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What is the effect of Mars in the 7th house in a female horoscope?

What is the effect of Mars in the 7th house in a female horoscope?

In a woman’s horoscope, Mars in the 7th house shows the influence of other people on her relationships. With Mars on the 7th, you are likely to be independent and possessive. Issues may arise because of your need for freedom – often, you will want it your way.

You can stand up for yourself (at least verbally) when needed; however, you tend to act out with anger or frustration rather than calmly talk about what is bothering you. You are not afraid of confrontation if it means getting your point across. Some would say there is a streak of stubbornness in your personality, but this is probably due to past events (or the perception thereof). As an adult, though, you have learned how to channel these emotions into something more productive. You may even excel at sports or activities that require aggression or direct action towards a goal. As an example, take Venus in Aries.

How will this placement affect your relationships?

A woman with Mars in the 7th house has a lot of energy and zest for life. She is an active partner in relationships and tends to take the lead, initiating projects and activities together as a team. However, she can be dominating about these pursuits and expect others to follow along without question – sometimes even forcing them into situations they wouldn’t choose if given a choice. In personal or professional partnerships, this may create obstacles or

difficulties where none existed before. It indeed calls for awareness of the motivations of others around you so that any conflicts can be avoided from the start.

There is also some possessiveness in the Mars-in-7th woman that can interfere with harmony. You do not like to share your time or yourself with others unless you are given priority. If there is any room for doubt about this, it will be an issue. Your partner needs to feel special and appreciated – otherwise, they will look elsewhere for what is missing at home. This placement does not mean an open relationship. Still, if others come along who seem intriguing or exciting by comparison, you may experience some temptation yourself (as well as jealousy if they act on it). When love interests appear on the scene, there can be competition issues rather than cooperation. An initial attraction may lead to physical intimacy quickly without much emotional intimacy in between.

What should you watch out for?

Mars in the 7th tends to take over in relationships and often disappears when a problem arises. If you do not take an active role in the relationship, your partner will tend to lead without your input. This means they may make decisions that affect you or lead down paths that aren’t compatible. What’s best for both of you is something to be aware of when Mars is in the 7th house since it can take an influential person to stand up to your domineering energy. We all need some time alone and unencumbered, but if these times become more frequent than they should, it may indicate that you don’t put enough effort into the relationship as a whole. In this case, your partner will feel neglected and may not hope for more from you.

If your partner is at odds with others or resists involvement somehow, they may need to be reminded of what can happen if their desires do not align with the tribe’s expectations. If too many opposing forces come into play, this could create a lot of stress and unhappiness all around – especially if there is no compromise possible.

The 7th house rules marriage, so it can also show how we relate to our spouse or significant other. It describes the kind of person you marry and the level of commitment involved. Compare Venus in Aries & Mars in Aries – these two would make a great team and bring out the best in each other. However, Venus in Taurus & Mars in Aries may be very volatile together since both partners are stubborn with their own needs, which could cause problems with getting along. Analyzing your primary relationship (or even trying to find one) can help you understand how you might act in future relationships – especially when it comes to marriage.

What are some possible outcomes?

Mars is the planet of action, so there is a lot of initiative taken here. You will always have a project going that requires or allows for a lot of activity on your part. If this energy is misdirected, it can lead to trouble down the road. Instead of looking at others as objects or obstacles in your path, you should see them as opportunities to learn more about yourself. Only when you know yourself can you begin to understand others and what makes them tick. You will benefit by taking the long-term view of things instead of rushing in for quick gratification.

Working with others is an essential skill that can help avoid conflicts that might arise otherwise. If there are planets in Libra or Aquarius in your chart, you may find it easier to cooperate with others than if they were not present. However, this placement shows that talking out the problem is not the best course of action – although sharing information freely about your plans is undoubtedly possible since action speaks louder than words! There could be a tendency towards rash actions or thoughtless words that can damage a relationship before it’s even had a chance to get started.

When in love, the male side of this energy is very persistent and rarely takes no for an answer – which can be annoying if you’re just not feeling it! The female side of Mars in the 7th house has difficulty being honest about her feelings or letting go once she’s attached herself to a lover. If there are planets in Libra in your chart, you could better know when enough is enough and when to step back from something that isn’t working out for either party involved.

If any planet is located between 17-24 degrees of Aries, they will definitely bring lots of spark into your life but may also cause problems with someone else. If there are no other planets in that range, this placement alone could be challenging. The energy is intense, and the need for freedom can feel suffocating to others who are not used to dealing with it regularly.

If you have planets between 6-12 degrees of Aries, the only problem will arise when another planet or angle activates them. This energy is very impulsive so try to find ways to release some of this energy through exercise, walking in nature, or writing in a journal – anything that will help burn off some steam without causing damage to yourself or anyone else! At that time, you may start acting impulsively without thinking about the consequences.

How can you make the most of this placement?

To make the most of this placement, both partners should try and communicate as soon as a problem arises. If you’re the one with Mars in the 7th house, you could be so afraid that your lover will leave you that every minor disagreement feels like the end. You may even think you have a better chance of winning if they don’t know what’s bothering you since they might not fight back. This kind of passive-aggressive behaviour will wear a person down over time until it comes crashing down on your head! Even if your lover doesn’t know how to fix things, at least acknowledge their concerns or fears instead of ignoring them completely.

For those looking for someone special, remember that no matter how many people you meet, there is probably one person out there who will suit you better than all the others. This placement shows that it’s best to stay positive and keep meeting new people instead of getting discouraged or waiting around for something that may never come your way. Everything happens in its own time so stick with the process!

Suppose both partners can communicate their needs openly and honestly. In that case, they stand a much greater chance of finding happiness together because each person has enough tools at their disposal (yourself included) to make any relationship work! Once you find someone who can match your intensity, your mind will come up with ideas about what you’re going to do with all that extra time you have on your hands now that you don’t have to spend chasing after the other! It takes two hands to clap – why should this energy be any different?


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