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2021: An Astrological and Numerological Insight

2021 NEWSLETTER 2021 Horoscope, How do the numbers stack up? Astrologically and Numerologically?

How do the Year 2021 numbers stack up?

Although numerology isn’t the focus of my professional work, I have on many occasions employed it to provide me with insight into the people I meet. When birth dates aren’t provided you can get a snapshot of the personality through the name of the person or the birthdates without any horoscope. The letters of the alphabet resonate with certain vibrations and planetary energies. This is according to the Chaldean system of numerology, which I like a lot. The numerical values of the letters are added up to give you a primary resonant number.

The year of life we are living can also reveal many things if studied numerologically. Last year, 2020, has passed. But can we gain an understanding as to the meaning of that year numerologically?

I’ve had a book on my shelf for years called Numerology for Everybody, written by Montrose. I’ve often referred to it because, strangely, it contains some uncanny insights. 2020 is 2 + 0+ 2 + 0 which equals 4. Let me quote from the book and what it says about the number 4 as a vibration:

“Indicates work accomplished through will experience action and realization. deliberate or cautious type shows steadiness inclined to view everything from an opposite angle to others, which brings opposition and secret enemies. The number 4 rebels against rules and regulations and would reverse the order of things in communities and governments attracted to social questions and reforms of all kind, very positive and highly strung and sensitive, easily wounded in feelings, rather indifferent as to the accumulation of wealth. But when acquired surprises others by the way for employers, and the use for puts it too easily becomes despondent and melancholy, inclined to feel lonely and isolated”.


Bear in mind that this also refers to the personality types that this number governs. If you look at it purely from a position of what happened to us last year it seems to have the ring of truth to it, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve also liked this book because it doesn’t only reduce the numbers down to the individual, single-digits. Here we see that it’s a combination of two double digits 20 = 20. And this is the quote that I quite liked in terms of what I thought 2020 reflected. Here’s what it said:

“The Awakening, also the judgment, the awakening of new plans, new purposes, new ambitions. The call to action for some greater purpose, cause or duty. Not a material number, doubtful as far as worldly success is concerned.  As for the future, there’s an indication of delays, hindrances to plans and obstacles which can only be conquered through the spiritual development of man’s nature”.

This last excerpt really indicated what I think 2020 was about in terms of the spiritual implications.

2021 NumerologyNow, naturally, I wanted to see what 2021 has in store. That will be reduced number to the number 5 ( 2+0+2+1), and that, according to this book, is: 

“The fundamental sex number, makes friends easily and gets along with others who are born almost any month. 5 exhausts the nervous strength and often falls victim to nervous breakdown of the worst kind. Easily becomes irritable and quick-tempered under any mental tension.  


Like rubber, is elastic and rebounds at once from the heaviest blow for nothing affects 5 deeply for very long.

5 is attracted to gambling, the Stock Exchange and bond speculators. Dislikes hard manual work and seems natural to drift into always of making money quickly. 5 is quick in thought and decisions and also impulsive in its actions. It lives on its nerves and craves every kind of excitement”.

If we take these numbers to signify anything practically, to me it would seem to indicate tension throughout the world. You’ll also notice that there are strong references to the stock market and the financial markets making money and diversification of income. The sex number is very creative as well. It’s intellectually full of ideas. In Vedic astrology, Mercury rules the number 5. In some systems of astrology, they think that the Sun rules number 5 because it dominates the house of the natural Zodiac. Generally, I take Mercury is the governor of number 5. The letters of the alphabet under its jurisdiction are E, H, N and X. These letters are governed by number 5 and Mercury and should also, according to the system be pronounced in the year 2021.

What this shows us also is that the vibration of the number 4 is one of awakening. There’s no doubt that this last 12 months and the events that have ensued have forced us all into a major rethink. This is a paradigm shift is taking place. Our values are being challenged. People can’t make sense of some of the rules and regulations that have been imposed over the past year. That is also indicated in the number 4, which was last year’s vibration.

Social distancing and isolation can only manifest in a person if they haven’t yet tapped into the creative self. We all need social interaction. During some periods where that’s not possible creative activity as a way of overcoming that sense of disconnection and despair.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2021This coming year is showing us that the intellectually creative energies of the number 5 and Mercury Should predominate. We should all avail ourselves of this powerful vibration, to elevate our thinking. We must think more positively about everything, even the difficulties we are in. Those difficulties continue as individuals and communities. But now as a global and unified species, we need to tackle bigger issues that threaten the survival of our people.

