Miscommunication about the right to seek is also possible under that specific combination. There was a waning Moon now and within the first week of March, the Moon is it debilitation sign of Scorpio in its dark phase. No doubt people’s minds will be feeling sombre.

There is a harrowing aspect coming and that is the one of Mars coming to the position of firstly Jupiter at 22° that happens in the third week of March as well around the 20th around the same time that Dark Moon makes contact with these planets. That connection with Saturn and Pluto will bring some additional hysteria to the masses. It’s at that point that Mercury is going to make contact with the 12th house.

The ingress of March 21 will be an important one this year. The ingress is when the Sun transits into the tropical Sun sign of Aries. There will be a great deal of movement in the financial markets. There are times when the market swings upwards, and wildly so. It is also likely to do the opposite and sometimes even more crazily. There is talk of the downturn being so severe that it may rival the great depression of 1929.

New Moon Coming in Aries

That new Moon taking place on the 24th is also in a very hard aspect of the South node in Capricorn. This shows a need for retrospective reflection. A reconsideration of how we’ve been doing things as a race.

The new Moon this month takes place March 24. It occurs in the sign of Aries. I’d like to think that that comes with some heartening news is the new Moon in the angle in the natural sign spring and beginnings; Aries usually shows a new start.

Mars hits 28° of Capricorn on 28 March. It’s in orb of the conjunction to Saturn and sits right on the midpoint between Pluto and Saturn. This midpoint carries the combined influence of Mars, Saturn and Pluto. This combination is also outlined in Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar Influences. If what he says is correct, you can expect increased social unrest and violence surrounding the coronavirus alert.

This doesn’t only relate to the ferocity of nature, which has already resulted in the thousands of deaths from the disease. It also relates to the brute force and violence of this Pluto and Saturn combination. Here is what Everton has to say-“Brutality, assault or violence, ruthlessness. The necessity to fight for one’s existence or life, maltreatment.”

C:\Users\DaDiche\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\UZ64JW6O\220px-Cochabamba_crisis[1].jpg We can see that there may be some truth to the fact that people are just being left to die in the streets in China. You only have to ask yourself, if a government had to fast track the building of two or three hospitals within a matter of weeks, that there was obviously not enough infrastructures prepared for this previously. Such ad hoc, knee-jerk reactions to epidemics or even pandemics like this clearly reveal the fact that governments are putting the people first. But politics is another story.

Finding a vaccine for the coronavirus is seen by the eighth ruler Mars and also Pluto. The positive news is that this conjunction, as violent as it is, indicates a protracted, concentrated approach by the medical fraternity to find some sort of vaccine or cure.

In some systems of Vedic astrology, the 10th house is given governance over doctors and medical science. Mars and Pluto certainly indicate that and with Jupiter’s benign influence, the last few days of March and the beginning of April offer some promise or hope that there is indeed a breakthrough in the treatment of this dreaded disease.

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An astrological assessment can throw additional light on tools for accelerating and assisting you about making important changes to your mind and emotions.
Dadhichi Toth- Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth- Astrologer

Dadhichi Toth is the critical astrologer and founder of astrology.com.au. His 37 years of experience , Western and Vedic astrology. He can be contacted at [email protected] –

Which star signs will keep their New Year’s resolutions in 2018?


Resolutions require a great degree of tenacity and willpower. So often the New Year starts and we all feel so excited and committed to turning over a new leaf and becoming brand-new people. But it’s not that simple and perhaps as astrology says, not only our star signs but the current transits of planets make it extremely difficult to stick to our resolutions.

What do the planets have to say about each of the 12 star signs in 2018 and will you be able to adhere to your New Year’s resolutions this time? What areas can you achieve your resolutions and what are the obstructive areas in life that you need to work a little harder on?




  • With Saturn transiting your 10th house, resolutions made regarding your career and professional objectives may be obstructed in 2018. The competitor in you reaches out but may have to reach a little further.
  • Forcing yourself to show affection to a loved one may be difficult so don’t pretend if those feelings aren’t there. You have to work from the ground up to rekindle that spark of love in the coming 12 months.
  • Focus on saving money and eliminating debts as shown by Mars and Jupiter in your eighth house. You can pay off many of those overdue amounts by November 2018 if you put your mind to it.





