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Gemini Love Horoscope

GEMINIL1Love comes naturally to Gemini, both men and women, because communication is at the heart of human relationships. Connecting with others is the strong point of your star sign. Gemini is an air sign which rules the head rather than the heart and this does however tend to present you with some pretty significant challenges in the realm of romance.

You see, love is a heart thing and deals primarily with the feeling part of your nature. This to most Geminis is a little hard to reconcile with the never-ending filtering mechanism of thought. You tend to process your feelings through your mind and find yourself second-guessing how you feel about others all the time. It’s not that you don’t crave those beautiful emotional experiences and the feelings that come with uniting your mind, body and soul with another, but you just can’t help thinking about relationships rather than being in them.

My best advice to you as your astrologer is to try hard when you’re involved with someone to feel the experience rather than to think about it. You’ll immediately become relaxed and will start to experience a part of your nature that has been submerged for so long. This obviously means trusting your feelings and not worrying about losing control. This is tied in with your need for freedom and independence. Unconsciously you have a fear of losing your personal freedom and space and this also ties in with the big “C” word – commitment. This is more an issue with men born under Gemini.

You’ll never have a problem making friends and your social life will be extremely busy, that’s for sure. You’re always at the top of anyone’s invitation list whether it’s an engagement party, workplace function or a get-together with a group of friends who just want to chill out. They know without doubt that your company will make the event memorable.

Because of your changeable personality and your love of variety loving you find it hard to stick to one relationship, especially in the earlier part of your life. You love the experience of trying many different things and that’s fine if you simply want to gain a broader view of human nature. But in a committed romance, this attitude must be surrendered in the best interests of the relationship. This will undoubtedly be a challenge for you.

Love to you means feeling happy to express yourself independently – intellectually, physically and emotionally. Fantasising also plays an important role in your life and is part of who you are. You’ll need someone with whom you can trust these feelings with.

The soul mate for Gemini needs to understand and encourage their interests and ambitions. For you, a marriage partner needs to be someone who aspires to the same sorts of interesting life objectives. Couch potatoes need not apply!

You’re sometimes a little cynical and this is a game to you but others find it offensive. From your vantage point, you see this as a way helping others to improve, to rise to the occasion and become as good as they can be. Please try to understand that others need space and time to reach the dizzy heights of your Gemini standard. Bear in mind that humans have their frailties and you’re no exception either. This will help your relationships immensely.

Likewise, you have a tendency to impose your intellectual viewpoints on others and in the extreme can come across as a person who is a harsh judge of others and their differing opinions. This is your form of personal entertainment but it can be a little uncomfortable for those who don’t know you well. It’s sometimes better to listen than talk so you get to know each other better.

The planet Mars rules your friendships which indicate your loyalty and passion. You have a great deal of energy and when you consider someone a friend you’ll sacrifice a lot for them. At the end of the day, your romance factors indicate a favourable outcome for you but you must learn to stick to one person once you have satisfied your almost insatiable need for novelty.

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