A teabag tastes better in hot water. This sentiment was also echoed in the movie Starman with Jeff Bridges. At the end of the movie he stated, “What I’ve learned is that you humans seem to be at your best when you’re at your worst!”.

This reflects the idea that says difficult moments and challenges are indeed the catalysts for change. This means changing our minds, our hearts and deeds. It’s only through a global change that that’s going to happen. Yet the fact of the matter is that it really all begins at an individual level.

You are Awareness by Dadhichi2021 requires an intellectual insight, a perception of your capacity to change the way you think. You must change your belief systems, and attitudes to the particular circumstances you find yourself in. Capitalise on that, rather than being defeated by it. I’m not saying that you’re going to be successful today, or tomorrow. It’s enough to have the awareness that your mind is still thinking in certain ways that are undermining you. You need a shift in that awareness. That’s fuel enough to trigger the needed and appropriate changes in your life.

2021 has just started. Make no mistake about it, the electromagnetic energy of 7 billion humans thinking has an immense impact on not only our personal relationships but the environment. In a previous article, I spoke about bio-magnetic pollution. Could it be that although carbon emissions are endangering our species that are even more fundamental, immediate changes we can make in our own thinking and behaviour?

We should be working harder on our thought emissions as a race. The collective has the power although it’s often unaware of it. Individually we can modify those electromagnetic vibrations to work as a subtle generator of good energy and revitalization of the planet. Remain more aware.

This year I’ll be giving more digital talks and engaging you in some of the open forums that I have planned. If you are interested in participating, please click here. Drop us a line and we’ll put you on the mailing list to alert you. inform you of the upcoming dates for those events.

I wish you all the best in the coming 12 months and look forward to your company again. I’m available at [email protected] if you need to speak with me.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year

Dadhichi Toth- Astrologer

Dadhichi Toth

Astrologer, Founder and CEO


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Dadhcihi_Oranum_70Dadhichi is a Vedic Astrologer and Face Reader with 35 years’ experience. He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and is a published author of 9 previous bestselling series of yearly astrology books internationally. He can be contacted on [email protected]

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Jupiter and Saturn-Expansion Contraction

jupiter saturn conjunction

Hi, I’m writing this while sitting under my mango tree. I never really understood why my first teacher, Swami Muktananda, was always so big on sitting under mango trees to meditate. You feel the presence in this tree. It’s a very old one. It’s nice to sit under it and not think too much about anything. But that’s difficult. Seeing as some thoughts came up, I thought I’d share them with you. They have to do with the ongoing ‘bone’ that I’ve been at, which is Jupiter and Saturn and this current, particularly rare conjunction. The exactitude of the conjunction is the closest they’ve been for many centuries.

When looking at the principles of Jupiter and Saturn, it got me thinking that these are opposite forces. In astrology, the principle of expansion and spiritual wisdom is shown by Jupiter. Whereas Saturn is more of a constrictive inward-looking planet. That expansive quality of Jupiter has been nipped in the bud by Saturn, and also by the fact that it’s been in Saturn’s sign, which is its weakest position.

So, these two principles reflect the binary nature of the universe. Expansion-contraction, two polarities like breathing in and out. Thinking is the same. There’s outward movement, as with breath, which brings awareness into the manifest or objective universe. Jupiter is that expensive process or outward movement. Contraction brings you back within.  Saturn is that contractive or inward process.

I also got to thinking this relates to the principle of the movement of consciousness. Thinking tends to moves outwards toward the manifest or rather, creating the manifest physical domain. This relates to nature or Prakriti as the Vedas say. The inner contractive or self-turned awareness is called Nivritti or the inner path, the inner movement.

This Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is going to lead to an amazing alchemical process of two supposedly opposing forces of nature coming together and unifying. It’s a balancing of that outward and inward movement. It relates to the astrological expression, a more philosophical and energetic sort of perspective.

Jupiter represents expansion as the material manifestation. The material expression of these planetary energies is what astrology generally talks about. And those important internal changes that take place are also a representation of a kind.

That does bring me back to the point because this is a turning point. A turning point for the human race. That turning point starts with each individual. And the turning point is neither left, right, straight ahead nor in a reverse direction. It’s the turning point of that awareness, the tipping point between Prakriti awareness being absorbed in outer events, or the Nivritti component, which is awareness being withdrawn back into pure subjectivity.

That happens naturally anyhow, with different creative and artistic pursuits. Even when you’re absorbed in the most mundane activities it happens but it’s not done consciously.  Jupiter is very much about finding where you are in that process of your awareness. Where is it taking you inwardly, although expanding? I mean, just because awareness moves inward doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily a happy space, either.

