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Debts, Disagreements, Enemies, Service and the 6th House of the Horoscope

In astrology, the 6th house represents liabilities and debts. Astrology considers the 6th house to hide, which is opposite the deepest recesses and that which is unknown. It is similar in some ways to the 12th house. As such, it reflects actions on the emotional and physical planes. The astral body records any challenge that is met in the sixth. The challenge is repeated in various forms if you fail to learn the lesson.

The Sixth House of the Horoscope

getting creative with moneyThe sixth house of the horoscope deals with financial debts, disagreements, and enemies. The ascendant lord rules this house. It indicates financial debt. When combined with a sixth house lord, Saturn shows a tendency to accumulate debts and a life of hardship. If a sixth-house lord is weak, however, the native may be able to become a banker, financial advisor, or consultant to resolve disputes.

The sixth house can also indicate a stepmother or partner, ill health, death, or enemies. The Sixth House is also associated with the fear of death and ill-health. The sixth house of the horoscope is also linked to debts, ill health, and enemies. It is also a house of debt and fear, whether money or debt, the sixth house of the horoscope can help a person understand their karmic path and how to avoid them.

For your physical health, discipline is essential. Regular exercise, good nutrition, and a balanced diet are key components of a healthy body and mind. Disciplined work habits can lead to a happier life, but the effects of undisciplined actions may have the opposite effect. Unruly behaviour will bring you enemies, both professional and social. Unscrupulous living can have a it negative impact on your financial and physical health.

The sixth house governs the health of the public. Its ruler governs a nation’s judicial system, political climate, and communal harmony. It also deals with work, employment, wage conditions, and wages. It deals with competition, hardship, and rising above adversity. The sixth house is associated with money. It also deals with mental worry, phlegm and enmity.

Mars can bring conflict, but it can also encourage a good relationship with seniors. Mars in the sixth house can cause enmity to a person’s maternal uncle and their family. Mars in the sixth house may also cause pneumonia, lawsuits, and loss of inheritance.

Astrology, the 6th house: Debts and liabilities

People with strong houses in the sixth house are often prone to debts and loans. This is because the 6th house is the negative, and a strong planet there will cause you to borrow money. Remember that the strong planet in the sixth house must be in a different stellium than the 11th and 2nd houses. If this occurs, you will be prone to poverty and other issues associated with this house.

A planet located in the 6th house, particularly Mars, can cause problems in the repayment process. A planetary position in the 6th house afflicted by a malefic planet can also make things more difficult. Mars will be more miserable if its planetary position is affected. Additionally, a Mars that Saturn and Rahu afflict will worsen the situation. This may lead to bankruptcy.

It is important to determine your finances. The sixth house governs your finances. Mars is the significator of the sixth house, which can place you in debt. You will have difficulty repaying debts if your natal chart contains negative planets. However, Jupiter is a good sign and will help you make repayments. If you have a negative planet in the 6th house, it is a good idea to avoid taking out loans.

The sixth house in the horoscope is also an important place to study your debts and loans. It is important to remember that the sixth house of the horoscope is considered a negative house and any planets or lords placed there are unfavourable. In addition, putting the lord of the sixth house in any other house is not advisable, as it will result in veepareeta raja yoga. Harsha yoga can also be caused by it.

The 6th house shows enemies

ASTROLOGY-HEALTH and WELL BEINGThe sixth house rules the general health and well-being of the native. It also describes which diseases the native is most prone to. It also represents the conditions in which the native works and how his colleagues react to his actions. The Zodiacal Sign on the cusp of the sixth house shows how strong or weak a native is and whether they are prone to disease. They also indicate whether they are highly literate or prone to mental disorders.

The sixth house rules a person’s health, including the habits and routine of work. It governs enemies, accidents, and other unfavourable situations. Generally, the sixth house also represents the physical strength of the individual. A native must practice discipline in their diet and physical activity to stay healthy and mentally strong. A healthy attitude toward others is important to help overcome problems related to the sixth house.

The 6th house is closely linked to the karmic system, which means that past actions can negatively or positively affect this life. Negative impressions include enemies, debts, and even suffering. These negative impressions can manifest in different challenges and influence how a person responds. Recognize the power of your sixth house. It will determine how you react to the challenges you face.

The sixth house is associated with finances, employment, and service. In Vedic astrology, this house represents the defence forces and relationships with coworkers and labourers. Although the sixth house relates to finances, it can also describe enemies, diseases, pain, and depression. Enemies of debts are associated with the sixth house, as are problems with finances, mental health, and mental instability.

Disease and the 6th house of the horoscope

The sixth house of the horoscope represents the body’s internal organs. The planets that occupy the sixth house are represented by the digestive system, the kidney, the anus, and the uterus. When the major planetary cycles of this house are running, diseases are most commonly created. These organs will be affected by a weak sixth house, which can lead to a health decline. The sixth house is also associated with the tenth house, which can cause a host of ailments and problems.

Although the sixth house can indicate sickness, it does not necessarily mean disease. The likelihood of developing the disease increases the more planets a person has in their chart. The condition may not become apparent immediately because it is likely to be insidious and latent. It will be a long time before the ailment is manifested, so it’s essential to look for planetary afflictions to determine whether or not a disease is a likely factor.

vegesThe sixth house governs health and wellness and is associated with eating habits, daily routines, and recovery. A person’s ability to heal and comfort others will be reflected in a healthy sixth house. Numerous medical professionals have planets or clusters in the sixth house. The position of the Moon and the Sun in the sixth house is significant to understanding the body’s physical constitution and mental peculiarities.

The sixth house has many significations. It can also represent a life spent in a foreign country. Those born under the sign of Libra have a long history of mental disorders. However, the sixth house is more complex and contains many more signs than these two combined.

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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What are the benefits of believing in astrology?