  • Getting embroiled in heated political or philosophical discussions will only unsettle your peace of mind. Resolve not to go head-to-head with people’s opinions when they are far too different to yours.
  • With Jupiter transiting your seventh house, making peace with your lover or spouse and resolving to spend more quality time with them should come rather easily especially after February.
  • Resolve to resolve emotional issues with your mother or the matriarch within your historic family. Karmic planets moving through your fourth house indicate a need to cement the bonds of love with your historic family.





  • The first six weeks of the year will be difficult as Mercury, your ruler transits across Saturn. You may feel weak willed even though you know exactly what you want to do.
  • Being more loving and sexually expressive is essential to deepen your relationships in the coming 12 months. You’ll be challenged in this area as Venus and Saturn make your partner cool and possibly even aloof. Now it’s time to find new ways of expressing yourself in keeping with your partner’s needs, not necessarily yours.
  • Get to know your siblings or even your neighbors better as your karmic planets influence this area of your life. Resolve to improve your relationship with them even if they seem unapproachable at the moment.





  • With Saturn transiting your seventh house of marriage, this will be the area of challenge for you over the next couple of years. Pluto is also transforming your relationships so resolutions in this area are necessary but not necessarily easy.
  • If you’ve been postponing doing what you love, developing a skill, sport or hobby, Jupiter’s transit in your fifth house is an excellent omen for making a resolution in this department of your life. You are likely to be able to follow through on this.
  • You have a great desire to earn money and to lift your lifestyle. Be realistic about what you can achieve but rest assured you have a date with destiny now to improve your life generally so resolve to do so.





  • Create a new space for yourself in 2018. Make a resolution that your environment will give you greater peace of mind thereby lifting your productivity and the quality of your relationships.
  • Resolve to save that deposit for a house now as Jupiter’s transit in your property sector in 2018 means that this one thing you can make work for you.
  • Your resolutions regarding health matters may not be as easy to carry through with while Saturn is in your sixth house. Work harder at this area but don’t overwhelm yourself by raising the bar too high. Moderation is your key to success.





  • Your creativity may be stifled in 2018 as a result of Saturn’s movement through your fifth house. Work harder at finding activities that give you input to stimulate this creativity. Ditch the civilian curriculum to which most are addicted and carve your own path.
  • Difficulties with children if you are a parent are also indicated by the current transit of Saturn. Listen more.
  • Fortunately Mars and Jupiter transiting your third house of communications indicate that you can make resolutions by refining your listening skills to better to improve relationships generally. This is the key to the above issue with children as well.





  • Resolve to earn more this year because Jupiter continues its lucky transit in your second house of income. You may need to think outside the square to lift your earning capacity.
  • Don’t complain about things especially if you’re a situation you can’t possibly change. Saturn’s transit through your fourth house causes you to be unhappy in your domestic circumstance. If you can’t change it, get out.
  • You may be obstructed with friends who don’t seem supportive at present. You want to get closer to someone but they may push you away. Don’t impose yourself on others even if you think a resolution in this area may work. It won’t. At least not on your terms.





  • Resolve to let go of the past even if some of those events have cost you dearly emotionally or financially. You can’t change the past so your resolution should be to move forward with a positive can-do attitude
  • With Mars, your ruler and Jupiter transiting your Sun sign now, it’s the perfect time to improve your looks, your health and physical well-being. Make a resolution to stick to your goals as you’re likely to do this with greater ease during the coming year.
  •  The main obstacle over the coming 12 months has to do with your thinking patterns. You’ll be challenged in your resolution even if you’re hell-bent on improving your thinking and learning skills. Maybe this isn’t exactly the best time for that.





  • You have to work with the resources you are provided in 2018. Even if you have a resolution to make more money and to lift your ballgame b, you’ll find yourself obstructed on several different fronts. This means your resolution should have more to do with being flexible rather than making money itself.
  • You need to do less – and that is a really important resolution for the coming 12 months. It doesn’t mean you do nothing, however, you do need to refocus your attention so that you get the best return on your investment of time and resources.
  • With Mars and Jupiter in your 12th house you are very able to improve your spiritual awareness, psychic abilities and insights into life through your dream etc. Resolve to keep a diary and work on the development of your intuition.





