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Jupiter Transit and Finding Your Mojo in 2020

Jupiter and Finding Your Mojo in 2020

The Astrological Transits of Jupiter: The Key to Recovering Your Power, Influencing the World and Attracting Luck


Have you lost your mojo?  Is your magnetic charm on the wane?

So many people are feeling their luck has changed. Fortunately for some it’s for the better. Unfortunately for most, not. It seems as if what used to be easily attracted is now more difficult. It’s as if everything the average Joe does is yielding diminished returns. Less money, higher costs, more work responsibilities, not enough time off…..

You’re running on flat and, no luck!

What do you need to do to find your mojo and bring back that glistening sheen to your life?

A mojo isn’t just a lucky charm, intersection of life with some incredible good stroke of fortune or even ‘feeling great’. It’s a more fundamental expression of your own self. There are ancient philosophies that talk about the world in your circumstances. It’s said that those things are nothing more than a perfect mirror or reflection of your attitudes. In other words, what you’re looking at when you see the world is nothing other than a reflection of your own belief system.

That’s a little hard to believe given all the tragedies and problems in the world. But think about it, an event, any event, is simply a neutral happening in nature. You and I project those belief systems onto billions of happenings. Even the most tragic events have some seed of good or potential growth embedded within them. At the time great misfortune befalls you, it’s difficult, if not impossible to see how any good can come from that.

‘Even the most tragic events have some seed of good or potential growth embedded within them’

Jupiter and its transit, as well as the position occupied at the time of birth, have a great deal to say about your luck. Not only that but also where you’ll find your mojo! You see, Jupiter’s primary function is to help you expand, and to move you in the direction in which your luck is most easily accessed. Jupiter isn’t the only planet associated with your mojo. Venus, the Sun, well-placed Mercury etc also have their part to play. Jupiter’s positioning your horoscope however, show how all these play out in combination. Jupiter shows where you expand and enrich yourself. Actually, it’s where and what makes you feel great that determines how quickly you access your good fortune and find that long missing mojo.    

Circumstances and personal resonance

Earlier I said the world is simply a reflection or resonance of your own personal, inner vibration. You find yourself most easily tuned in the people and circumstances that synchronise with that personal resonance. Looking for your mojo simply means attending and giving love to those things you love the most. That doesn’t mean disregarding your responsibilities, some of which are difficult and challenging. But it does mean you can’t give undue attention to something that is out of your control and unable to be changed.

‘Change the things you can and surrender the rest, seems to be the law of life and karma’

More than that, think about the cost in terms of your time, mental and emotional energy which are, your most valuable commodities, even more than money. These are elegant currencies.

By focusing intently on what you love, feeling gratitude and joy in what you are doing, your internal energies start to change, and dramatically so. If there’s a spiritual discipline it’s this: redirect attention away from problems and what make you unhappy to that which brings joy opens and expands your heart. It gives a sense of connectedness to everything around you. That could be anything from getting your hands dirty in the garden, growing flowers to embroidery, painting or singing in the shower if that’s what turns you on.

Jupiter is now commencing its transit in the sign of Capricorn, making its presence felt in this earthy, practical sign. What does it mean for you and more importantly how does it help you locate your missing mojo? Capricorn’s transit by Jupiter will affect each of the 12 Zodiac star signs differently. Furthermore, Jupiter’s transit here is its weakest sign. In other words Jupiter doesn’t function easily in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Debilitation

saturn tension

Astrologers class this position of Jupiter as its debilitation sign. It’s not hard to imagine how you feel when you are debilitated is it? Jupiter feels the same way in Capricorn and therefore, its expansive, benevolent energies are restricted throughout its roughly one year transit here. Furthermore, over the coming months

Jupiter will make contact with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, uncompromising Pluto and the South node. These complex conjunctions constrain Jupiter’s natural benevolence. Jupiter will give you your mojo back but only with certain conditions attached to it.

But what does this all mean in layman’s terms? Good question. It simply means that you can’t rely on luck during this next 12 months as much as you do on your efforts. Thomas Edison coined the phrase: success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. When it’s said that you must work hard for success, it should always work hand in glove with smart work! This is the way to attain success in your work. But it’s also tied to your happiness and finding your mojo, that magic spark that makes life worth living.