What are the benefits of believing in astrology?


Many benefits come with believing in astrology. For one, it can help give you a greater understanding of yourself and your place in the world. It can also provide guidance and direction when making important life decisions. Additionally, the online horoscope can give a sense of comfort and security during uncertainty or upheaval. Ultimately

Overall, there are many benefits to believing in astrology.

Insight into your personality

Having a belief in astrology can help people gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. This can include gaining insight into their personality traits or understanding how to improve relationships with others by learning more about how different signs interact.

Connect to the cosmos

Additionally, many people find that their belief in astrology helps them feel more connected to the cosmos and the natural rhythms of the universe. This can provide a sense of peace and calm during challenging times.

Improve the quality of life

Another benefit of believing in astrology is that it can help improve the quality of life. This is because when people can understand and use astrological guidance, they can often make better decisions that lead to more positive outcomes.

Greater self-understanding

SELF ESTEEM INVENTORY TESTUltimately, the most significant benefit of believing in online astrology today is that it can help people gain a deeper and more meaningful sense of self-understanding. Whether we are trying to improve our relationships with others or navigate through complex life events, having a belief in astrology can provide the insight and guidance we need to make the right choices.

Improved decision making

One of the benefits of astrology is that it can help you make better decisions. This is because astrology can provide guidance and understanding to help you see different aspects of a situation more clearly. Additionally, astrology can help you understand the potential consequences of your actions before you take them, ultimately leading to more positive outcomes.

Recognition of talents and potential

Believing in astrology can also help you recognize and embrace your talents and potential. This is because astrology can provide insight into the natural inclinations, motivations, and strengths that make you who you are. By understanding these things more deeply, you can learn to tap into your unique gifts and use them to their fullest potential.

Emotional and spiritual maturation

Weekly HoroscopesUltimately, believing in astrology can help you to develop emotionally and spiritually. Your belief in astrology can provide a sense of meaning that helps guide you through life’s ups and downs. By learning more about yourself and the world around you, you can become more grounded and present, which is ultimately what allows us to mature as human beings.

Improved relationships

Another benefit of believing in astrology is that it can help you to improve your relationships with others. This is because love compatibility online astrology services can provide insights into how different signs interact and the challenges they might face together. By understanding these things, you can learn to work through conflict more effectively and develop more profound. And meaningful connections with those around you.

Insight into the future

Believing in astrology can also provide insight into the future, helping you better prepare for and navigate life’s uncertainties. This is because astrology can provide guidance and direction when making important decisions. And help you recognize your talents and potential.

Relationship compatibility

Free Online Psychic ReadingsFurthermore, one of the main benefits of believing in astrology is that it can help you understand and improve your relationships. This is because astrology can provide insights into how different signs interact and whether they may be compatible with each other. For example, some signs may struggle to find common ground or experience frequent conflict. While others are more likely to complement and experience harmony.

A deeper understanding of yourself

At its core, believing in astrology can provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself. This is because astrology can offer insights into your personality, motivations, and emotions you may not have been aware of before. Additionally, astrology can help you understand your choices and why you make them. By gaining this self-awareness, you can learn to make better decisions, navigate difficult times, and develop deeper relationships.

Overall, there are many benefits to believing in online astrology today. Whether you’re looking for guidance on important life decisions, understanding your personality better. Or simply wanting to feel more connected to the universe around you, astrology has something to offer everyone. So why not give it a try? You never know what you might discover about yourself

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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What are the Interesting facts about Lunar New Year?

What are the Interesting facts about Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is the first day of the lunar calendar. It is also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. As per the astrologer online, the lunar calendar is based on the moon’s cycles. So the date of the Lunar New Year changes every year. Usually, it falls between late January and early February.

Lunar New Year is a significant holiday in many Asian cultures. It is celebrated with family gatherings, special foods and traditions, and lots of fireworks. One of the most well-known Lunar New Year traditions is the lion dance. A performance that features dancers dressed as lions who symbolize luck and prosperity.

What is the history behind the Lunar New Year?

The history of the Lunar New Year is closely tied to the agricultural cycles of China and many other Asian cultures. It has been celebrated for thousands of years, and each year’s celebrations are based on ancient traditions passed down through generations.

One common myth about the origins of Lunar New Year is that the festival began as a way to celebrate the defeat of a mythical beast called the Nian. According to an astrologer online, the Nian would come out on New Year’s Eve every year and terrorize villages. The villagers would hang red lanterns and put up red banners to protect themselves. They also set off loud firecrackers to scare away the Nian.

Today, Lunar New Year is celebrated all over the world. Many people who celebrate this holiday make special trips to their ancestral hometowns. And also host large family gatherings with traditional foods like dumplings and sticky rice cakes. Some people also wear new clothes or buy unique decorations for their homes.

What are some common traditions of the Lunar New Year?

Here are some common traditions and exciting facts about Lunar New Year:

-Lunar New Year is the first day of the lunar calendar: which is based on the moon’s cycles. The date changes every year, typically falling between late January and early February.

-Lunar New Year is a major holiday in many Asian cultures: Lunar New Year is an important cultural celebration in many Asian countries. Including China, Vietnam, and South Korea. The holiday is typically celebrated with family gatherings, special foods, and fireworks.

-One of the most well-known traditions is the lion dance: The lion dance is a performance that features dancers dressed as lions. This tradition is meant to symbolize luck and prosperity. This dance is often performed during Lunar New Year celebrations.

-Lunar New Year is a time to start afresh with hopes for good luck: Many zodiac signs see Lunar New Year as a time to start fresh and hope for good luck in the year ahead. This holiday is typically a happy and festive occasion. Whether you celebrate Lunar New Year, it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Asian culture and traditions.

-It is also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. This name comes from the fact that it typically falls during the spring season.

