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Introduction to March 2019 – Current Karma

Good Karma Versus Bad Karma

Hi folks,

Here’s your introduction to March 2019 and a look at your current Karma.

Studying your horoscope is simply a way of deciphering karma. There are a bunch of planets, representative of certain predispositions you inherited at birth. You were born with an aggregate of karma and therefore programmed genetically. This is what the Hindu Scriptures say. You could in a way refer to them as a bunch of accounting ledgers that needs balancing. It’s a balance sheet of your material and spiritual assets and liabilities.

The karma you undergo is worked out in the material environment and circumstances you pass through during your life. The debt is paid off in this manner. The currency is wisdom and awareness. The insight you gain from how you deal with the circumstances is your ticket to paying off your karmic debts in full.

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Although karma is considered an action word, there’s another way of looking at it. We look at what others have done and assume their actions determine their future karma. This isn’t altogether true. Karma is primarily related to intention, and understanding that what you do is not necessarily the deciding factor is a huge paradigm shift. The fruit of karma, good, bad or otherwise, has also to do with the intention/motivation underlying your actions, words and thoughts. The tit-for-tat, eye-for-an-eye or what-goes-round-comes-round axioms generally overlook the fact that causes and effects are also intertwined with this thread of intention.

Flying back out to the planets for a moment…This month Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius. How this impacts your karma is somewhat interchangeable, depending on your Sun sign. Venus is most beneficial to Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn and Aquarius. These signs enjoy the full benefit of Venus. The remaining signs have difficulty with Venus as it is in particularly friendly to their star sign.

We often think that the best planets are going to afford you the best karma. That’s not always the case. With Venus you can clearly see that as the ruler of the natural second house of the Zodiac and your finances, its good placement should necessarily mean a good outcome, right? The material values and income you earn are seen from this planet. Actually, it’s not always a blessing to win the lottery. We find many people committing suicide after having such great fortune and karma. They just can’t cope with it. Just because you win money doesn’t mean you’re able to manage it. The vast majority of people who win a lottery end up spending it all. They find themselves back to where they were prior to the win. They haven’t learnt the art of managing or investing the cash. That’s where Venus can turn on you, as can any of the “good” planets.

Incidentally, the good planets are considered to be Venus, Jupiter, the brightening Moon and a well associated Mercury. The rest of the planets, according to Vedic astrology, are troublesome. Saturn brings in its transit, big karmic liabilities so we have to understand the nature of this planet and how it operates in your individual. More importantly it important for the astrologer to check its impact based upon your individual lunar and rising sign. Obviously, in the readings given here, they are prepared for millions of people born under Aries, millions under Taurus and so on and so forth.

Just as Venus is supposed to be a lucky planet, some of the houses of the horoscope are also supposed to be really great. Take the 11th house which is supposed to fulfil all your desires. Hindu astrology has another interesting viewpoint on this 11th house of your horoscope. It is supposed to fulfil all your dreams. Generally, the usual astrological interpretation is simply a regurgitation of everything before: all wonderful, excellent finances and more money, more friends etc.

Take Aries as an instance. With Venus moving through the 11th house at expanse your social circle and that may well be true. However, the reason the Vedic astrologers regard this 11th house as untoward is because it certainly manifests all these things like new friends, money and to a greater or large extent fulfils all your worldly desires. But that’s the problem precisely because your worldly desires are fulfilled. These desires anchor you to this material samsara and the endless rounds of karma. Your level of attachment grows as these desires are fulfilled. In other words, the more you fulfil those desires the more you become attached to the thing you desire. This makes it more and more difficult to escape this worldly dimension with all its birth, death and rebirth.

I tend to take the middle ground because otherwise if you’re a spiritual seeker, you’re forced to reject and renounce the world completely! That’s not necessary. It’s an archaic spiritual view that rejects the inherent beauty and spirituality of the world. As another philosophy that says it’s okay to embrace everything in this world and accept it as a projection of our own being. In reality, everything is just a projection of your own self and so what is there to accept or reject? Occasionally it happens that you bite your tongue. Do you punch your teeth out when your teeth accidentally bite your tongue? Of course not! The tongue and the teeth are part of the one Being. You, me and everyone else are the ‘eyes, teeth and tongues’ of the universe. We are all part of the one being.

Karma is born from intention and what is happening right this moment, in this very instant, is our karma unfolding. the backlog of assets and liabilities you are born with a being worked out right now! Astrologically, the transits reflect the circumstances and your reaction to those events of your life. This is what you could call the Great Balancing Act. Your Current Account Balance Can Be Seen in Your Horoscope. Check out what’s coming up in March for your star sign in my videos.

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