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Good versus bad planets

ASTRO-EYEI was thinking about western astrologers having this rather generalized view of good planets and bad planets. We hear about Jupiter being the magnificent benefactor that’s going to bless each and every one of us when it happens to be in a certain position in the heavens; whereas, poor old Saturn has been relegated to that status of hard task master who only does bad – particularly on that 30 year Saturn return.

Well you know what, that is a whole lot of B.S. and actually if you study these planets based upon thousands and thousands of horoscopes you start to realise that depending on the moment that you are born, each planet can actually assume a different role; either for good or for bad.

Let’s take for example the rising sign, a person born with Leo – Leo rising on the eastern horizon. Now, in this particular instance, the planet Saturn will have jurisdiction over the sixth space or house of Capricorn and the seventh space or house of Aquarius. In this case, the rule of Saturn over the sixth house is certainly not good for a Leo’s health but it may in fact give some benefits for relationships and marriage. So therefore in that case, we can say that Saturn is certainly not a good planet for those born under Leo.

Let’s say a person born under a rising sign of Taurus – with Saturn ruling the ninth house of Capricorn and the tenth house or space of Aquarius. Now these two houses of the horoscope are supposedly two most wonderful directions of the zodiac for Taurus and Saturn assumes a dual rulership over these two parts of the heavens, meaning that for Taurus born, Saturn is an excellent planet and certainly won’t do near the harm that we would expect from someone born under Leo. So that is the sort of thing I am talking about here, we can’t automatically assume that a planet is going to be either good or bad.

Again, using the example of Taurus, Jupiter in this particular instance assumes a very prolific role in its jurisdiction over the eighth and eleventh places because, according to Vedic astrology, the eighth house is the stronger house of Jupiter ruling Sagittarius; that planet will actually give mostly the results of that really difficult area of the zodiac.

I just had to get that off my chest because we really can’t generalise in these sorts of areas which is why it is so important to really prepare the horoscope from the specific time of birth so that we can establish which of those directions is really working for you and which isn’t. Once we establish that we can then look at other fairly interesting astrological criteria to determine the remedies that can help neutralise that – but that is a topic for another session. What are your good and bad planets? Find out through a personal reading here

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