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Cupid & Psyche… by NY… sigh.

Love has so many descriptions and each and every one of us fancies and dreams about it. Seldom do people find their true soul-mate and most of them who do get so scared they walk away from it. Love is too precious, too unpredictable… but it IS worth fighting for.

I received an order for an astrology report last night – a karmic birthday package in our Astrology Shop. A seventy year old woman touched my heart when she made a note at the end of the order asking if she would ever find her soul-mate. Of course, answering this question it’s out of my league because I’m not the resident astrologer at For this specific question she was advised to order a one on one in-depth consultation with Dadhichi.

But that lady really impressed and intrigued me I suppose and I said to myself “I’m so lucky to have found my own true soul-mate. I’ll never let go of it”. I’m not a therapist or a psychologist and I’m not a psychic to answer her questions, so I talked to Dadhichi and briefly discussed her predicament. Dadhichi was kind enough to take a quick look at her horoscope and gave me a few clues but still reluctantly answered if whether or not she would have this desire fulfilled. I simply emailed her what Dadhichi revealed about her question. It really was so inspiring and touching to see how much she still believes in love even at her mature age!

Off the record,  Dadhichi told me that, Love is love and if you’re lucky enough to find your soul-mate, that’s only a small part of it because even if fate helps us to find Mr or Mrs Right, it’s actually our responsibility whether we act on this or not.

Cupid and Psyche – A Mythological Account

One of my favourite love stories of all time is the classic Roman mythological account of Cupid and Psyche. It tells the story of true love. Cupid and Psyche’s love story is contained in the novel Metamorphosis, (also known as The Golden Ass), written by Apuleis in the second century AD.

Psyche was a beautiful mortal woman, so lovely that it made Venus, the goddess of love and beauty so jealous.

The story commences with Venus becoming so envious that she sent her son to make Psyche fall in love with a horrible monster. But when Cupid saw her, he couldn’t follow his mother’s instructions. He pricked himself with one of his arrows and fell deeply in love with her and followed her every day. He could not possibly continue his mission. With every passing second, he found Psyche more and more appealing to his eyes.

Venus got so mad that she cursed Psyche so that she would never find anyone to marry her. This upset Cupid greatly so he decided as long as the curse remained on Psyche he would no longer shoot arrows, which would ultimately cause Venus’ temple to fall.

After so many months of no love on Earth, life on the planet started to grow old which concerned Venus because no one praised her anymore. So Venus finally spoke with her son Cupid and agreed to his demands. Thereafter he restored love on Earth.

To protect Psyche from his mother, Cupid hid her in a beautiful palace where all her needs were taken care of by invisible servants. Her husband visited her only at night and forbade her to look at him, convincing her he was a beast.

Eventually, Psyche got pregnant and one day Cupid let her visit her sisters because she missed her family so much. But the two jealous sisters told her about a rumour which supposedly said that she had married a great and terrible serpent who would devour her and her unborn child when the time came for its first feeding.

They urged Psyche to conceal a knife and oil lamp in the bedchamber and wait till her husband fell asleep and then light the lamp and slay him immediately to confirm the rumor. Psyche unfortunately followed their advice out of mere curiosity. She disobeyed Cupid and brought a candle to their bed while he was resting. But a drop of wax fell on his shoulder and Cupid awoke. In his anger at her disobedience, he made the palace, their home, disappear and then left Psyche.

She looked everywhere for Cupid but couldn’t find him. Finally, she went to Venus’ temple and asked about his whereabouts. Venus said she would reveal his location only if Psyche passed a number of tests. Although they seemed impossible, Psyche agreed.

For the final test, Venus sent Psyche to the Underworld to retrieve a box. When Psyche opened the box she fell into a deep sleep. Eventually, Cupid discovered what was going on, and he persuaded Jupiter to order Venus to stop her persecution of Psyche and he flew to her.

Wiping the sleep from her eyes with a kiss of love, he locked the curse in the box, and sent Psyche back on her way. He then requested the gods to make Psyche an eternal goddess. They agreed and Cupid and Psyche, who were enlightened, were once again reunited. They had a beautiful daughter, called Voluptas or Delight, the goddess of sensual pleasures. In Latin her means “pleasure” or “bliss.

Like the mortal maiden Psyche, we sometimes let our own uncertainty or the opinion of others blind and obstruct us from trusting ourselves about Love. Love is always here before our very own eyes and we rarely trust our emotions, instinct or inner selves.  We need to sense Love.

The three major components to creating true love.

Eros / Cupid is sexual or physical attraction. It is the first thing we feel when we meet another person we are attracted to. A spiritual affinity without sexual attraction is considered deep friendship which is Agape.

Psyche is a Greek word for butterfly and also means “the soul”. The butterfly first exists and appears as a common caterpillar. But that cocoon which precedes its transformation is no different to our concealing barricade wherein we hide ourselves from the love we are capable of.

Only when the two souls meet and sexual attraction as well as a deep friendship are present can it be considered True Love.

Yes, true Love has it all!

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