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Christmas and The Astrology of Modern Consumer Experience

Christmas and the Astrology of Modern Consumer Experience…

Merry Christmas! And although we like to keep that spiritual Christmas flavour alive, it’s becoming harder and harder in this modern age to escape the consumerism that has become the larger part and parcel of this age-old Western tradition. So…is everyone sick and tired of buying shit yet? I am! Sick and tired of either having to take things back within a few months of purchase date or simply throwing things out because the trip back to the store you bought the garbage from as well as the time it takes to deal with the bureaucracy and paperwork once you get there is a greater cost than the money you are going to save by getting the item replaced or even refunded.

Maybe you just hang onto those shirts with buttons which are about to fall off a day after you purchase them because the two million bored-out-of-their-stupid-minds Chinese factory workers couldn’t be bothered tying a knot in the end of the cotton at the rear end of the button. Couldn’t be bothered soldering that minute electronic chip correctly. Couldn’t be bothered removing the white lead paint from the baby food being exported internationally.  

Take the genius mouse I’m using right now. 3 months old and the scroll wheel is already screwed. Note the brand – Genius. Genius? If only!  What genius couldn’t keep a simple electronic device like a mouse alive for more than 3 months without having the throw it out? I’d change that brand name to Mentally Challenged. More to the point – dollar generated hyper-steroidal greed.

And what about Microsoft? There’s a big name-big on name but little on delivery-not unlike the mega-Chinese name which is
probably not much smaller on delivery than Microsoft. Bill Gates’ baby. There’s a joke for you. You pay thousands of dollars for their software over the years only to find that year after year you’re simply paying them to market test their products on you! Are you kidding me!  And only getting every 2nd version of their bloaty software because those 2nd version are the only ones that actually work correctly once they’ve collated all of the bugs via their minion-users and their feedback. There’s not much of a bigger scam than that I don’t think. They even skipped Windows 9. That’s how much faith they have in their own alternative updates. Let’s whip a bit of 10 on them and they might not even notice the huge con we’re perpetrating on hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses worldwide. I’m sick and tired of that BS as well.

Where in all the astrological literature can we find references to this sort of consumer abuse? It’s happening on a global level? There must be something pretty sinister going on in the heavens if as I think most people agree from what I hear that there’s a general deterioration in the standard of workers generally, a sense of indifference and a lack of pride in the work one does with the resultant evaporation of any sort of self-esteem.

What planets would be responsible for this? It must be something happening on a community, cultural and global level. This must be long-term, slower planetary cycles that are affecting the general populace in the ethic that millions and even billions of people bring to the workplace. There’s a cultural sterilisation and it reveals itself in the selling out of quality for quantity and of course let’s not forget uncle Greenback. Forget about service folks. That’s long gone.

Virgo is the star sign which is most notably thought of when speaking of perfection, idealism and the pursuit of good work. Skilful action which seems to be the issue, or rather lack of, is at the heart of the problem. And Capricorn being the sister earth sign is also implicated. If we’re talking about Earth signs let’s throw Taurus in for good measure. Taurus can also be seen to aspire to slow and methodical application at work resulting in good outcomes in the higher Taurean native.

This is not something you can a tribute to some fleeting current transits but must be a longer term cycle of the trans-Saturnian planets which affect us on a generational level. And what are those planets? Uranus, Neptune and Pluto of the slower moving planets which we need to look at to establish how they may be resulting in this lesson acceptable quality of workmanship and self-pride which was once at the heart of anything that was manufactured.

We see that currently the transit of Pluto in Capricorn has received a fairly impactful Square from Uranus. The traditional, conservative sign of Capricorn which stands for our tried and tested cultural heritage and business standards are slowly being demolished by Pluto the transformer. Then you have the progressive and abrupt Uranus in Aries. The impulse to push forward, a radically and in a revolutionary style is also adding fuel to the transformative influence of Pluto.

The fact that corporations worldwide can deceive us into believing we are buying quality when in fact it’s trash, must have something to do with the elusive planet Neptune which is currently transiting its domicile of Pisces. It has a favourable relationship forming to Pluto with its sextile aspect. The minor semi sextile aspect to Uranus is also functioning at the moment. Perhaps this easy aspect could explain why billions crowding shopping malls are like docile cows trudging their way to the slaughterhouse cash registers were our hard earned cash is being bled dry.

If we look at the natural zodiac of Aries, Uranus is transiting this sign with Neptune in the house of secrets and Pluto transiting the 11th house of fulfilment. No wonder were not being fulfilled with what we buy-year by year costs escalating with quality diminishing. Not only that, have you noticed how your Magnum ice cream has an increased in price, they’ve just knocked 30% off the size. Sugar, salt, pepper and toothpaste dispensers with larger and larger holes year by year so that you use more quicker. There you go-Neptune with its friendly aspect deceiving us all into believing we are achieving and buying exactly what we want when in fact were being royally screwed.

I think people are tired of protesting especially when they’re probably not aware of just how surreptitiously they are being misled. I’m sorry to be a wet blanket during the festive season but if like me you simply ask “is it manufactured in China?’ And flatly refused to buy it if it is, then even brainless factory morons who take no pride in what they make might start to pay a little more attention if their jobs start disappearing as quickly as their pride. Join me this Christmas and the quiet shopping protest against crap being foisted upon us.

That’s my bit for Christmas. Enjoy yours and other safe and happy festive season and new year.


Till 2017, this is your astrologer,

Dadhichi Toth




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