  • Breaking old habits will be hard during 2018. As Saturn transits your Sun sign, you may have every intention to improve yourself, develop your exercise regime and eat better but you may slip so it’s important to be vigilant. Set clear goals and timelines but be gentle on yourself.
  • Friendships and close alliances can grow with Jupiter and Mars transiting your 11th house. Resolve to make more time to show your appreciation and love for those that you care for.
  • Build a clear vision for what you want in your life as your 11th house is also the house of life fulfilment. By carefully planning now and resolving to achieve your plans you can do so.





  • One of your resolutions should be to get more sleep over the coming months. If you’ve had a habit of sleeping too little or worrying about things when going to bed, this is an area you must work on. That’s not to say that it will be easy but it’s essential for your peace of mind and better performance in your life generally.
  • Inject your energy and resolve into your professional activities in 2018 as the expansive energies of Mars and Jupiter promise some fantastic opportunities and results for you if you stay the course.
  • You have to resolve to see relationship problems from the other person’s point of view. This will be the secret to sticking to your resolution and making your marriage or significant relationships work.





  • Your challenge has to do with your health during the coming 12 months. There’s no point making a resolution to improve your health without having a very carefully laid out plan. This plan must go hand in glove with the resolution.
  • Paying off your debts should also be one of your important New Year’s resolutions and requires diligence and will power on your part. Resolve not to spend money frivolously.
  • Trying to make peace with a friend you’ve fallen out with may not come to pass immediately but you shouldn’t necessarily give up. Focus on yourself first and if you’re meant to be with them the universe will bring them back into your social circle.


Donald Trump and the August 2017 Eclipse


Donald Trump

Donald Trump date of birth: June 14, 1946, at 9:51 AM in Queens New York USA

Donald Trump zodiac sign: Gemini

Just as you could say there is now a Donald Trump media platform all on its own, we may as well say that there is also now a Donald trump astrology branch of the art with hundreds of astrologers paying special attention to the Donald Trump horoscope. I’m sure if you had an opportunity he would create a wall around the celestial sphere and call it the Donald Trump Zodiac!

Donald-Trump-fingerAs hinted at earlier, the eclipse not only impacts upon nations and the people of those countries but in particular, the leader of the country will be especially affected if the country rules and his horoscope has any direct link with the eclipse. Here is Donald Trump’s horoscope. And as you can see a most extraordinary eclipse in that it is almost on his natal Mars and occurs in his rising sign of Leo.

Donald Trump is prone to argumentation, fighting, legal battles and getting even. With a combination of the Gemini Donald trump star sign and his rising sign of Leo is it any wonder we see a leader who is prone to being a bombast and fickle at the same time. A perfect combination of Leo and Gemini I would say. I think we all agree on that – whether you’re a raging fan or a rival who despises him. And now, as president, he is even more actively encouraging and cementing his war narrative.

On Donald Trump’s birthday, we see the celestial mirror reflecting this in the location of Mars and Pluto in his rising sign. And upping the ante on these character traits may well be seen in this coming eclipse. We now see Mars, North Node and the luminaries in close conjunction to his natal Mars. The occupation of these planets in the Regal sign of Leo makes for a formidable militant combination. As a side note, it’s worth mentioning the fact that the fixed star of Regulus is also involved in this eclipse making it all the more potent in the above respect.

Generally, it is argued that for full-scale war to take place, Pluto or some of the other malefic should also be involved with sensitive points of the horoscope – both of the leader and the eclipse event chart. Here we see transiting Pluto is indeed in a quincunx or 150° aspect with transiting Mars. We see that from his natal chart. This 150° aspect to his natal Mars has been a thorn in his side because not only is he at war with the world but with his own nation!

Jupiter is at 30° and introduces this soft sextile aspect to both his natal Mars and also to the to the event planets. Interestingly, he is also experiencing his sixth Jupiter return which usually augments life positively across the board for the person and the nation. However, as we can see from experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Astrology is full of anomalies!

According to Hindu astrology, the lunar position of the Donald Trump astrology chart is of vital importance. (You can see the Vedic charts further below) And yet again we see the most difficult transit he is experiencing now. With Saturn having just transited the Moon, being now in retrogression, it will crisscross the Moon during its forward, stationary and retrograde movements to give him his final dose of punishment….all after the eclipse. It won’t happen on the day.