-The lunar calendar is based on the moon’s cycles: The lunar calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar that is most commonly used in the West. Which is why the date of the Lunar New Year changes every year.

-Lunar New Year is celebrated with family gatherings, special foods and traditions, and lots of fireworks. Family is a big part of the Lunar New Year celebration. Then people often gather together to enjoy special foods and traditions. Fireworks are also a common sight during this holiday, as they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Despite being based on the lunar calendar, Lunar New Year is a significant holiday celebrated by many people worldwide. So if you’re looking for something fun to do, why not check out a local Lunar New Year celebration? You might just have a blast! Whether you are familiar with Asian culture or not, the astrologer online suggests that it is a great opportunity to learn more about this fascinating and important tradition.


Dadhichi Toth

the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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What are the indications of no marriage in Astrology?

What are the indications of no marriage in Astrology?

Astrology is a powerful tool that can help indicate whether someone is likely to get married or not. Several different factors can be looked at to make this determination, including the position of the planets, the strength of the Seventh House, and the aspects formed in the Seventh House.

“No marriage indications” in astrology are typically associated with a weaker Seventh House or a Seventh House afflicted by challenging planetary aspects. For example, if Saturn is located in the Seventh House, this could indicate that marriage may be delayed or may not occur at all. Additionally, if there are challenging aspects formed to the Seventh House from planets like Mars or Pluto, this could also suggest that marriage may not be in the cards.

How to know if you won't get married?

10 Factors that tell  you won't get married

Certain things can be looked at in a person’s chart to see if they’re likely to get married or not. Here are five factors that may suggest someone is less likely to tie the knot:

  1. A weak Seventh House: The Seventh House is the house of marriage and committed relationships, so a weak or afflicted Seventh House suggests that these areas of life may be challenging.
  2. Difficult aspects to the Seventh House: If there are problematic aspects (such as squares or oppositions) from planets like Mars or Pluto to the Seventh House, marriage may not be easy or may not happen at all.
  3. Saturn in the Seventh House: Saturn is often referred to as the “great malefic”, and its placement in the Seventh House can indicate delays or difficulties in marriage.
  4. A lack of planets in the Seventh House: If there are no planets located in the Seventh House, this could suggest that marriage is not a priority for the person or that they may be less interested in committed relationships.
  5. An afflicted Seventh House Lord: If the planet that rules the Seventh House is weak or afflicted, this could also suggest difficulties in marriage.
  6. A difficult Moon: The Moon is the planet that represents the public, so a difficult Moon could suggest that marriage may not be something that is of interest to the person or that they may not be able to find a partner who is willing to marry them.
  7. A difficult Venus: Venus is the planet of love and relationships, so a difficult Venus could suggest challenges when finding love or forming lasting relationships.
  8. An afflicted Fifth House: The Fifth House is the house of romance and creativity, so an afflicted Fifth House could suggest difficulties when it comes to matters of the heart.
  9. A challenging Solar Return chart: If a person’s Solar Return chart for the year ahead is challenging, this could suggest that marriage may not be likely during that time.
  10. A difficult transiting Saturn: If Saturn is going through a problematic transit (such as square or opposition), this could also suggest delays or difficulties in marriage.

What Astrology can tell you about your married life?

Astrology can give insights into all aspects of life, including marriage. Several different factors are studied to get an idea of what someone’s married life will be like, such as the position of Venus, the Seventh House, and the aspects formed in the Seventh House.

For example, Venus’s location in the Seventh House indicates a happy and harmonious marriage. Alternatively, if there are challenging aspects formed to the Seventh House from planets like Mars or Pluto, this could suggest that marriage may be more difficult.

What is the impact of no marriage on Astrology?

No marriage indications in astrology can often be associated with a weaker Seventh House, which can suggest difficulties in matters of marriage and committed relationships. Additionally, if there are challenging aspects formed to the Seventh House from planets like Mars or Pluto, this could also suggest that marriage may not be easy or may not happen at all.

Is there any remedy for no marriage indication in Astrology?

If your planets are not in a good position, take the help of an excellent astrologer to find a spouse who will be compatible with you. They will help you better understand your planets and their positioning to find a spouse who will be a good match for you.

Some possible remedies may help to improve the chances of marriage, such as:

  1. Doing charitable work related to marriage or relationships, such as working at a wedding venue or volunteering for a dating service.
  2. Wearing gemstones associated with planets that rule the Seventh House, such as diamonds (ruled by Venus) or rubies (ruled by Mars).
  3. Performing rituals dedicated to the planet Venus, such as offering prayers or doing puja (worship).
  4. Color therapy is also one of the best remedies for changing the energy around you. You can wear an orange colour dress on Fridays to please planet Venus.
  5. Fasting on Fridays will also help reduce the malefic effects of planet Venus.


If you are facing difficulties finding a spouse or your marriage is not going well, consider seeking help from an experienced astrologer. They will be able to analyze your birth chart and offer guidance on how to improve your chances of finding a compatible partner or having a happy marriage.

Several possible remedies may help improve the situation, such as wearing gemstones associated with planets that rule the Seventh House, performing rituals dedicated to Venus, or doing charitable work related to marriage.

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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Mid Life and Finding Love Again


Are you experiencing a midlife crisis? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people find love in their fifties and sixties. Despite these challenges, there are many ways to find love again. Here are some signs that you’re experiencing a midlife crisis. Hopefully, they will help you move forward. Here are some tips to help you find love again. After all, it’s never too late to find love.

Relationships in Midlife

Midlife crisis: When we reach midlife, we are often reminded that we aren’t given all the time. This realization casts a cloud over our best moments and clarifies our beauty. Older daters are particularly conscious of this fact and are grateful to find a new partner. However, relationships can become challenging during a midlife crisis, and it is essential to know how to survive this time.

