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Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for Success

Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for Success

Ways of effectively planning for success

“Super successful people are of the opinion that success is subject to universal laws. Planning and correct execution of those plans is the cornerstone of success.”

What are those laws of success? How can astrology and studying your horoscope help you to achieve your ambitions? Often your plans, resolutions and initiatives fall by the wayside within a few weeks of inception. You’re back to the same old grind, not really achieving anything significant. Consequently, you’re left feeling a little embarrassed, possibly even ashamed. That’s especially so when you see others sticking to their resolutions.

So what’s the secret? Is there even a secret? Why are some people destined for greatness, success and great wealth? The majority seem to be treading water on a daily basis and getting nowhere? What are some techniques that can help you to step up into a new lifestyle and find real success? Astrology has some answers for you.

Looking at your Horoscope for success

career and financeA careful study of your horoscope indicates the lines of least resistance to achieving success. There are several areas in your horoscope which will help you determine such things. The type of career path you are best suited to is easily seen from your birth chart. What you are destined to be is found according to your astrological signature and temperament.

What type of money can I earn?

Will I be rich or remain a salary earner?

Am I suited to business partnerships or entrepreneurial activities?

Does my horoscope show that I will earn great profits from any sort of business venture?

These are the sorts of questions that astrology can answer. But the other question is: If my horoscope shows that I’m fated to have success and loads of money what’s the point of even trying? You’ll be forced by your nature to make efforts, in spite of yourself. You may as well analyze your horoscope to see how to best use the talents you’re naturally endowed with. 

Cycles of the Planets

While most of us are quite familiar with the everyday solar and lunar cycles, we’re generally unaware of the other planetary cycles which determine events in different phases of life. These cycles show the highs and lows in our lives. The Sun determines seasonal changes.


Sun Cycles

Your waking, sleeping hours and timetables are symbolized by the watch you wear. Clocks simply reflect the daily movement of the earth on its own axis. The yearly calendar, of course, represents the solar cycle of 366 days and the movement of the earth around the Sun.


Mercury and Venus Cycles

The movements of Mercury and Venus are fast as they’re never very far from the Sun. They have varying time intervals, more or less similar to that of the Sun. Mercury determines phases in our communication and intellectual capacity. Venus says more about the cycles of your relationships. Both these planets must be looked at to plan your best times for negotiations and business meetings. 


Mars Cycle

marsMars is the primal planet. It represents your basic drives. It takes just under two years to complete its cycle around the Sun. The return of this planet to its fundamental position in your horoscope, that is where it was that birth, shows a whole new lift in the physical drive, energy, vitality and a determined effort to recommence your wotk with renewed efforts.


Jupiter Cycle

Jupiter, the first outer planet after Mars takes about twelve years to travel around the Sun and return to its birth position in your horoscope. This means it spends around one year in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac completing one circuit. With Jupiter, we see fractions of that twelve-year cycle, as with the other planets, indicating stresses and /or easy points in life’s journey.

When Jupiter returns to its base position it indicates a fruitful period of expansion, spiritual awareness and the ability to achieve success. Opportunities usually present themselves at this time. The positive aspects of Jupiter to key planets also indicate times of success and good fortune.

Saturn Cycle

Saturn, the principle of limitation and time, as well as suffering, takes between 28 and 30 years to travel around the Sun. Many of you have heard of the term Saturn’s Return. This planetary cycle clearly shows when it’s going to cause problems and challenges. If for example, Saturn is transiting the second house from the ascendant or Moon financial difficulties are be expected.

Separation from family and greater difficulty in communicating and earning is noted. If however, Jupiter, happens to be transiting your second house at the same time this will turn out to be a period of expansion.  Expect an increase in income and success. 

Some systems of Eastern astrology say the second house is also linked to your family. It will, therefore, signify the birth of children and improvements within the family circle. There will be good news such as engagements or marriage.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Nodal Cycles

The trans-personal planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, along with the North and South Node are usually used to determine generational influences. They also indicate important transits and events in your horoscope. Your personal calendar using these longer-range cycles indicates significant milestones in life. Note them and keep a record for yourself.


Take the half cycle of Uranus. The half-cycle is 42 years and usually coincides with what most of us call a midlife crisis. Unless these planets are closely linked to personal points in your horoscope you won’t easily recognize the impact on your life. Needless to say, these planets do have a subtle but also very profound influence.

026-plutoYou should incorporate these cycles into your calendar and life planning. Generally, however, the outer planets like Neptune and Pluto take hundreds of years to complete one cycle. For this reason, they’re used to study the development of humanity as a whole rather than individuals.

Other Systems of Astrological Forecasting

In astrology, there are many systems of forecasting. Both Western and Eastern systems have their own unique wisdom to impart. Astrologers take the transits of the planets in terms of their influence on the natal positions of the planets.

They also look at the relationship of planets to other transiting planets. This is very effective and offers accurate timing of when events are likely to occur. It helps you pinpoint those ‘success crescendos’. You can also see when you’re likely to find yourself in a lull.

There are also primary and secondary progressions which are regarded as symbolic methods of forecasting. Divisions of the year such as the movement of the Sun in its solar arc of 1° are used to indicate one year of life. There are other measures which many astrologers have experimented with.

Vedic Astrology Cycles

In the Hindu system of astrology the calendar and forecasting method is based on the lunar position. This relates to the 27 stars and which one the Moon is located in at birth. By finding the ruling planet of the Star, the sequence of planets is allotted different intervals of rulership.

The Sun is given six years, the Moon ten years, Mars seven years, Mercury seventeen years, Jupiter sixteen years, Venus twenty years and Saturn nineteen years. Within these intervals, each planet is further allotted a sub-period, sub-sub period etc. This can be divided down to the interval of a breath. This is called prana dasha. For practical purposes, it’s highly unlikely you’d need to divide time to those very minute intervals.

In Vedic astrology, the transit of Saturn is extremely important. Its transit from the lunar position of the birth chart is given great consideration. The 7 ½ year cycle is called Sadesati. This includes the transit of Saturn through your 12th lunar house, your lunar house and 2nd house from the Moon. This is considered a very challenging cycle. It’s dependent on many other factors in your horoscope.

Studying Success from your Horoscope Makes Good Sense

Indeed, having your horoscope cast and studying the transits and planetary cycles is a great tool to determine success. If you want to gain an insight into what likely trends are occurring look at your horoscope. Understanding what’s going to happen in future makes good sense. It can help you effectively plan your life for success and any ups or downs.

Plan Strategy Target Aim Success Concept

Knowing when times will be lean affords you the opportunity to buffer and prepare for periods of adversity.

Life is always a series of highs and lows, wins and losses, ups and downs. It’s cyclic and everyone knows that. Any intelligent person, irrespective of their station in life understands this through personal experience. It’s extremely useful to incorporate this understanding into your life and work schedule.

Professionally, it’s useful to understand the high and low cycles. Knowing this, if you’re in a lazy cycle, take your holidays when you’re least efficient. If you’re at your peak and most productive, why would you take holidays? This can be applied to relationships as well.

Success isn’t only related to work and money. You want to be successful and happy in your love life to right? So many people work hard to find a soulmate without an understanding of the current or upcoming cycles.

Saturn in an adverse position to Venus trashes love. Knowing this why wouldn’t you redirect your energies into more constructive activities. Waiting for positive planetary love aspects improves relationships.

Resisting these cycles only produces more pain. An understanding of them creates a greater sense of freedom and autonomy. Some say that you’re in the grip of these planets and they have control over what’s happening.  Understanding your planetary transits and cycles gives you the ability to flow more freely with the passage of time. You’ll enjoy life to the fullest planning effectively for less favourable cycles.


About the Author: Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth- Astrologer

Dadhichi is the founder and principal astrologer at astrology.com.au.

Contact Dadhichi you’d like some direct guidance on this topic.

He can be contacted here: 📧 [email protected]



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Solar Eclipse in Cancer June 21, 2020: Feelings on the Boil

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

NEW Beginning, NEW Feelings, NEW INTERACTIONS BEGIN on June 21 WITH THE STUNNING New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Cancer


How coincidental that many are referring to the current social circumstances as the ‘new normal’. The ‘new normal’ and this solar eclipse coincide. Many people are so frustrated with feelings now reaching boiling point. How we feel and interact with each other is certainly changing now. With Mars and Neptune involved it’s not necessarily for the better.

If you’re looking at these transits purely from the material perspective you’ll miss the deeper point and lesson of the eclipse. What this solar eclipse is telling you is that the way you express your feelings sets the trend for how you will be treated. Karma is a critical aspect of any eclipse as the eclipses always take place on the karmic/nodal axis.

Whenever an eclipse takes place awareness and a new level of perception are needed. Cultivating a harmonious state of understanding in your discussions, activities and relationships spiritualizes those things. Once this happens there’s no concern whether your views or someone else’s are the same or different.

Respect becomes the communication bridge.

This eclipse points to it being one of insightful perception. Cancer being a water sign is extremely intuitive. It’s also a sign of nurturing and transforming yourself. This is primarily done through caring for others. It has to do with new ways of expressing your love and of relating better to others through that love. Remember, love is a verb! The solar eclipse in Cancer signals a new me and a new you!


There are challenging aspects of Mars and Neptune during this eclipse. The changes we wish to make in ourselves shouldn’t be foisted on others. There’s an aggressive component to the Mars energy. Feelings boil over. The fact that Mars has recently passed over Neptune shows its impotence. Neptune is dreamy, otherworldly whereas Mars is an action planet, impulsive. It wants things, and it wants them now!


Given the Mars-Neptune connection, perhaps the more appropriate word should be ‘collision’. A challenging aspect from these two planets to eclipses is never desirable. It represents an intensification of ideals versus ideals. It shows the division between blue and red, left and right, black and white and so on. You might call this a ‘binary eclipse’.


This also describes the social unrest we’ve seen in the United States and other Western countries recently. In the political or mundane/social and cultural world, Mars and Moon’s contact relate to the anger of the masses. The feeling planet being aggravated by Mars shows that reason may be conspicuously absent.


Cancer is a movable sign. The solar eclipse here offers a way out by inviting you to embrace the notion of stabilising emotions rather than expressing them irrationally. Greater tolerance and understanding of others irrespective of their colour or creed underpins the energy. It demands a change of outlook. There’s no necessity to accept or reject any person. Use what life is throwing at you intuitively as a stepping stone to the higher gateways of inner development, peace and unity.


Maintaining presence of mind develops deeper insight into the fluctuating karmic patterns of life.


It endows you with the ability to stabilize your awareness in the midst of changing life conditions, even catastrophic ones such as we’ve been experiencing.

Astrologer’s Overview

Some fascinating facts about the June 21, 2020 Solar Eclipse

June 21 2020 Solar Eclipse

This solar eclipse takes place in a Cardinal sign and therefore all the Cardinal signs will feel its impact very strongly. The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. As Jupiter and Pluto are also currently retrograde in the movable sign of Capricorn immense energies are building to a crescendo. Mercury, Venus and Saturn also are dancing to the retrograde tune.

The hard aspect of Mars to this eclipse can be explosive. It’s during this cycle that self-containment and presence of mind are absolutely necessary.

Taking full control of yourself helps avert disputes and breakups which will be caused by impulsive words, choices and behaviour. The same applies to politicians. They must also exercise greater control during and after the eclipse.

What happens for the rest of 2020 and beyond, rests upon many astrological factors. This eclipse and where it stands in your horoscope can be very revealing for the current and general trends of the year. If it affects your rising or Sun sign you’ll feel the effects upon your physical self, your appearance and ways in which you can become more popular. For the Cardinal signs mentioned above, this will be the case. If it occurs in the seventh house it relates to business partnerships, marital status and changes in your most significant relationships and so on and so forth.

Did you know?

Solar eclipses are seen to have an impact, particularly on the head of state of those countries, the governments, ministers; also top personalities and celebrities. The influence of an eclipse may not be felt immediately, however, if a solar eclipse, the ramifications can last for as many years as is equivalent to the hours of the duration of the eclipse.

The actual effect of the eclipse is best studied from subsequent lunations and transits of the faster moving inner planets to sensitive points. These are determined through the horoscope drawn for the precise time of the eclipse.

Early founding astrologers made the following observations in terms of when those events can be expected:

  • Eclipses falling near the eastern horizon manifest within 4 months
  • Eclipses falling at the Midheaven or apex of the horoscope ie directly above the locality should give their affects between six and eight months after the eclipse and
  • If the eclipse happens to fall near the western horizon the effects will not be felt until from anywhere between 8 to 12 months after the eclipse.
  • This eclipse falls on the date of the solar ingress into Cancer. The ingress is of the four cardinal sign transits which represent the seasons of the year.
  • The eclipse falls very near the polestar which is around 28° of Gemini. The Chinese considered this specific Star to be ‘the great honourable Lord of the heavens ‘. It’s fascinating that just as the Chinese nation is making its move to dominate the world, this important eclipse should be taking place. The star is said to give spiritual powers to the bearer who will be highly respected.

It’s not an easy thing to determine the eclipse effects because for too long astrologers have generalised that an eclipse is a foreboding omen without taking into consideration the aspects, fixed stars and other celestial factors that modulate the energies and frequencies of an eclipse.

More research is necessary to study the very influences of the eclipses but one thing is for certain-historically at least it seems that these solar eclipses do tend to have an impact not only on the general public but on individuals as well.

Remedial Hints for the Solar Eclipse in Cancer for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Did you know that there are remedial measures in astrology and that they can be used to neutralize the influence of negative planetary forces on you? This isn’t for everyone but for those of you interested enough to learn these mysteries handed down to me by my mentors – let me introduce you to some Tantric hints.

ancient tradition of understanding how to work in harmony with the forces of nature and destiny. Turn this phase of stagnation or “bad luck” into good fortune. The eclipse is a perfect time to channel lucky energies to improve your life.

Observe regular fasting on the day of your choice. Depending on which day you choose, the planet ruling that day will be brought under your submission.

  • SUNDAY is ruled by the Sun  ☀ and helps remove disease, improve health and vitality and gives long life.
  • MONDAY is ruled by the Moon 🌙 and fasting on this day will bring your emotions and domestic situations under control.
  • TUESDAY is ruled by Mars ♂ and gives you strength, courage and the ability to win over adversaries.
  • WEDNESDAY is ruled by Mercury ☿ and is an excellent day to improve your intellect, study habits and strengthen your nervous system.
  • THURSDAY is ruled by Jupiter ♃ with fasting on this day uplifting your spiritual vision, giving you deeper insight into yourself. It is generally a luck amplifier.
  • FRIDAY is ruled by Venus ♀ and bringing this planet under control through fasting promises happiness and satisfaction in love and social activities.
  • SATURDAY is ruled by Saturn ♄ and fasting on this day enhances your professional opportunities and skills.

