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June 2012 Newsletter from Dadhichi – your astrologer

2418954-150x150Good morning and welcome to our newsletter this month. I am Dadhichi and it is June 2012 and I write to you concerning the issues of love, romance and relationships and how astrology might throw some light on to this subject.

Western astrologers have been green observing the transit of Jupiter through Taurus the sign ruled by Venus signifying love and while mostly we discuss relationships in terms of ourselves with others, the deeper significance of astrology is that relationship which is most important of all – with ourselves. Unfortunately Taurus focuses our attention on the material things of life, the outward expression of love and security. This is because Taurus is an earth sign and relates to the material form that love takes.

Now however, I would like to speak to you about the esoteric or spiritual significance of relationship and how it relates primarily to the union of the male and female principle within us. You’ve probably heard it a million times but unless you love yourself who else is going to love you? Right? But this is absolutely true, as so often our feelings are tainted by poor self-image, negativity arising out of parental and environmental factors which make it impossible to us to relate to anyone else. Why else would we see such dismal marriage and divorce statistics?

Essentially, according to Tantrik and Vedic astrological principles, the Zodiac is simply the cosmic wo/man and represents in its entirety each and every single human being. Therefore, each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac is embedded in us individually and represents different components of our own personality. It is for this reason that I say to people that even though you are born under a specific star sign the other 11 star signs also represent different facets of your personality, destiny and relationships.

As an example, take Taurus which we have been discussing with Jupiter’s transit. The sign opposite, 180 degrees away is Scorpio and this star sign for Taurus signifies marriage. Pluto and Mars dominate the sign of Scorpio and therefore these planets will indicate just how some Taurus-Scorpio marriages will play out but this star sign shows also how Taurus must deal with themselves. Understanding oneself may be difficult for a Taurus and therefore Pluto reveals that deep insight into one’s personality which for a Taurus can be rather revolutionary and threatening. This inner relationship with oneself for Taurus as or any other star sign for that will play out in one’s mind and emotions.

Make no mistake about it, our feelings, our thoughts and words have great power and what comes out of our mouths definitely represents much of what is going on in our internal chemistry which in turn produces an energetic aura which either attracts or repels. This is why I say that relationships are primarily at the most essential level everything to do with how we relate to ourselves.

On this point, Vedic astrology is also clear on the fact that planets don’t only enter into relationships with other planets in the heavens but also have intimate relationship with themselves. This is why the Hindu astrologers have a sophisticated system of harmonic charts to express what these relationships of the planets in themselves are all about. As the old saying goes, “As above so below” and therefore, intimate relationships of planets with themselves also signify esoterically the relationship we as individuals have with ourselves.

The male and female archetypes which we project onto other people as me-you are really externalised expressions of this male-female principal within us. The left and right hemispheres of the brain relate to the male and female properties within us. Our hormones are uniquely and genetically preprogrammed which is why star signs are also categorised as negative-positive, plus-minus, male-female. This simply represents the changing polarity, the electromagnetic shifts that are part and parcel of the celestial dynamics.

But these dynamics also play out in the human condition. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are placid, sometimes we are more prone to action. If you are aware enough, you can experience a deep understanding of when these fluctuations are taking place, through studying the inward and outward movement of your own breath, the shifting polarity every two hours from the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Breathing techniques are given in the yoga tradition so that you may balance these energies, produce a more harmonious electromagnetic field around your physical being which will act as an attractor for the right person, a soul mate in your life.

So to all of you who are struggling with this notion of relationship, love and marriage, and I know many of you come to me worried that especially if you’ve reached midlife and haven’t found true love that there must be something wrong with you or that your fate is dead against you achieving fulfilment in this department of your life. To you I say, begin with yourself, regulate your breath, manage your dietary intake, observe your thoughts and redirect these into a higher mode of mental activity and your electromagnetic field will change to such an extent that you’ll have to fight off would-be suitors.

In some places, June is regarded as the month of love. In concluding, simply give some thought to the idea that love has to begin with yourself. Practice makes perfect. Let’s hope, a little self-awareness will be a useful tool in attracting the person you deserve in your life. If you are already in a relationship, these techniques of self-awareness, regulation of breaths, management of dietary habits and most importantly discipline of thought and speech, will also improve your current emotional state.

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Best wishes during this month of love!

Your astrologer, Dadhichi