For example, the course of love is different in midlife. Intimacy, passion, commitment and fulfilment are the ideal forms of love. This perfect form of love is known as “consummate love” associated with romantic relationships. The difficulty in achieving this state is similar to losing weight – we can’t eat as much as we used to, so we must make sacrifices to achieve this level of satisfaction.

Finding love in midlife requires a whole new approach. Many women are surprised to discover how practical these dating suggestions are and discover that they can be successful if they follow them. It’s best to try them out as an experiment so that you can learn as you go. By taking the time to consider all of the options, you’ll be surprised at how easy and rewarding it can be. Midlife lovers are not alone – there are millions of people who find love after their 40s.

What type of relationship do you want? Are you just looking for a casual companion? Are you looking for a long-term relationship or a marriage? Decide beforehand whether you’re seeking a casual hook-up or a committed relationship. Once you know your expectations, you can avoid unnecessary pressure. A serious relationship might not be the right choice at this stage. However, if you’re looking for a committed relationship, you should set boundaries first and prioritize other factors.

If your previous relationship were a struggle, you’d likely find yourself looking for love in a new person. This is especially true if your partner does not appreciate your needs and values. Remember that the person you’re dating has no idea of your problems in the past. If this is the case, you should seek counselling or therapy to work on your relationship’s sore points.


Signs That You're In A Midlife Crisis

The symptoms of a midlife crisis are not all about sports cars and new haircuts. A midlife crisis is an emotionally painful period in your life between the ages of 35 and 65 when you’re faced with several life transitions and questions. You may find yourself reevaluating your priorities, having a hard time finding love again, or even feeling unloved.

The signs of a midlife crisis include flirting with younger men, not being devoted to your family, abandoning parental responsibilities, and engaging in extramarital affairs. Men may also notice a sudden increase in intimacy and sex life. They may even start to change their looks to match their new lifestyles. However, their wives and partners may be suspicious and may begin to see these changes in their husbands.

Although a midlife crisis isn’t a medical condition, it can be a significant source of stress and anxiety. Symptoms of a midlife crisis can mimic those of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, seek professional help as soon as possible. If your partner is not happy with your relationship, it’s time to consider a career change.

While you may be able to make your partner feel better by providing companionship or being a friend, it is best to accept that your spouse is going through a midlife crisis. Making demands and interrogating your partner too much may worsen the situation and cause further withdrawal. Your spouse needs space to process their feelings. In some cases, they need company or even a break from you.

As you age, you may find yourself questioning long-held values and beliefs. The lack of trust in your abilities can erode your confidence. If you have a midlife crisis, you might become dissatisfied with your life and begin to blame others for your lack of happiness. In other words, you may feel like you’re living extended boredom and don’t see the point of living.

Ways To Cope With A Midlife Crisis

If you’re having a midlife crisis, it may be time to seek professional help. First, consider what caused your midlife problem. Was it your partner, career, family, or travel? Or was it general regret over your choices? Sometimes, people unconsciously project their inner pain onto their partners. This can result in higher levels of unhappiness and a need for more space. While a midlife crisis can be hard to deal with, it is possible to deal with it.

In addition, there are ways to improve your mood. Taking care of yourself and eating healthy can help. You can also seek the help of a counsellor. Check-in with your feelings frequently. Staying positive and healthy will help you rekindle the fire that once fueled your love life. If your partner finds you unappealing, you can help them see that you’re not losing hope.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, try new activities. Take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Spend more time with positive people, join a gym, or join a fitness centre. Write down positive affirmations or Bible verses. If these things don’t work, consider visiting a therapist. Then, take action and enjoy your new life!

One way to improve your relationship with your partner is to talk with your spouse about your goals. When your partner is experiencing a midlife crisis, you must acknowledge that they didn’t cause it. Instead, try to find a common purpose and ensure your marriage is not in danger. Once you feel optimistic about your relationship, try to find ways to make it work.

If you’ve had a midlife crisis, it’s not uncommon for the person to seek psychological help. It’s essential to seek out someone who can offer a fresh perspective and help you get back on your feet. You can always talk to a psychological professional to gain valuable perspective on dealing with your midlife crisis and move forward. Once you find someone you can trust, you’ll be happier.

Signs that you're ready to find love again

Finding love again may be more complex than it used to be if you’re over fifty. You’ve been married several times and have had years-long relationships. You may have developed walls around your heart, and your perception of love has changed. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find love again. You can even learn to appreciate love at an older age.

The first step towards finding love again in midlife is acknowledging that you’ve gotten through your relationship with your ex. You’ve matured, and your partner’s life has changed. Your love life has been a journey, and you’ve experienced its ups and downs. This is a crucial time in your life to find the right partner for you.

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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Are You an Old Soul

Horoscope today 2022 Daily Star Sign

Are You an Old Soul? Recognising Soulmates

You’ve probably wondered, Are you an Old Soul? It’s easy to confuse new and old souls, and their difference can be profound. New souls come into this life with an empty suitcase, eager to experience everything. Their perspective on life is fresh, but their baggage has accumulated through the years. They often struggle with peer relationships and adapting to new situations. Let’s look at types of souls to make sense of it all.

Introduction to Karma and Rebirth

If you have recently discovered the concept of rebirth, you may be wondering if it can help you understand your own karmic experiences. The Old soul is essentially in the process of withdrawing from the physical plane. It is not interested in accumulating material wealth or entangling itself in heavy drama. It prefers to be and feel than to act. For this reason, they are often referred to as Monads.

The old soul represents the last stage in the reincarnation process. There are five soul ages, and each soul age is associated with a different set of values and perceptions. The infant soul has a primitive conception of the world and focuses on survival. The young soul focuses on structure and achievement. The middle soul develops its understanding of relationships and the emotional world. The old soul understands context and the larger truth of life and is learning how to live within it.