This exercise is one of the keys to turning your luck around, especially around eclipse time.

How this eclipse will affect you and the world?

This solar eclipse will affect your Zodiac star sign in a unique way. This eclipse takes place and is visible across the Asian region. The penumbral shadow gives you a preview of which countries are likely to start feeling the impact of an eclipse. Even now we see the tension is mounting on the India-China border. The eclipse will cut across the Asian region and what impact this area over the coming months and years. Here are some of the other countries that may be affected –

  • The Republic of China chart Pluto is at 27° Gemini 45 minutes. The North node will make a conjunction to this point shortly translating the light of the eclipse to it.
  • North Korea’s -Uranus
  • India independence chart-Mars
  • Midheaven of Kuwait
  • Ascendant of Nigeria
  • Mali Republic-Mars
  • United States chart-Venus
  • The penumbral shadow falls smack bang on Taipei

June 21 2020 Solar Eclipse Map

Mars and Neptune are in close square to this solar eclipse on June 21.

It’s going to bring feelings to the boil, individually and societally.

Now, check this out: The eclipse takes place in the upper part of the Republic of China Chart near the fixed star, The Pole Star. The Chinese had high regard for this star as “the great honourable Lord of the Heavens”.

This eclipse is also an unusual one and is referred to as a Ring of Fire Eclipse. This means that the Moon is at its apogee and a ring will appear around the Sun at the peak of the eclipse. That ring of fire also hints at the militant quality of the eclipse coupled with Mars, the planet of war.

It gives pursuit of aims, and with positive planets, discreetly so. This eclipse, however, casts a shadow of doubt on their integrity. That doubt is already in full swing. Is it a coincidence that China and North Korea, are both in battle mode on the Indian and South Korean borders respectively?

  • Is it a coincidence the eclipse shadow will cut right across Asia, visible in India, China, parts of Africa and Korea ( as well as Australia )?
  • Is it a coincidence the eclipse takes place in the zone of leadership in the China Republic declaration chart?

These sorts of eclipses herald the death or overthrow of leaders in the nations affected by the eclipse, especially if the penumbral shadow is visible in that country, which it will be.

The Sun is the King, so to speak. As such, this eclipse is ominous. Could there be an overthrow of incumbent power or reclamation of the Taipei leadership? Could there possibly be war as Mars as involved? 

On a personal note, this eclipse will affect all of us in different ways. Depending on your Zodiac star sign, the eclipse will take place in one or other of the houses of the Zodiac. There are 12 houses or sectors which make up to 360° circle of the Zodiac.

Take this opportunity to meditate and contemplate under the eclipse. The ancient astrologers believe that the power radiating from an eclipse accelerates your spiritual evolution if you tune with it.

In a nutshell, here are the spheres of life in which this Solar Eclipse all will impact each of the star signs. Further down take a look at the more detailed reading for how this eclipse will radically transform your life!

SNAPSHOT: 12 Zodiac Horoscope Forecast under the Solar Eclipse

Making changes at home are ideal now and this solar eclipse gives you the opportunity and support of family members who also want to help you improve your shared living space.

Exploring new means of communication, marketing and branding will help put you back on the map. If you’ve been out of circulation it’s time to re-emerge from your cocoon and spread your wings.

You have some brilliant insights into increasing cash flow, earning a better hourly rate and doing work that fits your creative urge. Job interviews swing your way.

You impress others now with a resolution to improve your presentation, self-esteem and persuasive skills. Others take notice of you under this solar eclipse so meetings and negotiations are positive.

You are reassessing your recent past and can see exactly how your decisions are impacting your current and future circumstances. Big changes are afoot and you are confident about the coming months.

A greater push to create a new circle of friends and worthwhile connections see you making efforts socially. New friends will be supportive as they will be on your wavelength.

The solar eclipse influences your work and brings with it fresh new opportunities. You’re able to use your influence to make changes in your professional environment.

New forms of learning intrigue you and this could involve a whole new level of understanding. Travelling is also on the cards and will bring you in touch with new cultures and interesting people.

Banking, finance and how you share your money with others will be a focus under this new Moon. Setting up a new bank account and investment portfolio is worthwhile.

Relationships and more importantly, intimate ones, will be subject to a whole new makeover. You are committed to improving your love life and feel much better emotionally.

Current work conditions give you a new lease of life in terms of creative input. You have more of a say in your role. Connecting with co-workers who have a similar goal enhances career.

Exploring romance, creativity and love life are the hallmarks of this solar eclipse for you. You are attractive to the opposite sex and want to make the most of any existing relationships you have.


More detailed reading for each of the 12-star signs and how the total solar eclipse in Cancer will affect you?

advanced divider


How will this eclipse affect you?

Your family affairs will be under the spotlight as this total solar eclipse radically alters everything in this Department of your life. This should be a transformative cycle as Mars also joins the eclipse and pushes you into balancing the needs of your relatives with your own personal wants and desires.

Educational pursuits will also come under closer scrutiny and if you’ve been studying something recently you may decide that this is not exactly for you. You want to resonate with what you are doing now and peace of mind will take on greater importance. You realize that life is so short and that there’s no use beating around the bush.

Some Rams have been stuck in a rut and want to do something meaningful in your life. This is an opportunity to seek out study courses or degrees which are going to help you earn more cash but to make you feel as if you now have some purposeful meaning in what you do.

The North node may also cast a shadow on some of your personal belongings such as house, car and other valuable items. You could be reevaluating what things really are of value in your life now.


How will this eclipse affect you?

How you communicate with people is vitally important in determining the success of your future and as this total solar eclipse takes place in your sphere of communications you’ll find your interest in this area keenly growing. You will start to connect the dots and understand how speech and language have an incredible influence on others.

You’ll want to study patterns of language, neurolinguistics, and the psychology of how you can better get on with others. Part of this investigation will trigger your interest in travel and if you’ve been leading a sedentary life for some time that’s all about to change.

Travel is not only physical but mental and in your case, you will find a common meeting point where the two converge. Getting out and about, meeting new people and particularly those who are of like mind and can exchange ideas will be spotlighted in the coming year or so. With Jupiter’s transit also expanding your intellectual horizons this is going to be extraordinarily powerful period and one in which you will learn many new lessons in life that you can apply practically.

Your relationship with siblings (if you have any) will also come to the fore and previous problems must now be addressed or it could be another 18 to 20 years before those issues are resolved.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Sometimes success is unconsciously feared so whatever has been holding you back from attaining your financial goals can be worked through over the next few months and beyond. Karmic forces will be unleashed during this solar eclipse. It brings your attention to issues of money, value and expanding those opportunities for you to do better and the live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

Now is the time to take hold of those dreams. Bring them down to practical reality and go for what it is that you want irrespective of what others think or feel. In other words, this is a time of courage. You’ve been slowly been building up these resources to make the necessary changes.

Family matters may be under a cloud for the time being as you work through what you need give those in your close-knit circle the sort of life they want. But fear may surround you as well and your courage is what’s going to carry you through. If you look back 18 to 20 years ago you will find similar circumstances and planetary influences were affecting you and in fact, this period now will be one in which you can resolve some of those previous karmic obstacles.

As this cycle progresses you will find yourself earning more money and this is because of your changing thought patterns. As long as you bring your focused will to bear on these desires you’ll be successful.


How will this eclipse affect you?

You want to stand out during and following this current important total solar eclipse which takes place in your Sun sign. This pattern of behaviour and your personality type is now changing. This, of course, requires adaptation by you and those you live and work with. Initially, you’ll test the water to see whether, for example a new hairstyle, garments or even your words have greater value. How will people react? Well, Cancer, you’ll never really know unless you try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This is most definitely a period of experimentation with your relationships (Uranus trines the eclipse) and more importantly how you view yourself. It is self-image that matters the most and how we project that onto the world. This is what happens when the eclipse and the karmic forces of nature bear upon your Sun sign.

Over the next few months, the North node will continue to transit your Sun sign of Gemini ( the preceding sign to yours ). This  results in many radical changes in your life and relationships as a result of carefully analysing your past actions will.

You will be keenly interested in stepping outside the norm of your relationships as well. Your tastes in terms of people will be shifting and you may even surprise yourself with your choice of partners and friends during this upcoming period.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Those things in life we fear are the things we must deal with and eradicate. Under this total solar eclipse, you’ll have to address some of those fears and incidences or circumstances that have weighed heavily upon you throughout your past life. Going back into history is sometimes painful and as the karmic forces of nature impact upon your 12th house of hidden secrets, spirituality and self-analysis, you’ll gradually work through this creating the momentum you need to have a life which is burden free.

Guilt and shame are two of the worst emotions we can feel and if you’ve been weighed down by these feelings over the years you’ll finally have a breakthrough. With the eclipse transiting this essential part of your horoscope you will be able to expand your insight and take to meditation and yoga and other self-analytical practices which will bring you to a point in your life where finally peace and satisfaction prevail. But you need to make the effort and put aside the time, and more importantly cast off your judgement and prejudice.

If you’ve had preconceived ideas about all this new age airy-fairy stuff you need to suspend your suspicion and see what happens if you do look deeply into yourself with a view to becoming a more integrated person. This seems to be the focal point of the next year or so. Charity and working with those less privileged may be keys to unraveling some of these inner mysteries.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Many of you born under the sign of Virgo will be experiencing a significant shift relating to friendships over the next few months and all due to this very powerful solar eclipse taking place in your 11th house of friendships and social activities. New acquaintances emerge in a whole new circle of influence can be expected.

You have to re-evaluate what defines a friendship and some of you will have found your long-held friendships dissolving before your very eyes. In some cases, you may not even have any idea why this is happening but you’re questioning the motives of anyone and everyone now, including your family.

This sounds like a period of mistrust, fear and dissatisfaction but believe me you can only clear the decks of useless individuals in your life by dealing with these issues fairly and squarely. You mustn’t allow others to take advantage of you and you will certainly be seen to be a little harder, more ruthless in your dealings with others generally, but this is going to spare you considerable suffering in the future.

Part of this process relates to your understanding that self-esteem and self-worth are determined by the type of people you allow into your life. You are making a statement now and will not accept anything less than what you believe you deserve. This is going to shake up your life somewhat and it could even shock those who are closest to you especially when they come under your scrutiny and they don’t live up to the new standards that you are setting for yourself.

With Mars also influencing the eclipse and being in your relationships zone this area of your life will be challenged. You’ll learn lots of economising with your feelings and words. This is a period where you’ll be more reactive and impulsive.


How will this eclipse affect you?

You have an extraordinary spiritual and material shift about to culminate with your relationship planet Mars influencing this important total solar eclipse. The eclipse takes place in your career sector, the most powerful 10th house of your horoscope. How you deal with these energies is up to you but with a little planning and diligent, hard work you’ll achieve something extraordinary over the coming months.

These karmic forces indicate that you’ve already worked consistently hard for some years now and have been waiting patiently for the results. Not that it’s the results you are focused on, but good work, expertise and a refining of your skills which will slowly result in a better reputation with additional income.

This 10th house of your horoscope has to do with the development of your ego. The Moon, the ruler of this house is an integral part of the eclipse. It indicates the importance of this event on your professional activities. New beginnings are seen resulting from a solar eclipse as this celestial event only takes place during the new Moon. It also refers to the development of your character. Having the influence of the shadowy karmic forces on you at this time shows you’ll become more serious about what you want in life.

Your enquiring nature is at the heart of your personality. Some idea may have to be mothballed for a while as you become more attentive to practical and material necessities. If brings your concentration to bear upon what has to be done. You’ll come out the other end with a completely new and improved lifestyle and persona.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This solar eclipse takes place in the Sun sign of Cancer in your ninth house with Mars squaring it. This challenges your beliefs. It brings with it the promise of your past karma with effort. The actions of your past will now meet the promise of your present and future life. Those fruits, depending on those actions, whether good or bad, will be reaped by you now.

You will take an interest in expanding your mind, taking on new forms of education and learning and this doesn’t necessarily mean a university or college degrees but a keen interest in topics which you feel a resonance with. So take this as a period of great learning and expansion.

Foreign affairs, travel and perhaps even moving offshore may be of importance to you at this time. This could be because of your desire to expand so much that you feel a little stifled by the same old environment and cultural interests you’ve had over the years. This may also have to do with Saturn which has been transiting your zone of self-fulfilment and personal happiness.

You are working at overcoming self-limitations. This eclipse is going to help lessen the resistance you’ve been feeling in your life. It’s only through rising above the concept of self-limitation that an expansion of self takes place. You’re passionate about this spiritual adventure and will do so with a sense of discovery and self-improvement.


How will this eclipse affect you?

A huge transformation is about to take place under this total solar eclipse which occurs in your eighth house of rebirth. With Jupiter also transiting your finance sector for the next few months this is going to be an extremely important period of development. Depending on how you handle the elimination of those things that are unnecessary in your life, your financial growth will more or less be accelerated.

This is also a period where you must learn to let go of those habits which are holding you back. Part of this transformative process is to release those habits. With most habits being ingrained, letting go of habit associations will be a big challenge for you. For example, if you’re having a difficult time, reaching for a cigarette or a drink may become a natural reaction and association. By cultivating a keener awareness of those behaviours you’ll break the back of them. You will move through lifeless burdened by these hindrances.

Sexuality is also under the influence of this sector. This powerful Cancer eclipse will bring with its acceleration and amplification of your sexual desires. If this has been a sore point for you, dealing with matters of intimacy it will almost certainly be high on your agenda.

The problem you may have is that you’ll be obstructed by some other person. This is the second half of this equation you must solve. They may not be ready for change, transformation and the necessary process of elimination that goes with growth. You are. This means you may be both out of step with each other. That requires a lot more emotional hard work on yours and their part.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Relationships are going to be of prime importance and the institution of marriage itself will come under the spotlight for those of you born under the sign of the goat. The karmic forces released under this total solar eclipse will force you to re-evaluate your view of this institution and whether or not it suits you-married or not. Those of you currently in relationships will be thinking about alternatives.

You’re trying to get your marriage or your long-term commitments more in line with who you are and what you want in life. For many years you’ve been adapting yourself to the accepted idea of ‘marriage and commitment’ which has been culturally foisted upon you. It’s a period of independent thought. You finally break free of your past and those pre-conditioned mental habits that have been superimposed on you by others.

With Uranus, transiting the fifth house as well, you have excellent opportunities for lifting the quality of your work in these coming months. Approaching work relationships with the spirit of free thought, enquiry and creativity will help solidify those relationships. This ensures your future will be built on a better foundation of collaboration. What you and your associates desire is being determined by this eclipse. Work on more innovative attitudes, that aren’t constrained by your past habits.

