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Dadhichi Astrologer – Interview in India

Astrological non-fiction has always worked. Do you feel fiction in this genre will work as well?

Fiction in this genre will definitely work and in fact some of my clients in Hollywood are working now on several high-end television shows. Sometimes it is the non-fiction aspects of film and theatre that stimulate the imagination of people in a way that fiction would not. You can take the example of the famous sci-fi series Star Trek in the mid-60s. If you recall the handheld communication device looks an awful lot like the Motorrola mobile phone and some of the other cellular handheld devices that we are now taking for granted. This series did in fact stirred the imagination of inventors. I believe in the same way astrological fiction will help people consider the deeper aspects of human nature and to see that this can be entertaining as well is enlightening.

What brings you to India? What do you have to say about the country?

I’m very pleased to be back in India after an absence of 12 years. Although not being physically here I have maintained my strong links with the teachers, the culture and of course the astrological and spiritual philosophy. Since being here have seen developments in leaps and bounds not just in terms of more modern looking structures but the infrastructure itself seems to have really changed for the better. I’m hoping now that the new cycle for India after 2014 will bring in a whole new level of prosperity which will bring the country to the forefront of the world economy and once again reinstate the greatness of this land with its philosophical legacy. In a way I have been a great exponent of India and its ancient science and philosophy which was thousands of years ahead of any of the modern research is in the West.

You’ve predicted that in 2012, government secrets might be revealed. Isn’t that related to end of the world theory?

This is not necessarily related to the end of the world theory but relates more to diplomacy and the necessity of governments at times to keep policy close to their chest. This is not always to dupe the constituents but at times is necessary to protect the fear of uprising or anarchy. If and when some sort of anticorruption bill or measures are taken in the Parliament we will see not just government but personal political interests and secrets tied in with corruption payments revealed in large measure. But then again this is government across the world not just in India.

Is an apocalypse really going to take place then?

In a way, the apocalypse is already taking place and I believe it began sometime around 2007 to 2008 with the global economic crisis. Narrow-minded and short-sighted individuals and governments seem to think that because there is a slight rise in the stock markets here and there that our problems are over. My forecasts have been fairly clear over the last 5 to 10 years that this period of 2012 – 2015 would see a complete breakdown of the economic system and a necessity for governments and individuals to adjust themselves most drastically. I call this the Value Revolution.

You’ve learnt astrology from Chennai-based gurus. Do you feel that India is more steeped into the science of astrology?

Yes I continue to study and much I based mentor, Sri V. Krishnaswamy. I have had several teachers from India over the past 30 years and they included spiritual advisers as well as astrological teachers. The beauty in learning from these teachers is that the study of astrology is not simply a technical skill but intuitive skill as well. Using the right combination of meditation, spiritual exercises, mantra and technical understanding.

I have been greatly helped by these teachers. India with its long history of astrological and spiritual records has presented a strong case for the study is being scientifically based to my mind.

A lot of people don’t believe in astrology. But it is science, right?

India has had thousands of years to verify its astrological observations. Sceptics who only scratch the surface of astrology and deal with those who simply dabble in the science are justified in their statements that this type of astrology is a whole lot of codswallop. However, as with the modern scientific method – hypothesis, observation, experiment, replication and finally a resultant proof can all be found in the ancient Vedic system which has proved time and again in the right hands of skilled and intuitive astrologers to be no less scientific than any other science that we have.

As an example, medicine is a science but there are many occasions were even I have gone to a doctor and found that the assessment of my disease has been completely wrong. This is mean medicine is not a science? Take a step further and look at seismology. One was the last time a seismologist accurately predicted an earthquake? This is being seismology is not a science? Incidentally, two months ago I predicted there would be earthquakes in the north-east region of India and that the military would be mobilised? Perhaps astrology is a little more scientific than seismology! 🙂

How does one read faces? Could you cite an example?

Reading faces is also sometimes classed by sceptics as rubbish. Let me give you a practical example of how anyone can read faces. Put 1000 people in a room but make sure that one of them is a down syndrome child. Would you not be able to distinguish that child from 1000? Now place another down syndrome child amongst the 1000 and I can assure you you would be able to pick out the two children amongst the thousand because their facial traits are genetically based on this also extends to their emotional nature. It is a well-known fact that Down’s syndrome children are indeed affectionate, warm and loving characters.

In this way, the genetic patterns reflected in the facial structure and also the nuances in day to day expression of which there are thousands. Once again a careful analysis and study over time will give you an insight into how these different facial structures differ and these can be categorised if you are diligent enough. In nature, the bodily and facial structure of an animal reflects its activities. A long-beaked bird has this attribute for one reason only. That is to visit long-stemmed flowers. In the same way, the structure of a human being- ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph ( three main structural types  ) determines the mental predisposition and also activity of these people.

Face readers are able to categorise this and are adept at recognising not just these are general traits but also very specific traits and to make forecasts based on those observations.

Where would India stand 5 years down the line?

India is poised to become a world power if it can handle its internal political processes and bring transparency, clarity and integrity into its operations. The inequitable distribution of wealth betrays its spiritual heritage and this can be set right, it can become a leading light to the world at large.

Some of the difficulties lay in its newly forming political associations and alliances with countries who are traditionally clever at playing one nation off on the other and then leaving them high and dry. They need to be careful to maintain their own autonomy and not kowtow to superpowers who will soon no longer be superpowers. India itself is the potential to be a great superpower in the coming years.

What do you do when you’re working?  What are your other hobbies?

When I work I do my best to sense the client’s needs and to step outside my own bias. Even for an astrologer that is sometimes hard because we have our own preconceptions about how things are. But that is precisely what is needed to give good advice on forecasts that are accurate and helpful to those paying via services.

Not many people know it but I also compose music and have even recently composed for a five pieces for a new documentary which will be released shortly. Music and astrology are closely linked and therefore I have an interest in both which balance my life. 

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Dadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of Having 32 years practical experience in the field  with  more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the annual best-selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]

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