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Christmas 2015 Full Moon – Rare Full Moon in Cancer

FULL-MOON-SPIRIT2Cancer is the domicile or sign ruled by the Moon and has strong links to family, mother and inter-related issues associated with our nearest and dearest so you’d think that this full Moon occurring on Christmas Day itself this year, a rare celestial event, should ensure that all of us have a peaceful and happy Christmas dinner! But is that the case astrologically? Let’s take a look at what this full Moon has to say about your festive season this 2015.


The Moon is an excellent planet for you and being in your 4th house family and full, should bring with it some satisfactory Christmas cheer. Family connections should be strong and in particular females, most importantly your mother should feature strongly this year. If you have had some issues in this area it’s time to clear them up and let bygones be bygones.


Stronger bonds with your siblings and neighbors can be forged under the Christmas 2015 full Moon. The reason for this is that the Moon rules your 3rd house governing these people and takes place in this 3rd house of your horoscope on Christmas Day. Reach out and include your neighbors as part of your festive schedule and don’t forget to smooth over any difficulties you’ve had with siblings.


You could be a little too emotional about money as the sign of Cancer rules your 2nd house of finances. Either commit to what you’re going to spend or cut back on these expenditures but for goodness sake, don’t regret the amount of money you spend this year. There may be problems with stabilizing your income during this cycle.


You are ruled by the Moon and this is your Sun sign so you should be extremely sensitive, caring and loving to those you surround yourself with this Christmas. You could however be a little moody and reactive to what’s going on around you. This could also translate as nostalgia, and a long emotional walk down memory lane with those you love.


Some of you born under the sign of the lion may prefer a quiet Christmas this year as the Moon rules your 12th house of privacy and secrets. You can still enjoy this merry season but may prefer to have a low-key, smaller group of family members and friends to share it with. The 12th house also has to do with your expenses so you do need to be careful just how big a ticket item you are going to commit to when forking out for gifts.


Friendships are ruled by the sign of Cancer in your case and this means the full Moon will activate your social instincts to the max. You’ll find yourself surrounded by many people this Christmas and in particular females because the Moon rules the fairer sex. Try not to be too compulsive about the way you deal with your friends as Pluto is also on the opposite side of the zodiac and can impact upon the Moon heavily.


Although you want to enjoy Christmas this year the full Moon in your 10th house of profession may preclude you from doing so. You could have so much work still on your plate and even if you are surrounded by friends and family your mind will still be gravitating towards unfinished business. All your discussions may simply lead you back to the single thought about your work, deadlines, what the boss expects etc. The trick this year is to shut down and that means shutdown!


The full Moon in your 9th house is an excellent omen relating to travel and distant cultures. You may want to understand the full implications spiritually of the nativity, Christmas and the history of this event. This could be a spiritual Christmas for you in that you connect with the deeper aspect of your nature and can identify the connections between your inner self and the outer symbolic concept of Christmas itself.


The 8th house of your horoscope is the transformative and psychological part of your birth chart. With the Moon coming to its fullness on Christmas Day, you may understand your place amongst your family and friends in a much more meaningful way. You do however need to be careful that you don’t get into arguments over money and who owes what to whom. Wills, legacies and taxation are some of the issues that fall under the jurisdiction of this 8th house. It’s probably best not to mix business with pleasure this Christmas.


The full Moon taking place in your 7th house of marriage and public relations is a very telling indicator for the strength of your bond with the one you love, particularly if you happen to be married or in a long term committed relationship. Christmas may have a special meaning for you and could even relate back to some important event that has drawn you and your loved one closer. This Christmas may be more a celebration of the love you have an individual rather than the group or community.


Don’t allow your emotions and excessive good times ruin your health this Christmas. The full Moon takes place in your 6th house and this relates to moderation in work and culinary “adventures”. Restraint needs to be your keyword if you are to enjoy not only Christmas Day but the following few days into the New Year. You’ll be quick to react to others especially if they press your hot buttons so keep a cool mind and before speaking think first.


Love, romance and children, along with a heightened creativity is what can be expected this Christmas for those of you born under the sign of the fish. Children in particular may be drawn closer to you and in your case may even be able to find the inner child within yourself more easily. You’ll connect with your family in a bigger and better way than you have in the past and your own children will feature strongly this time round.

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