As the eclipse takes place in your seventh house it’s all about negotiation and dealing with what others also want. The coming months will almost certainly be a period of adaptation. With the correct perspective, expect a greater luck in your relationships. This comes by accepting that change is inevitable.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This eclipse will impact your working life and the way you manage your day-to-day activities. This is going to be particularly notable in terms of how you and your co-workers agree. Your desire will be to collaborate more easily with a view to increasing profits and further professional opportunities.

Health matters which have been swept under the rug will no longer be able to be ignored and so this is a wake-up call that you need to pay more attention to those things that are impacting you adversely and also can help you turn the corner in terms of your well-being.

You’ll be looking at changing your philosophy of work and although others may look down upon you for this you know in your heart of hearts that it’s time for a big change. Those who have been taking advantage of you will sense the change and may not like what they see because there’s nothing in it for them any longer.

Changes will also be noticed in your domestic environment. Family members have had some measure of emotional control over your feelings lessen their grip now. It’s time to celebrate by making those changes in your life. You know are going to create a difference.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This total solar eclipse will radically shift your awareness and how you think. It gives you a greater understanding of your love life and how to best communicate with your romantic partners. It focuses you on exactly what it is you want to make you happy.

You may have been stuck in a cycle where you’re the one doing all the giving with the other person expecting you to dance to their tune. This is going to stop shortly. You’ll feel empowered by your own self-determination. You’ll be laying down new rules of engagement and those who aren’t prepared to get with the program better get moving pretty quickly. Where is

If you’ve been a little apprehensive about taking risks in life now you’ll be thinking differently. You won’t want to miss vital opportunities that require you to dig deeper for that ‘gambling’ instinct. Something big may pay off. This may be related to love or it may affect you financially. You want some assurance that you can improve your finances. But gambling is never an assurance so tread carefully.

Children also take on greater importance in your life whether yours or not. If you don’t have kids, some of you at childbearing age will now be considering having them. You’ll also be looking at the ramifications on your lifestyle if you choose this path.

For others who are currently parents, there may be some challenges now as you try to reconnect or deal with issues that have been long-standing. In any case, you can cement your relationship and come out the other end with a better understanding of both ways.

About the Author: Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth- Astrologer

Dadhichi is the founder and principal astrologer at astrology.com.au.

Contact Dadhichi you’d like some direct guidance on this topic.

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About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and Coronavirus

Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and Coronavirus

Coronavirus: How your thoughts and feelings affect the environment

– Dadhichi Toth – Founder and CEO, astrology.com.au

I’m hearing so many interesting perspectives. There are convincing arguments on both sides of the coronavirus debate.  This article is about human Bio-magnetic pollution and coronavirus. Let’s take a look at Coronavirus: How your thoughts and feelings affect the environment.

Jupiter and Pluto continue to mingle their energies. We see issues of power coming to the fore. I don’t want to come across as taking sides, either for against.

My job as an astrologer is to  look as impartially as possible at what the planetary combinations indicate. There is a language in the planetary movements. If astrology is anything, it’s the language of life and how it plays out. This language describes the process of karma. It shows how, at any given moment the perfect Universal Law is being expressed. This happens through the planetary transits. Yes, even this tragic epidemic is part of that law.

The combined influence of Jupiter and Pluto is traditionally considered a power combo. Look at Jupiter’s debilitation. A planet’s debilitation disempowers it. It’s like a reverse tarot card. The inherent goodness of that power, its goodwill and generosity is inverted. Its proximity to Pluto inverts that power and it collapses in on itself. This no doubt  this has to do with governments what its perfect description is: plutocracy. I can’t say what form this will take, precisely. Astrologically this will play out at a government and societal level as well as a purely medical one. This is all about power its use and abuse and control.

Of course this corruption is always based on power and greed. No doubt it is also a race by scientists of different countries to secure the gold medal of the medical Olympics by finding that magic potion, THE vaccine. And given the number of vaccinations likely, it’s a massively big gold medal. It’s a lucrative market commercially. This is just one possible manifestation of the Jupiter and Pluto combination. Later I talk a little about bio-magnetic pollution. This is related to the personal manifestation of the Jupiter and Pluto energy. Don’t forget to read that, it’s the most important part of this article.

I’ve been through many winters. I’ve seen so many influenzas come and go. I remember getting very sick once after flying back from the US and couldn’t get out of bed for 5 days. Now, as far as this coronavirus is concerned, I don’t know if it’s natural or, as some are asserting, militarily manufactured, but I know this: in our nearby hospital here in the Philippines 23 doctors have dropped down dead. A total of over 250 health care workers are very ill. I also have some friends who’ve been very ill and one that almost died.

Social ramifications

corona virus stay safeSo, going back, I never recall 20 doctors dying in a two week period. It’s not a made up number. The families of those dead people are grieving. That’s never happened in my Life.

Remember the Spanish flu? Do you believe it happened? You know why 65 million died ( this is the estimated number but possibly as high as 100 million ) Because they didn’t implement the extreme social measures that are being enacted now.

Yes, these measures seem cruel. But…what’s the point of studying history, biology, virology, medicine, if we continue to ignore what history teaches us.

There are 12 million poor people in Manila and Quezon City who have no food right now. They are in lockdown like most of us only they don’t have any sort of medical or social safety net. They are on the breadline. They are starving. And right now they are starting to get angry.

The social consequences of this are like a pressure cooker. Both sides are vehemently arguing the case. One is saying we should allow people out so that they liberties aren’t infringed upon.

The others are saying we should be totally responsible and curtail some of the comforts of life for the good of the larger population. This really is a question of the better of two evils.

To those wanting all restrictions lifted, a reasonable question is: what’s the alternative plan? Let’s assume you are right and our liberties aren’t trampled and you are free to wander anywhere freely. How do you deal with this emergency?

The astrologer stands impartially in the middle like Spain during the First World War, which remained neutral. It copped a walloping like many ‘middle standers’ because it simply asked questions and was straight up and down in its approach. It was one of a few nations which spoke the truth through its media, unlike the warring countries whose media feared a backlash if the truth of the situation was known. Is that the case now? It’s a reasonable question.

The social consequences of this are like a pressure cooker. Both sides are vehemently arguing the case.

Mercury, Neptune and Deception in the Media

Mercury has just passed the deceptive conjunction of Neptune. That has taken place in the 11th house of Aquarius in the natural Zodiac. Aquarius stands for the group, is a human sign and representation of society as a unit.

There’s no doubt from this conjunction that communication which is ruled by the third house and Mercury and being in connection with the 12th house Pisces and its ruler Neptune, that misinformation is at tsunami size proportions. That information is coming at everyone from all angles.

Furthermore, the Sun which is the natural significator of governments and the ‘ruler‘ is also found to be in the 12th house.

Whatever numbers we’re seeing at the moment are more than likely a massive underestimation. Why do I say that? In many countries including the US, there’s no universal healthcare. It costs a lot of money to go to the doctor, have tests, see specialists and spend time in a hospital bed.

I see a lot of poverty where I am. If poor people here in the Third World country, aren’t feeling well but have a little money, it will primarily be spent feeding their three or four young fatherless children.

Rather than racing off to a hospital to spend that money on tests they’ll make do with the little they have. For that reason, there must be millions of impoverished people suffering from this virus. They haven’t yet been tested or acknowledged as having been infected. That’s alarming.

This is what I am seeing and this is what is terribly frightening in terms of the so-called numbers. I can’t even start to imagine how many sick people are lying in bed at home in say India. Have any of you seen the numbers?

Take a look at the live update for infections at https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?

  • America with a population of 320 million has 435,000 infections.
  • India on the other hand, with a population of 1.3 billion has…..get ready for it….5,546.
  • That’s almost 58,000 times the number of infections. In the USA, a first world country, with all of the most modern appliances, high-speed Internet, air-conditioning and best scientific and medical minds, that’s a very worrying number and disproportionate statistic.

I don’t claim to have any of the answers whatsoever. I’m just looking at the charts and also the statistics. That’s all I have to go by.

Locally, I see what’s happening and there’s obviously a problem. My posts are more along the lines of questioning rather than making statements. I believe it’s okay to say “I don’t know”. Apart from any news or information from outside ourselves, it’s not a bad idea to rely on a thing that has, for the most part, fallen by the wayside over the past few years – that is, Common Sense.

Apart from any news or information we are receiving outside ourselves, it’s a good idea to rely on a thing that has for the most part fallen by the wayside over the past few years and that is Common Sense.

Common sense tells you that these numbers just don’t add up. I’m not saying why they don’t add up. I’m just saying they don’t. Maybe later they’ll be revised.

Until you have more information on this it’s difficult to make an honest assessment. That’s makes it all the more difficult when no one knows whether the news, facts, statistics and other associated information with this or any other news we are receiving is factual or fabricated.

Human Biomagnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem

Your thinking and emotions affect your world. You wouldn’t throw your trash out the car window. Don’t throw your emotions out either.

We’ve seen how the plutocratic energies of Jupiter and Pluto affect everyone on a societal and political level. We also see how that energy is corrupt when these planets are in proximity to each other. On a personal level, this combination of Jupiter and Pluto is about asserting your own power. You can find out more about bio-magnetic pollution here https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.est.7b00832

Jupiter’s debilitation is unfortunate as it tends to make you pessimistic. You’ll look at the worst-case scenario of a situation. Because Jupiter is the largest planet, you’re likely to over exaggerate the problem. Isn’t that what we’re seeing around us everywhere – negative and fake news, disputes, division of friendships, scathing opinions, fear, suspicion and accusation. This is the result of these adverse planetary influences. And all that negative stuff has a birth place. It’s called the human mind.

The additional hard aspect of Saturn and Pluto receive the square of the Sun. In its transit to all of these planets we see a harrowing celestial event. It’s obvious that the social and economic consequences of this virus are going to be worse than the virus itself.

The manipulation of power and abuse of people is always easier when the masses are at a disadvantage. They are diseased, weak, and hungry and right now feel disempowered. If, history is to be believed as repeating itself, it’s the disenfranchisement of the masses that leads to mass uprisings. And it will.

You’ll look at the worst-case scenario of the situation and because Jupiter is the largest planet, you’re likely to over exaggerate the problem.

Humans polluting the mental atmosphere with anger and other negative emotions.
Your thinking and emotions affect your world. You wouldn’t throw your trashout the car window. Don’t throw your emotions out either.

In most cases you can’t easily change or anything at a government level. This makes you feel powerless. You’re getting bombarded with all sorts of videos, commentaries, snippets, statistics, fear mongering etc. It’s almost impossible to know what to think or feel. The pressure of being socially distant challenges the very social instincts of human beings. This starts to eat away at the psyche of the individual and society as a whole.

Your circle of immediate influence is where you have most power to influence your world. This doesn’t only go for your family and domestic space. It has more to do with your mental and emotional space.

We chastise others for eating junk food. We educate them to understand that becoming physically bloated with a devitalised, processed diet is dangerous to life. What about what we are feeding our minds? What about the diet of processed, homogenised, filtered, censored ‘digitalia’? How is your mind right now? Are you thinking good thoughts, bad thoughts? Are you filled with anger, outrage and everything you hear and see?

Imagine all the time you spend surfing, arguing, doubting, fearing, apprehending, mistrusting, disbelieving? Each thought you have is associated with a chemical reaction, each feeling also contributes to the secretions of chemicals and hormones. These, in turn, have a direct impact on your electromagnetic field.

When you take a negative field or thought projection and multiply it by 8 billion, that’s an awful lot of negative EMF being generated in our world. It’s a bio-magnetic feedback of sorts and an often overlooked source of many of our problems.

In short, we are all unhappy and perpetuating that with what we feed our senses. We have gorged ourselves on junk ‘mental’ food. We are bio-magnetically polluting our mental and emotional atmospheres. It’s nothing more than Human Bio-magnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem!

What’s happening now is a karmic consequence on every level. There are no accidents in life, as most intuitive people would know. This type of lockdown and social distancing should be used wisely, spiritually as a fast, to cleanse your mental and emotional sphere. This should ideally be done within yourself. If all the ‘selves‘ unite this energy, it will be self-sustaining and continue to grow exponentially.

We are bio-magnetically polluting our mental and emotional atmospheres. Human Biomagnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem

Where are you spending your time? What are you doing to create a positive force field around yourself? What are you creating? What are you generating and what sort of legacy are you leaving the people behind you? While you’re reading endless babble on social sites like

wastebook, what could you have achieved personally, spiritually? Imagine how bringing that energy together with others in unison and generating positive energy, as a group, might impact society and the world?

Start containing your best energy and stop bio-magnetically polluting your environment.

What’s happening now is a karmic consequence on every level.

There are no accidents in life, as most intuitive people would know.

This type of lockdown and social distancing should be used

wisely, spiritually as a fast, to cleanse your mental and emotional sphere.


You may not be able to fight City Hall, but you can generate your best energy and be peaceful and happy in yourself. Control your negative thinking at least a little to contribute to a pure atmosphere around you. This also comes with the necessity to be grateful even for the little you have. You’re not here for a long time, so as much as possible try to remain serene, do the best you can within your circle of influence. Hopefully, that energy will move things forward positively. Remember, we’re all in this together.

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

📧  He can be contacted on [email protected]

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Coronavirus Astrology Update


A special message from Dadhichi M Toth,  founder and CEO of astrology.com.au

The superior conjunction of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto right at the apex of the natural Zodiac is very telling. The virus is now reaching a peak.

Observe how Saturn and Mars are moving to the explosive square of Uranus. The Moon opposes the upper four planets in a very intense play of energies. The frustrating combination of Mars and Saturn is triggered by this opposing Moon. The Moon is the masses, the people, you and I. This is the classic passive-aggressive syndrome playing out here on planet Earth..

The lustre of Jupiter is lost in the sign of Capricorn. With its association of compulsive Pluto it can be exceedingly difficult not to feel down. Dwelling on negativity, concerns about finance, income and indeed one’s value system are spotlighted by this powerful combination of planets.

The message right now is to somehow find a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to try to extract the best out of a difficult situation. Right now it doesn’t feel like that but there’s always a seed of good, even in the worst calamity. You have to seek the positive rather than continually seeing what is wrong with the situation. Humans are historically at their best when they are at their worst. And you will often find that by whatever a person falls, they are capable of rising through that very thing. So take heart.

With the Moon moving to the opposition of Mars, it’s likely public anger and outrage will ensue. In some places like the Philippines, the impoverished have been asked to self-quarantine but have run out of money and food. Riots have broken out and this sort of community uprising is going to be seen elsewhere. Now that the virus is taking hold of the US, brace yourself for not only problems with coronavirus but with society at large venting its spleen at governments who have not done enough.Try not to get involved in these sorts of group mentality and negative waves of energy. 

Find your centre, stay put and get creative, artistically, mentally and spiritually. Enjoy your space, your own company and the company of your family. Use this time to reconnect with the simple things in life and most importantly your higher self. 