Old souls rarely contribute to the culture or society. Their advanced perception means they are not interested in investing their energy in material things. Furthermore, their contributions will not be accepted by the Establishment. As such, they are not known for their political or cultural activities. However, they may appear in many different contexts, such as politics, religions, or social movements. They may also show up anywhere.

The process of reincarnation is a natural process, and, in most cases, an Old Soul will eventually come to a complete understanding of the concept of reincarnation. This concept is not taught as dogma in all countries, and anyone can appreciate it. Old souls also have a deep connection with the subconscious mind, which may seem intuitive. This is because they are in touch with their subconscious to grasp the concept of reincarnation.

Old souls rarely pursue a career. While some might have long-term occupations, it is not their primary interest. Instead, they take jobs that are not challenging or fulfilling. Instead, they use their energy to explore the truth of their karmic entanglements. This is the best way to make the most of your old soul’s energy. Once you have studied this concept, you will begin to understand how to use that energy to do good things.


Past Life Patterns

There are various ways to tell if you are an old soul. One of the most common methods is to visualise a long hallway with a massive door at the end. Visualisation requires you to use your imagination to build the image. If you find this difficult, it is recommended to keep your hands by your side. Visualising yourself in that hallway may help you understand what you were doing in that past life.

A common symptom of a past life is a soulmate. Soulmates maybe your soulmate in this lifetime. Soulmates meet in a new life to complete business from a past life. You might even have feelings of attachment to certain people from your past life. These feelings are signs of a past life. You might have feelings and traits that indicate a previous life regardless of age.

Some old souls tend to observe rather than participate in society. They may avoid group participation or excessive emotional noise and instead spend their time alone, daydreaming or engaging in creative pursuits. Some are big readers, and stories of distant times and places may appeal to them. Although they may seem remote and out of touch with reality to others, they often have deep empathy for others. So, you should not be surprised if you encounter an old soul regularly.

Many people with old souls have an affinity for certain cultures or times. For example, they might be attracted to Asian artifacts, Celtic culture, or the 19th century. If you are an old soul, your past lives may have left some evidence behind for future generations. If this is true, it is time to take steps to change. If you are an old soul, you may want to take some time alone.

Many people with old souls find distant periods fascinating. They are drawn to one time period, such as Medieval France or the 1920s, and they often have old-fashioned values and morals. They find it hard to adapt to new environments. They tend to avoid crowded places and spend more time alone. This can be an excellent way to reconnect with yourself. You can also explore your past lives by reading books or listening to audio recordings.

Recognising Soulmates

soulconnectorSoulmates are a rare find but can bring you great happiness and fulfilment. Many people have a hard time identifying their soulmates. They can be very different and can even seem very distant. Soulmates are often best friends and not romantic partners. They are the most likely to meet when you are yourself and true to yourself. Here are some ways to spot soulmates.

The most common way to recognise your soulmate is to look for the same qualities in them. They must have some similarities. For example, if you were born in different eras, you would be attracted to someone who has similar characteristics. If you were born on the same day as your soulmate, you would share the same basic DNA. In the same way, if you were born simultaneously, they would be your soulmate.

You’ll know a soulmate when you meet them. You’ll feel instantly connected to them. You’ll have a similar moral code and perspectives on life, and your chemistry with them is as if you’ve known each other your entire life. You’ll have an instant connection and feel like you’ve known each other for ages. Your soulmate is like a mirror for you and will have similar beliefs.

Soulmates can meet anywhere. They’ll find each other when their Destiny has led them there. Once you’ve met your soulmate, you’ll notice how your eyes finally open, as if your soulmates have been waiting for you. You’ll also experience profound feelings and profound thoughts. Whether you meet your soulmate in a new place or find your soulmate in another life, you’ll know that you have completed the journey with your soulmate.

You can recognise your soulmates when you see them for who they are. They’ll accept you for you, no matter how different they are from you. They’ll even recognise you when you make eye contact from across the room. When you feel their energy, you’ve found your soulmate. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss it! And make sure you’re being true to yourself.

Wrapping it Up

There are many indications that you are an “old soul.” If you find yourself drifting away from your daily life, you may be experiencing a deep emptiness. You may also feel deeply connected to others and have a higher sense of emotional awareness. Often, they find themselves seeking love, enlightenment, and peace. If you’re one of these people, you probably feel that there’s much to be learned from their perspective.

If you have experienced a past life, you probably have leftover goals, draws, and purposes. These characteristics are common in old souls. If you’ve experienced all these things, you may be an “old soul.” However, if you haven’t, don’t worry! Old souls are not necessarily lost and can live a fuller life. If you’re experiencing any of these signs in yourself, you can use these traits to live a fulfilling and more prosperous life.

An old soul can have a hard time fitting in with the rest of us. They often think of themselves as “unsocial,” despite their apparent lack of friends. But they usually have a critical mission to fulfil on Earth, and they don’t care about the opinions of others. Old souls enjoy spending time in nature, and they like to disconnect from the world and rejuvenate their energy in the process. You may have noticed that these people don’t seem like you, but they’re just the opposite!

You may also feel drawn to old things. For example, if you are an “old soul,” you might enjoy 1920s jazz, 1950s clothing, or an 18th-century buggy. You may be able to discern great friends in a crowd. Old souls also tend to think more than the average person. They may not be socially comfortable with their peers and may have suffered teasing and social awkwardness.

There are many signs that you are an old soul. For example, you might be sensitive to flowers, strangers, or plants. You might even cry whenever you hear the news or see a sad story. As an old soul, you understand people and have a high sense of self-awareness. Ultimately, you are a creator of your reality, and you want to make the world a better place.

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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Which planet represents the subconscious mind according to astrology, and why?

Which planet represents the subconscious mind according to astrology, and why?