Trump and Eclipse

The election of Donald Trump to the hottest seat on planet earth, as a world leader, has brought with it many controversial issues. The circus continues. One thing is for certain, the division between the left and the right is clearly, at least symbolically, represented in the path of the eclipse shadow cutting the country of the United States in half diagonally. It appears that the North and South will be sliced and diced but this is perhaps again the only representative of left and right factions in the ongoing squabbles that persist archaeologically.

When rain falls on an arid or desert area after years of drought, tadpoles and frogs somehow mysteriously appear due to the appropriate weather conditions arising. Certain bacteria and viruses also remain dormant until a solar eclipse takes place and for that reason, the following countries, not just the United States will indeed see a rise of not only diseases or epidemics but also

Social unrest
Violence within the community and in particular to authority in government
Natural catastrophes
Assassination or removal of the leaders of the countries implicated in the eclipse

Not that we don’t have wars now but a solar eclipse of this magnitude impacting the most powerful nation on the planet will most certainly bring with it some level of destruction, notwithstanding the benign aspect of Jupiter involved in the sextile to the event. The other astrological factor to be looked at is the near conjunction of Mars, the planet of war with the triplicate of the Moon, Sun and node. Trump’s horoscope is also seeing a Mars return which will embolden him after next month.

Trump Vedic horoscope

The Trump date of birth shows that “the Don” is obviously destined for big things. There is no doubt from his sidereal horoscope that peace of mind will elude Donald Trump with the Moon in his fourth house severely afflicted at the moment. The eclipse will accentuate this.

Here are the sidereal maps for both Donald Trump’s birth and the eclipse event. As you can see in this chart, contrary to the tropical horoscope, Mars falls in the 12th house of Donald Trump’s birth horoscope in its debilitated sign of Cancer. in the harmonic chart it has left its exaltation sign and is found also descending to the water sign of Pisces where it will be confronted with retrograde Neptune and retrograde Saturn.

Mars is the best planet for the Leo ascendant and is placed in the ascendant itself leading to great power as we have seen. But its transit in the 12th house during the time of the eclipse indicates secret enemies who will at least through judicial means (Mars rules the ninth house of his horoscope representing the legal profession and, being the president, possibly the Supreme Court or other courts attempting to bring him down). Mars being a martial planet, however, doesn’t discount the possibility of violence in one form or another being used against him. As the president is also representative of the people of the United States and the eclipse shadow will influence the whole of the country, social unrest is very likely and the ensuing violence or simply be an eruption of pent-up ideological frustrations. On both sides of the political fence.

The faster moving planets need to activate those degrees of the Zodiac which are critical at the time of the eclipse. When Mars transits the eclipse point of September 3, 2017, this is likely time when some harm may come to him as this 4th° of Leo is a sensitive point and Mars will activate it.




There is another likely outcome to this eclipse which is also not positive but perhaps not as foreboding is the above interpretation and that relates to the fact that the first house being his body had Mars being injurious could indicate natural causes being at the heart of any danger to the president. Saturn transiting his fourth house and his lunar star at the same time while being in retrogression attests to the fact that deep within him he will be feeling despair, depression and other domestic pressures are the fourth house also relates these most intimate family relationships. But his Martian ego being placed in the pompous and royal sign of Leo would never allow him to admit it.

This internal friction will quite likely cause issues with his blood pressure as shown by the involvement of Mars and also the debilitated Moon in the sign of Mars while being transited by Saturn and attended with its constrictive saturnine energies. Note also that when Mars further transits the sign of Leo after its first contact with the eclipse point, it will move to the square of Saturn and this is also a particularly troubling and one which could easily reflect violence aimed at him.

Speaking of his domestic circumstances another interesting transit is that of Venus, the planet of love but also his career planet transiting the exact degree of his natal Saturn in the 12th house. Once again while looking at these transits from the lunar based chart, as is done in Hindu Vedic astrology, we see that this transit of Venus across Saturn also occurs in the ninth house-the judicial house. It’s likely that the legal issues which have been a constitutional issue, particularly on the left, may finally blow up under this transit. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that these legal issues may in fact also spill over into his married life as well.

