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Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and Coronavirus

Coronavirus: How your thoughts and feelings affect the environment

– Dadhichi Toth – Founder and CEO,

Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and CoronavirusI’m hearing so many interesting perspectives. There are convincing arguments on both sides of the coronavirus debate.  This article is about human Bio-magnetic pollution and coronavirus. Let’s take a look at Coronavirus: How your thoughts and feelings affect the environment.

Jupiter and Pluto continue to mingle their energies. We see issues of power coming to the fore. I don’t want to come across as taking sides, either for against.

My job as an astrologer is to  look as impartially as possible at what the planetary combinations indicate. There is a language in the planetary movements. If astrology is anything, it’s the language of life and how it plays out. This language describes the process of karma. It shows how, at any given moment the perfect Universal Law is being expressed. This happens through the planetary transits. Yes, even this tragic epidemic is part of that law.

The combined influence of Jupiter and Pluto is traditionally considered a power combo. Look at Jupiter’s debilitation. A planet’s debilitation disempowers it. It’s like a reverse tarot card. The inherent goodness of that power, its goodwill and generosity is inverted. Its proximity to Pluto inverts that power and it collapses in on itself. This no doubt  this has to do with governments what its perfect description is: plutocracy. I can’t say what form this will take, precisely. Astrologically this will play out at a government and societal level as well as a purely medical one. This is all about power its use and abuse and control.

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Of course this corruption is always based on power and greed. No doubt it is also a race by scientists of different countries to secure the gold medal of the medical Olympics by finding that magic potion, THE vaccine. And given the number of vaccinations likely, it’s a massively big gold medal. It’s a lucrative market commercially. This is just one possible manifestation of the Jupiter and Pluto combination. Later I talk a little about bio-magnetic pollution. This is related to the personal manifestation of the Jupiter and Pluto energy. Don’t forget to read that, it’s the most important part of this article.

I’ve been through many winters. I’ve seen so many influenzas come and go. I remember getting very sick once after flying back from the US and couldn’t get out of bed for 5 days. Now, as far as this coronavirus is concerned, I don’t know if it’s natural or, as some are asserting, militarily manufactured, but I know this: in our nearby hospital here in the Philippines 23 doctors have dropped down dead. A total of over 250 health care workers are very ill. I also have some friends who’ve been very ill and one that almost died.

Social ramifications

Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and CoronavirusSo, going back, I never recall 20 doctors dying in a two week period. It’s not a made up number. The families of those dead people are grieving. That’s never happened in my Life.

Remember the Spanish flu? Do you believe it happened? You know why 65 million died ( this is the estimated number but possibly as high as 100 million ) Because they didn’t implement the extreme social measures that are being enacted now.

Yes, these measures seem cruel. But…what’s the point of studying history, biology, virology, medicine, if we continue to ignore what history teaches us.

There are 12 million poor people in Manila and Quezon City who have no food right now. They are in lockdown like most of us only they don’t have any sort of medical or social safety net. They are on the breadline. They are starving. And right now they are starting to get angry.

The social consequences of this are like a pressure cooker. Both sides are vehemently arguing the case. One is saying we should allow people out so that they liberties aren’t infringed upon.

The others are saying we should be totally responsible and curtail some of the comforts of life for the good of the larger population. This really is a question of the better of two evils.

To those wanting all restrictions lifted, a reasonable question is: what’s the alternative plan? Let’s assume you are right and our liberties aren’t trampled and you are free to wander anywhere freely. How do you deal with this emergency?

The astrologer stands impartially in the middle like Spain during the First World War, which remained neutral. It copped a walloping like many ‘middle standers’ because it simply asked questions and was straight up and down in its approach. It was one of a few nations which spoke the truth through its media, unlike the warring countries whose media feared a backlash if the truth of the situation was known. Is that the case now? It’s a reasonable question.

The social consequences of this are like a pressure cooker. Both sides are vehemently arguing the case.

Mercury, Neptune and Deception in the Media

Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and CoronavirusMercury has just passed the deceptive conjunction of Neptune. That has taken place in the 11th house of Aquarius in the natural Zodiac. Aquarius stands for the group, is a human sign and representation of society as a unit.

There’s no doubt from this conjunction that communication which is ruled by the third house and Mercury and being in connection with the 12th house Pisces and its ruler Neptune, that misinformation is at tsunami size proportions. That information is coming at everyone from all angles.

Furthermore, the Sun which is the natural significator of governments and the ‘ruler‘ is also found to be in the 12th house.

Whatever numbers we’re seeing at the moment are more than likely a massive underestimation. Why do I say that? In many countries including the US, there’s no universal healthcare. It costs a lot of money to go to the doctor, have tests, see specialists and spend time in a hospital bed.

I see a lot of poverty where I am. If poor people here in the Third World country, aren’t feeling well but have a little money, it will primarily be spent feeding their three or four young fatherless children.

Rather than racing off to a hospital to spend that money on tests they’ll make do with the little they have. For that reason, there must be millions of impoverished people suffering from this virus. They haven’t yet been tested or acknowledged as having been infected. That’s alarming.

This is what I am seeing and this is what is terribly frightening in terms of the so-called numbers. I can’t even start to imagine how many sick people are lying in bed at home in say India. Have any of you seen the numbers?

Take a look at the live update for infections at

  • America with a population of 320 million has 435,000 infections.
  • India on the other hand, with a population of 1.3 billion has…..get ready for it….5,546.
  • That’s almost 58,000 times the number of infections. In the USA, a first world country, with all of the most modern appliances, high-speed Internet, air-conditioning and best scientific and medical minds, that’s a very worrying number and disproportionate statistic.