A lot of people struggle when they get into meditation in the early stages. Because meditation is that inward-turned perception and awareness is beset with the gamut of internal and psychological processes. This is called grantha ( knot ) in yoga.

These are within the etheric,  emotional, and psychological systems. These are all the accumulated past experiences, not just of this life, (if you subscribe to the dream philosophy of karma that this is real). If it’s a dream ( Maya ), then we talk about past lives, but we can only talk about those past lives in terms of the Universal dream. Once the dream collapses, the full awareness of that dream becomes obvious. If you subscribe to this doctrine, past karmas from all of those supposed lives are embedded within subtle channels of the human system. Yoga, mantras, and meditation, and other spiritual activities, break down those knots.

These are subtle channels or nadis as they are called are like blocked drains. You need a wire, that gadget to get down deep to clear those blockages. That gadget is what teachers called  mantra. And this process is essentially one of self-awareness. It’s about bringing your attention to yourself.

The last couple of years, I’ve made some fairly mind-blowing observations. Even the most evolved amongst us can’t help ourselves. We become absorbed and enticed by this mesmeric outer movement of awareness.

In the root chakra, there’s a need for self-preservation. And that need for self-preservation is the propellant, the ‘going out’ – getting money, building a house, buying clothes for the kids etc. All of those day-to-day activities are included in that.

These processes are fuelled by the outward movement of awareness. This is the propane of desire. That’s what actually drives karma if you study it carefully. Going full-circle, it’s embedded in the attraction-repulsion process. Attraction, which is the cause of that Jupiter’s ‘expansion energy’ and repulsion, the ‘contraction energy’ or fear and apprehension of Saturn.

The universe is predicated on that very, very principle, the yoga sutras but the great sage Patanjali talks very much about this principle, this inherent propellant. This fuel that drives us that’s the desire. And that is enmeshed in this attraction-repulsion or what’s called raga-dvesha principle of attraction-repulsion.

The repulsion or fear is embedded in the biological and evolutionary makeup of all as self-preservation ( in the material dream ). And attraction, of course, is also embedded within us. It’s what you’re attracted to, due to the environment in which you’ve grown up. It’s those ingrained belief systems. These are the things that have fuelled all these other aspects of karma and are determining your experience. That is why this inward movement, the pull from within is the primary driver of dispassion and spiritual endeavour. It’s based on the notion of ‘being done with it once and for all’.

My Grandmaster used to say that everyone is on the train (of life). Everyone’s going to get to the destination. And so someone asked ‘well, what’s the difference between me and you? ‘He replied, “I fell asleep on the train. While others were enjoying the sights and scenery, getting off at the next station, sightseeing, getting back on for the next leg of the trip, I fell asleep and mysteriously woke up at the destination”.

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About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

📧  He can be contacted on [email protected]

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The Lunar Phases

Karma and Luck Package July Special

Looking at the lunar phases, the two most fundamental energies in our birth chart are the Sun and the Moon. While the Sun is the most yang, projective, giving us our sense of individual self and purpose, the Moon is the most yin, receptive, providing us with the application of our purpose.

The Sun and the Moon

The Sun is the light and life of our system. The Moon being the closest heavenly body to us controls the rhythm of the sea and all its creatures as well as the flow of blood in the human body. As the Moon distributes the light of the Sun each night, we experience this partnership and are able to understand their relationship in forming the personality of the human being. Each night a different amount of light is given off by the Moon according to its changing relationship with the Sun.

28-day lunar cycle

Within an approximate twenty-eight day cycle the Moon will have passed through eight phases, each phase lasting about forty-five degrees or three and a half days. These phases each have their own unique characteristics which influence all life on the planet. The first phase is the New Moon at which time no light is emanating from its surface. Beginning at zero degrees it will have completed its cycle at three hundred and sixty degrees.

The lunar phases

One way to describe these phases is to use the analogy of the plant. At the New Moon, the seed is in the ground preparing for germination. It is implanted in a new beginning. In the early degrees of the Crescent Phase, the sprout is drawn up from the earth by the initial impulses of light.

During the remaining stages of the Crescent Phase, the plant goes through a strengthening process, mobilizing its energies against the elements of nature. When the First Quarter comes about, the plant has passed the initial stages of survival and is now sending down roots.

By firmly anchoring its life force, the plant is able to concentrate its energies in the growth of stems and leaves with the tiny buds appearing by the beginning of the Gibbous Phase. During the Gibbous phase, the plant is focusing on the reason for its existence.