PLANET MERCURYThe planet that represents the subconscious mind according to Astrology is Mercury. This decision was made early in history because of the symbolism found in Mercury’s mythology. For instance, Hermes, the god Mercury, patrols between heaven and earth, delivering messages between humans and deities. It only makes sense that this planet would be associated with our deeply rooted thoughts which are often difficult to access or change.

While many people have different ideas about what astrology is, at its core, it involves drawing from celestial events to learn more about ourselves and our place in the world. Understanding why Mercury is linked to the subconscious mind may help to know a bit about astrology’s history.

Astrology has been around since the beginning of man to understand our environment and its impact on each other. In fact, some anthropologists date its existence back to 30,000 BCE! This means that we’ve had millennia upon millennia for it to develop into what we know today. However, this makes pinning down exactly how far back astrology goes difficult because, much like language and culture itself, it evolved with the addition of new information.

Astrology has always been intertwined with other spiritual practices such as alchemy, numerology, and tarot readings. In fact, there are numerous examples of these practices being used together, including the use of astrology to determine when a person would have been buried to reanimate them for a tarot reading! We can see how important it is by looking at the development of this practice throughout history.

How can you use this information to understand yourself and your life path better?

Understanding how to work with your subconscious mind is a powerful tool and something well worth exploring if you feel like you’ve hit a wall in life. It can be challenging to decipher what our inner voice might be saying, but we all know it comes up with the most random thoughts at the weirdest times. For example, consider this: you’re driving down the street and thinking about what you want for lunch. At that moment, off to your left, just out of sight, someone gets injured in a car accident! Maybe this was just bad timing or your unconscious reminding you that there’s more going on in life than just what’s going on in your own head. How could you have prevented being so distracted from the world around you? By becoming more aware of how our subconscious works, we can achieve more excellent balance in life.

One way to work with the subconscious mind is Astro-emotional alchemy which combines astrology with emotional awareness. A practitioner of this type of medicine would work with both the conscious and subconscious to see what needs to change to live a happier, healthier life. For example, if the planet Saturn rules you, some feelings or behaviours may need to be dealt with before you can move forward in your life. In ancient times, the only way for us to look into our lives in such a profound way was through these practices.

One final thing we should mention is that each person has a different level of intuition. While it’s entirely normal for people’s abilities to differ, learning how you can tap into your inner voice will help you understand yourself more. For example, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current situation in life, astrology can help you understand why or what needs to change. Plus, it’s always good for you to take some time to slow down and get in touch with your inner voice rather than pushing away these feelings of distress, which can lead to anxiety or other forms of mental illness. 

Are there any other planets that represent different aspects of the subconscious mind, and if so, what are they?

PLANET NEPTUNEYes! Although it’s not as common, planets like the Moon and Neptune are representative of the subconscious mind. The planet Neptune is exciting because its purpose was unknown for a long time. Astronomers found that it didn’t revolve around the sun like other planets do, which led them to believe that there must be something different about it! It wasn’t until they discovered Uranus’ moon Trinculo, that people realised another planet influenced Neptune’s orbit. This information helped open up new possibilities for understanding how our minds work!

For many people, Saturn tends to represent structure which can be helpful in some cases, but not always. For example, someone with ADHD may feel like they need that structure to function correctly. Others may find that this rigidness gets in the way of creative impulses! If you’re someone who Neptune rules, on the other hand , it might be easier for you to let go of these structured behaviours and live a more carefree life! One helpful way to look at this is to think of your conscious self as being ruled by Saturn while Neptune rules your subconscious mind.

How can astrology help us understand ourselves better?

As we mentioned earlier, each person is different, so there isn’t one specific way of understanding yourself. Instead, think about what makes sense to you personally. For example, do you identify closely with your zodiac sign? Do you only want to know how the planets relate to your personality ?”

What are some tips for working with the subconscious mind to achieve your goals and live a happier life?

First things first, you should always talk to a trusted friend or family member about what’s going on in your life. You never know when you might need someone else’s help, so it’s always good to have an emotional support system! In addition to this, it can be helpful to journal as another way of processing those deep emotions. This will allow you to go back and look at what was happening before, which may give you clues as to why certain things happened. After that, it may be a good idea for you to start looking into Astro-emotional alchemy to work with yourself further! This is a great way to tap into your subconscious mind to make stronger, healthier connections with yourself and your environment.

"Can you change or control the planets in astrology, or do our birth charts predetermine them?"

The planets do not influence us because of where we were born in this universe. Instead, they represent different parts of ourselves that then control us! It’s beneficial for everyone to take some time to work with their Astro-emotional alchemist system so that you can better understand how these energies relate to you. It’ll help you gain greater insight into who you are, which is never a bad thing! Feel free to check out Astrostyle if you’d like to learn more about astrology.

Of course, it’s up to you whether or not the planets influence your life, and you should never forget that everyone is different! With this in mind, we hope that these tips for working with the subconscious mind will set some people on a path towards more excellent health and happiness!

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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What is the effect of Mars in the 7th house in a female horoscope?

What is the effect of Mars in the 7th house in a female horoscope?

In a woman’s horoscope, Mars in the 7th house shows the influence of other people on her relationships. With Mars on the 7th, you are likely to be independent and possessive. Issues may arise because of your need for freedom – often, you will want it your way.

You can stand up for yourself (at least verbally) when needed; however, you tend to act out with anger or frustration rather than calmly talk about what is bothering you. You are not afraid of confrontation if it means getting your point across. Some would say there is a streak of stubbornness in your personality, but this is probably due to past events (or the perception thereof). As an adult, though, you have learned how to channel these emotions into something more productive. You may even excel at sports or activities that require aggression or direct action towards a goal. As an example, take Venus in Aries.

How will this placement affect your relationships?

