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Donald Trump – Astrological Election Review

Here’s Donald Trump – Astrological Election Review…

In both Eastern and tropical astrology Donald Trump has the bombastic sign of Leo rising with aggressive Mars also close to that rising point. Some degrees away Pluto the transformer is also rising in the east. This accounts for his brash and egotistical manner and with the recent powerful and beneficial conjunction of Jupiter to the ascending degree and to his natal Mars this accounts for his popularity and the extraordinary response he has received from the general public in his run for the 2016 US presidential elections. Venus now is also along with the sun about the transit these sensitive points in his horoscope.

For the Leo ascendant, Mars is the best planet and its transit now shortly will enter the orb of influence on his rising sign as well is creating a Mars return for him which is quite significant but not without its downside. You can expect some ferocious battles to take place shortly.

From the Vedic astrology point of view he completes his North node 18 year cycle on 16 November 2016 just eight days after the election. These transitional cycles are very important and from my own experience can create problems. These are cuspal shifts and often reflect the lack of power during transition. Yes, Donald Trump may indeed be the front runner at this point in time but it’s likely with the change in life-cycle that his momentum will slow.

Saturn is also causing the much dreaded 7 ½ year cycle for him and edging closer to his lunar position and this will counteract any of the benefits we see from the faster moving and beneficial aspects of Jupiter, Venus and less so from the Sun and Mars to his ascendant and natal Mars. Furthermore, Saturn is currently casting and will continue to cast its powerful 10th house aspect on his ascendant and Mars and is retrograde right now. Mars for the Leo ascendant is a first rate malefic ruling both the seventh and sixth houses. The sixth house is the house of enemies so we can expect these characters to be lying in wait to pounce.

His North node is exalted during this cycle and is in his 10th house which happens to be the seventh lunar house and he was born under a full moon. This gives mixed results and particularly because the 12th house rulership of the moon indicates secret enemies it is eclipsed by the nodal axis means that he still has much to contend with in the coming 12 months or so. The current sub cycle of Mars commences on October 30, 2015, just a couple months away and also coincides with the Mars return in his rising sign.

As mentioned above this is a positive planet for him but can’t be without its aggressive side either. Mr Trump will certainly have his battles cut out for him after October 2015. Although he looks like a front runner now, his prospects to assume the presidential role will diminish over the coming months. Expect some seedy revelations to surface soon.

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