By ridding itself of everything superfluous, the culmination of its entire past from its beginning is brought to the moment of its achievement by coming into bloom. The phase of the Full Moon is the completion. The work has been done and the gardener can stand back and assess his efforts.

As the Full Moon progresses through its forty-five degrees the flower becomes the fruit. The Disseminating phase is the harvest. The purpose of the plant is to now give back to the earth, to those who brought it into being and to nurture others.

By the time the Third Quarter comes around, the harvest is over, the abundance has been shared and what is left in the fields begins to decompose. The cycle is beginning to end.

During the Balsamic Phase, the seed capsule is buried underground. It is clear that what was, no longer exists in its original form. This is the time of transition. The light of the Moon has grown very dim and by the end of this phase will have disappeared into the darkness. When we are born we come in under the influence of one of the Moon’s phases. The degree will pinpoint its intensity.

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Global Karma


The doctrine of Karma

The doctrine of karma not only relates to individuals. It also has an impact on a global scale. In other words, when groups of people suffer the same fate there is a hint that at some previous time these individuals were each and every one of them associated in the same activity which has now precipitated the event to which they are fated. These concepts are not easy to grasp and as in the case of the recent global crises, pandemic, economic hardship and utter political confusion. Millions of lives have been affected through death, destitution and other global challenges. Some ask the question as to whether or not astrologers are able to foresee such things.

My answer to these questions is the same each and every time. An astrologer often doesn’t grasp predictions in the same way that one turns a light on and off. Some astrologers are given insights to certain events, others are not. At a later stage, other astrologers or psychics and clairvoyants are given visions and so on and so forth.

Therefore these long-range global, political and other communal events are often not perceived by people functioning in this capacity. On the other hand, when astrologers do make predictions of this sort, not unlike a seismologist who may predict an earthquake, we are still left with the practical issues of incredibility by sceptics and the like.

Revealing accurate forecasts

Revealing accurate forecasts is no guarantee that anyone is going to believe you anyhow. The other problem for astrologers such as myself is a logistical one. Keeping track of 80-100 countries’ national horoscopes or charts for the constitutions of those countries, along with senior political leaders of each of those countries is a monumental task and requires hours of deep scrutiny on a daily basis to make accurate forecasts. This is one area in which astrologers are rarely if ever, paid for their time and research. This is also one reason why this aspect of astrology is more than likely lagging behind other branches of science. Having said that we can in hindsight often study an event and see how the chart of the leader and the chart of the country are often very much linked.

If we look at the recent eclipse In Taurus, it took place in a critical position in Donald Trump’s horoscope indicating big changes in his career as it took place in his 10th house of career. Eclipse is taking place in critical parts of the leader’s horoscope will also have an impact on the country as a whole. That makes sense as the leader makes many of the decisions and steers that country in whichever direction he sees fit.

Eclipses foretell what’s happening in the world generally

Eclipses cause a shadow to form through different countries affecting the leaders and the people in those nations. Again, without intense and laborious scrutiny we can only generally give the effects of these eclipses. But history has shown that important events do transpire on or near the eclipse times. The transits of the other planets can help pinpoint more accurately the timing.

In the case of the world, the Aspects between planets in the eclipse account for the Events such as Further political unrest, international tensions and skirmishes as we are seeing with China, India and nations surrounding the South China Sea. Increasing increasing disasters of epic proportions Are often also part of the influence of these eclipses.

It could be argued that powerful nations like the U.S. have spent literally hundreds of billions of dollars on the War Machine and need to seriously look at what is happening back at home. Charity does indeed begin at home. Eclipses, as well as planetary positions, are a big red flag not just for America but other nations as well. They indicate there is hard work ahead and it’s primarily related to cleaning up our own backyards.

Written by: Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth is an Astrologer and Director of www.astrology.com.au

Finding Happiness Through Self-Awareness

You are Awareness by Dadhichi

The Mirror of Self-Awareness

When I ask you again to look impartially and carefully at this thing you call your life and how miserable or difficult it is – understand once and for all that it’s going to unravel as it will. Life is something that happens to you, it’s not you. It’s a mirror – a whole lot of reflections that are taking place, good and bad reflections but the mirror has nothing to do with any of those reflections. Is the mirror affected? All the reflections are there. The stories are there but what I am asking you to do is consider very carefully to whom is all this happening. You think this is happening to the body that you consider yourself to be. Finding happiness through self-awareness is the key theme of this article.

The only freedom is the understanding that this is not who you are.

