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How to Improve Your Luck and Create Good Karma

Know here how to improve you luck and create good karma…

If you wish to increase your chances of success, organisation is essential. Make your daily activities a priority. Work harder on the things that will reward you and focus on your goals. Concentrating on your goals will open new doors and create more happiness in your life. It would help if you got out of your comfort zone to improve your luck. It will not be easy, but it will happen if you’re motivated to succeed.

Best intentions

We all know that our thoughts and deeds produce karma, and we can influence our fate by practising good intentions. Good intentions can create a more positive outlook, strengthen relationships, and attract good luck. People mirror our behaviour and reflect those that we treat with good intentions. When we continually display exemplary behaviour, people will feel the benefits. We will feel happier and more self-confident if we practice kindness and compassion.

The concept of karma is the ancient science of Eastern psychology. It relates all actions to their cause and effect. Good intentions create good karma, while wrong actions create bad karma. As such, karma cannot be avoided but is an essential tool in the fight against negative karma. Our efforts have consequences. The only way to overcome them is to be aware of our intentions and follow them.


40.-The-Art-of-Forgiveness-According to research, people who choose to forgive are happier in life. They have fewer episodes of depression, anxiety, stress, and hostility. They also have lower blood pressure, a lower chance of developing heart disease or diabetes and lower risks. Forgiveness is an essential part of the healing process. According to estimates, 62 per cent of Americans feel the need for more forgiveness.

To forgive is an active act that requires you to release negative emotions. This will help you develop compassion and empathy for others. This will ultimately lead to better health and happiness. Most importantly, though, forgiveness can be a spiritually powerful practice. Whether you’ve forgiven a family member or a friend, the act of forgiveness will create good karma and improve your luck..

Set boundaries with those who do more harm than good

When setting boundaries, it is essential to recognise that there are times when these boundaries are violated. Listen to your intuition. Your body will send you signals that you need to set some boundaries. Also, consider your moral philosophy when setting your boundaries. It’s recommended to focus on ten core values and narrow the list to five. You may find it helpful to list these values when deciding where your limits should be drawn.

Learn from the success stories of successful people

The secret to success lies in learning from others. Pay attention to how others handle situations. Most successful people can solve problems positively and effectively. They can maximise their time and collaborate with others to reach their goals. This applies equally to your personal life. You can learn from successful people by being more organised, taking better care of yourself, and being positive.

Try to emulate the things successful people do. Highly successful people are always hungry for more knowledge. They don’t fear failure because they understand that it is part of the process. They are constantly reading and absorbing more information. You can emulate their behaviour by consistently demonstrating honourable behaviour and being true to your values. Learning from success will help you adapt to changing situations and develop accordingly.

Learning from superstitions

Superstitions are rooted in the ancient world when many people could not understand science or were afraid of religion. Although superstitions may not cause bad luck, the results can be surprising. In one experiment, 59 business students were asked to recall times when they had good or bad financial luck. The results were exciting, and the participants seemed to recognise that superstitions can have powerful effects.

A study found that people who activate superstitions had higher confidence levels when completing tasks. However, the real crux of the study was that the presence of a random thing increased people’s self-efficacy. When people faced a challenge, they were more motivated and persistent in achieving it. Hence, 80% of high-rise buildings skip the thirteenth floor.


To improve your luck, practice the four principles of Wiseman. Wiseman recommends that you learn by doing, and you should start with something small and then try it many times before settling on the best one. He also suggests that you follow the habits of successful people and their behaviours, as they will likely increase your luck score

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