If you’re finding it difficult, it’s probably because you don’t find your own self the best of company. So, become better company for yourself!

For many years I’ve been saying that a major reset of our value system was coming. Here it is. The next part of this reset is currency, money and material things we’ve valued, taken for granted and become addicted to. A simpler way of life is just around the corner and you’ll either adjust or sink. This is not negative thinking, just plain evolutionary theory in practice. It’s all about survival of the fittest. Are you going to sink or swim?

More updates coming. Stay tuned.

Stay fit and be healthy.

In December Dadhichi videod his New Year’s message which hinted at adaptability being an important keyword for 2020.  Watch it now…..


Prayer beads for mantras

In these times of fear and mental imbalance and uncertainty, finding peace through meditative practices can be a great source of peace.

Here I am reproducing an article I wrote almost 20 years ago. I think it’s appropriate given the Coronavirus and what’s happening. These practices not only still the mind and bring peace but can have a very positive impact on physical well-being.

In modern times, the Beatles, Taylor Swift, and Coldplay and other great bands have been able to do the same thing. What is it precisely in these sounds that move your heart and emotions? How is it possible the music to bring tears to your eyes or a smile to your face even if you’re feeling down?

The power of sound or vibration is irrefutable. In some instances it can be used to smash a wine glass, even demolish a building. In your spiritual endeavour too, sound is as part of an ancient tradition through which the inner worlds are revealed. Personal growth and transformation may be accelerated. Within this context of self-regeneration, healing and spiritual evolution, the use of sound and other vibrational techniques is termed Mantra Yoga.

No one doubts the power of speech and sound. One insulting word can push an otherwise ‘balanced’ person’s blood to boiling point.

Speech conjures up images and concepts

It’s through the power of thought, fuelled by inspiration and imagination that inventions and scientific discoveries are manifest in the natural world too. This process of sound, linguistics and its expression has a fourfold process. In its first manifestation, it occurs in an undifferentiated state – or the intentional sphere. This is the formative arena in which an idea begins to take shape.

It is only at the second level that we begin to attach a visual connection as to what the idea ‘is’. At the third level we mentally verbalise or connect a word to the visual image or concept. Finally, at the fourth level, we actually articulate the word referring to the idea.

Vedic Philosophy has clearly outlined these four levels of sound manifestation and regards the whole study as an exact science.

These four levels are referred to as

  1. Paravak the undifferentiated state – or first impulse towards though
  2. Pasyanti or that first mental impulse
  3. Madhyami is intermediary speech or attachment of speech mentally
  4. Vaikari articulated sounds or manifest speech

The concept of the ‘word’ as revealed in Veda and other religious and philosophical doctrines, reflects these four levels of manifestation in the accounts of creation. We find this idea in the Hebrew Genesis – ‘In the beginning was the word…’

This ‘word’ naturally reflects the idea of sound or the creative level at its most primal source, hinting at a stage beyond even Para Vak – a ‘supra’ undifferentiated mode or the Supreme Being Itself. It is a mode of Abstract Knowledge.

Yoga, Vedanta and other forms of spiritual practice are methods by which the practitioner can trace the path back to its original source and realise that the Divine Undifferentiated State of Oneness. Hence Mantra Yoga is a most powerful technique in realising that state beyond the Beyond. The ‘word’ is, in fact, the first articulation of sound or creation and is termed AUM.

There is often a misconception that AUM is that Supreme Being; however it is clear from a reputed spiritual authority and scholars of Vedanta that..


“AUM is only the symbol for the Eternal Being”.

Yoga, Vedanta and other forms of spiritual practice are methods by which the practitioner can trace the path back to its original source and realise that the Divine Undifferentiated State of Oneness.

Hence, Mantra Yoga is a most powerful technique in realising that state beyond the Beyond. The ‘word’ is, in fact, the first articulation of sound or creation and is termed AUM.

Aum (or in Hebrew/Christian tradition, AMEN ) is that primal sound from which all language and creation emerge. Time – past, present and future are contained within it. All alphabetical sounds are represented and encompassed by it. The ‘A’ is guttural, ‘U’ is labial and ‘M’ nasal in articulation – all three being the absolute physical parameters of any possibility of speech and sound.

This AUM, is the substratum of all sound and vibrational possibility, is called the Pranava Mantra. It is a great liberating vibration and the study and practice of its sound and inner meaning is a great meditation in itself.

Om TaraThe Mantra AUM is also called Taraka – or the sacred power of Deliverance. It is also the esoteric mantra of the Hindu and Buddhist Goddess Tara – the second of the ten great Goddesses in the path called Sri Vidya. Goddess Tara has sometimes been depicted as a beautiful female steering a boat. This is analogous of Her power in ferrying one across the ocean of Temporal Existence to the other shore of Spiritual Liberation.

The recitation of AUM has a toning and balancing effect on the physical, mental and emotional bodies. As one meditates on the Primal Sound, higher harmonics or octaves may be heard. To the meditator, they may sound like high pitched whistles which arrest the mind and transfer the attention to the higher levels of being within.

The recitation of AUM has a toning and balancing effect on the physical, mental and emotional bodies. As one meditates on the Primal Sound, higher harmonics or octaves may be heard. To the meditator, they may sound like high pitched whistles which arrest the mind and transfer the attention to the higher levels of being within.

The Vibration of Mantra is most potent when the sound, the meaning and the practitioner become one. According to Vedic and Tantrik tradition, through constant repetition, either aloud or mentally, the practitioner transcends the universal laws of cause and effect ie transmigration or reincarnation.

From AUM, literally hundreds of thousands of mantras or divine vibrations have emerged. Ancient Vedic seers have spontaneously experienced their arising with a perfect understanding of their meaning and impact.

It is for this reason that each mantra is associated with a sage or rishi who initially revealed it to the world. It is also connected to a deity or subtle being, of which the mantra is considered to be the very sound form. Within the mantra is the bijakshara or seed of power, which releases its specific potency.

Usually, the mantra is imparted to the seeker by an adept”. This is called Diksha or initiation. Traditionally the adept has realised the power or shakti of the mantra through protracted discipline and recitation.

The number of recitations is determined by the number of syllables within the mantra. Very often the recitation maybe 100, 200, 300 or even 500,000 over a specified period of time. This is called puracsharana – and is a powerful way of releasing the immense power latent in the sound.

When given directly to the seeker it is called Chaitanya, conscious or ‘alive’. In other words, the adept having practiced and realised the power within the vibration has brought conscious power to it. When the mantra is given by a genuine adept, there is no doubt about its impact and effect. It is usually immediate, transformative and permanent in its action.

The many varieties of mantra can be classified into the following categories:

Shanti or Peaceful Mantras

In general, these mantras are done purely out of unconditional love and spiritual self-development. The illusion of the material realms is lifted and evolution is accelerated through their use. Any fears that may be preventing progress are also removed through these mantras. are used to induce positive and spiritual vibrations within the practitioner or another. These mantras remove inhibitions psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

👄Mohan or Attraction

These mantras are used as a means of infatuation and self enhancement in worldly matters. This includes areas of profession, romance and social interaction. They further the prospects of the practitioner. In some cases the mantra may be used for controlling the will of another. In this case the motive of the practitioner determines its positive or negative value - this would then possibly fall under the Vaishikaran category.

👥Akarshan - or distant Attraction

These mantras may be used to attract a person living in distant areas.

💃Istamban or Immobilisation

In cases of opposition by enemies or counter-forces these vibrations are used to completely paralyse an opponent. They are very useful in case of litigation or harassment by an individual or group.

🙎Uchchatan or Disturbance

These mantras can inflict damage, doubt and fear in the person they are aimed at. The mantra invokes a deity who will negatively disturb the recipient.

🚶Jrambhan or Changen

This category is similar to Vaishikharan in that the practitioner may induce the recipient to act in the way that he desires. Hypnosis could be categorised as a Jrambhan technique in that the subject may be made to act out whatever is suggested.

💔Vidiveshan or Division

In some instances it may be desirable to separate individuals. A man who continually abuses a woman in relationship should be removed. In a case such as this, the use of Vidiveshan mantra would bring positive results for the victim, his wife. The same mantras may be used by an unscrupulous individual to separate a perfectly happy couple. Again, motive plays a critical role in mantras of this sort.

Maran or Death

These mantras are used solely to kill. There may not be any physical ailment in the victim and the death will be swift. Pointing the bone by Australian Aborigines is known to bring about death in the one to whom the bone is pointed. This could well be associated with some type of traditional 'maran' methods employing mantras and powerful suggestive techniques.

There are many aspects of life which cause trouble but do not respond favourably to conventional systems of treatment. There may be health problems, business or relationship conflicts. Perhaps a psychological disorder which is not amenable to treatment troubles the individual. It is in these extreme cases that people are prepared to try an unorthodox system of healing.

In Vedic Astrology, Jyotishis or astrologers ascertain the strength and weakness of planets at birth and are able to recommend appropriate techniques for alleviating those problems. Each planet has its unique mantra through which the practitioner may enhance that planet’s vibrations.

This isn’t unlike a vitamin supplement to increase a nutrient lacking within the physical system. In utilising the planetary vibrations we tap the ethereal and spiritual frequencies of the planet and begin to resonate in harmony with the energy of the presiding deities.


The Planetary Vibrations

The Solar System

Following is a brief description of the planetary vibrations. Reciting their mantras during meditation over a fixed period of time will definitely yield positive benefits materially and spiritually. The use of gems may also enhance the vibration of its ruling planet and deity.

The Solar System

The Planets or Navagrahas in Vedic Astrology

ICONPlanet - GrahaMantraMeaningNumber of Chants


Japa koosooma sankarsham kasha-peeyam maha-jutim, tamorim sarva pahpagnam pranato smee deevahahkaram.

Let us chant the glories of the Sun-god, whose beauty rivals that of a flower. I bow down to him, the greatly effulgent son of Kasyapa, who is the enemy of darkness and the destroyer of all sins.


MOON - CHANDRADadee shanka tusha-rabam ksheero-darnava sambhavam na-mahmee shasheenam somam samboor mookuta booshanam.

I offer my obeisance to the Moon-goddess, whose complexion resembles curds, the whiteness of conch shells, and snow. She is the ruling deity of the soma-rasa born from the ocean of milk, and he serves as the ornament on top of the head of Lord Shambu.



Arda-kayam maha viryam chandra ditya veemar-danam seeng-hee-ka garba sambootam tam rahum prana-mam mya-ham.

I offer my obeisance to Rahu, born of the womb of Simhika, who was only half a body, yet possesses great power, being able to subdue the Sun and the Moon.



Palasha-aushpa-sankasam taraka-grahu masta-kam rowdram row-drat makam-goram tam keytoom prana-mam mya-ham.

I offer my obeisances to the violent and fearsome Ketu, who is endowed with the potency of Lord Shiva. Resembling in his complexion the flower of a palasa plant, he serves as the head of the stars and planets.



Preeyangava guleekash yam roopeyna prateemahm budam, sowmyam sowmya goono-peytam tam boodam prana-mahm mya-ham.

I bow down to Buddha, god of the planet Mercury, whose face is like a fragrant globe of the priyangu herb. He is most gentle, possessing all attractive qualities.



Heema-kunda mri-nala-bam deyt-yanam para-mam gurum sarva-shastra pravak-taram barga-vam prana-mam mya-ham.

I offer my obeisances to the decendant of Bhrigu Muni, whose complxion is white like a pond covered with ice. He is the supreme spiritual master of the demoniac enemies of the demigods, and has spoken to them all the revered scriptures.



Daranee garbha sambootam vidyut-kahntee sama-prabam koomahram shaktee hastam-cha mangalam prana-mam mya-ham.

I offer my obeisances to Sri Mangala, god of the planet Mars, who was born from the womb of the Earth goddess. His brilliant effulgence is like that of lightning, and he appear as a youth, carrying a spear in his hand.



Deva-nancha rishee-nancha gurum-kanchana saneebam boodee bootam treelo-keysham tam na-mahmee brihas-pateem.

I bow down to Brhaspati, god of the planet Jupiter. He is the spiritual master of all the demigods and sages. His complexion is golden, and he is full of intelligence.He is the controlling lord of the three worlds.



Nee-lanjana sama-basam ravee-putram yema-grajam chaya-martanda sam-bootam tam na-mahmee sanee-charam.

I bow down to slow-moving Saturn, whose complexion is dark blue like nilanjana ointment. The elder brother of Lord Yamaraja, he is born from the Sun god and his wife Chaya.



Navagraha Mantra

The Navagraha Mantra is a powerful tonic for those suffering general afflictions in life and wanting obstacles removed. Nava Graha means 9 planets and is said to neutralise the distorted frequencies of the planets.


✻ Mantra Meaning ✻

Salutations to the mighty Sun, God, Moon, Mars and Mercury are offered. Obeisance to the grand preceptor Brihaspati (Jupiter), Venus the preceptor of the Asuras (demons) and planet Saturn. Also praises to the two Nodes of Karma, Rahu and Ketu.

Each of these nine cosmic principles, when invoked through this mantra, will confer those things associated with them eg Sun – health, Moon – peaceful mind, Mars – courage, energy, Jupiter – wealth and knowledge, Saturn – discipline and long life, Mercury – intelligence, communication, Rahu – material and professional benefits, Ketu – spiritual illumination and subtle powers.

❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ 

For pure health, vigour and lustrous energy, the worship of the Sun through the Surya Mantra is invaluable in restoring depleted energy and lustre. It gives long life and mental brilliance. The mantras  invoke the Sun.


In Hatha Yoga too, the practice of Solar Vitalisation using the exercise sequence of Sun Worship or Surya Namaskar is a powerful tonic for the body. The sequence also possesses 12 Solar mantras which may be synchronised with the postures to dynamically enhance the postures.



dISEAse and healing

For diseases of a chronic and even life threatening nature, the great Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva has been known to ward off death in many cases.  This mantra generates an enormously potent power of restorative value. It is taken from the famous Vedic Chant the Shree Rudram and is as follows –


✻ Mantra Meaning ✻

We worship the three-eyed Lord Shiva who is fragrant and nourishes all beings – may He liberate us from death for the sake of Immortality as the cucumber is severed from the creeper and its bondage.

Recitation of this great mantra daily 108 times or as many times as possible on your birthday is considered auspicious. Not only does it cure and save one from dreaded diseases but is known as a great protector against accidental or unnatural death.


Another powerful and traditional mantra into which most Hindu Brahmins are initiated is the Gayatri Mantra. It is said to be the destroyer of all afflictions and Karmas. It is very purifying and pacifying. It is also a Moksha Mantra or Vibration of Liberation for spiritual seekers. Its vibration is very sweet


✻ Mantra Meaning ✻

Let us meditate on Ishwara and His Glory who has created the Universe and who is fit to be glorified. Who is the remover of all blemishes and ignorance. May He enlighten our Intellect? In the more mundane spheres of life, there are also mantras and techniques for improving daily matters.


❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ 

For increased intelligence, memory and power of speech, the Goddess Saraswati may be invoked using the mantra.


This mantra is also useful for writers, poets and linguists as Saraswati is said to regulate Vak, or speech whose organ is the tongue and whose power is vasya or fascination.


❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ 

When finances are down or wealth and increase of abundance are necessary, the invocation of Mahalaksmi, Goddess of Wealth is found to be effective. Her mantra is also quite easy –


This mantra is said to remove debt and poverty.



Should obstacles continually inhibit your ability to move forward in life, the recitation of the Ganesha Mantra may assist and will produce interesting results.


For success in competition or any major undertaking, recite and study the effects.


✻ Mantra Meaning ✻

The Mantras of the 10 Goddesses is known as Sri Vidya. This is the true worship and practice of Shakti or Tantra Yoga. The mantras are highly esoteric and secret and can only be practised under the guidance of an expert after initiation is given. It’s normally given to the student in his right ear and then recited for a set period.

For effective results, the above mantras should be recited for at least 100,000 repetitions. Usually 1008 repetitions daily, minimum, yield the best results. A predominantly vegetarian diet, with a disciplined schedule of work, rest and play, early rising is prescribed.

Meditation pose

A still meditative pose is required for the mantras and vibrational energy to be activated.

Meditation pose

Once the practitioner begins the practice he/she should complete a set number daily. Once the 100, 200 or 500,000 repetitions are complete, the sincere practitioner will no doubt have a glimpse of the presiding deity or rishi of the mantra. This is a signal that the vibrations are in fact giving rise to the Shakti or power and producing the desired effects.

During the practice, the mind should be calm and clear and undisturbed by any worldly concerns. The attention should be clearly focussed on the inner meaning of the vibration. The spot selected for practice should be clean, comfortable and harmonious to the mind. Only then can the practitioner gain the full benefits of this extraordinary path of vibrational therapy. Facing East or North is advised with the simplicity of life being most preferable.

Once you have completed the set number of repetitions, various benefits will be quite noticeable. These include the lightness of the body, the brightness of the eyes and clarity of the mind. Worldly and professional success may be one of the more pronounced fruits of the practice.

Through a continued renewal of self by persistent vibrational acceleration, the subtle forces of the human being are re-aligned and re-vitalised. Not only are the physical and mental spheres strengthened and purified, but the inner senses also become more refined. Such powers as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience will become evident.

In the tradition of Mantra, it is a foregone conclusion that subtle powers will arise as a result of this type of inner purification. As the mantra continues to vibrate within, the Chakras or energy vortexes are fully activated and balanced. The upper centres such as the throat, brow and crown relate to the higher occult powers hidden in man and can be tapped through some of the mantras given.

In relation to the categories of mantras mentioned earlier, it should be stressed that any mantras used for nefarious means and selfish ends, especially Maran, Istamban and Vaishikharan mantras will inevitably resound back on the user employing the vibration. This will inevitably result in fear, emotional complications, disease and even death. This matter shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The power of sound in modern science and technology is well documented and has been used in industrial as well as military operations. If sonic guns and other devices can be used to demolish buildings, what of the infinite power of AUM or its feminine counterpart HREEM, the Cosmic, active and Creative Power?


Planets are also represented in numeric yantras or mandalas.

Digital Yantra

The practise of mantras can be further elaborated by the Yantra or visual representation of the sound. This aids the practitioner by engaging the sense of sight whilst the mantra is being recited. The visual diagrams or spiritual ‘circuit boards’ are in fact conduits of cosmic energy and work in tandem with the mantra being recited.

A case in point would be the great Shree Chakra or Shree Yantra. It is known to many as the multi triangled Yantra of the Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari (Goddess Laksmi too is invoked through the same Yantra).

While visualising the bindu or central point, the mantra OM SREEM MAHATRIPURA SUNDARYAI NAMAHA or OM SHREEM MAHALAKSMYAI NAMAHA may be recited, 108 or 1008 times daily, contemplating the Shakti or power desired – In the first case of Labita – divine beauty, spiritual wealth, love and peace. Through Laksmi, material wealth, abundance and profit are realised.

These yantras may be purchased commercially but seem to have little or no value unless prepared under strict guidelines by qualified Tantrik practitioners. The efficacy of mantra and vibrational healing also relates to the time of the day and year when the activity is commenced. Different phases of the Moon, Sun and planets determine the fruits of the activity of the mantra.

A Kashmir Shaivite scripture succinctly describes the true inner meaning of mantra and the real objective to be gained by the soul seeking liberation. It says ‘The Godward Turned Mind is Mantra’. The mind becomes that which it contemplates. The vibrations and resonances of the images, concepts and feelings within us produce our realities. This accounts for the growing body of evidence suggesting that disease and ageing may indeed have their root causes in those subtle vibrations called thought.

As the Shiva Sutras say, in other words, the contemplation of the Divine, leads to a divine spiritual state, as do the pondering of the meanings inherent in mantras. Our association of consciousness with their vibrations produce radical change. Conversely, our association with negative emotions and ideas produces just that – disease and distress.

As a focussing tool, the subtle vibrations of mantras redirect our attention to higher pathways for the human soul. At the same time we acknowledge the essential requirements of organic existence and can still satisfy and enjoy those needs too.

Food, shelter and conjugal happiness needn’t be obliterated from our lives. As the mantra delivers satisfaction and inner contentment, faith grows and the mind is more able to focus. The beauty and appeal of this universal and spiritual approach to healing through Mantra, Yantra and Tantra are that it is quite acceptable to enjoy everything in this life as well as the next


Love and MarriageMarriage and relationships are an important aspect of our lives.  When Venus,  the ruling planet for emotional and marital satisfaction is weak life becomes distressing.  You lose the capacity for joy. Sharing life with someone is a great thing but often disharmony and difference of opinion create separation and heartache. Mantras to Venus and Friday fasts are advised to improve conjugal happiness.

In the matter of career, if Saturn is weak it lessens one’s discipline and restricts achievement. For this reason, it is important to empower Saturn with the use of the planetary vibrations. Fasting on Saturdays is also recommended if you have the willpower.

In some texts, it is said that Saturn may be appeased through the feeding of old or destitute men on a Saturday with salty products. Some of the measures mentioned do indeed sound strange but there is an age-old and time tested authority behind these statements and in practice, they do seem to work.

The ideal goal of astrology, both in the eastern and western traditions is to provide a clear and practical guideline for our lives. Vedic astrology offers a framework by which we may enhance our awareness and spiritual growth through contact with the inner Light of our heart.

Would you like to know what planets are afflicting your horoscope? What are the karmic forces that need to be appeased? Would you like to know how to bring harmony and stability back into your life?

What methods are available to you to improve your current situation? Drop me a note and let me know what your problems are. I will arrange an appointment for a reading with you. We will analyse clearly a way forward. I look forward to hearing from you. Email me here [email protected] or book your confidential one-hour consultation to find out a whole lot more!

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichiis the founder of astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years. He can be contacted on [email protected]


Valentine’s Day and Astrology


Astrology and Love


Love and Compatibility
Relationship Overview

Understanding Love through the Stars           

Astrology is the science of understanding human nature and destiny based upon the positions of the planets and birth. There are many branches of astrology including natal or birth horoscopes, electional or event orientated charting, mundane or political/world studies and synastry – or the art of matching horoscopes to establish the worth of a relationship and whether it is destined not only to survive but to fulfil both people.

Astrology is really about self-understanding and gaining deeper insights into your personality. It reveals not only who you are but whom you’re destined to be with. Your earliest forgotten childhood experiences shape your character and relationships. They continue to play out in your relationships in an unconscious way. These are unique to you and can be seen through an analysis of your personal horoscope.

Are you able to completely accept and love yourself for who you are? Unless you give yourself permission to deserve enough, this lack of self-esteem will be a continual obstacle the chance of finding someone keeping someone isn’t as hard as you think. That is, as long as you don’t build those relationships on a flimsy emotional foundation. This is the secret of the most successful relationships.

Astrologers look clearly into the question of what’s holding you back from finding true love. It’s not impossible to land a soulmate but until you find your true self how are you going to discover your perfect partner? Are you able to completely accept and love yourself for who you are? The chance of finding someone isn’t that hard as long as you don’t build relationships on flimsy emotional foundations. This is the main reason for relationships going south.

Astrology and the Foundation of Love

If we look around us we see how selfish we’ve become not only individually but socially. Our divorce rates are skyrocketing and the true meaning of love’s been lost in a barrage of media, social networking fervour and endless advertising which forever seems to appeal to whatever anatomy happens to reside below the waist. That’s why it has become a dirty word. But it needn’t be.

Astrology is a spiritual perspective in terms of human development and self-understanding. Unfortunately, the remedial aspects of astrology have been long forgotten much in the same way as yoga has been bastardised into a look-good-feel-great war cry of the body cult, especially in the trendy West. It’s through the process of understanding that the word can be restored to its pristine status.

Astrology is concerned with self-understanding, insight into the personality and not only who we are but what’s made us who we are. Those early, often forgotten childhood memories which shape our psychology and relationships are fundamental and are dealt with through the process of horoscope analysis. A sensitive astrologer looks clearly into the matter of what’s holding you back from finding true love.

 It’s not impossible to find a soulmate but until you find yourself and are able to completely accept and love yourself for who you are, the chance of finding someone is remote, and sustaining a relationship on a flimsy emotional foundation is the reason for those skyrocketing estimates of relationships gone bad.

What’s Holding You Back from Love?

Are you finding it hard to meet your soul mate? What’s holding you back from true love? Why is it that life seems to be one big obstacle after another when it comes to affairs of the heart? So many people email me asking for solutions to this problem of love, of finding a genuine partner. These problems can essentially be distilled down to the following:

  • ❥  I’m afraid of intimacy
  • ❥  I feel as if I’m rejected and not good enough for my partner
  • ❥  I don’t trust the person I’m with
  • ❥  I just feel sadness about not having had the proper role models as a child so now I don’t know how to express myself.
  • ❥  I feel sexually inadequate
  • ❥  I can’t deal with the idea of traditional relationship but still want a meaningful love life
  • ❥  I can’t be monogamous I need more than one partner

“Don’t settle for less than you deserve!”

When you were young you had time and loads of it. As you get older you realise that it becomes more difficult to find that perfect partner. You become ingrained in day-to-day habits. It becomes quite difficult to adjust especially if you’re starting a new live-in relationship. You have a specific way of doing things and a routine that is comfortable. Your new partner may also have become accustomed to doing things a certain way. Adjustment becomes more and more difficult.

Astrology love and compatibility. Finding the heart of love.

What are the biggest problems is settling for less than you deserve. You look at the clock ticking away and you wonder ‘My God, I’m in my 40s now, will I ever meet anyone worthwhile? ‘This is a problem because desperation sets in and many people opt for the first person who makes themselves available. In the process, many serious character flaws are overlooked for the sake of selfishly satisfying one’s unfulfilled needs.

The issue here is a matter of self-love. Unfortunately, you’ve been accustomed to instant gratification. That doesn’t work in romance. In fact, this is the biggest because of marital and relationship fallout.

In other words, if you’re afraid of running out of time, of becoming old and single, you’re more likely to be motivated by being in love with anyone rather than not being in love at all. This is what you have to give more attention to yourself, your true long-term needs rather than clutching at straws in the heat of the moment.

You must become intimate with yourself first. If you suffer from this particular issue in your relationships, it means you’re afraid to lift your standards and wait. There is a very powerful universal law associated with this principle. It has to do with generating attractive energies based upon your own self-esteem and how worthy you feel of the best.

I have often dealt with people who complain about not ever having a relationship that is fulfilling. When I look at their horoscopes I see that it has everything to do with their fear of rejection. Rather than being rejected, they reach out for someone who is way beneath any standard they usually set themselves anywhere else in life. They reach down to a standard rather than up.

Reaching up means improving yourself and developing self-confidence. It demands you expect the best from and for yourself. In some ways, this also has a lot to do with mental laziness. To improve yourself often takes hard work. You need to look at yourself clinically in a ‘third-person perspective ‘.

If you aren’t able to do this you can’t possibly work and consequently, they end up miserable. No wonder intimacy is rarely available to people who don’t make this effort on themselves first. Intimacy requires a deep self-understanding which is rooted in trust. Without that trust, you’ll never be confident allowing yourself to be vulnerable in a relationship.

The True Meaning of Intimacy and Understanding💓

The word intimacy is one of the most amazing words in the human language. Study it carefully, break it down and you’ll see its true significance. In-To-Me-See! What a beautiful description of the basis of love. The word intimacy is nothing other than someone’s open heart allowing another to look into it. This approach to relationships is fundamental, along with understanding.


This word is extraordinarily fascinating as well. Believe it or not,
the concept of humility is inherent in it and therefore any successful relationship must express self-effacement on the part of both players

Intimacy is the bedrock of honesty within any relationship or marriage. But honesty is really about fearlessness. It’s about being able to honestly open yourself in full vulnerability. 

Opening yourself up means revealing those flaws in your nature, those hardships and terrible experiences that have occurred in your life, those scars and wounds and pains of suffering throughout your history which have made you who you are but may often compel you to hide rather than reveal what those damages” happen to be.

If your partner is sensitive, these scars will be seen beyond the spirit behind them. So the act of intimacy is indeed a combination of courage and honesty when we talk about relationships.

How compatible you are as a couple?

Understanding. This word extraordinarily fascinating as well. Believe it or not, the concept of humility is inherent in it and therefore any successful relationship must express self-effacement on the part of both players. Why humility you ask? Again as we did with the word intimacy, breaking down the word understanding you realise there are two words which, unfortunately, have been reversed.

The word understanding should in fact read: standing-under. Standing under someone else means humbling yourself and listening, not with your ears but with your heart. This is truly listening, humility and placing yourself in a receptive position to others.

This is the problem in most relationships: egos clash and one partner or other partner wants to dominate rather than submit. Much of this has to do with culture and upbringing with strength and aggression being symbols of self-assurance. In fact, they are more often reflections of earlier childhood insecurities playing out in the guise of a relationship.

Use Your Intuition Not Your Eyes

In Modern Times We’ve Been Accustomed to Being Attracted to What Looks Pretty Rather Than What Is True

True understanding means putting aside your own bias and projections. We are raised to be attracted to whatever is glossy, handsome, stunningly beautiful, elegant and cool. Unfortunately, these adjectives blinker our vision to what may be a better fit for us romantically. And that has everything to do with the truth rather than what is superficially appealing.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about the shallowness above. And really, neither is it about outward displays of love. That’s the flowers, red hearts, kisses. There is no doubt, a subtle pride one feels when complete strangers send chocolates and bunches of fragrant red roses. But think about it, how is it possible for complete strangers to love you, to be honest, and open with you? You can’t possibly know them.