The dissatisfaction Trump must be feeling on the home front from Saturn, in his fourth house, squaring his marital house of Aquarius AND as well, his rising sign of Leo’s already palpable is paraded in the many unflattering images and news clips of him and Melania, who is obviously not a happy little cookie in the First Lady’s role. Furthermore, he is smack bang in the middle of a 7/2 year period of Saturn which is the transit of Saturn over the twelfth, first and second lunar houses. [ Astrologer slowly and sympathetically shakes head]

This is considered one of the hardest periods astrologically. But this transit of the lunar house was in fact ‘completed‘ January 2017 only to be revisited as a result of the retrogression of Saturn. Once this planet moves back into the second lunar house Trump will experience further isolation within his own family, not just politically. The second house of the horoscope relates predominantly to income and finance and so he will be experiencing pressures financially in his business and from his business partners.

Saturn has at least two and half years before it transits into the sign of Capricorn to make in opposition to its own natal position and Venus. When Venus and Saturn are placed together with the individual never feels loved, just doesn’t inwardly ever feel good enough. This insecurity is at the heart of everything they do. They are incessantly trying to prove that they are worthy of love and adulation.

Here’s an interesting fact and proves further that the Trump horoscope as a fascinating one: the 12th house is implicated here and this relates to secret enemies and those who would harm him. It’s pertinent to mention the fact that the 12th house, apart from ruling those nefarious bad guys or opponents, which is easily done when we don’t want to look at our own selves, is also well-known astrologically as the house of one’s own self-undoing. In other words, the karma coming to greet President Trump is mostly self-generated. Well, you make say all karma is self-generated but it appears from the multitude of factors impacting upon his horoscope under the eclipse, like the billions he loves to brag about and which continue to accrue interest, his karma more than likely has a few additional acquired points maturing right now as well. Karma is a bookkeeper too by the way.

Eclipse Vedic_Trump

DD WeddingDadhichi Toth is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and has a 35-year history of writing books, delivering lectures and consulting astrologically to thousands of people internationally. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Total Solar Eclipse August 2017


Total Solar Eclipse August 2017, by Dadhichi Toth

Eclipses, for the most part, have become an intellectual exercise for scientists, astronomers, astrophysicists and cosmologists with millions of everyday people standing on the sidelines enjoying the entertainment as well, even if they don’t exactly understand the technicalities behind a celestial event such as this. The media love it too. But the truth is that eclipses, particularly total eclipses such as the one we’re about to experience on August 21, have far-reaching effects for the countries in which the eclipse is visible and also for those countries and cities which are ruled by the signs of the zodiac through which the eclipse happens to be transiting at the time.

This time the United States is one of the perhaps not-so-lucky recipients to receive a stroke in the form of the solar eclipse shadow. Maybe even a caning. Karma has a reputation of dishing out some pretty heavy what-goes-round-comes-round. Perhaps it’s time for the US to hurry up for its date with destiny.

Solar eclipses are seen to have an impact, particularly on the head of state of those countries, the governments, ministers; also top personalities and celebrities. The influence of an eclipse may not be felt immediately, however, if a solar eclipse, the ramifications can last for as many years as is equivalent to the hours of the duration of the eclipse. The actual effect of the eclipse is best studied from subsequent lunations and transits of the faster moving inner planets to sensitive points which can be determined through the horoscope drawn for the precise time of the eclipse. Or any event for that matter.

Early founding astrologers made the following observations in terms of when those events can be expected-

 Eclipses falling near the eastern horizon manifest within 4 months

 Eclipses falling at the Midheaven or apex of the horoscope ie directly above the locality should give their affects between six and eight months after the eclipse and

 If the eclipse happens to fall near the western horizon the effects will not be felt until from anywhere between 8 to 12 months after the eclipse.

As the eclipse is taking place midway between the descendant and midheaven, it’s likely to happen between 7 to 9 months after the event ie March or April 2018. In actual experience, some events can happen almost precisely around the time of the eclipse.

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It’s not an easy thing to determine the eclipse effects because for too long astrologers have generalised that an eclipse is a foreboding omen without taking into consideration the aspects, fixed stars and other celestial factors that modulate the energies and frequencies of an eclipse. More research is necessary to study the very influences of the eclipses but one thing is for certain-historically at least it seems that these solar eclipses do tend to have an impact not just on the general public but on individuals as well. This, of course, has to be verified by more diligent study across larger samples of data.