You are either a body/mind process OR you are an eternal spiritual being, that which is Processless. Take your pick. The eternal spiritual being is not affected like the mirror. So stop believing this story is you. YOU don’t feel it, your body and your mind feel it and you perceive that and get involved in the feelings and the thinking. But you are involved because you lack the discipline to pull back and observe all this as a spectator would observe a movie.

In a movie, you can sometimes get carried away and start crying. But you never forget for a moment you are not any of the characters in the movie, you are a spectator and the truth of this whole life is that you’re not even living it, you think you’re living it but in truth, you are being LIVED. Who in their right mind would choose a life as miserable as yours if it’s as miserable as you’re telling me! You wouldn’t choose this if you had free will, would you? Therefore you don’t have free will. Get used to that. 

Once you finally surrender to this flow called Life which is living you, you are free of it. What does the mirror have to do with the reflections occurring in it. What can the mirror do? The process of reflecting is the nature of the mirror. The process of perceiving all of this is your nature. You’re just identifying with what’s being reflected in the mirror of your awareness which is what you really are. You are truly Awareness itself! The body, mind and feelings are objective phenomena – you’re just observing all of these things. You’re a mirror, nothing is happening to you. 

You’re not disciplined and you have to basically remember the purity and the beauty of your own nature and stop getting sucked into the story. Let me ask you a really important question right now. What’s wrong with right now if you don’t think about it? Right now? Nothing. Perfectly correct. There’s is nothing wrong with now if you don’t think about it. All this stuff about your heart being heavy and your past…..all of that is just a thought. Love is Being and Being doesn’t require thought. Love is not thinking. Thinking is duality. Thinking is dividing. Thinking is superimposition. 

Thinking is conceptualization.

Thinking is being lost in the past and the future because thought is rarely to do with the present moment. But when you do need to think and if it is in the present moment then that is okay as you long as you’re thinking about what you’re doing. Generally however what you are thinking about is “Oh me, Oh my, why isn’t life like this or that or whatever…”. It’s separating yourself from what is and what IS, is really Love.

So, stop thinking about all this and recreating the story, stop perpetuating it. Okay …..while it’s happening, you deal with it the best you can. And you don’t know how you’re going to deal with it until it arises. But I guarantee you that when some life-threatening issue occurs to you in this moment the last thing you’ll be thinking is “What a miserable life I’ve had”. You’ll be completely in the moment and dealing with that and that only! And that’s all you have to do. That’s the lesson given to you. 

To be fully present right now in this moment without thought. Just do what needs to be done NOW. Drop the past, drop the story, drop the apprehension and the fear, be here now fully as Conscious Presence-Awareness which is your true nature. That’s the lesson. You are that peaceful place and that’s what you’ve forgotten. That’s the fall of Adam and Eve in Eden. They’d lost that pristine quality of their Beingness and then became self-conscious about all this BS etc. You’re doing it right now. Where else are you?

You are only dealing with one moment. Just forget the day, forget yesterday, forget tomorrow and all you have to deal with is what you’re in. And what are you in right now? You are in… now ……and now where are you?…..Now? The only place is Here and the only time is NOW. You are never going to be anywhere else. 

So, that is God. When you see that I-AM it is like the tip of a pencil. It’s such a small point. Have a look at the pencil tip. A whole beautiful canvas sketch can be created with the point of a pencil. Likewise, one’s own I-Am is a pencil drawing this whole panoramic view of the Universe. It’s all being created through the lens of I-Am. So go back to the I Am – that quintessential point wherein your awareness, that Absolute Awareness is being filtered and shining out as this world. Pull back from time, space, from all the objects of the awareness to the awareness ITSELF. What can you say about it? It’s just Being. It’s all you have to do. And you know what? So, when you ask yourself “What is the solution to all these problems. Forget the problems! The solution is only through that I-Amness. 

You ask me “What do I have to do?” You just have to trust it and let life live you. Trees grow, the tide comes in and out. Where’s the intelligence behind that. Does the tide have to think “Will I come in or will I go out?”. Do you need to think about breathing? Do you need to worry about your hair growing, your heart beating, your skin perspiring, your body’s cells recreating themselves. Do you have to worry about all that? Are you getting involved in that?

When the sperm and the egg came together in your mother’s womb, did you have to get all upset about how you were going to divide the cells and when the birth process took place wasn’t your Awareness also there so long ago? That was YOU wasn’t it? What happened at that moment when you were being born? As difficult as it was didn’t it all work out? Then your body started to grow. To whom is all this happening? To what? What’s “me”? I’m talking about you, forget everything else for a moment. 