Intimacy is about acquaintance, getting to know the other person and openly revealing those parts of yourself which you ordinarily wouldn’t do with others. You can’t possibly see who someone really is if they prefer to remain anonymous. Where’s the courage in anonymity? Where is honesty? Worse still, if those anonymous characters aren’t actually strangers but friends hiding in the shadows, shouldn’t that set off alarm bells?

So, on this Valentine’s Day, open your heart, live life, encourage others to open theirs and if you love someone, come out of the shadows, be with them, look them in the eyes and share your inner self. Tell them you love them if that’s what you feel. Be open to loving possibilities. Reveal who you are and celebrate that fact. The other person may or may not reciprocate but that’s not the point. Self-love is the most important component of any relationship because ……. this is the most important relationship you’re ever going to have.

Venus and its position in the 12 signs of the Zodiac

The position of Venus in a horoscope is vital in understanding your relationship potential. Briefly, the meaning of Venus in the different signs discloses your attitude to love,  romance and marriage. For example –

Venus in Aries indicates quick excitable and passionate love, but rapid cooling off

Venus in Taurus gives steady love, a love of the sensate, passion and possibly even excessive sexual interests

Venus in Gemini shows a love of intellectual banter, duality or split personality and incapacity to stabilize feelings

Venus in Cancer gives a love of home, the tried and the tested and is very emotional and sentimental

Venus in Leo gives a love of the dramatic, much pride and interest and showmanship of one’s qualities, both physically and mentally

Venus in Virgo is somewhat akin to Venus in Pisces and shows an attitude of service and practical diligence in the execution of one’s duty in marriage and the more long term bonds of love

Venus in Libra is social, and also concerned with the communicational and aesthetic sides of love

Venus in Scorpio is sexual and very deep and even possessive in its lower aspect

Venus in Sagittarius loves variety, the outdoors and exotic and foreign things and may, therefore, be involved in relationships of a distant nature

Venus in Capricorn often marries for love or financial security. People born with this combination need to separate the idea of security as a material need from emotional love and intimacy

Venus in Aquarius produces a free and unconditional love, progressive appetites and a need for the unusual

Venus in Pisces highlights the true and spiritual meaning of love as a sacrificial and Universal principle of oneness and Being with all

Studying the different positions of Venus in the heavens at the time of birth reveals your inner love potential. The position of Venus, at the time a relationship starts also throws considerable light and understanding of your romantic destiny.

Astrology is a wonderful tool for not only giving us an insight into these aspects of our nature but also revealing to us how we can actually modify and improve these facets of our nature to improve our relationships if they’re not working.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines day special 2018

About Dadhichi Toth, the author.


Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology. He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years. He can be contacted on [email protected]


Love and Compatibility Test

Relationship Overview

Star signs: Are you the marrying type?

Love Quiz: Are you a great lover?

Love Meter


Dadhichi Toth

Principal astrologer and founder of astrology.com.au. His knowledge of Western and Hindu Vedic astrology spans 37 years.He can be contacted at [email protected]BOOK A READING HERE!



Brilliant opportunities for romance and finance can be expected in the 2020 Horoscope Forecast in the year of the Metal Rat.

KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! It’s 2020 and this is the year of the metal rat according to Chinese astrology. Because it is the initial zodiac animal of the Chinese zodiac it can be seen as a fresh start for everyone. This new beginning is reflected in the colours that are particularly lucky for this metal year. This also represents the moon and the Sun, the two astrological luminaries. Are you going to be luckier this year?

Chinese New Year Special Package 2020

On a general note, luck, good karma and general prosperity are marked by this metal rat year. Those Born under the Water Signs of the Chinese Zodiac will be particularly lucky under the rat. This is a year when everyone is particularly interested in achieving their goals. Even if you haven’t previously been partial to exerting your willpower, 2020 will be a time when you will rise to the occasion. There may be some obstacles concerning health and emotional relationships but to overcome these problems keeping a positive bent of mind will help clear the path for bigger and better things.

If you happen to be an ideas person, you are blessed this year and will achieve great things. Creativity will be in abundance and you must allow your intuition to guide you in this respect. Stick to your guns. Don’t give up even if there are obstacles on the way. Once again, your willpower and determination are the way to overcome any problems that are hindering you.

Overall, Chinese astrology asserts that the year of the metal rat is generally pretty good for relationships. As long as the lines of communication are kept open things will be sweet. As the year progresses you must be careful that you don’t allow negative emotions such as jealousy, possessiveness and anger to undermine what would otherwise be a good relationship. Speak about how you feel and open the doors of communication up completely.

For the most part, all the signs will experience good health generally. If you’re feeling down, angry or frustrated with life it’s even more important to take note of your diet, rest adequately and of course, exercise regularly. Meditation will help calm your spirit and this will in turn also augment your well-being physically.

Horoscope Forecast for 12 Chinese Zodiac for the year of the Metal Rat

Rat in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope


CHINESE ZODIAC RATThere is a good vibe about people born in the year of the Rat. Apart from the fact that they may be a little insensitive to other people’s feelings they are generally compassionate and kind. There are some problems in conveying their feelings and this can often be misinterpreted by others as a pompous or arrogant attitude.

If you happen to be born under the year of the rat, you will pay more attention to your career and analysing where you’ve been in the past couple of years. There may be a distinct shift in your direction but you will start to feel as if you are starting to get on top of things. This can be a year of success and celebration. You will be recognised for your efforts.

Relationships may not fare quite as well as your professional activities. You may be short-tempered and this could be a result of lowered vitality or even some health issue. Of course, when you aren’t feeling well, you are likely to take it out on those you love most. If there are problems, don’t let them fester. Your best to go and have whatever problem you have treated. This will solve your physical as well as your relationship issues.

This year is punctuated by extreme ups and downs. There may be moments of success and then unexpected turns in your fortune. For those of you who are studying or in some tertiary educational program, there may be brilliant results in one subject in the exact opposite in others. This may leave you feeling very frustrated. The solution to this is to take the bull by the horns and spend extra time on those areas that you are underperforming in. Some Chinese astrologers recommend wearing a pendant or keeping a statue of the Lord Buddha as a means of enhancing luck and good fortune.

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Ox in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC OXYou are generally humble and reserved in the way you approach your life. This year, being the year of the Metal Rat, you shouldn’t shroud your talents away from others. If you’ve been working hard, others are going to recognise that anyhow so why not enhance your opportunities this year?

There is a great deal of power for the Ox this year and this can put you in a position of authority or leadership. Others will want to follow your lead and respect what you have to offer.

It’s a good idea not to sweat the small stuff. Keep your mind focused on what’s important and don’t get dragged down by trivia or other people’s negative feedback. There will be many who try to cut you down when seeing your success emerge. Ignore them. This will only affect your health if you give any credence to what they are saying.

Be mindful, however, of these people who would want to see you fail. You may be surprised to learn that it someone you had trusted. There may be a man in your workplace who outwardly supports you but secretly wishes your downfall. Don’t listen too much to what people have to say but rather, what their actions. This will give you a great deal of insight into those poor allies are those who are actually enemies.

Your relationships should reciprocate the love you’re prepared to give. Your communication should also be on a better footing over the coming months. Use empathy to enhance your connection to those you love and respect. Generally, the advice to work hard and focus on what it is you want can apply to your love life as well.

You have great recuperative power throughout 2020 so don’t be too concerned about any health issues that may arise. Three your strong immune system you’ll easily shake off whatever minor ailments arise. You have confidence, abundant energy and the ability to achieve your goals in the coming 12 months.

Tiger in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC TIGERBecause of your trusting nature and benevolent approach to others, the danger in 2020 is that you are likely to give over more than you necessarily have to. Don’t be effusive in your desire to be accepted. Stand your ground and if others are demanding too much of you know when to say enough is enough.

Even if the difficulties arise this year you have a great deal of perseverance and are not afraid to stand up to those challenges. You realise that what doesn’t kill you actually makes you stronger. This renewed strength will be focused on your career in education but because you are confident in your skills you will rise to the top of your class or job.

How you have been studying and working is starting to make an impact on others. Even if you are not particularly looking for a new job, you may be surprised that an offer will be made due to your exemplary actions and results. Your positive energy is also attractive to others and so you are in demand.

You not only have good health this year but will find that your state of mind is more resilient and able to cope with the problems that life is challenging you with. Use this ability in your relationships as you need to be open and flexible to the demands of your love life. Having a positive attitude will definitely be an asset in this department of your life.

In your romantic and social connections, you will be cementing those relationships that have stood the test of time. You want to reciprocate and as a result of that, will grow closer to your existing friends and lovers. This will be reciprocated. Don’t be surprised to find people making offers of assistance for your personal and professional life.

In your working life, some indicators show you can travel and work make both these areas of life seamlessly fit together. Careers in communication, public relations and mediation should give you great personal satisfaction as well as a financial success if you are that way inclined.


Rabbit in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC RABBITBeing shrewd in your relationships this year will be important. This is part of your nature anyhow with the ability to appear meek and mild but in fact, hiding an inner strength and self-assurance that often surprises others. This is going to be one of your greatest assets throughout 2020-both in your emotional and professional life equally.

If you’ve worked hard last year, there will be a lag in terms of the results coming through. That can also be applied to your relationships which may have required a lot more work. Your persistence will now start to see the results of your good karma. What you’ve sown you are now about to reap.

Female acquaintances will be of great assistance to you in the coming year. If you have some dilemma in your work you will find that the advice you receive will be very helpful. You must, however, be careful not to trust everyone. This year, there may be some friends who disturb you. Don’t take this to personally as they are probably venting their problems and taking it out on you. Other than this, things should go rather smoothly for you.

Even though this should be a good year, there may be a tendency to focus on the problems or what you haven’t yet achieved. This could make you feel a little frustrated and even downhearted. It’s best to keep your mind on positive things and the achievements that you attained. Don’t allow negativity to stress you out unnecessarily.

Everyone is always so busy see must realise that if others are not amenable to your ideas or working with the team, you need to find other ways to get them on board. You can charm and persuade. This will be superior to exerting your force and authority. You don’t want others to fear you but rather to respect you. There’s nothing worse than working with people who begrudge the fact that you have something over them. Although you may want to work alone and quietly, it’s best to cast aside this preference and to work with others cordially.

Apart from any of those anxious moments in additional stress that you invite into your life, you should generally have a healthy and happy year throughout the coming 12 months.

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Dragon in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC DRAGONIf you were born in the year of the Dragon 2020 is a very lucky year in which you should pay closer attention to your inner gifts rather than what you hope to achieve materially. In other words, money shouldn’t be your primary focus. You have some big ideas about how you can earn money but investment should be conducted with due diligence and enquiry with people who have the expertise to help you.

If you’re looking to achieve bigger things in your professional activities, this could be a preparatory year where you’ll be tested to see just how well you shoulder responsibilities and leadership. Just because your income is constrained doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself up for bigger and better things in 2019 but you’ll be tested. If you’re impatient you may blow some really good opportunities in the coming cycle.

This year shows that others are prepared to help you distribute the work and therefore if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, you must convince others to help you. In taking on a leadership role, you mustn’t continue to shoulder the burden but rather delegate. That way the work will get done faster and you won’t be as stressed.

If you’re looking for some sort of financial gain, you should look to those born under the year of the Dog to assist you as they can help you find the right avenues of investment and finding new streams of income.

It’s not a good year to forcefully express yourself as this could land you in all sorts of head-on confrontations with others especially those envious of you or wishing to acquire the same position that you’re going for example new job or promotion within your organization.

Count your pennies this year. You need to set in motion a program of fiscal prudence and long-term financial security if possible. Also when shopping look for similar items in other stores at less expensive prices. You’d be surprised at how much you can save if you do a little shopping around.

Snake in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC SNAKE2020 is a challenging year for those born in the year of the snake. Fortunately, one of your key traits is the ability to remain calm in the midst of upheaval and chaos. You will need to draw upon this resource very heavily in the coming 12 months.

You find it difficult trusting people this year. This has an upside because if someone is going to take advantage of you at least you will be one step ahead of them. Strangely, your good karma is associated with friends and new people whom you meet. It’s a matter of being discriminative so that you don’t get caught out by scammers who are simply trying to take advantage of you.

There may not be a lot of big and memorable changes this year but you have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for bigger and better things in the future. Improve your skill sets by expanding your educational qualifications. If you can expand your mental horizons even just a little, your professional opportunities will open up. Don’t be sluggish or slow off the mark however as you may miss vital chances to step up in your career. Seek the help of those you work with and trust to give you some lucky breaks by way of introduction.

Having said this, it is best for you to consolidate the work that you’ve done previously rather than running off half-cocked into some unknown poorly tested situation. For this reason, 2020 will be a year of patience as far as your professional elevation is concerned. Stick with what you know and if you need some sort of change, accessorise your work by doing some sideline part-time work. Don’t jeopardise what you have worked hard for thus far.

On a financial note, try not to be too much of a spendthrift. This is a year when you must learn the art of saving. If you must spend, try to stretch your door a little further.

Being open-minded and openhearted is the safest way to improve your relationships this year. It’s all about working on yourself rather than pointing the finger of blame at those you love. It’s easy to do that but that won’t necessarily help you resolve any of the problems you are experiencing.

It’s a year of emotional balance. This starts with self-understanding is an excellent beginning for bigger and better things in your love life. In the case of meeting new people, take your time. There is no rush. Get to know them first before making any serious commitment.



Horse in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC HORSEAs freedom is one of your keywords, you may find the coming year a little bit difficult if not challenging. The constraints that may be placed on you make it hard to chase the dreams you cherish. Remind yourself that all good things come to those that wait. 2020 will be one such year when obstacles that are placed in your path mean that you may not quickly or easily achieve the goals you set for yourself.

There is a basic incompatibility between the Horse and Rat. For this reason, you will feel obstructed and every turn this year. You must learn that there is a deeper lesson behind these obstacles. It could be that this is a period in your life where you will be called upon to help others rather than being too self-centred. It’s these acts of kindness that will bring better karma your way. The planets are appeased by charitable good works. Be prepared to take a good opportunity that’s presented even if you are fearful. You need to take some calculated risks in 2020.

In your work environment don’t be surprised to find yourself straddled with characters who get your backup. There may be a level of irritation that is hard to shake this year. Having said that, this simply means steering clear of those people who are not compatible with your personality type. Don’t react and get angry. Also, realise that trying to change people’s minds is not going to get you very far. They are probably as entrenched in their belief systems as you are in yours. Live and let live is quite likely the motto for you during this important preparatory cycle.

