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Hillary Clinton – An astrological assessment, updated

Hilary ClintonPerhaps George Bush wasn’t the first to employ the pre-emptive strike. When we look at the horoscope of Hillary Clinton, the democratic forerunner for the 2016 US presidential election there are plenty of instances in her horoscope that indicate a pre-emptive personality

If we look at the horoscope according to side aerial calculations, we see there are plenty of instances which indicate challenges between many of the planets. Novices in astrology were always terrified of the square and opposition aspects as they think this is an omen of bad luck. You have to say that far from having bad luck Hillary Clinton is risen through the ranks of the legal profession and public service to near the top job at least of being the Secretary of State for some time. We can see here the powerful position of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in her 10th house of profession. Saturn being her fourth and fifth ruler is extraordinarily powerful and although with inimical Pluto and Mars, Mars gains directional strength in this area as a seventh and second ruler. This is how she has attained such popularity.

Let’s also not forget that the seventh house is her husband, Bill Clinton, and we can see is Mars, that ruler, in the 10th house very powerfully positioned.  This accounts for her husband’s meteoric rise to the top job as president. Although this planet is debilitated in the sign of Cancer, its directional strength and locality in the angle cancel its weakness and endowed with extraordinary strength.

Jupiter is the ruler of enemies and being in the second house functions in several different ways. Firstly its aspect on the 10th house of profession most certainly shows her open enemies with the ruler of the sixth house Neptune, being in the 12th house of secret enemies. The full aspect on the 10th house and Mars might account for what’s happening now with the enquiry into her emails. It’s quite likely these were people close to her who are considered political allies and friends who have now turned against her.

On 21 February 2015 Mrs. Clinton and that her six-year solar cycle continues until February 21, 2021. Unfortunately the Sun karmically obstructs her efforts and is debilitated with her ruling planet Venus. The Sun doesn’t quite capture Venus with it to raise but it is still quite damaging notwithstanding the fact that this debilitation is cancelled. Retrograde Mercury ruling the 12th house and ninth house of the horoscope indicates her secret enemies and litigious problems throughout this period.

The Moon in the fifth house is the current cycle from June 11 to December 11, 2015. This can be a rather bleak period for her and one which causes her grave concern. Note the Moon in the last degree of the sign of Aquarius without any aspect other than that of Mars.

 Some of her health problems may recur at this time.

A real problem period starts under the Mars cycle which commences on December 11, 2015 until April 16, 2016. This planet can damage both figuratively and literally. She must be careful to watch her health at this time as this can cause her some serious problems. Although we are all waiting to see whether or not her legal problems can be surmounted we often forget that the shear stress of a situation like this can be too much for one person to bear. You’ll recall her health problems mounting towards the end of her term as Secretary of State.

We will talk more about Hillary Clinton’s prospects for the presidency but briefly during the election she will be running the sub period of Rahu which is the ruler of the fifth house stationed in the eighth house and in its exaltation at that.