Could it be that it’s not even a matter of work? Another saying: those who love the work they do, never work a day in their lives. This seems to be more in tune with finding your mojo and not only getting on top of life but crushing it! You must bring your attention back to those things that give you happiness and joy. The general indication for all of the signs, due to Jupiter’s week transit placement is that money and material acquisitions won’t be as easily acquired. In fact there is some talk that the world economy is not exactly in the best of shape. Mounting debt means that many countries are on the verge of crashing economies.

Once again, if you focus your attention on these dire outcomes, that’s not exactly going to improve the situation. The same goes for climate change. Yes, we are on the precipice of a cataclysmic shift in global and human affairs but what’s the point of worrying? Do something if you can. How is paralysing yourself with negative thoughts going to improve this global scenario? It’s up to you to take responsibility in your own life to make that happen. You must make an impact on your immediate local space. You need to reengage positively with your mind and your personal and business friendships/relationships.


Back to your mojo! Let’s take a look at the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and see what is in store for you. Let’s see if we can help you find your mojo…



AriesCareer is the secret key for your expansion now. Bring your attention to this part of your life because Jupiter says this is the time to grow and reach for the stars. But don’t think that just because Jupiter has entered your zone of profession that your bewitching smile is going to act like some magic wand and mysteriously manifest mega success.

The dual transit of Saturn and Jupiter in your professional sector is an important one. It indicates greater responsibility and expansion workwise. Hard work is necessary but being wise about where you apply your efforts is going to equally determine how soon you can get that feel-good vibe back into your life

Do you recall me saying that what you love is the source of success? This is the single most important way to shift your awareness into more productive areas. Love catapults you into a positive state of mind. This modifies the outcome of events. It’s precisely that sort of mentality that’s needed while Jupiter transits and influences this part of your life in the coming year. If you are currently working in a position that yields little happiness,  it’s futile. Even if I point you in the direction of a bag of gold coins, you’d still ultimately have to take yourself with you and would remain stuck in the state that you are in.

The key is to focus your attention on what you love doing most in the line of work you are passionate about.

Whether or not you have the appropriate credentials for any opportunity like this is irrelevant. You just need the passion and determination to make it all happen. A slow but steady stream of positive awareness towards this objective, your dream goal, can and will reward you with that mojo.

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Remember when you were a child and your friends would dare you to jump off a height, like a wall or diving board? It was terrifying to think you had to jump. You had no choice because everyone else dared to do it. You’d look foolish if you didn’t follow suit, right? Well, right now you’re standing near the abyss of a whole new change in attitude and belief systems. The unknown is always scary.

Your sign is one of the most difficult when it comes to adapting to change. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and therefore finds comfort in things that are known and comfortable. Although that gives you a sense of satisfaction, it can, over time cause you to stop growing spiritually. This is what the transit of Jupiter in your ninth house is all about.

The ninth house, for you is all about the spiritual dimension of your inner self. This doesn’t mean going to church if you’re not that way inclined. Nor does it mean having to pour over spiritual texts to feel spiritual or religious. This is about finding your mojo remember? Mojo is about what makes you happy, what gives you a sense of fulfilment and meaning in your life. Essentially, your mojo is just a synonym for feeling absolutely fantastic!

Over the past year you’ve been undergoing the transit of Jupiter in your eighth house. This transit digs deeply into the psychological structure of your being. Raw and painful wounds that may not have healed in the past have been brought to the surface for re-examination. You are now be getting through that painful stage. Through your previous internal experiences and relationships you’ve imbibed this change. This is the key to finding your mojo.

There’s been a significant shift in your mental and spiritual perspective. Your understanding of the purpose and meaning of life has been radically transformed.

Jupiter is transiting your ninth house is a significant key. It’s considered one of the most important areas of your horoscope and naturally to spiritual wisdom. During this transit try focus on those things that provide a sense of connectedness to the world and others. This is what will add meaning to your life and will restore that feeling of “brightness”. That means shifting your attention away from outworn traditional forms of religion or worship. You will be drawn to exploring alternative cultural and belief systems. Even if that’s never attracted you, now you’ll be fascinated by the subject. You’re in for a big surprise when you find your mojo, because you’ll start to find happiness again in the simple things of life.

