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Gratitude and money expplained…

Gratitude is one of the underrated forces in nature. Gratitude is the turning away from the sense of having nothing to the supreme outlook that in fact one has everything and that one is thankful for the fact that they have everything – everything they have.

I was just speaking with a client who started the conversation by saying I don’t have a job, I’m so poor and I don’t have enough savings. It took me fifteen goes to ask her to gently wean her mind from the negative thoughts to a sense of gratitude, the thankfulness for the food, the clothing and the house, the air, the people that surround us, who love us. But still she persisted in focusing on those negative thoughts of how much she doesn’t actually have. I reminded her of the process of actualizing things in life begins with the mind.

It’s hard for people to see the direct link between a lack of gratitude or thankfulness, a focusing on the bills, the lack of, the diminishing, and what is absent or missing rather than turning that around and thinking more along the creative lines of what one actually has, what one is endowed with. The problem here for many people is the sense of comparison that comes in with the notion of being satisfied with what you have, even very grateful, notwithstanding the fact that there may be “some problems”.  Creative people are able to make use of these circumstances which are notoriously called problems which they in fact turn into brilliant gems of opportunity.

Ask any successful person about the difficult events that have occurred in their lives and they will invariably tell you that it was only through these adverse conditions that they learned to adapt and indeed succeed proving the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest and adaptability is also very true in the realm of worldly success. But let’s not stop at worldly success because what in fact is being said here is that the idea of success itself starts from within with the way we think and the way we approach life and its circumstances good or bad.

mONEYThere is a direct link between thinking, emotions and the complex hormonal chemical balance which is part and parcel of all our biological makeup. A thought is a chemical reaction. Those chemical reactions evoke different responses within the endocrine and nervous system producing domino effects chains of chemical reactions and, depending on the quality of that thought, the nature of the chemical itself. Negative, harsh, aggressive thoughts and emotions tend to produce cortisone and adrenalin in abundant measure. The reverse can be said for happy, loving and generous thoughts, words, feelings and actions and this produces serotonin and endorphins which elevate the spirit and can in fact heal the body as well and this is not just idle fancy.  

I remember on one of my US trips I was walking through a park on Venice Beach and I noticed a sleeping vagabond under a tree. That time of the day with the sunsets as they were during that time of the year, the burnt orange hues of the background helped cut a commanding silhouette of a figure under that tree even though he was a homeless old man. But I was drawn to him and I would forgive you for wondering what this has to do with the previous paragraph of the thoughts and feelings in the interaction of bodily hormones. Please be patient.

I walked over to him and had almost a prodding feeling from inside myself to wake him up so I gently touched him on his shoulder and he quietly roused from sleep. It didn’t take him too long to collect himself and for the first few minutes we simply introduced ourselves to each other and it seemed to me as if he was a rather intelligent type of person. In his overloaded supermarket trolley he showed me several notebook computers but what was more fascinating was a bundle of papers, notes he had made which he swiftly pulled out of the inside coat pocket as if reaching for a gun to fire away with some extraordinarily newfound theory. And the bullets of that discussion did hit hard. What he had written were his theories on the concept of addictive behaviour in those people who are aggressive but not just addictive behaviour in terms of relationships but addictive behaviour in terms of addiction to one’s own chemical reactions. As mentioned earlier this makes a lot of sense as cortisone and adrenaline being constantly  pumped into the bloodstream may in fact be addictive. 

He’d also drawn quite an interesting theory from that in terms of the children of alcoholic parents and how he had noted that many of them were in fact angry, not necessarily using alcohol but being angry through the patterns of that parental influence on them. What he said rang true to me because in fact was the child of an alcoholic father and although we left when I was rather young, only two years old, I must admit I do tend to err on the side of aggressiveness far too often. Of course, everyone has their own inbuilt nature but I do believe that there are some addictive patterns associated with the quality of thinking that we entertain, the type of feelings, thoughts and internal projections we create and that these do have a very powerful influence on our circumstances, the future and our destiny and fate.

Cultivating the positive stream of thoughts using gratitude as the initial ferry across the ocean of doubts and self-deprecation and inevitably ill-fated destinations in life.

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