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How Can I Make Saturn Strong In My Astrology?

Saturn is the planet of karma and the past. To make Saturn strong in your astrology there are certain rules of life which we must follow. Saturn relates to issues such as structure, order, discipline. It influences what is often difficult but necessary for us to face, like challenges, a responsibility that we must take upon ourselves, testing times when we have to put maximum effort into something. If Saturn is well-aspected in a horoscope, it brings success and happiness through hard work and dedication.

In ancient times, Saturn was identified with the god Chronus – the Roman god of time – who devoured his children because he thought they would overthrow him. The Romans saw this as a symbol of how strict their society was – all new generations had to be cut down so that the fittest survived – so Saturn became a symbol of limitations, restrictions, and death.

Saturn is associated with things that are often outside our comfort zone, including hard work, discipline, time management. If Saturn influences your life, it means you have to step up to the plate and take responsibility for something that lies within your control or influence even though you don’t want to or might find it difficult.

Saturn is also where we build our stamina because he represents how long we can endure something before giving up – this could be physical endurance as much as mental endurance. We need Saturn to know how far to push ourselves before stopping from exhaustion. Saturn teaches us about our boundaries because these are the limits beyond which he cannot go himself.

Saturn often grants us opportunities to show our emotional toughness, the planet of tough love. If you want to know how strong you are emotionally, look at your Saturn aspects in your chart to find out what situations have faced in life and what kinds of things push the boundaries of your patience.

Saturn also relates to fears that keep us from getting what we want or need because they keep us locked into old patterns or behaviours. These include the fear of failure, which limits our growth. This fear of not being able to cope makes everything seem too hard. Fear of success leads us down a path with no time for enjoyment.

The fear of taking responsibility for something it’s easier just to let someone else deal with; the fear of change that stops us from growing and moving forward; and even the fear of intimacy. Saturn is our fear because we don’t want to face them, but they’re always outside our comfort zone if we find them uncomfortable. That’s Saturn.

All these issues and areas where Saturn is at work in your life, whether you like it or not, can be overcome by using knowledge as a tool for self-empowerment. Knowledge gives us awareness which gives us a choice – knowing why something makes us feel bad or how it undercuts our sense of well-being allows us to make different choices instead.

10 Ways To Make Saturn Strong In My Astrology:

1: Meet a good astrologer

Meeting a good astrologer can give you a strong Saturn. The astrologer’s understanding can help you learn how to use the wisdom of Saturn in a way that benefits you and allows you to grow as a person.

2: Gain knowledge of Saturn

Gain knowledge by researching his attributes, where he represents restrictions and limitations, etc. You will start to understand why some things might be challenging or challenging for you as an individual, as these are the boundaries that Saturn has set up as obstacles for those who want to cross them. Allow yourself to the challenge of these limitations.

3: Increase Saturn power

The best way to increase Saturn power is through gaining knowledge about the planet- not only astrology knowledge but also worldly wisdom. The more you read, learn and understand, the more you’ll increase his power. This could include exploring the sciences or philosophy, reading books about your specific interests, learning new skills. The idea behind increasing Saturn’s power is that he’ll have less hold on you as a ruler if you educate yourself. This is not about denying your feelings but healthily dealing with them.

4: Use Saturn energy to change yourself for the better

The critical thing here is that it doesn’t matter what you do, where you start, or how long it takes – it’s about setting yourself goals, making plans, and seeing them through. This means being self-disciplined enough to practice every day even if you don’t feel like it; getting up early instead of sleeping in; taking care of business on time rather than putting things off; not wasting time when you could be learning something new; etc. Saturn teaches us how far we can push ourselves before giving in. You’ll know when you’ve reached this point because the consequence will be frustration and anger at yourself.

5: Be aware of Saturn’s effects on you

Saturn is a teacher, and as such, he will test you to see how willing you are to accept his lessons. Many people resist Saturn- they don’t like feeling inadequate or uncomfortable. They ignore this planet, which only makes things worse. Slowing down, taking responsibility for your actions and learning from them is one of the essential keys.

Also, being less materialistic is a harsh lesson, but if we embrace it, we’ll grow as individuals. We can’t always control what happens to us or around us, but we can take steps to deal with whatever life throws our way, whether it be Saturn himself or something else entirely. The more we push against this part of ourselves that wants to give in, the stronger we get.

6: Read about Saturn power and its rulership

What is it about Saturn that doesn’t sit well with you? Is it related to restriction and limitation? Slowing down? Denying yourself pleasure or giving something up to be more responsible? We’ll be better equipped when the planet starts acting up if we can understand what’s going on.

7: Stop resisting Saturn’s lessons

Nonresistance is the most important of the seven points. It’s similar to #6- if we can understand why we’re resisting specific life lessons, it becomes easier to change them around. The critical thing here is that Saturn will wait for you to get serious about your growth before he starts pushing things forward in your life. Don’t be surprised when nothing improves if you keep ignoring what he says! Remember, Saturn rules time, which means you only have so much of it, so make sure you spend it wisely.

8: Connect with others who are interested in Saturn

When people start learning more about Saturn, they’ll often find themselves drawn towards like-minded souls who also value his wisdom and power. This could mean joining a group of others who use Saturn’s energy to gain power over their lives, attending lectures or workshops on the planet, visiting forums where people discuss Saturn-related issues, etc. The more you can connect with others who understand what you’re going through, the easier it becomes to deal with relationships generally.

9: Remember that happiness comes from within

Your mental attitude makes all the difference in how easy or difficult your Saturn lessons are. If you find yourself letting the planet get to you, then remind yourself that this is a necessary part of life and that everything will be okay if you hang in there long enough! This doesn’t mean ignoring your feelings but respecting them rather than acting on them instantly, which often leads to regret.

10: Deal with the consequences of your actions

Saturn is not always nice about it, but in the end, he usually makes things turn out okay in some way, shape, or form. The trick is to deal with whatever happens in the best way possible rather than getting angry or upset because you didn’t get what you wanted immediately. That’s how life works sometimes- if we want something done right, we have to do it ourselves!


Saturn is a harsh planet, but it also provides us with tremendous opportunities for growth. If we give in to him, we’ll only set ourselves up for failure later on, so it’s essential to deal with his lessons responsibly and appropriately if we want life to improve. Saturn can be your best friend when you get things right or, it can be your worst nightmare when you continue to get it wrong! The choice is yours- what do you say?


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