A woman with Mars in the 7th house has a lot of energy and zest for life. She is an active partner in relationships and tends to take the lead, initiating projects and activities together as a team. However, she can be dominating about these pursuits and expect others to follow along without question – sometimes even forcing them into situations they wouldn’t choose if given a choice. In personal or professional partnerships, this may create obstacles or

difficulties where none existed before. It indeed calls for awareness of the motivations of others around you so that any conflicts can be avoided from the start.

There is also some possessiveness in the Mars-in-7th woman that can interfere with harmony. You do not like to share your time or yourself with others unless you are given priority. If there is any room for doubt about this, it will be an issue. Your partner needs to feel special and appreciated – otherwise, they will look elsewhere for what is missing at home. This placement does not mean an open relationship. Still, if others come along who seem intriguing or exciting by comparison, you may experience some temptation yourself (as well as jealousy if they act on it). When love interests appear on the scene, there can be competition issues rather than cooperation. An initial attraction may lead to physical intimacy quickly without much emotional intimacy in between.

What should you watch out for?

Mars in the 7th tends to take over in relationships and often disappears when a problem arises. If you do not take an active role in the relationship, your partner will tend to lead without your input. This means they may make decisions that affect you or lead down paths that aren’t compatible. What’s best for both of you is something to be aware of when Mars is in the 7th house since it can take an influential person to stand up to your domineering energy. We all need some time alone and unencumbered, but if these times become more frequent than they should, it may indicate that you don’t put enough effort into the relationship as a whole. In this case, your partner will feel neglected and may not hope for more from you.

If your partner is at odds with others or resists involvement somehow, they may need to be reminded of what can happen if their desires do not align with the tribe’s expectations. If too many opposing forces come into play, this could create a lot of stress and unhappiness all around – especially if there is no compromise possible.

The 7th house rules marriage, so it can also show how we relate to our spouse or significant other. It describes the kind of person you marry and the level of commitment involved. Compare Venus in Aries & Mars in Aries – these two would make a great team and bring out the best in each other. However, Venus in Taurus & Mars in Aries may be very volatile together since both partners are stubborn with their own needs, which could cause problems with getting along. Analyzing your primary relationship (or even trying to find one) can help you understand how you might act in future relationships – especially when it comes to marriage.

What are some possible outcomes?

Mars is the planet of action, so there is a lot of initiative taken here. You will always have a project going that requires or allows for a lot of activity on your part. If this energy is misdirected, it can lead to trouble down the road. Instead of looking at others as objects or obstacles in your path, you should see them as opportunities to learn more about yourself. Only when you know yourself can you begin to understand others and what makes them tick. You will benefit by taking the long-term view of things instead of rushing in for quick gratification.

Working with others is an essential skill that can help avoid conflicts that might arise otherwise. If there are planets in Libra or Aquarius in your chart, you may find it easier to cooperate with others than if they were not present. However, this placement shows that talking out the problem is not the best course of action – although sharing information freely about your plans is undoubtedly possible since action speaks louder than words! There could be a tendency towards rash actions or thoughtless words that can damage a relationship before it’s even had a chance to get started.

When in love, the male side of this energy is very persistent and rarely takes no for an answer – which can be annoying if you’re just not feeling it! The female side of Mars in the 7th house has difficulty being honest about her feelings or letting go once she’s attached herself to a lover. If there are planets in Libra in your chart, you could better know when enough is enough and when to step back from something that isn’t working out for either party involved.

If any planet is located between 17-24 degrees of Aries, they will definitely bring lots of spark into your life but may also cause problems with someone else. If there are no other planets in that range, this placement alone could be challenging. The energy is intense, and the need for freedom can feel suffocating to others who are not used to dealing with it regularly.

If you have planets between 6-12 degrees of Aries, the only problem will arise when another planet or angle activates them. This energy is very impulsive so try to find ways to release some of this energy through exercise, walking in nature, or writing in a journal – anything that will help burn off some steam without causing damage to yourself or anyone else! At that time, you may start acting impulsively without thinking about the consequences.

How can you make the most of this placement?

To make the most of this placement, both partners should try and communicate as soon as a problem arises. If you’re the one with Mars in the 7th house, you could be so afraid that your lover will leave you that every minor disagreement feels like the end. You may even think you have a better chance of winning if they don’t know what’s bothering you since they might not fight back. This kind of passive-aggressive behaviour will wear a person down over time until it comes crashing down on your head! Even if your lover doesn’t know how to fix things, at least acknowledge their concerns or fears instead of ignoring them completely.

For those looking for someone special, remember that no matter how many people you meet, there is probably one person out there who will suit you better than all the others. This placement shows that it’s best to stay positive and keep meeting new people instead of getting discouraged or waiting around for something that may never come your way. Everything happens in its own time so stick with the process!

Suppose both partners can communicate their needs openly and honestly. In that case, they stand a much greater chance of finding happiness together because each person has enough tools at their disposal (yourself included) to make any relationship work! Once you find someone who can match your intensity, your mind will come up with ideas about what you’re going to do with all that extra time you have on your hands now that you don’t have to spend chasing after the other! It takes two hands to clap – why should this energy be any different?


About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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How Can I Make Saturn Strong In My Astrology?

How Can I Make Saturn Strong In My Astrology?

Saturn is the planet of karma and the past. To make Saturn strong in your astrology there are certain rules of life which we must follow. Saturn relates to issues such as structure, order, discipline. It influences what is often difficult but necessary for us to face, like challenges, a responsibility that we must take upon ourselves, testing times when we have to put maximum effort into something. If Saturn is well-aspected in a horoscope, it brings success and happiness through hard work and dedication.

In ancient times, Saturn was identified with the god Chronus – the Roman god of time – who devoured his children because he thought they would overthrow him. The Romans saw this as a symbol of how strict their society was – all new generations had to be cut down so that the fittest survived – so Saturn became a symbol of limitations, restrictions, and death.