This ‘Me’ is a fabrication

This is a direct perception of your own Beingness. To whom is this happening? What do you mean when you say “me” – what is that? Think carefully about it, look at it. What is “”me”. You were deep asleep last night so tell me what “me” was at that time. “Me” wasn’t even there. Did you stop existing? Then what was YOU. What do you mean by “me”? You can’t describe something that doesn’t exist. Me doesn’t exist. Me is a fabrication. Me is a thought. Show me the thought “Me”. Me is transitory and comes and goes. Your true Self is only pure Presence-Awareness. 

That is what you really are but you can’t show that to me because it is of no dimension and doesn’t exist as a material object like a cup of tea or a telephone. That’s what’s so difficult when people say “Me”. They have to hook onto something so they latch onto this body-mind complex sitting here in time and space…..Oh, that’s Me, here I am. That’s just conditioning. You are the I-Amness. Stop thinking! You are simply Being whether you think of this or not. Beingness is always there as a quiet silent background, like the screen of a movie. You can’t not be what you ARE. 

So just relax into that and stop trying to wrestle with life. Why do you need to look forward to anything when right now is perfect? Don’t continue to be miserable. Let me tell you if you have a thread, a little bit of cotton and you try to put it through the eye of the needle if it’s split in three you’re never going to get it through the eye of that needle. What do you want? What is the eye of the needle? The eye of the needle is a perfect state of happiness. The three splits in the thread are the past, present and future. You can’t be involved in any of that if you want true happiness. 

What are you going to BE even when you get what you want? Desires come and go. No doubt those things are going to arise and subside. But don’t give too much thought of credibility to it. Just let it happen. The body has its needs. You have to eat. This too is just a desire. Let it be. Don’t get involved. Just like clouds in the sky is just sky. Nothing happens to the sky when it clouds over or rains. Nothing happens. It is all appearances in space. So, have your desires but never leave THIS moment. Just digest this moment, fully. When you start doing that you’ll start to draw to you all the things that are desired without desiring them. 

Okay. Just Be.

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About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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Karma, Mercury and Retrograde planets

September October-special

Mercury goes into its retrograde motion today, October 14, 2020. Understanding karma, Mercury and retrograde planets is an important astrological study. We’ve all heard about Mercury retrograde on the grapevine, through friends etc. Is it really as bad as what they say?

Karma and retrograde planets

There are some writers who maintain that retrograde planets relate to past karma. The fact of the matter is that every planet is somehow unravelling your karma. Furthermore, retrograde planets do seem to indicate a greater connection with past events. For this reason, you need to review what’s going on in your life. What may seem like a delay is really a recapitulation of past events, thoughts and actions. This has the effect of helping you perfect your understanding. This helps improve your skills in the game of life.

Another principle is that retrograde planets transiting a specific sign of the Zodiac are in fact visualizing the sign behind them. This could be rather confusing to lay people and even professional astrologers alike. This is because, planets transiting the second house of finance while moving into retrograde motion, the planet influences the first house. This relates to one’s physical body, persona and how other people perceive you. The main thing in looking at retrograde planets is to keep an open mind. Through observation, analysis and experience you can see how these reverse moving planets work in practice, not just theory.

Retrograde Planets and how we’ve been dumbed down

Unfortunately, the concept of retrogression has been dumbed down. Generally, we only hear of the retrogression of Mercury. This of course is a shame and one of the reasons astrology has fallen into disrepute. As I’ve indicated, Mercury is not the only planet that has retrograde cycles. And in fact, every planet except the Sun and the Moon will at some stage function in this so-called erratic manner.

The other thing to note is that these planets don’t actually move in reverse motion. Retrogression is simply an expression of comparative motion. When a faster-moving planet passes by a slower planet it appears to be moving backwards. The best example of this is two cars moving along the highway. One is moving faster than the other.

As the faster vehicle approaches and passes the slower one, the slower vehicle appears to be going backwards. We all know that the slower vehicle isn’t in fact moving backwards but appears to be going backwards.

This elusive quality which is an appearance can also be transposed to real-life events. This is one of the reasons Mercury is given so much prominence in the retrogression discussion. The notion that we think something is on track when in fact it’s doing quite the opposite seems to be the principal at work here.

Mercury also seems to have a large part to play in contracts, agreements and most importantly communication. No wonder there’s so much miscommunication and misunderstanding when this planet is retrograde. Under the retrograde positions of Mercury, you need to carefully think out and plan your strategy. Once again, the lesson of patience comes into play. Things usually take longer to manifest under retrograde cycles and require a revision of what’s been before.

