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February 16 Mars and Venus Connect: A Day of Love, Lust and Romance

Venus and Mars move into exact conjunction in Capricorn today, February 16, 2022. This is precisely the same day as the Full Moon is in Leo, indicating drama, creativity and a passion for life. Mars and Venus connect to create a day of love, romance and lust. This energy will be most vital if you are born under the signs of Aries, Cancer and Libra.

Planetary energies merge when two planets are nearby. This sexy celestial interaction can lead to new relationships and spice up existing ones. Venus-Mars conjunctions are usually only once per year and last for about a week. This conjunction will last nearly two months, so it is astrologically special.

Venus has slowed its pace recently and entered its forward motion after being retrograde for some time. Venus and Mars maintain this conjunction until April 5. On March 6, expect a repeat of this planetary interplay.

Explore Your Romantic Side

This Venus-Mars energy inspires us to explore and invest in our romantic side. Think about your values in a partnership. What is most important to you? What qualities will you look for in a partner that will make you feel secure, safe, and nurtured? What are you bringing to your partnership? Are you having fun with your partner? This energy is important for couples who are in a relationship. It reminds them to keep the passion alive.

On February 16, you’ll be thinking deeper about long-term commitments. Who are you looking for to be part of your legacy and history? Think about which partnerships–romantic or platonic–will stand the test of time. We will be free from patterns that do not serve our self-worth once this conjunction occurs in radical Aquarius on March 6.

The Influence of the Mars and Venus Conjunction on Each of the 12 Star Signs


Zodiac Aries LoveThe Venus-Mars connection of Capricorn strongly influences your 10th house relating to fame, career and reputation. You are the focus of your workmates now and can do something special. It’s is a great day to share your love with someone you care for and give them some tender loving care. This energy is vital for reinventing yourself and how you present yourself to the rest of the world. Love matters could move to more online interaction with Venus and Mars in Aquarius on March 6. Hopefully, you are digitally savvy.

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Zodiac Taurus LoveThis Venus-Mars connection in Capricorn reminds you that your love for all things sensual is what makes you unique. This planetary couple stirs your 9th house of spiritual activities and long-distance travel. It invites you to meditate or do breathing exercises. Monitor how your sexual experience by being more mindful and present. As the ninth house rules educational matters, you may also wish to enrol in a class relating to spiritual or cultural topics. All eyes will be on you when the planets of love change into Aquarius on March 6. Attention is on the way.

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Zodiac Gemini LoveYou are on the astrological fast-track to love. Venus-Mars enters Aquarius on March 6, and love assumes a more spiritual role for those born under Gemini. This Venus-Mars conjunction opens up the possibility of a new start in your 8th house of shared resources, sensuality, and psychological fears. This is a time to share your traumas, past life, and deeper issues with someone you trust. Karmic connections can be made when you are transparent with others. How has your view of love shaped you, past or present? Your heart has taught you many valuable lessons.

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Zodiac Cancer LoveRomance is a crucial subject right now. It’s also going to take up a lot more of your time! Venus and Mars are moving through your 7th house of committed partnerships. This means that things are getting more serious, and you’re making more time for your lover. It’s time to prioritise your partner and put tremendous effort into your relationship. If you are single, schedule regular dates or commit to dating people with long-term potential. As Venus and Mars cruise into Aquarius, March 6, be courageous as you start a new cycle. Your love life will be better if you do the hard work of identifying the reasons why you fall into specific self-destructive patterns.

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Zodiac Leo LoveEither you’re looking for love at work, or you might be starting a creative business. Your magnetism is unstoppable, no matter what! This is a new cycle triggered by Venus and Mars in your sixth house of work, health, and daily routine. It’s time to kickstart a hobby with your lover or find a new partner if possible. Your 7th house for marriage and partnership will be activated when Venus and Mars fly into Aquarius on March 6. This is a time to bring joy, fun and creativity to all relationships. If you are single, this is a great time to return to the dating apps.