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Finding your mojo may be an arduous task given Jupiter’s current transits through your eighth house. The eighth house is complex and relates to the psychological processes, complexes and underlying motivations behind your thoughts, words and deeds. During this transit you’ll be asking the questions like: “Why have I been living my life in a way that’s not in keeping with my instincts and core competencies?” You’ll be searching deeply within yourself for answers to life’s puzzling questions.

Jupiter’s transit here is constricted by the sign of Capricorn. It still allows you to gain a deeper and broader understanding of your motives, of what makes you and other people tick. That has to be a good thing right? If you’re in a relationship, understanding the motivations of your partner will put you a step ahead of the game. You will begin to rely more on intuition to clearly understand what they want. This sometimes happens anyhow. Occasionally you look at your partner and both say exactly the same word at the same time. You will refine that connection and deepen your love for your spouse or partner.

Look to the gestures of people you interact with. You don’t necessarily need words to understand what’s being said. This also means understanding how your words impact others and vice versa. Defining your mojo means tapping into these hidden resources and unspoken forms of communication.

Communication is only 6% verbal. The other 94% is non-verbal. Part of finding your mojo is related to a clearer insight into communication.

The gains that you hope to make in your work, and life generally, are to some extent dependent on the well-being and success of your partner. The eighth house has to do with shared material benefits. This has to do with the resources of you and your wife, husband or business associate. This is about what you share not only materially but also personally. Finding your mojo is intimately linked to an understanding of the energy to share with others and how making those you love happy is indirectly  making yourself happy. Looking out for them is looking out for your own best interests. Therefore, your mojo is embedded in the way you approach your relationships.

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In the coming year relationships are going to be extremely important for you under the transit of Jupiter through your seventh house. Your mojo, that happiness and well-being is inextricably linked to the quality of your relationships and business partnerships as well. Your understanding of people and how you can best interact with them is a key focus for you now. In other words, the way you grow and expand at this time is fundamentally dependent upon the quality of the relationships you nurture.

Learning the art of compromise and how to deal with the emotional side of those relationships is a secret key to finding your mojo.

As Jupiter is expansive that means one or even both of two things: you may start to value your current relationships more and will put a great deal of effort into growing, nurturing and seeing them blossom. Reciprocally, this will set the trend for greater fulfilment of the needs of the other.

On the other hand, if you’re not in a committed relationship and at an age where you are serious about finding someone to share your life with, it could be a time where you expand your circle of influence. You may decide to meet other people and explore new relationships. I love Dr Phil McGraw’s definition of the purpose of a relationship. That is, for each person in the relationship to see that the needs of the other are met as fully as possible.

Jupiter and the luck factor make it possible for you to find your mojo again. When you meet someone who is in keeping with your natural predisposition, it’s easy to feel happy, alive and on top of the world. It’s great when there is a reciprocal energy, give-and-take between the two people. That excitement and joy that is inherent in a genuinely loving relationship is a trigger for finding your mojo.

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There was once a great master who told his disciples that the most important prerequisite in pursuing spirituality was health and well-being. Jupiter transits your sixth house of health, workplace practices, debts and co-workers during the coming 12 months. If you’ve lost your mojo and have been frantically looking for it, the simple solution may lie in this area of your life. Tuning in to these aspects of your experience will give you a tremendous insight into how to realign yourself with that pure innocent happiness you’ve long searched for.

As Jupiter is somewhat confined in zone of Capricorn, you may have to bring your attention to those things that aren’t making you feel unwell, physically. This is not a negative reading. The fact of the matter is that once you know precisely what the precise problem is, you can take affirmative action to remove it from your life!

Generally, overwork, stress and discomfort in the work environment is a primary source of health concerns. If this is the case, not only will you be unhappy but it’s quite likely you don’t have the energy or attention to find your mojo. Not to mention the fact that you are less likely to produce good quality work. Leo, the secret key to finding your mojo and fulfilling your destiny has everything to do with Jupiter’s transit now.

While Jupiter transits the sixth house of your horoscope, in Capricorn, the primary focus will be the quality of the work you do.

Even if you’re not particularly happy with the work you are currently doing, perfecting your skills and working to the best of your ability opens up original channels. It generates a whole new vibration in your energy field, thereby attracting the opportunities you’re looking for. Once that happens, you are in the fast lane of life’s highway speeding towards your lost mojo. Furthermore, being fully immersed in-the-moment produces that wonderful feeling of “being in the zone”. This is the quickest way to arrive at the location where you will find your mojo.