Although some Chinese astrologers indicate that the horse will be extremely unlucky in 2020 it’s quite likely because you are not listening to good advice or your ego is getting the better of you. Remember, no man or woman is an island unto themselves. We need others to help propel us forward in our aspirations. Connect with those you trust and use their good advice and whatever means they have provided to reduce any bad luck or negative karma.

This may not be the best year for your relationships either. If you are dependent on others for your happiness and peace of mind you will be severely disappointed. The lesson in this area of your life has to do with that most important relationship of all: yourself. Be gentle on yourself, learn to like who you are and don’t be afraid of spending time alone. If you are not able to make a big impact socially but have to remain in solitude for periods of time, you want to make sure that the company you’re keeping is satisfactory.

If you are already hitched, married or in a long-term relationship, the danger is that you could become bored. Try to do things that stimulate each other. Work on a project together develop a hobby that affords you time to deepen and broaden your interests as a couple.

Goat in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC GOATSuccess is most importantly related to perseverance and sticking to the path even in the face of adversity and confrontation. In 2020, the degree of perseverance will determine the quality of your success. One of your key traits is your ability to weigh up all the pros and cons before making any sort of firm decision. This is an excellent personality trait but the downside is the potential to miss opportunities as and when they arrive.

You mustn’t overload yourself with superfluous activities. It is not exactly the luckiest year for you which means minimising your connection with people and circumstances that cause problems for you is essential. Continue to think carefully before making any decisions. Don’t waste whatever opportunities or windfalls that come your way. Put aside a little for a rainy day.

In your work, you may experience a better grade of like than in other areas of your life. Although the year will not be a cakewalk, there are going to be moments of glory. You can experience some successes although they may not be huge. As the old saying goes, little fish are sweet. Aggregate your successes so that by the end of 2020 you can at least look back and say that you achieved something notable. Again, a positive mental attitude and sticking to your guns will be your key allies.

If you are in the sales or marketing position, the Metal Rat year should be little more generous to you. If you are hard-working and have a tight schedule in place, you will be able to capitalise on the opportunities that arise. There is one danger that will most certainly undermine your efforts. That is the tendency to indiscriminately share what you have attained. What you should be generous, you shouldn’t be frivolous. Make sure that those you share your hard-earned cash with are deserving.

2020 is a year of contrasts for the goat. It brings success and some dissatisfaction as well. Think carefully about the principle of your thinking. This principle states that your thinking is, in fact, your destiny. This determines your decisions and actions in life. This may mean stepping back at times are not feeling compelled to be part of everything that is offered. This relates to both your social and professional life. Know when to bow out gracefully.

On a matter of health, try to keep hydrated. There may be problems associated with a lack of hydration. You need more water and foods that are nutritious generally. Your digestive tract including your dental and oral hygiene may need to be checked and worked on more.

In your relationships don’t expect things to be all that hot and passionate. You may be getting down into the routine of life with the person you have chosen as your soulmate. But this doesn’t mean you can’t ignite those flames of passion once again. This requires effort and reciprocation. Take some time out with the one you love and don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. There may be a couple of prime romantic opportunities for those single Goats amongst us.

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Monkey in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC MONKEYYou may have struggled in your work over previous years. Although this year may also prove to be challenging in terms of your professional goals, you must improve other areas of your life to balance things out. To do this more effectively you must be completely objective about yourself.

What are the key strengths and weaknesses of your character? What are your core competencies? Unless you know the answers to these questions you’re not going to get very far. You have to be ruthlessly honest with yourself to make this a better year. Bringing your negative personality traits under control will have a huge bearing on the success or otherwise of your initiatives.

Strangely, some born under the year of the monkey may achieve excellent results in going for positions of authority and leadership. You have the ability and persuade others with your optimism and enthusiasm. Try not to talk over others and listen a little more carefully. This will make an impression on those who count.

You could be entrepreneurial this year but be careful. You want to do something different, perhaps work independently or lessen your travel time to the office. You can do something from the comfort of your own home but don’t forget, this requires a great deal of planning beforehand.

Don’t trust everyone to easily as this year indicates others may try to take advantage of your good nature. There may be some fears competitiveness from others and possibly even underhanded tactics to bring you down. If your independent business interests require a partner, you need to do even more homework to make sure that you have chosen the right person to do business with. Having said this, don’t be impulsive in jumping ship before you have all the facts and figures at your disposal. You need to make well-informed decisions in 2020 or stay where you are.

You help may suffer as a result of stress. You need to take up some meditation or relaxation techniques to help you overcome the repercussions of anxiety on your physical well-being. Yoga is also an excellent choice of exercise to help you deal with these issues.

Fortunately, your relationships should fare better than some of these other areas of your life. For some reason you will appear more attractive to others and if single, can draw a suitable partner to yourself. You are particularly interested in those who are intelligent and stimulating in a philosophical way. Unless a person offers you this sort of intellectual reciprocation you will become bored very easily.

Even if your current relationship sees a lull in your passionate expression, 2020 should still be fortunate for you and can stabilise your relationship in other ways. Try not to divulge too much of your private information to others. You don’t want interference from extended family or friends.

Rooster in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC ROOSTERYou’ve been a workaholic for some time and the advice for 2020 is to start having fun again. Being serious is, of course, necessary to be successful but sometimes that can become an obstacle in itself. If you’re not passionate and having fun in what you do what’s the point of it?

2020 is a year when your talents need to be showcased. Don’t be shy in coming forward or you may miss valuable opportunities. The basis for your success, however, will come from stabilising your personal relationships and domestic affairs. If you are distracted by anything on the home front it is definitely going to impact on your professional life adversely.

You have to overcome your oversensitivity and tendency to overreact to trifling situations. This will dissipate much of your creative energy and put you behind the eight ball. Overall, if you can manage your internal energies in a positive way, 2020 can be an astounding year and a successful one for the first time in a while. Again, this has to do with finding peace within yourself and weathering the storms of day-to-day life without too much over dramatisation. You’ve had enough of that in your life!

Many of the problems you’ve faced financially in your business life will start to resolve now. This is a much-needed departure from the troubles of the past. Whereas before you are distracted and unable to put your best creative foot forward, the coming 12 months will forward to the opportunity to once again do so. This should make you happy which in turn will create even better circumstances for your success.

In your love life, you have an additional upward trend with singles having ample opportunity to meet people of all sorts of persuasions. If you have a problem in your love life this year, could it be that you may have too many choices to consider? It could be that you’re finding more peace and that your aura is a little more attractive to others.

If you are married, this increase in magnetic appeal may cause problems if you are drawn to others outside the marriage circle. You need to draw a line in the sand and know exactly where your bread is buttered. Maintaining good social contacts is not a problem but complications can arise if you cross that line.

You can expect an improvement in your health this year. In particular, continue on your path of good nutritional wisdom. Good food and a balanced diet with ample rest and exercise will play out in every area of your life positively. Be careful with cars and other electronic and mechanical devices. It’s best to avoid using these things if you are in an agitated state of mind as you are likely to fall prey to accidents.


Dog in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope

CHINESE ZODIAC DOGIf you were born under the year of the dog, 2020 is looking like a super successful year for you. As a result of your loyalty, which is part of your natural temperament, that will be reciprocated by friends, family and business associates. Your determination coupled with the support of those you love and respect will amplify your opportunities for success in 2020.

Unless you fear success or have problems choosing a pathway ( yes, there will be quite a few opportunities presented ) there is no reason for you to not climb the ladder of opportunity and lastly improve your professional life and personal lifestyle generally. Your social life will also be catapulted as a result of the Metal Rat influence.

Big changes are afoot for some of you and this may also be precipitated by friends. You are listening carefully to what others have to say and may integrate their words of wisdom into your lifestyle with the consequent results being a positive change. This will result in prosperity for you.

Don’t leave what you’ve done previously. Capitalise and build on the strengths of previous years. Often people fail to reach success because they get three-quarters of the way through the initiative only to give up. Don’t be discouraged. You can achieve what you set out to do. This also means balancing the good with the bad. Doesn’t mean moving forward blindly even though you at work out of some concept. You must also learn not to overcapitalise and when it’s time to break free of something.

There may be educational leanings this year. This could be a new course of study or perhaps improving your skill sets in the specific area that you work. In any case, there is an intellectual expansion which will hold you in good stead moving forward. You can do well in your exams and even better if you associate with people who are sympathetic to what you’re doing. They can offer help when needed.

As far as your health is concerned, you may find that any lingering problems can start to improve. You become more conscious of the fact that your lifestyle, state of mind, diet etc have a marked influence on how well you feel. Making this important connection can only serve to improve your well-being generally.

There are opportunities to further your relationships and this may come through the most unexpected sources. Friends may suddenly turn out to be lovers. Both people you previously thought were not of the right calibre will surprise you. You may start to see compatibility in those characters that you thought were of no value. This means you are opening your mind the greater possibilities in your personal emotional life.

If you’re currently in a relationship, dwelling on the negativity will only erode your relationship more. Try to get back to that initial experience you handle the good, the attractive and noble aspects of the person you fell in love with. Rekindle the old flame by finding the good rather than the bad. This will be reciprocated and therefore, your relationship can even from a state of weakness, rise and become great again.

Pig in the year 2020 of the Metal Rat Horoscope


CHINESE ZODIAC PIGThere is a distinct improvement in the life of those born in the year of the pig during 2020. You are sensing greater things around the corner with more optimism being part of your personality now. You have a positive view of what can happen in your life. Believe it or not, is this positive spin on your attitude that is going to be the deciding factor of your success in the coming 12 months.

You are not afraid of slow and steady progress, unlike most. This is because your personality is also more of a plodding nature. Therefore, 2020 is a year of growth and although it may not happen immediately, you have the quiet confidence to move forward knowing that all the things come to those that wait.

You have to “breathe” in your career this year. That means knowing when to stop and when to start. Overwork for a protracted period will have a deliberate effect on your health. It’s important to pat yourself on the back and give yourself credit where it is due. Take time out if you need to have a breather. Collector energies and consolidate your position. You need to create a great foundation for springboarding into bigger and brighter success in the coming months.

Finding harmony between recreation and work will also be a great balancing act. If you develop a taste for travelling, you might decide that you prefer the holiday the whole year rather than get down to the serious business of improving your business and your work status.

Work on your problems systematically and don’t cram work to meet deadlines. Get good scheduling going early on in the year and you will be surprised at how much time you have at your disposal. That’s when you can really enjoy your vacations rather than worrying that you haven’t completed your work or meet your deadlines.

Make sure that the food you eat is prepared well this year is your health may suffer from indigestion or toxicity as a result of foods that don’t agree with your system. Exercise adequate and make sure you reduce the amount of fat in your system. Stick to a clean, nutritious diet with an emphasis on vegetarian and natural unprocessed food. This will not only make you feel healthy physically but will sharpen your intellect and your awareness.

This is an exceptionally lucky year for your romance prospect. You can feel your passion and energy for love rising. Whether you are married or single you will want to connect with others and have a strong yearning for love and compatibility. Don’t be afraid to meet people on the spur of the moment. If someone offers you a chance at a blind date take it. Other than the usual day-to-day disagreements, this should be a fun and sensual year. Remember always to communicate how you feel even if it may be unpleasant for the other person to hear what you have to say.

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The 12th house also indicates where you are likely to lose will or be deceived. As you know, your Sun sign of Pisces is about self-sacrifice, saving others from problems, reaching out and assisting those less fortunate than yourself. But, this 12th house also shows how the saviour easily becomes the victim when discrimination underscores relationships. For this reason, your choice of friends and partners is extremely important in 2020. You don’t want to be taken advantage of.

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The eclipse on June 6 activates this 12th house. For some born under Pisces, you may be blinded by the experience of love only to find that you become the victim. It’s obvious that someone is trying to take advantage of you. As Neptune, your principal ruler, governs spirituality as well, the aspects to it throughout 2020 need to be looked at.

The beneficial conjunction of Mars and Neptune on June 14 is a powerful awakening. It gives you a sense of urgency to achieve spiritual and compassionate objectives. It’s also a double-edged sword. This powerful connection between Mars, the ruler of your ninth house of spirituality and Neptune, the natural spiritual planet, means that you may have your head in the clouds.

Astrologer’s Note

Finding a balance between your spiritual aspirations and practical responsibilities may be difficult. You could find yourself in a nebulous haze trying to connect the dots.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus create exceptional aspects to Neptune in November 10, 24 and December 6 respectively. These excellent aspects amalgamate your practical and emotional/spiritual life. You’re able to create a bridge through creative action. This will connect your transcendental aspirations with the day-to-day demands of practical life.

The eclipse of November 30 in your fourth house stimulates your sense of morality and a deep desire for peace of mind. This sees you embarking on new spiritual pursuits which may mean leaving aside some of your friends and even relatives. You have a different vision of life for yourself during these new cycles. Not everyone is going to understand you perfectly. Even if you try to explain how you feel, it may only make it more difficult for them to grasp your motivation spiritually.

On December 15 the solar eclipse which occurs in your 10th house of karma and professional accomplishment gives you a tremendous breakthrough in this area of your life. As the Sun rules your sixth house of service, it shows that your good luck and positive karma is strong now. It comes through doing your best to serve others through your profession and other activities. This requires you put aside thoughts of gain and self-aggrandizement. A truly selfless and compassionate attitude, when blended with your practical skills, is a surefire recipe for success not only in 2020 but in the years to come.

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The Astrology of Success

The Astrology of Success BLOG BY ASTROLOGY.COM.AU

How are Courage, Determination and Success Seen from Your Astrology Horoscope

Everyone wants to be successful. They want to have a fulfilling life with a profitable career, satisfactory relationships and a family. They pretty much want all their ambitions fulfilled. The reality of life is far from fulfilling… for most. Most of us plan, create lists, study and get all hyped-up at motivational talks. Spiritual seminars and other academic forums are also used as ‘leverage’. We tend to believe the more we learn and understand, the more it will help us connect with the right people. All this is hoped will result in greater success.

ASTROLOGY OF SUCCESS NEWSLETTERIn astrology, success is shown from the strength of the horoscope at the exact moment of birth. Success is shown by the location of the planet ruling the rising sign, the Sun. More importantly, the 10th house of the horoscope and its ruler, relate to the potential for success and brilliance in life. Few stop to consider that underlying any success is the courage or fearlessness required to take the appropriate steps to achieve a specific goal.

The third house of the horoscope tells all about one’s desire, and the ability to actively seek what one wishes to achieve. If the 10th house is strong but the third house is weak, they can indeed achieve success but it will more or less be stumbled upon or happen as a consequence of luck rather than any wilful or directed action to that end.