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Zodiac Virgo LoveVenus and Mars activate your 5th house of creativity, love affairs and speculation. This new cycle brings more joy and fun and possibly even offers you a new love affair. This is an excellent opportunity to take up an old hobby that you’d mothballed. If you are single, don’t stop putting it out there. You deserve to be loved. Even if you don’t consider romance your primary focus now, being creative offers you a backdoor strategy to manage your emotional energies; this energy should be used constructively to create a new passion project. You may begin to recognise the greater sincerity of your loved ones as Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6. You will want to reciprocate.

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Zodiac Libra LoveThings are heating up on your home front! Are you thinking of in with someone? Venus and Mars travel through Capricorn to activate thoughts of home, family and psychological foundations. This could be an excellent time to consider a more permanent living situation with that special person in your life. Perhaps you are deeply involved with someone or moving in together. Perhaps it is time to introduce the person you are dating to your family. This time can be more private, so make sure to prioritise your sleep and not be afraid of your subconscious. Simple pleasures bring joy when Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6. Make time for childlike hobbies and fun times. Don’t be afraid to connect with your inner child to brighten up things generally.

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Zodiac Scorpio LoveYou are known for keeping your emotions bottled up and being somewhat secretive. This Venus-Mars combination invites you to rethink how you communicate, especially love and romance. Share your deepest feelings with someone you love and care about, especially if you’ve been concealing them. You can change your communication habits if you know that they are harmful and not helpful. There are many ways to transform your life. Speaking from the heart can lead to significant breakthroughs. Love takes on a serious tone as Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6. You may be thinking more about the long-term and the future. Are you ready to add a member to your family? Spoiler alert! The stars are telling you yes!

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Zodiac Sagittarius LoveIt is crucial to find shared values in a partnership. What aligns your values with past and current love interests? Are there any ways you can make your ideals more prominent? The Venus-Mars conjunction brings a new cycle in your self-worth. Don’t put your needs off the shelf. You are worthy of everything you want and more. You feel more comfortable sharing your feelings when Venus and Mars transit into Aquarius on March 6. You are prepared to reveal the truth even if it may hurt someone’s feelings. You are about to make a revolutionary mental shift!

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Zodiac Capricorn LoveAttention is coming your way, and you might not know why. Talk it up to the Venus and Mars conjunction. Venus and Mars are transiting through the area of your horoscope, activating your first house of self, identity and appearance. You’re amid a severe Whether you do your hair or get a tattoo, you will receive compliments on everything. What do you want others to see of you? What are you doing to improve your partnership? This transit will force you to put yourself first. You will rethink your self-worth when Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6. What relationships are healthy and mutually beneficial in your life? And what are poisonous and draining? Spend time with people who will build you up, not emotional or mental vampires.

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Zodiac Aquarius Lovecurrently, Venus and Mars activate a secretive area of your horoscope. This secretive area is the 12th house of spirituality, self-understanding, past pain, and spirituality. This is an excellent time for partners to experiment with sexual bonding and to do it with a spiritual basis in mind. Your relationship will benefit from sharing spirituality. Being single, you are enticed to examine any negative beliefs hindering you in relationships or life generally. You can try some cord-cutting meditations to get rid of self-destructive patterns. You deserve a fresh start forward! You’ll charm people everywhere when Venus and Mars enter your sign on March 6. This is a great time to attract other people. It’s is a beautiful cycle to make the most of it!

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Zodiac Pisces LovePerhaps you are looking for more social activities. You may find yourself in a relationship with someone special by spending time with friends or going out to dinner and drinks. This could be a new cycle in friendships and signal a shift from the friend zone to something more passionate. A new date could be possible by staying connected via social media and online. Make date night a priority if you are a couple. You feel more contemplative with Venus and Mars transiting Aquarius on March 6. You are evaluating your patterns in the partnership. What past behaviours can you let go of, whether you are married or not?

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