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Christmas, Christianity and Pagan/Astrological Roots

Christmas, Christianity and Pagan/Astrological Roots…

The cross which has become the focal icon of the Christian tradition is none other than the Cardinal Cross of the astrological signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The true historic source of the story of the birth of the son of God has become so swept up in mythological tradition and hand-me-down hearsay that these true origins have been completely forgotten by most.

Many of the stories in the Bible also relate to specific Star signs such as the mother of Jesus or the virgin which in fact relates to the astrological sign of Virgo. The sign directly next door ecliptically in the heavens is Leo and is ruled by the Sun. The son of God is a direct reference to a time when around the middle of the year, July to be exact, the Sun would rise in the east with the consolation of Virgo accommodating its rising. Hence the birth of the Sun from the Virgin.

Very few people are aware of these ancient connections but when you think about it, even such important Christian traditions such as Easter change each year and this is simply because the celebrations revolve around the phases of the Moon and in particular the full Moon in April when Easter takes place. Many of the other important feast days in the Catholic tradition are also bound up in this astrological folklore. Yet, these religions are the first to decry astrology and any other esoteric study which they say is entirely opposed to their belief system. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The birth of a God man, the virgin birth, the death and crucifixion of the son of God are all analogies relating to spiritual awakening within ourselves. Christmas should serve as a reminder that no amount of prayer, worship, indoctrination, and weekly churchgoing can substitute for the inner spiritual awakening that takes place once the soul of an individual is ripe. Let this Christmas be a time to contemplate your own true spiritual nature, your connectedness with other human beings and the fact that we are truly brothers and sisters in spirit if not in blood.

The God man story is not exclusive to the Christian tradition by the way. Many other myths from many cultures have an identical story with the virgin conception, the birth on 25th December, the spiritual awakening, the disciples and the teaching of the God man along with the death and resurrection – all common to these myths. Take the following, and do your own research to expand your mind and understanding of how the Christian tradition and Christmas are basically outgrowths of these other cultural myths. Look at the following and investigate these God men. All born of a virgin, mostly on 25th of December and pretty much all predate the birth of Jesus Christ –

Osiris of Egypt

Dionysis of Greece

Krishna of India





Attis of Phrygia


And so on and so forth. Unfortunately, we get caught up in the distinctions of creed and culture rather than looking to the thread which is common to all of these religions. It is not so much a matter of who was born of a virgin or was resurrected after death so much as whether or not we as evolving human beings aspire to the best within ourselves. And that really should be what Christmas and Easter are all about – a rebirth within ourselves and the resurrection of this new spiritual being, our true self.  

Merry Christmas!



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