Saturn is associated with things that are often outside our comfort zone, including hard work, discipline, time management. If Saturn influences your life, it means you have to step up to the plate and take responsibility for something that lies within your control or influence even though you don’t want to or might find it difficult.

Saturn is also where we build our stamina because he represents how long we can endure something before giving up – this could be physical endurance as much as mental endurance. We need Saturn to know how far to push ourselves before stopping from exhaustion. Saturn teaches us about our boundaries because these are the limits beyond which he cannot go himself.

Saturn often grants us opportunities to show our emotional toughness, the planet of tough love. If you want to know how strong you are emotionally, look at your Saturn aspects in your chart to find out what situations have faced in life and what kinds of things push the boundaries of your patience.

Saturn also relates to fears that keep us from getting what we want or need because they keep us locked into old patterns or behaviours. These include the fear of failure, which limits our growth. This fear of not being able to cope makes everything seem too hard. Fear of success leads us down a path with no time for enjoyment.

The fear of taking responsibility for something it’s easier just to let someone else deal with; the fear of change that stops us from growing and moving forward; and even the fear of intimacy. Saturn is our fear because we don’t want to face them, but they’re always outside our comfort zone if we find them uncomfortable. That’s Saturn.

All these issues and areas where Saturn is at work in your life, whether you like it or not, can be overcome by using knowledge as a tool for self-empowerment. Knowledge gives us awareness which gives us a choice – knowing why something makes us feel bad or how it undercuts our sense of well-being allows us to make different choices instead.

10 Ways To Make Saturn Strong In My Astrology:

1: Meet a good astrologer

Meeting a good astrologer can give you a strong Saturn. The astrologer’s understanding can help you learn how to use the wisdom of Saturn in a way that benefits you and allows you to grow as a person.

2: Gain knowledge of Saturn

Gain knowledge by researching his attributes, where he represents restrictions and limitations, etc. You will start to understand why some things might be challenging or challenging for you as an individual, as these are the boundaries that Saturn has set up as obstacles for those who want to cross them. Allow yourself to the challenge of these limitations.

3: Increase Saturn power

The best way to increase Saturn power is through gaining knowledge about the planet- not only astrology knowledge but also worldly wisdom. The more you read, learn and understand, the more you’ll increase his power. This could include exploring the sciences or philosophy, reading books about your specific interests, learning new skills. The idea behind increasing Saturn’s power is that he’ll have less hold on you as a ruler if you educate yourself. This is not about denying your feelings but healthily dealing with them.

4: Use Saturn energy to change yourself for the better

The critical thing here is that it doesn’t matter what you do, where you start, or how long it takes – it’s about setting yourself goals, making plans, and seeing them through. This means being self-disciplined enough to practice every day even if you don’t feel like it; getting up early instead of sleeping in; taking care of business on time rather than putting things off; not wasting time when you could be learning something new; etc. Saturn teaches us how far we can push ourselves before giving in. You’ll know when you’ve reached this point because the consequence will be frustration and anger at yourself.

5: Be aware of Saturn’s effects on you

Saturn is a teacher, and as such, he will test you to see how willing you are to accept his lessons. Many people resist Saturn- they don’t like feeling inadequate or uncomfortable. They ignore this planet, which only makes things worse. Slowing down, taking responsibility for your actions and learning from them is one of the essential keys.

Also, being less materialistic is a harsh lesson, but if we embrace it, we’ll grow as individuals. We can’t always control what happens to us or around us, but we can take steps to deal with whatever life throws our way, whether it be Saturn himself or something else entirely. The more we push against this part of ourselves that wants to give in, the stronger we get.

6: Read about Saturn power and its rulership

What is it about Saturn that doesn’t sit well with you? Is it related to restriction and limitation? Slowing down? Denying yourself pleasure or giving something up to be more responsible? We’ll be better equipped when the planet starts acting up if we can understand what’s going on.

7: Stop resisting Saturn’s lessons

Nonresistance is the most important of the seven points. It’s similar to #6- if we can understand why we’re resisting specific life lessons, it becomes easier to change them around. The critical thing here is that Saturn will wait for you to get serious about your growth before he starts pushing things forward in your life. Don’t be surprised when nothing improves if you keep ignoring what he says! Remember, Saturn rules time, which means you only have so much of it, so make sure you spend it wisely.

8: Connect with others who are interested in Saturn

When people start learning more about Saturn, they’ll often find themselves drawn towards like-minded souls who also value his wisdom and power. This could mean joining a group of others who use Saturn’s energy to gain power over their lives, attending lectures or workshops on the planet, visiting forums where people discuss Saturn-related issues, etc. The more you can connect with others who understand what you’re going through, the easier it becomes to deal with relationships generally.

9: Remember that happiness comes from within

Your mental attitude makes all the difference in how easy or difficult your Saturn lessons are. If you find yourself letting the planet get to you, then remind yourself that this is a necessary part of life and that everything will be okay if you hang in there long enough! This doesn’t mean ignoring your feelings but respecting them rather than acting on them instantly, which often leads to regret.

10: Deal with the consequences of your actions

Saturn is not always nice about it, but in the end, he usually makes things turn out okay in some way, shape, or form. The trick is to deal with whatever happens in the best way possible rather than getting angry or upset because you didn’t get what you wanted immediately. That’s how life works sometimes- if we want something done right, we have to do it ourselves!


Saturn is a harsh planet, but it also provides us with tremendous opportunities for growth. If we give in to him, we’ll only set ourselves up for failure later on, so it’s essential to deal with his lessons responsibly and appropriately if we want life to improve. Saturn can be your best friend when you get things right or, it can be your worst nightmare when you continue to get it wrong! The choice is yours- what do you say?


About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

📧  He can be contacted on [email protected]

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