In the case of the great American eclipse which takes place on August 21, 2017, note several striking and essential facts. The eclipse shadow will diagonally ‘cut’ the US in two as it were, and will first be seen in Madras Oregon, beginning at around 9:06 AM and ending around 10:21 AM. The shadow will be approximately 70 miles wide and will ultimately conclude in Columbia, South Carolina at around 2:44 PM on the same day. This is a powerful eclipse, according to astrology. There is no doubt about it.

There’s talk that there hasn’t been a total solar eclipse visible in the US for over 70 years. But that, in fact, isn’t true. There was a total eclipse on March 7, 1970, which covered the US states of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, along with Virginia and Nantucket. There were other total solar eclipses as well: in February 1979, July 11 1991, (only visible on Hawaii) and so it appears that even within the astrological fraternity eclipses that don’t necessarily have major global ramifications are conveniently sidestepped and left out of the picture.

There are some eclipses we’ve seen in the past, such as those around 1918 and the lunar eclipses leading up to that which were forewarnings of war, disease, pestilence and other notable tragedies. But again, we must stress that cherry picking these eclipses to suit one’s own agenda should be seriously avoided.

The horoscope of the United States

How will the eclipse affect the US?

USA and Eclipse

There are many varying horoscopes which have been drawn for the United States. So is it any wonder making even reasonable calculations becomes so much more complicated? After some research, it will be found that the most likely and verifiable horoscope for the United States is that one drawn for July 4, 1776, at 5:10 PM in Philadelphia, United States. This horoscope places Sagittarius on the ascendant. I have seen other horoscopes with Gemini, Scorpio and Libra ascendants. However, research proves the veracity of the Sagittarius ascendant and fits very well with the US signature.

With Sagittarius Ascendant in the natal chart, we see the warring planets, Mars and Uranus in wide orb in the seventh house indicating the conflict orientated nation historically. Four planets in the eighth house include Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Saturn is in the 11th house, the Moon in the third house and dominant Pluto in the second house of material values. Neptune in the 10th house is in trine aspect to Pluto which indicates ideals and also the deep level of corruption endemic throughout history in US politics.
It must also be remembered that the ninth house has to do with higher educational institutions and, therefore, there could be violence or at least increasing dissension amongst the student masses around or following the eclipse. There is a real danger of some sort of attempt on the life of the president as well, but going back to the benign influence of Jupiter, could it be perhaps a Reganesque attempt where Trump narrowly escapes? Let’s see.





At this time, with Saturn transiting the first house of the US horoscope smaller to medium businesses will struggle and poverty will be on the increase. The rule of the mob and street violence will also increase exponentially especially now that Saturn is retrograde. Those who belong to the labouring classes will rise up and it’s quite likely that at least in select areas some form of martial law may be implemented.

Because Mars is associated with this eclipse in a reasonably close conjunction, the Foreign Ministry may be in jeopardy and diplomats belonging to the US Embassy in different parts of the world may also be attacked and prone to death. The ninth house has a strong link to transport so shipping and airlines will be subjected to these adverse Mars transits. Fortunately, we see the benign sextile aspect of Jupiter from the 11th house, a formidable position for Jove and this to a large extent may offset some of these gloomier predictions. They may not be as intense due to this friendly aspect.

This is what I alluded to earlier when I said astrologers need to be careful not to be too dire in their forecasts. In this case, although Mars and the eclipse in the ninth house could, without any favourable aspects cause deaths and calamities, we can possibly downgrade this to tension or diplomatic wrangles between foreign ministries.

Which other countries are likely to be affected by the eclipse?

To narrow things down let’s only take those critical degrees which are one degree in orb for countries having the key planets or sensitive points on this specific eclipse degree, that is 28°. Some of the countries which may be impacted by this eclipse include the following-

South Africa, Iceland, South Vietnam, Israel, Maldives, Sudan, Vatican, Arab Republic, Qatar, Palestine, Italy, Ghana and Kuwait.

If trying to decipher what’s going to happen to a country under an eclipse is a difficult exercise, it’s made all the more difficult by virtue of the fact that is imperative to look at the horoscope of the leader of the country, namely Donald Trump. Let’s take a look at his horoscope to see how that may also reflect some of the elements in the above horoscope.

