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Interview Between Professor Jovana Gajic and Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi: Good morning…up early again?

Professor Gajic ; yes, Hi

Dadhichi: can’t sleep?

Professor Gajic: my Moon in Aquarius

Dadhichi: It’s good for an astrologer to sync to the solar cycle for pure intuition power

Professor Gajic: I hope so

Dadhichi: the Solar Deities bless an astrologer with atomic connectedness. This gives clear predictive speech. You know, the chakras in the tongue are not known by most

Professor Gajic: are you currently using Jyotish or western astrology?

Dadhichi: My publishing is in western eg books as are my websites but all my research and consultations are only in Vedic

Professor Gajic: What impression do you want to make on your clients? What is purpose of conversation with you? For ordinary people like me? For anyone?

Dadhichi: It depends on the person. Some want money, some want love, some want insight. Others don’t know. My purpose for each depends on their need

Professor Gajic: How many people are interested in astrology in Australia ?

Dadhichi: I sold several hundred thousand astrology books worldwide last year with about many of them here in Australia. Orders for the 2009 series are up 20% with the UK looking at increased sales as well. France has translated last 3 series and USA and Canada are in discussions….. So, it looks like a lot of people are interested.

Professor Gajic: So tell me about astrology

Dadhichi: Most people – even accomplished astrologers think astrology is simply technique. It isn’t. The technique is secondary. The primary ( intuitive ) can’t be taught just by anyone. It is an esoteric secret given only to the select few.

Professor Gajic: Do you have astrology TV show, channel?

Dadhichi: www.youtube/Dadhichi. Many people watch. I do interviews and speak simply – mostly it is commercial though. It’s better to speak and ask questions here. I can’t teach the more elaborate technicalities of astrology there. A student must have a grasp of fundamentals – 16 sources of strength. Mostly the astrologers – even the best that I have meet, lack fundamental knowledge. You should be able to explain the 16 sources of strength of a planet and the exaltation and debilitation degrees the cancellation exceptions to these rules as well, l the directional strength – natural positional harmonic aspectual stellar etc etc.

Professor Gajic: When did you become an astrologer?

Ddhichi: I have been an astrologer for 25 years and still under 13 years of study with my mentor in India. It’s great to meet a knowledgeable person. Soon you will get tired of TV. Ha-ha It is a sausage factory which reduces the divine to a sound byte and an ad placement. We need it but it is futile for deep insight, the master astrologer needs no chart – he or she IS the chart biologically. Swara and the movement of breath reveal the 5 elements in each moment in the physical being of an astrologer. Answers are given without the chart at that stage.

Professor Gajic: what is your great experience with client? or astrologer?

Dadhichi: The Eternal Present is my great experience (laughing)

Professor Gajic: What people can expect from you as an astrologer?

Dadhichi: they can expect what they desire, most don’t listen anyhow ( laughing again )

Professor Gajic: I absolutely agree

Dadhichi: That’s not our business. They pay – I say. I am not concerned by the results of my speech. Speech is a form of Matrika Shakti – divine energy on the tongue. It is a seed which goes into the heart of the client, and grows with time you can’t always see the results quickly if any. We must surrender the notion of free will – it is a myth or rather we have free will – but it is irrelevant to any happening

Professor Gajic: How can people recognize a genuine astrologer? Are they easy to recognize?

Dadhichi: Most astrologers don’t like me saying this. The best astrologers aren’t known in the world – they hide from others. My teacher will tell you the positions of planets by your name only. The Nadi leaves in India reveal your horoscope from your thumb print with name and family names date birth given. From just your thumb print only. I have had firsthand experience. THIS is true astrology. All events, even the date of death etc will be given.

Professor Gajic: Ok, what is commercial astrology?

Dadhichi: We all have to live and act according to our genetic makeup, that also is out of our control, so let it happen – commercial or not, just don’t think “I am doing this, or that or the other” – that is the problem of the ego.

Professor Gajic: Some people learn just enough to understand their own chart

Dadhichi: My teacher told me to tear up my chart in the beginning. My job as an astrologer is to as much as possible forget my future and my past and live NOW for others if they need me.

Professor Gajic: Do you believe that a lot of times when we are having problems it is because we are going against our nature (aspects in our chart)?

Dadhichi: See functionally for you – Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn are malefic. Western astrologers ramble on about how good Jupiter is but for you Jupiter is malefic and when it SEEMS benefic it is only because of vedha or obstruction of its rays by other planets and different inter-aspects. Your most powerful benefic is Mars. You can never go against your nature, your nature is what compels you to be and do who and what you are.

Professor Gajic: What is real astrology?

Dadhichi: It is the mythical story of the soul’s evolution, but I say mythical because in truth there is no evolution – evolution is change and that which we truly are does not change. Change is an illusion. Astrology is concerned with the wheel of time but I am concerned with the center of the wheel which is motionless.

Professor Gajic: Can anyone basically tell the future? Dadhichi: Would you like to speak about this? You were asking about predicting the future? Do you think the future can be predicted? And if so what is the use?

Professor Gajic: Yes, but only 70%, not more

Dadhichi: the records that I mentioned are flawless. Not 70% but 100%

Professor Gajic: tell me my future. I can tell yours. It’s my job.

Dadhichi: Perhaps I’m not that interested in my future

Professor Gajic: people want it so…

Dadhichi: Tell me about the present. That is more real and is the most important “tense”. People don’t know the present so telling them the future will be of no use anyhow. Yes, we do have a curiosity about what will happen and whether or not a business deal or a relationship will turn out to our satisfaction.

Professor Gajic: If you look into some chart you can see the future of relationships . So, future is predictive for couples as well……..

Dadhichi: Most certainly.

Professor Gajic: Thanks Dadhichi

Dadhichi: Thanks Jovana.

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