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Jupiter is now transiting the earth sign of Capricorn, your fifth house. This is very telling on your life and experiences.

This fifth house relates to your creative mind. If you’ve been living from a base of hand-me-down philosophies and belief systems, habits and daily rituals, you will be more open now. You will start expanding this part of your life through a more spontaneous and impromptu way of living. That’s not to say this will be an easy task for you Virgo. You’re genetically predisposed to analysing anything and everything that comes your way. And yes, analysis an important. Unfortunately, emotions get all mixed up when you start injecting intellect into personal experiences. That’s why an improvisational approach to living may be necessary.

Improvising in life is not always easy. You need a certain amount of technique before you can. You may need to study some books, assume some new perspectives and read what the Masters have to say about living life successfully and happily. That’s what you want right? You want to find your mojo. No, it’s not easy but necessary if you are genuinely and passionately looking to find your mojo. There has to be enthusiasm and commitment to lift yourself to this new level of awareness and life insight.

Unless you practice you’re never going to break free of ingrained habits, especially ones you know you must be offloaded. Those bad habits have been holding you back for too long.

You have to begin by doing something that gives you that childlike experience. Running, dancing, jumping, swimming or playing any sport can do it. Or how about immersing yourself in fine arts like painting, sketching etc? All of these activities catapult you into the “zone”. The zone is a space of creative spontaneity, a childlike state that we all used to experience many years ago as kids.

Don’t you remember when you weren’t at all concerned about the future, the past or even the present? You were just being in the moment and enjoying what life threw at you, moment by moment. You experienced life in a state of complete and innocent creativity. Remember that? That’s your mojo! What else do you need if you’re happy? Albert Einstein once quipped “What more does a man need but a comfortable chair and a bowl of fruit?”

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The transit of Jupiter and its fortunate energies move through the area relating to your domestic life in the coming 12 months. This area of your horoscope governs your mother and other hereditary factors. Ordinarily, feeling good about your family should come easy. Right now, however, with Jupiter transiting the sign of Capricorn while Saturn is also meandering along in this very same area, may place domestic strain on you.

Trying to please everyone, bending over backwards and shouldering other people’s responsibilities is limiting your ability to feel happy. At the same time relieving others of their necessary responsibilities, and carrying that on their behalf doesn’t help anyone, at all least of all you. It does them a disservice.

In the natural order of things, taking on more, not less responsibility, is what shapes good character. Not only that, there’s probably some reservation, even resentment in helping those who are taking advantage of your goodwill. If that generosity doesn’t come from a genuine space within you, there is most certainly some adverse karma attached to it. It’s better to refuse to help to others if that help comes with a sense of obligation or demand on their part.

Many people find their mojo, the greatest happiness by being with and serving their family. This is one of the most natural ways to find your mojo because love for those you are connected to biologically, is so natural.

Unfortunately, you may have been busy working, disconnected and unable to experience that natural heartfelt love.

Make time to be with those you love. By the same token you mustn’t compromise of your own self-respect and well-being by becoming a doormat for everyone in need. This Jupiter mojo transit is all about honouring your higher Self and being true to your inner nature. If your help isn’t being appreciated, it’s best to direct it to where it’s most needed and appreciated.

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Jupiter has now made its grand entry into your third house of thinking, negotiation and communications. You realise that much of the trouble and hard luck you’ve experienced over the years is intimately linked to how you have been thinking and communicating. This communication is not only limited to discussions and ideas.

What you wish to share with others is not only dependent on the quality of your thinking and the words that come out of your mouth. What you are communicating is more adequately conveyed by your energy field and the vibration you emit through your thinking and feeling. Your EMF (electromagnetic field) or as it’s called in new-age circles, your aura, hasn’t exactly been doing you any favours for the past couple of years.

The reason for this is that your thinking has been distorted. You’ve been way too focused on money and material outcomes. As I mentioned to sun sign Virgos in their reading, creativity is everything now. You can read read their advice and amalgamate that with your reading.

Communication has to be pure and also received on the wavelength of the person you are communicating to.