Why is Mercury retrograde a good thing?

Too often we’re all madly running around, hastily making decisions and then regretting those decisions. If you think a little more carefully about it, the retrograde movement of Mercury isn’t always as bad as we make it out to be.

Thinking more carefully about what you say and consider the consequences of what you’re saying. Your speech is something that has great power. You should use it wisely. This is the way to enhance relationships through better understanding. By talking less we naturally get to listen more, and by listening I don’t simply mean hearing but listening with your heart and with undivided attention.

Mercury has the nature of being a fast planet, therefore, its retrogression gives you an opportunity to slow down before it moves in reverse motion. This eccentric behaviour means there’s a revisionary quality about it. Translate this to your thinking, speaking and decision-making processes. It reflects that part of you which needs more detailed analysis before committing to any course of action.

The impact of Mercury is now being felt as it goes retrograde today. It will be even more predominantly felt due to its challenging aspect to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This is a most intense and transformative period of life. This means aligning yourself with these particular qualities of Pluto. The square aspect is all only 6 the last time I don’t know whether there’s any money all transfer the challenging so resistance will only make the process more difficult.

You’ll be able to use the retrograde movement as a tool for radical self-transformation. The secret key is awareness. As long as you’re aware, even if you make errors in life, you’ll be able to put the lessons you learn to good use. Following on from that, it simply means learning from those mistakes otherwise, what’s the point?