Success is not only based upon courage, however. Trust is an extremely important component of having the courage to take those first steps. Very often, we have bad experiences and our attempts to achieve something significant remain unfulfilled. If you’ve fallen flat on your face, you aren’t exactly endowed with the faith required for any future attempts, are you? Therefore, faith that Providence will carry you through and provide you success is an extremely important ingredient.

Another factor in success is perseverance. As Thomas Edison once asserted, it wasn’t the success of his achievement in creating the electric lightbulb that was the extraordinary thing. Rather, the prior 10,000 failed experiments were the greater success according to him. In other words, if this story and many others like it are anything to go by, a person is only a failure if they give up without making repeated attempts to achieve their heart’s yearning.

Finally, a carefully crafted plan which can sometimes take years to refine is a must. Once the plan has been written down, you can commence working that plan. As the saying goes-plan your work, then work your plan.

astrology of success do something greatEmpower yourself NOW!

These above points are essentials in your search for success and a meaningful life. Having courage to pursue what you love, and to do what makes you feel alive and passionate is not something everyone is blessed with. Your sincere endeavours are most often undermined by subconscious fears. This is where astrology comes to the rescue and reveals those areas in your life that are hampering your efforts.

Bright, planets such as the Sun now, Mars and Jupiter ruling or connected with the third house augment your success. Any hard aspect to these planets will naturally indicate likely challenges. But why fear challenges? Look at the number of failed rocket launches that Elon musk and Space X have attempted for him to achieve his dream of venturing out into space and populating planets for the future posterity of humanity!

Any of the malefic planets such as the Sun, Mars, ill associated Mercury and a waning Moon, along with the North or South node, function extremely well in the third house of the horoscope. Not all are endowed the same measure of courage. Mars is more vocal and physical in its manifestation than say, the Moon which is inherently softer by nature. But any of these in their own way promise success especially during their allotted cycle or when in transit they cast auspicious aspects. Having any connection to the 6th, 9th, 10th or 11th houses greatly amplifies the opportunity for success in one’s chosen field. A clever astrologer can pinpoint the timings and even sometimes the exact dates when these upward movements in career and life achievements are likely to occur.

The 11th house of your horoscope shows the promise and fulfilment of those desires. Desire is the fuel for any ambitious plan – practical, emotional or spiritual. Unfortunately, due to cultural and societal upbringing, we generally only apply the term success to practical, professional and financial ideals. In fact, such things as marital happiness, sporting, hobby interests and spiritual activities require the same measure of courage, discipline, intent and planning as any material goal.

destiny engineeringAstrology is, in a sense, a form of destiny engineering as I call it. It’s through this mechanism of looking at the horoscope, seeing what the inherent value and strength is that we gain greater insight into a person’s potential. Along with the challenges that are prevalent in the chart we can see exactly how to travel the straightest path between A and B to achieve those desired goals. There are remedial measures that can be utilised to counteract the influence of obstructive planets. This is especially important when hard planetary aspects adversely affect the 10th house of profession. This segment of the horoscope is also referred to as the house of karma. By karma, we not only mean the law of cause and effect and its operation but also karma as the general field of activity, action and diligent pursuit of any ambition.

Those challenges are more easily dealt with if there is additional strength in the third house or to its ruler. If you lack courage and are timid and empty of any sort of self-confidence, how can you possibly achieve anything in life? The primary job of the astrologer is to firstly see whether or not you are capable of achieving success. This must be promised in your horoscope.

As mentioned earlier, some people stumble upon success, win the lottery or have huge empires handed down to them through inheritance and the like. Unfortunately, many of them lose everything given to them. It’s a well-known fact that those who win lotteries often commit suicide or again, end up penniless because of a lack of discipline or knowledge in how to handle such large sums of money.

Mike TysonLooking at your horoscope it’s necessary see in what way your third house can be strengthened. What is the condition of your third house? What are the planets that are going to give you the requisite strength, courage and trust to move forward confidently and to take those calculated risks that are often necessary to achieve a level of success that the average person is not willing or able to achieve?Let’s take a look at the horoscope of someone who has achieved success and look at the third house of the horoscope. The following chart is that of Mike Tyson the youngest boxing champion in history. (The chart has been prepared using a western tropical format with a whole house system).

In his birth chart, the ruler of the third house happens to be one of the same as the ruler of the 10th house, i.e. Venus. Look at Venus the planet of courage placed in the 11th house of fulfilment of desires. It’s not far from his North node or planet of karma.

There’s no doubt that his desire, courage and intention was linked to his sense of purpose and destiny. Yes,Mike Tyson was indeed destined for great things. Having the ruler of the third house simultaneously ruling the 10th in the 11th of fulfilment is a very fortunate combination. The 10th and 11th houses linked to ones profession make all sorts of amazing wishes come true. The fact that he lost most of his fortune is another matter which can be seen from the Sun and Jupiter in the 12th house of expenditure.

Ordinarily wouldn’t think that the planet of art, music and culture would be so prominent in the chart of a boxer. If you look carefully, you’ll see that Mars and Venus are both located in the same sign of Gemini and Mars also has the strong square aspect of Saturn, which rules his sixth house of work. It is placed in the eighth house of death. This empowers him to conquer his enemies. You also see a similar and intimate link of Saturn and Mars in the horoscope of Muhammad Ali.

Neil ArmstrongAnd here we have the horoscope of the first man to land on of the Moon, Neil Armstrong. The ruler of the third house, the Sun is boldly placed in its own sign and house indicating the sheer courage possessed by this man.

The sextile aspect of Mars, another planet that naturally endows one with boldness, is in a favourable sextile aspect to the Sun.

It’s interesting to note that the air sign of Gemini’s rising that much of his work related to air travel. The ruler rising sign, Mercury is very closely associated with Neptune, which rules the idealistic nature of his work.

Jupiter, the co-ruler of his work, is aspected by Saturn, which rules all things hidden being in the eighth house.

Martin Luther KingCourage comes in different forms and Martin Luther King exhibited that socially and politically by fighting for black civil rights. He achieved his ends but paid the final price. The Moon rules the third house of courage and is closely associated with his ascendant ruler Venus.

Saturn, which co-rules his professional activities, is in a hard aspect to the Moon indicating the challenges he had in fulfilling his ideals. Note also the basement of transformative Pluto in the third house indicating someone who never gives up.

By looking at the third house of your horoscope, you can see the type of strength and courage that you possess. If you are endowed with valour you can see easily where you can direct this energy for the best results. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses that high level of courage as shown in these few examples. If that’s the case, some measures can be taken to improve your courage quotient. If you’d like to know more, contact me here at [email protected] and I can organise an appointment time to show you how to restore your courage, self-confidence and ability to achieve everything you wish for in life.

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Dadhcihi_Oranum_70About the Author: DADHICHI TOTH

Dadhichi Toth is the founder and principal astrologer at astrology.com.au. He has a 37 year history of practice, research and writing in both Western tropical and Eastern Vedic systems of astrology. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Your Current Karma – Special news bulletin for ALL star signs

Combustion of Mercury, Mars and Venus for each star sign horoscope September 2019 current karma

What does the Combustion of Mercury, Mars and Venus mean for your Star Sign?

If you’ve been feeling rather frazzled of late, you can put it down to some extraordinary astrological patterns occurring right now. When planets transit near the Sun, their energy is affected and their electromagnetic fields are impacted by the sunbeams. This can cause changes to occur in the areas of life that are ruled by these planets.

Just recently the Sun has been in the exact degree of Mars and this will be causing havoc especially to the signs of Aries and Scorpio. Individuals born under these start signs can be forgiven for feeling debilitated, edgy, unable to concentrate and possibly even angry with their current circumstance. Shortly, the same intensification will take place for Taurus and Libra born natives. The Sun is also in proximity of Venus, the ruler of these signs.

Not only do these four-star signs experience the effects of combustion but all other eight signs of the zodiac encounter some sort of impact by this intense conjunction with the Sun. This combustion takes place in different areas of the horoscope depending upon your Sun sign or rising sign. Here’s a brief overview of these 12 signs and how the combustion will impact each and every one of you.


ARIES ZODIACYour health may be adversely impacted by the combustion of the Sun. This is your principal ruling planet and is currently transiting your sixth house of health and well-being. This area also, therefore, demands extra attention to your daily routine, diet and the way in which you approach your work. During this planetary transit it is most important to listen to your body signals and rest when and if needed. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends and this will start to tell. You must also avoid conflict with co-workers, is the sixth house relates to this area of your life.



TAURUS ZODIACIf you are a parent this period of combustion brings in additional responsibilities associated with parenting or problems that you’re unable to address adequately. As the combustion is taking place in your fifth house, such things as parenting, romance, creativity and speculative enterprises may come under the hammer. You need to be less impulsive and this is borne out by virtue of the fact that Mars, the planet which epitomises impulse, is also still in close proximity to your ruling planet Venus. Try to do things which give you a sense of balance and creative satisfaction to help counteract the influence of these sunbeams.



GEMINI ZODIACAs well as the combustion of Venus and Mars, your ruling planet Mercury is also about to hit the Sun’s centre in transit. There are some astrologers who exempt Mercury from the combustion we’re talking about however, there are some who believe that this may cause frayed nerves, even nervous exhaustion, as well as futile discussions. As this combustion of three planets is taking place in your fourth house, it relates to your domestic activities, family life and most importantly your peace of mind. Try to build bridges rather than destroy them now. You may be right in your opinion but not everyone is going to agree with you. For this reason, it’s best to agree to disagree.



CANCER ZODIACWith the combustion of Venus and Mars and Mercury in your third house of communication with Venus having a strong say in your social activities, friendships may become unbalanced under this set of planetary positions. There may be disputes with close friends or maybe even a divergence in terms of your philosophical ideals. There may be demands placed upon you which you feel are unrealistic. There’s no point bottling up these feelings if you feel as if there’s some injustice being done. Communication is the key, as always, with your star sign, in sorting out these problems.



LEO ZODIACCombustion of these planets takes place in your second house of finance and values. Some astrologers are also of the opinion that close family ties may be adversely impacted by no less than three planets being under sunbeams. Take stock of your working activities now as well, and try to understand that doing too much actually undermines your efforts to increase your flow of cash and secure your future. You are chasing far too many financial objectives now to make any stick. There could be worries regarding bills and how you’re going to meet your financial commitments. The best advice is to stick to one path and do what works for you with full concentration and commitment. Fortunately, these transits don’t last long so there’s light at the end of the tunnel.



VIRGO ZODIACAs Venus, Mars and your ruling planet Mercury, all suffer the combustion of the Sun now, in your Sun sign, you must be careful to manage your health and do less. You may feel overwhelmed and mentally exhausted as a result of these aspects on your Sun sign. You may find that some of the work you’ve done this inductor other people’s standards. You may also be putting in extra hours with little appreciation. You may have to reassess the situation and feel as if your input isn’t being valued. Perhaps because you’re so detail orientated that others are becoming irritated with you. You should give others enough rope to hang themselves with. Under the currentcircumstances don’t get overwhelmed by opinions or differences in style. That way you maintain an equilibrium of sorts in the process.



LIBRA ZODIACAt this time, Venus, Mars and Mercury are in the company of the Sun in your 12th house. The combustion taking place here may dredge up a great deal of information from your past. You’ve tried to suppress some of these experiences but now you’re forced to deal with them. The best thing is to not suppress but rather meditate and understand the consequences of those events. Although some of the experiences you’ve had may trouble you, and may even have been traumatic, try to put a different spin by looking at it this way: if these events hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t have become the person you are today. Looking at things in a positive light will relieve you of the pressure of solar combustion.



SCORPIO ZODIAC ICONThe combustion of Mars is important for you right now as it’s one of your ruling planets. With Venus, your seventh ruler associated with Mars in your 11th house, you may have the opportunity to be with friends but won’t experience full satisfaction from those friendships. In some ways, you want to become a hermit and not deal with the same people you usually do. Changes are afoot and they aren’t external. This combustion is burning all the dross of your past and removing those things in your perception which are obstructing your happiness. Try not to resist what’s going on right now but rather, spend some time alone and enjoy your own company. This will greatly relieve you of any stress.



SAGITTARIUS ZODIACFortunately, with your ruling planet Jupiter still transiting your Sun sign, the combustion of Venus, Mars and Mercury in your 10th house makes it a little easier for you to withstand the onslaught of demands in your professional arena. The combustion of these planets taking place here relates primarily to your professional life, promotions and self-esteem. Sometimes making too much effort to achieve these objectives is what causes problems. You have to trust that you’re capable enough to achieve what you deserve and don’t appear too needy. Furthermore, you don’t have to advertise your skills as your employers have already noted your abilities. This transit is underway for a few days more so be patient until things settle down and that much-coveted position may be yours after all.



CAPRICORN ZODIACMercury, Mars and Venus transit through the most important houses for your Sun sign, namely the fourth which relates to family, and the fifth which is your creative endeavours. These two planets are connected now in the combustion in your ninth house. The ninth house is the principal-based area of your horoscope. Sometimes you have to stick to your guns even if others in their droves are against you. There may be an issue of integrity that you have to deal with and that can be causing you immense strain right now but rest assured, standing firm on these principles will result in increased respect from those who are currently opposing you. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.



AQUARIUS ZODIACMoney matters may become a contentious issue now or Mercury, Venus and Mars are under sunbeams. This combustion is in your eighth house and as Mars rules your third house of contracts, some agreements may be broken or your perception is that someone hasn’t adhered to what was promised. It’s one thing knowing full well that promises are being broken but convincing others of this fact is another matter altogether. If you’ve pooled your resources, especially financial ones with someone else, you may be unhappy in the way those funds are being managed. It is in your control and you can change things immediately if you wish, with much better results.



PISCES ZODIACWith three planets combust in your seventh house of marital affairs, navigating your emotional relationships will require every ounce of skill that you possess. You may be feeling exhausted by dealing with a situation that just doesn’t seem to change, no matter how you approach it. Sometimes, absence is the best way to make a point. You are able to increase your value by being conspicuously out of the picture for a while. Like any other commodity, love is valued less when it’s freely available, remember that. By stepping out of the picture you’ll discover that like any other commodity, you become more valuable to the other personby being absent. In this way you can start to win back some well-deserved respect.


As a general piece of advice for all-star signs, when these troublesome transits take place, meditation, fasting and time out is best advised. Often when you’re trying to solve a problem or confront people or the circumstances head on, the result is additional friction and even greater problems in the process. By being ‘passively engaged’ in the problem that you’re confronted with, you don’t add further fuel to the fire, and mysteriously, solutions arise of themselves.

Those of you wishing to gain greater insight into the meditative practices, yoga and other monetary strategies, from an astrological angle, can contact me here on [email protected] and visit my site HTTPS://astrology.com.au.