We often run roughshod over the sensitivities and beliefs of others. You may find no harm in making a statement in favour of your position politically, spiritually or socially. The problem is that your opinion may be completely offensive to the other person. What you communicate then damages, rather than healing or enhancing your relationships.

Under this cycle, finding your mojo is intimately tied in with the way you think and communicate your ideas. If you can transmit knowledge in a way that inspires people will be more inclined to want to listen and take your advice or listen to youropinion. They may even be more motivated to help you. They are more likely to believe what you have to say or at least give due consideration to your view on any specific matter.

Coming from a position of service and humility, is appreciated by people. Use that energy during this Jupiter transit to help you connect with others. Connect with them from a position of love because love generates love and that is what underpins that sparkling happiness you’re looking for. This is a turnkey solution that will open the door if you are seriously looking for your mojo.

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Jupiter has only recently entered the sign of Capricorn which for you, Sagittarius relates to money and income. It also more generally relates to material values. This period is therefore more about understanding clearly that your mojo isn’t necessarily about the money you make. It’s more about realignment with values.

When this is fully understood and applied correctly to your work and lifestyle it will result in wonderful and seemingly spontaneous opportunities to make, yes, money. This is the way you are going to make more money. Rather than simply doing your day-to-day drill, working and anxiously waiting with outstretched hand each week for your pay check, new and exciting opportunities will come your way.

The value in earning money is in the service you offer to someone else. Your work style is reflected in the quality of the product you offer.

The energy, time, love and skill you inject into the specific tasks you perform have the imprimatur of your energy indelibly stamped on it. The quality of your work expresses your brand. As mentioned to a couple of the other star signs, Jupiter’s transit opens doors. It can help you find your mojo and reconnect you with your life’s purpose. This can only happen if the work you do is in keeping with an open, bright heart. That energy accompanies the work that you do and is carried through to others by your goodwill. Most systems of success and financial affluence speak very highly of the attitude of gratitude.

Not begrudging the circumstances you are in even if challenging, is one of life’s tests. Try to find something ever so small and positive about your difficult life situation.

This is a wedge in the door to finding your mojo. That appreciation grows the more it is watered with love and attention. Therefore, during this period, you will certainly find yourself in receipt of more money but what does that all mean if your heart is not content or satisfied. Don’t measure your success or happiness by what you have achieved financially. It’s is all about loving what you do to finally do what you love. That seems to be the message inherent in Jupiter’s transit being the direct path for Sagittarians looking for their mojo.

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For the first time in 12 years Jupiter has now re-entered your Sun sign of Capricorn. This is a significant transit and promises opportunities for expansion, well-being and deeper intuitive understanding. It is also able to bring with it additional material benefits. All of these are however, dependent upon a healthy sense of identity. Your ruling planet Saturn is also still making its way through your Sun sign. This is an important dual transit of two of the heavyweights of the solar system-Jupiter and Saturn. This is one of the most important turning points in life for many born under the sign of the goat.

Identity means many things to different people. Essentially however, understanding who you are is primarily about integration of body mind and spirit. This integration is at the heart of adjusting to life demands while in honestly being who you are under all circumstances. Unfortunately in modern life, we have to assume many masks to project different attitudes or perceptions to others. This is often necessary and accompanies the dog eat dog schedule needed to competitively outwit others in the corporate and industrial jungle. This is how we believe we survive in modern times.

The thing about aligning yourself with your true identity is that you face the world fearlessly. You are no longer afraid of what people think or feel or say.

You know the truth of who you are and can comfortably take that into the marketplace with the unspoken catch cry “Here I am, as I am….take it or leave it!” This doesn’t mean that on occasion adjustments to accommodate other people’s needs aren’t necessary. You must be practical and fulfil your obligations, meet your deadlines and respond to emergencies. It’s all okay as long as you do this without compromising who you are at the deepest level.

This may be difficult for some because it sometimes means discarding relationships that have exceeded their use by date. They no longer serve you on any level. This is what is meant by compromising your true self. If you must be someone else to remain in a relationship then that in itself is a compromise of your true being. It means you aren’t being yourself.

Your mojo can only be found through an uncompromising attitude, irrespective of how long you’ve been with someone or how much you love them. Remember, your self-respect is also tied in with how much they love, respect and value you. Your self identity may well be tied in with this component of self-respect now. If you’ve sold out, it’s time to say “No more”. This is the open path to your mojo!