Dates and signs of retrograde Mercury over the coming years

Oct 14 2020         Mer       R             11°Sc40′

Nov 4 2020          Mer       D             25°Li53′

Jan 31 2021         Mer       R             26°Aq29′

Feb 21 2021        Mer       D             11°Aq01′

May 30 2021       Mer       R             24°Ge43′

Jun 23 2021         Mer       D             16°Ge07′

Sep 27 2021        Mer       R             25°Li28′

Oct 19 2021         Mer       D             10°Li07′

Jan 14 2022         Mer       R             10°Aq20′

Feb 4 2022           Mer       D             24°Cp22′

May 10 2022       Mer       R             04°Ge51′

Jun 3 2022           Mer       D             26°Ta05′

Sep 10 2022        Mer       R             08°Li55′

Oct 2 2022           Mer       D             24°Vi11′

Dec 29 2022        Mer       R             24°Cp21′

Jan 18 2023         Mer       D             08°Cp08′

Apr 21 2023         Mer       R             15°Ta37′

May 15 2023       Mer       D             05°Ta50′

Aug 24 2023        Mer       R             21°Vi51′

Sep 16 2023        Mer       D             08°Vi00′

Dec 13 2023        Mer       R             08°Cp29′

Jan 2 2024            Mer       D             22°Sg10′

Apr 2 2024           Mer       R             27°Ar13′

Apr 25 2024         Mer       D             15°Ar58′

Aug 5 2024          Mer       R             04°Vi06′

Aug 29 2024        Mer       D             21°Le24′

Nov 26 2024        Mer       R             22°Sg40′

Dec 16 2024        Mer       D             06°Sg23′

Mar 15 2025        Mer       R             09°Ar35′

Apr 7 2025           Mer       D             26°Pi49′

Jul 18 2025           Mer       R             15°Le34′

Aug 11 2025        Mer       D             04°Le14′

Nov 10 2025        Mer       R             06°Sg51′

Nov 30 2025        Mer       D             20°Sc42′

Feb 26 2026        Mer       R             22°Pi33′

Mar 21 2026        Mer       D             08°Pi29′

Jun 30 2026         Mer       R             26°Cn15′

Jul 24 2026           Mer       D             16°Cn18′

Oct 24 2026         Mer       R             20°Sc58′

Nov 14 2026        Mer       D             05°Sc02′

Feb 10 2027        Mer       R             05°Pi58′

Mar 3 2027          Mer       D             20°Aq55′

Jun 11 2027         Mer       R             06°Cn21′

Jul 5 2027             Mer       D             27°Ge28′

Oct 8 2027           Mer       R             04°Sc55′

Oct 29 2027         Mer       D             19°Li18′

Jan 24 2028         Mer       R             19°Aq41′

Feb 14 2028        Mer       D             03°Aq59′

May 21 2028       Mer       R             16°Ge18′

Jun 14 2028         Mer       D             07°Ge45′

Sep 20 2028        Mer       R             18°Li35′

Oct 11 2028         Mer       D             03°Li28′

Jan 7 2029            Mer       R             03°Aq38′

Jan 28 2029         Mer       D             17°Cp32′

May 2 2029         Mer       R             26°Ta40′

May 26 2029       Mer       D             17°Ta33′

Sep 2 2029           Mer       R             01°Li49′

Sep 25 2029        Mer       D             17°Vi26′

Dec 22 2029        Mer       R             17°Cp42′

Jan 11 2030         Mer       D             01°Cp26′

Apr 13 2030         Mer       R             07°Ta47′

May 7 2030         Mer       D             27°Ar26′

Aug 16 2030        Mer       R             14°Vi29′

Sep 8 2030           Mer       D             01°Vi06′

Dec 6 2030           Mer       R             01°Cp51′

Dec 26 2030        Mer       D             15°Sg33′

Mar 26 2031        Mer       R             19°Ar44′

Apr 18 2031         Mer       D             07°Ar50′

Jul 29 2031           Mer       R             26°Le25′

Aug 22 2031        Mer       D             14°Le17′

Nov 20 2031        Mer       R             16°Sg03′

Dec 10 2031        Mer       D             29°Sc48′

Mar 8 2032          Mer       R             02°Ar23′

Mar 31 2032        Mer       D             19°Pi02′

Jul 10 2032           Mer       R             07°Le32′

Aug 3 2032          Mer       D             26°Cn49′

Nov 2 2032          Mer       R             00°Sg12′

Nov 23 2032        Mer       D             14°Sc07′

Feb 19 2033        Mer       R             15°Pi33′

Mar 13 2033        Mer       D             01°Pi02′

Jun 21 2033         Mer       R             17°Cn56′

Jul 16 2033           Mer       D             08°Cn30′

Oct 17 2033         Mer       R             14°Sc16′

Nov 6 2033          Mer       D             28°Li26′

Feb 2 2034           Mer       R             29°Aq07′

Feb 24 2034        Mer       D             13°Aq44′

Jun 2 2034           Mer       R             27°Ge55′

Jun 26 2034         Mer       D             19°Ge16′

Sep 30 2034        Mer       R             28°Li06′

Oct 21 2034         Mer       D             12°Li41′

Jan 17 2035         Mer       R             12°Aq56′

Feb 7 2035           Mer       D             27°Cp01′

May 14 2035       Mer       R             07°Ge59′

Jun 7 2035           Mer       D             29°Ta18′

Sep 13 2035        Mer       R             11°Li37′

Oct 5 2035           Mer       D             26°Vi47′

Jan 1 2036            Mer       R             26°Cp55′

Jan 21 2036         Mer       D             10°Cp44′

Apr 23 2036         Mer       R             18°Ta37′

May 17 2036       Mer       D             09°Ta02′

Aug 26 2036        Mer       R             24°Vi38′

Sep 18 2036        Mer       D             10°Vi38′

Dec 15 2036        Mer       R             11°Cp02′

Jan 4 2037            Mer       D             24°Sg44′

Apr 5 2037           Mer       R             00°Ta06′

Apr 29 2037         Mer       D             19°Ar05′

Aug 8 2037          Mer       R             06°Vi59′

Sep 1 2037           Mer       D             24°Le06′

Nov 29 2037        Mer       R             25°Sg13′

Dec 19 2037        Mer       D             08°Sg56′

Mar 18 2038        Mer       R             12°Ar22′

Apr 10 2038         Mer       D             29°Pi49′

Jul 21 2038           Mer       R             18°Le35′

Aug 14 2038        Mer       D             07°Le02′

Nov 13 2038        Mer       R             09°Sg24′

Dec 2 2038           Mer       D             23°Sc14′

Mar 1 2039          Mer       R             25°Pi15′

Mar 24 2039        Mer       D             11°Pi21′

Jul 3 2039             Mer       R             29°Cn22′

Jul 27 2039           Mer       D             19°Cn14′

Oct 27 2039         Mer       R             23°Sc32′

Nov 16 2039        Mer       D             07°Sc33′

Feb 12 2040        Mer       R             08°Pi37′

Mar 5 2040          Mer       D             23°Aq41′

Jun 13 2040         Mer       R             09°Cn32′

Jul 7 2040             Mer       D             00°Cn31′

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Karma Luck and Spirituality

The Planets


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Dadhichi Toth with the planets as a halo
This is Dadhichi Toth Principal astrologer and face reader at astrology.com.au

About the author

Dadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of www.astrology.com.au. Having 32 years practical experience in the field with more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the annual best-selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]


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