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Introduction to March 2021 Horoscope Forecast

Here’s the Introduction to March 2021 Horoscope Forecast by Dadhichi Toth… WATCH HERE!


What’s going to happen to your love life, career, karma and social arena?

Now, you can read more about what’s going to be for the 12 signs of the zodiac

Introduction March 2021 Monthly Forecast

Hello, everybody. I’m here to introduce the month of March for all twelve zodiac star signs. And I wanted to just take a snapshot of the chat here as you can see, and fast forward to the 14th almost midway into the month. For the key aspect, let me just change this to the natural Aries Zodiac.

Here we see if we take the natural Zodiac the new moon taking place in the sign of Pisces, which is the 12th house, with the world madly rushing towards material security, branding. 5000 friends on Facebook, it’s all about quantity. It’s all about as far as I can see, having more, having more than everyone else, turning everything up louder than everything else. Right. And somehow, we become conditioned to have not to we, you know, contextually with our friends or relatives. They’re all maybe racing towards the same goals. That’s the 11th house when we look at goals. You notice here in the natural Zodiac we talked about this last year that great conjunction the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn there in the sign of Aquarius.


Aquarius is the progressive sign in the Sidereal Zodiac which is my preferred Zodiac but I don’t like to confuse people. That conjunction took place in the debilitation sign of Jupiter. Capricorn is the debilitation area for that planet and what is Jupiter is the planet of spirituality, the natural significator of how we expand and ennoble ourselves in life. When that planet is depressed, or drops, we can see what happens in life, we can see that all of those spiritual values have discarded even the spiritual people. It’s all lip service. You can see it. I mean, I live here in the Philippines. I’ve heard I’m not that I’m a practising Christian anymore. I heard from my childhood that thou shalt not work on the Sabbath.

Now, what are we going to do? You’ve got half of the population here on the poverty line a few more now, since COVID. What do they do? They don’t work on the Sabbath. Of course not. Most of them work on the Sabbath. So you know, that’s what I call paying lip service is very, very few people have that courage of their convictions. And that’s, of course, because Jupiter, again, I’m going to refer back to the Sidereal position here in the material Sun of Capricorn shows that we tend to discard those values in favour of the material benefits.

It’s few and far between that an individual that will step up and live by their spiritual principles. And I’m not saying you have to follow the principles of any church or dogma. I’m saying that those principles have to be carved out refined and polished by you to fit who you are, as a person. And that’s what I love about astrology. Because even though we classify all of the 12 signs into the tribes, and we identify pretty much with all of those different tribes, and the values of each of those tribes, I am very much for the individualism of the person, which is really what this Aquarius thing is all about finding the individual value finding your core values, your core competency, not just in terms of work, but in terms of what it is you value in life and what it is you want to do. And making that your religious dogma, your religious dogma that’s not sort of looking left, right, above and below to what everyone else is expecting of you, then you want to work on the Sabbath effort. It’s your decision. It’s your standard you don’t have to live by the standard of anyone else.

So I think I’ve focused quite a bit on that eleventh house Jupiter-Saturn combination in Aquarius conjunction. I jumped to the 14th for a very specific reason. Along the same theme, which is four planets in Pisces including the ruler of Pisces Neptune and a new moon taking place there. That new moon in Pisces showing us The sublime highlights of what we aspire to, as humans, as humanity as a whole, is intimately tied in with the principle of Pisces of sacrifice, the spiritual ideal, what is it that enables us you, as a human being, the New Moon is showing us a new value system, a new way of looking at things, the need for an independent reappraisal of that, as shown by the Aquarian ideal.

The fact that we’re on the cusp precipice of this New Age of Aquarius is all about. Yes, it’s about working for the good of the whole, the group Aquarius is all about the group. But that can only happen through the other principle of Aquarius, which is individuality finding your true spiritual meaning and value within yourself. rather than relying on the outdated methodologies and dogmas that we’ve been conditioned to believe.

I think it’s an important point. I’m not going to labour it. I think this month, keep that in the back of your mind when I talk to you. I’ll animate the chart for each of the 12 tribes, and show you how the New Moon is impacting each zodiac sign. The theme here is about your values and core competency. This has to be determined and discovered by you. Let’s see how these different areas of our practical lives are impacted. You must do what’s in keeping with what makes you feel whole and feeling great. What is it at the end of the day that makes you happy as a human being?

Okay, now, let’s have a look at the 12 signs. Thanks for joining me. I look forward to telling you what’s happening in March 2021.