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Why on earth would you carry your heavy luggage on the train when you can rest and let the train do all the hard work of carrying it for you? That’s the question that’s asked of you now that Jupiter is transiting your 12th house. Jupiter expands and deepens your understanding and knowledge. It truly is a planet of spiritual dimensions. If however, you’re carrying the deadweight of emotional, mental or psychological past experiences around with you everywhere, it’s going to be extremely difficult to find your mojo. Strangely, your mojo is embedded in the very things you are trying to avoid.

“That by which a wo/man falls, a wo/man rises”. In the same way, you may be avoiding those sufferings, pains and horrible memories of the past. If that’s the case you are missing the point of Jupiter touching this area of your life now. And what is that? That has to do with looking at your problems fairly and squarely and realising that the past is dead and gone. It’s a cemetery. It doesn’t mean you don’t learn from those lessons but once the lesson is learned, there’s no point chewing over a bone like a dog unable to let go.

The pleasure the dog has from chewing the bone is in the blood caused by the silver piercing his gum. The dog imagines the pleasure is from the bone. His pleasure IS the pain inflicted on himself through the act of chewing the bone.

For too long, you’ve been gratifying yourself in a distorted sort of way. By reminiscing over the past, wondering about it, regretting or feeling shame or guilt, you are chewing the bone, in the same way as the dog. It’s a strange pleasure but a pleasure of sorts. You must spit the bone out once and for all. Once you understand the ramifications of your past and how it has shaped you into the person you are now, you will discard it. There’s no need to keep looking backwards.

Jupiter’s transit offers you an opportunity to feel good about yourself. It gives you the positive energy to look forward into the future with hope and enthusiasm. But again, that can only happen if you are prepared once and for all to eliminate those things in your life that hold you back. Doing this, you’ll automatically slip into that state of mind, a pure state of being where you’re okay with yourself and others. Also more importantly, you’ll finally be okay with everything that happened in your past. Enjoy your mojo, Aquarius.

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Friendship is an important part of your social interactions and cultural identity. If you’ve withdrawn in the past few years and found yourself unwilling to plug into the social machine, that may be about the change.

It’s through your friendships that Jupiter is pointing to how you can find your mojo. That may be a simple matter of connecting with someone you once considered a good friend, a trusted acquaintance or even a mentor or teacher. It may be someone who was able to help you navigate through the difficult ocean of life through listening; and compassionate understanding.

Sometimes you become accustomed to a habitual lifestyle. Meeting your obligations and responsibilities, includes those commitments in friendship as well. It’s easier just to bow out and not have to deal with anyone, And that’s okay for a while because sometimes you need your own space to re-connect those dots in your life. You must however, be careful not to isolate yourself and miss out on the benefits of friendship.

Right now and in the coming months Jupiter has a very important message regarding friendships and cultural alliances.

Your ability to network through your existing circle of friends is an important key to not only opening your heart but also building your bank balance. The new people you meet and become acquainted with afford you novel opportunities to expand your material interests as well. And let’s not forget your spiritual and social well-being. These are some of the numerous benefits of Jupiter transiting this 11th house of your horoscope now.

Your mojo is there, waiting not in one specific spot, but possibly fragmented amongst a group of friends whom you can join with in a communal or group context. Team play will be very important in the coming months so reacquaint yourself with sports, clubs or groups. Associate yourself with those who share similar ideals and who give you a sense of belonging. This will act as a support in your endeavours and will also be instrumental in helping you rediscover that long forgotten mojo.

Unfortunately, we have come to believe that happiness is something that magically happens to some and not to others.

If only we had been educated to understand that happiness is a science with a specific set of instructions, more of us would be happy and wouldn’t even need to search for that mojo.


The first stage of finding your mojo is to make a resolve. Happiness is, after all, a decision, nothing more, nothing less. Here’s hoping Jupiter will bless you with happiness and are reinvigorated approach to your life and relationships. Here’s hoping the coming 12 months gives you back your mojo!

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Dadhichi Toth

Principal astrologer and founder of astrology.com.au. His knowledge of Western and Hindu Vedic astrology spans 37 years. He can be contacted at [email protected] BOOK A READING HERE!