Individual and spiritual actions under the eclipse.

Astrologers, those in the esoteric game, are of the opinion that lunations, which include the solar and lunar eclipses have a quickening effect on your spiritual development and if you happen to be receptive to the subtleties of the eclipse you’ll be able to utilise those energies for their own spiritual growth. Under the eclipse, it’s advised to stay indoors, especially in those areas where the shadow is visible. The reasons for that are as above – diseases, bacteria and other pathogens which are latent spring to life and may affect the populace. Because meditation and spiritual discipline under the eclipse accelerate the evolutionary process by a thousand fold, it appears the guru’s giving you a fast track to Nirvana.

Doing your yoga, meditation or prayer under the eclipse is a powerful way to connect with your inner self and higher consciousness. Some astrologers are of the opinion that to accentuate the benefits even further you should do your prayers or mantras while sitting in a bath or a pool of water. This purifies and accentuates the electromagnetic energies coming from this amazing celestial spectacle.

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DD WeddingDadhichi Toth is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and has a 35-year history of writing books, delivering lectures and consulting astrologically to thousands of people internationally. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Astrology: Talent, Faith and Success


As an introduction to the new year of 2017, I thought I’d talk a little bit about talent and how to use that for achieving something meaningful in your life. Usually one of the biggest difficulties initially is identifying not only what your talent is but if that talent will provide you happiness and satisfaction or not. Many people possess a variety of talents but don’t necessarily feel harmonised in body mind and spirit through the expression of that talent. Guilt can play a part in this. If for example, your Jewish father wanted you to continue in the lending business because you were great at winning new clients but your heart really was set upon playing the guitar in a band, which you were also good at, what would you do? In your heart of hearts, you want to play guitar but your cultural conditioning and sense of guilt prevent you doing what you know you should – out of fear.

If you’re fortunate enough to discover what it is you are talented at and also feel happy doing it, you then need the focus of a high order to magnify your passion and talent. Through one-pointed determination set your heart on achieving your goal. For the most part, you should use your own power and means to achieve what you desire in life even if you happen to have the option for financial and professional support to get you further. No man is an island under himself, but you should also be careful of becoming indebted to people would give you money only as a means of ensnaring you for their own selfish ends. Practical and commonsensical skills as an adjunct to the above are often conspicuously seen lacking in some of the most creative individuals and even some of the biggest stars on the world stage. Many end up completely broke.

The vast majority of people on planet Earth who believe in God never really achieve anything worthwhile because the faith they have is impotent in that they do nothing themselves to utilise the science and laws of success practically. They are waiting, forever waiting for Something above to give them what they pray for. I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe in God and in fact if you do have faith in some higher power you should show God just how much you appreciate the gifts given by Him/Her by doing your best to develop them to the best of your ability. This is called gratitude and is another fundamental law of success and wealth.

True gratitude is not easily understood. It is the sense that you have more than enough even if you don’t. That is why the poverty struck and those with a scarcity mentality constantly worry about not having enough and therefore, consequently, amplify the thought and feeling of scarcity thereby attracting more of that in their lives. What is true, practical faith if not acting as if you have more than enough? You must always act “AS IF” with the following thoughts

I am successful

I have money

I am great at what I do

These thoughts generate positive your chemicals in the body which in turn enhance your aura and have an impact on the environment and people around you. Electromagnetic aura is exactly that – magnetic, and has the power to attract objects, people, events and circumstances including the success that you want. Act AS IF even if NOT is your current condition!

The faith most religious people talk of is never a practical faith and rarely is it ever true courage, valor or unflinching strength – that strength of believing in yourself against all odds. Using religion as an analogy, the concept of faith is easily talked about. It’s very cheap. But what if say, the Pope, the spiritual figurehead for God here on earth to a billion faithful was to fall ill. Would the bishops reach for a Bible praying to Jesus for recovery or would they rush him to the hospital and avail themselves of the best medical expertise in Rome? Where one’s faith lies is very easily seen in actions which always speak louder than words.