I don’t claim to have any of the answers whatsoever. I’m just looking at the charts and also the statistics. That’s all I have to go by.

Locally, I see what’s happening and there’s obviously a problem. My posts are more along the lines of questioning rather than making statements. I believe it’s okay to say “I don’t know”. Apart from any news or information from outside ourselves, it’s not a bad idea to rely on a thing that has, for the most part, fallen by the wayside over the past few years – that is, Common Sense.

Apart from any news or information we are receiving outside ourselves, it’s a good idea to rely on a thing that has for the most part fallen by the wayside over the past few years and that is Common Sense.

Common sense tells you that these numbers just don’t add up. I’m not saying why they don’t add up. I’m just saying they don’t. Maybe later they’ll be revised.

Until you have more information on this it’s difficult to make an honest assessment. That’s makes it all the more difficult when no one knows whether the news, facts, statistics and other associated information with this or any other news we are receiving is factual or fabricated.

Human Biomagnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem

Your thinking and emotions affect your world. You wouldn’t throw your trash out the car window. Don’t throw your emotions out either.

We’ve seen how the plutocratic energies of Jupiter and Pluto affect everyone on a societal and political level. We also see how that energy is corrupt when these planets are in proximity to each other. On a personal level, this combination of Jupiter and Pluto is about asserting your own power. You can find out more about bio-magnetic pollution here

Jupiter’s debilitation is unfortunate as it tends to make you pessimistic. You’ll look at the worst-case scenario of a situation. Because Jupiter is the largest planet, you’re likely to over exaggerate the problem. Isn’t that what we’re seeing around us everywhere – negative and fake news, disputes, division of friendships, scathing opinions, fear, suspicion and accusation. This is the result of these adverse planetary influences. And all that negative stuff has a birth place. It’s called the human mind.

The additional hard aspect of Saturn and Pluto receive the square of the Sun. In its transit to all of these planets we see a harrowing celestial event. It’s obvious that the social and economic consequences of this virus are going to be worse than the virus itself.

The manipulation of power and abuse of people is always easier when the masses are at a disadvantage. They are diseased, weak, and hungry and right now feel disempowered. If, history is to be believed as repeating itself, it’s the disenfranchisement of the masses that leads to mass uprisings. And it will.

You’ll look at the worst-case scenario of the situation and because Jupiter is the largest planet, you’re likely to over exaggerate the problem.

Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and Coronavirus

In most cases you can’t easily change or anything at a government level. This makes you feel powerless. You’re getting bombarded with all sorts of videos, commentaries, snippets, statistics, fear mongering etc. It’s almost impossible to know what to think or feel. The pressure of being socially distant challenges the very social instincts of human beings. This starts to eat away at the psyche of the individual and society as a whole.

Your circle of immediate influence is where you have most power to influence your world. This doesn’t only go for your family and domestic space. It has more to do with your mental and emotional space.

We chastise others for eating junk food. We educate them to understand that becoming physically bloated with a devitalised, processed diet is dangerous to life. What about what we are feeding our minds? What about the diet of processed, homogenised, filtered, censored ‘digitalia’? How is your mind right now? Are you thinking good thoughts, bad thoughts? Are you filled with anger, outrage and everything you hear and see?

Imagine all the time you spend surfing, arguing, doubting, fearing, apprehending, mistrusting, disbelieving? Each thought you have is associated with a chemical reaction, each feeling also contributes to the secretions of chemicals and hormones. These, in turn, have a direct impact on your electromagnetic field.

When you take a negative field or thought projection and multiply it by 8 billion, that’s an awful lot of negative EMF being generated in our world. It’s a bio-magnetic feedback of sorts and an often overlooked source of many of our problems.

In short, we are all unhappy and perpetuating that with what we feed our senses. We have gorged ourselves on junk ‘mental’ food. We are bio-magnetically polluting our mental and emotional atmospheres. It’s nothing more than Human Bio-magnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem!

What’s happening now is a karmic consequence on every level. There are no accidents in life, as most intuitive people would know. This type of lockdown and social distancing should be used wisely, spiritually as a fast, to cleanse your mental and emotional sphere. This should ideally be done within yourself. If all the ‘selves‘ unite this energy, it will be self-sustaining and continue to grow exponentially.

We are bio-magnetically polluting our mental and emotional atmospheres. Human Biomagnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem

Where are you spending your time? What are you doing to create a positive force field around yourself? What are you creating? What are you generating and what sort of legacy are you leaving the people behind you? While you’re reading endless babble on social sites like

wastebook, what could you have achieved personally, spiritually? Imagine how bringing that energy together with others in unison and generating positive energy, as a group, might impact society and the world?

Start containing your best energy and stop bio-magnetically polluting your environment.

What’s happening now is a karmic consequence on every level.

There are no accidents in life, as most intuitive people would know.

This type of lockdown and social distancing should be used

wisely, spiritually as a fast, to cleanse your mental and emotional sphere.


You may not be able to fight City Hall, but you can generate your best energy and be peaceful and happy in yourself. Control your negative thinking at least a little to contribute to a pure atmosphere around you. This also comes with the necessity to be grateful even for the little you have. You’re not here for a long time, so as much as possible try to remain serene, do the best you can within your circle of influence. Hopefully, that energy will move things forward positively. Remember, we’re all in this together.

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