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In-house Violence Exposure Today; Aggressive Behaviour Tomorrow

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Violence“People may think children that young are passive and unaware, but they pay attention to what’s happening around them,” – Megan Holmes, reporter from Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

A study was conducted to see the effect of early exposure to domestic violence and its impact on the development of children social behaviour. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) exposure has the consequences on young children’s later aggressive behaviour. Millions of children are witnessing such domestic violence each year according to National Center for Children Exposed to Violence.

In-house Violence Exposure Today; Aggressive Behaviour TomorrowNSCAW surveyed children from ages 3 to 5, 107 were exposed to IPV in their first three years but never again, compared to 339 children who were never exposed. Analysis of behaviour shows that there was no behaviour difference between those who witnessed and who did not. But for such exposure to violence increases the aggression behaviour of children once reaching school age. And that the more exposure the children have, the higher the aggression behaviour became.

Meanwhile, children never exposed to IPV gradually decreased in aggression. Opportunity between ages 3 and 5 is still open to at least help them socialize and learn the right behaviour. Playing and art therapies can help them relieve the foul play they witnessed. Identifying risk and protective measures can lessen the number of early aggression behaviour.


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