It would appear from the observation that far greater faith in medicine than in any great healing teaching of Jesus seems to be exhibited by the majority of people even those of ‘faith’. The belief that he would heal those who pray to him should be enough to convince at least the Pope of the efficacy of prayer and faith. You’d think the Pope, closest child of God, would set an example to his fawning followers to prove to them at least his own power of faith even if it meant his death. We all know from Christian doctrine that death is conquerable and according to Catholic tradition through faith is one the ability to overcome any fear. You realise I’m being facetious, don’t you?

But what has any of this to do with astrology? Astrology is a tool, a catalyst for understanding your strengths and weaknesses and in particular the talents that may be embedded within your genetic makeup. Understanding your talents gives rise to a belief they can be improved upon and generate success. This is the birth of faith in one’s own self. Your interests, study patterns and work prospects are clearly seen in your horoscope. Astrology is not about dreaming about what will happen but is a very efficient way of knowing what and also when and how. Along with talent it’s imperative to do self-analysis and that must be done without the imposition of any dogma in the process. This is easier than it sounds because at our core we are conditioned animals – genetically and environmentally and this is dramatically impacted by our cultural and religious heritage.

If you must read books like the Bible or even the Koran you should do so with a completely open mind and stand receptive to the intuitive meaning for you and your life at any given moment. This sometimes means your interpretation will be at odds with the prevailing religious trend. But isn’t that what exactly what has happened with 300 different Christian denominations. Each and every one of them has a different view of the Bible. Each and every one of them justifies their view. So I say create another viewyour own view and use it in the best way you can with discrimination and spiritual intuition. That’s  the voice of God if indeed you’d like to believe there is one.

Now consulting astrology that doesn’t necessarily mean your life will have every single issue resolved through the horoscope. That is again a matter of faith and courage on your part, where you must make decisions and stop relying on supernatural forces including the planets, to bring you the results you daydream about. Wishful thinking won’t produce any results. And doing the same thing over and over again just because you have a Bible in your hand will also not produce results. Again that is why 99% of the people believing in God die in poverty. Don’t you think that’s rather odd? The fact of the matter is that God only really helps those who help themselves.

Helping yourself is best done through self-understanding and wisdom. That is the primary motivation of astrology – to reflect back to the inquirer what karmic residue from the previous life in terms of abilities, can be accessed in this current incarnation. Some of that residue is also disharmonious and obstructive and there are ways to deal with that.

Primarily the first house, which is the edifice of the horoscope, should be carefully looked at. The 2nd house which is finance and the ability to earn money is obviously tied in with the 10th house of professional achievement and activity. The 6th house is discipline, daily work, and skills. The 2nd, 6th and 10th house, therefore, form a triangle being 120° apart from each other. In the natural Zodiac, these star signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the earth trine. Looking at these part of the horoscope yield valuable information on the value system one has and what capacity through skillful action one is endowed with and able to achieve. The pinnacle of that achievement is the 10th house.

But earning money is not necessarily satisfying as was explained at the outset. Intellectual, social, creative and spiritual satisfaction need to be interwoven into the financial fabric of one’s overall success. The 3rd house, 5th house, and 9th houses happen to be different aspects of the mind. This tells us of the intellectual motivations and directions a person is likely to take. The 5th house is particularly important in terms of one’s creative ability and, to an extent, competitive instincts. The 9th house is the spiritual mind and along with the 5th house has much to say about the past and future life of the individual and where this life may be used as a catalyst to fulfill one’s aspirations. Also, ultimately, these areas of the horoscope tell you where one is destined to be. It’s often said that great and successful people often believed they were destined for great things.

In studying the 10th house of profession and success, the 11th house can’t be overlooked as these deals with one’s life fulfillment and interestingly is also connected with social activities and friends. In many cases the social elements in your life are a key to success and being human we do tend to naturally gravitate towards group activities and team spirit as part of the drive for success. We like to share our successes in a social context.

The Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter relate strongly to the issues of success and career. Unfortunately, most people reverse the law in the hope of achieving success. By that I mean that money is usually the motivation and the goal rather than creative passion and excellence in the pursuit of some lofty ideal being the primary criteria for success. With the perfection of skill comes celebrity or fame and this naturally leads to wealth. This is by far the best way to achieve the triumph you desire. Through astrology and the study of the planets and houses, you will make wonderful sense of the jigsaw that your life may appear to be at this time. Putting those pieces together is the first goal on your path to success. Once the jigsaw is solved, the picture of your life becomes so much clearer.