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Karma and retrograde planets

There are some writers who maintain that retrograde planets relate to past karma. The fact of the matter is that every planet is somehow unravelling your karma but retrograde planets do seem to indicate a greater connection with past events in that you need to review what is going on and what may seem like a delay is really a recapitulation of past events, thoughts and actions with a view to perfecting your understanding and improving your skill in the game of life.

Another principle is that retrograde planets which happen to be transiting a certain sign or house of the Zodiac are in fact visualizing the sign behind them. This could be rather confusing to lay people and even professional astrologers alike. This is because, if for an example, planets transiting the second house of finance and moves into retrograde motion, the planet will also influence the first house which relates to one’s physical body, persona and how other people perceive you. The main thing in looking at retrograde planets is to keep an open mind and through observation, analysis and experience.

Unfortunately the concept of retrogression has been dumbed down to only include the retrogression of Mercury for the most part. This of course is a shame and is one of the reasons astrology fallen into disrepute of late. As I have indicated Mercury is not the only planet to move into retrogression and in fact every planet except the Sun and the Moon will at some stage function in this so called erratic manner.

The other thing to note is that these planets don’t actually move in reverse motion. Retrogression is simply an expression of comparative motion when a fast moving planet in contrast to slower planet appears to be moving backwards. The best example of this is two cars moving along the highway where one is moving faster than the other. As the faster vehicle passes the slower one, the slower vehicle appears to be going backwards. We all know that the slower vehicle isn’t in fact moving backwards but appears to be going backwards.

This elusive quality which is an appearance can also be transposed to real-life events and is one of the reasons Mercury is given so much prominence in this retrogression discussion. The notion that we think something is on track when in fact it’s doing quite the opposite seems to be the principal at work here. Mercury also seems to have a large part to play in contracts, agreements and most importantly communication itself. No wonder that when this planet is retrograde there are miscommunications and misunderstandings with a need to carefully think out and plan your strategy. Once again the lesson of patience will come into play as things usually take longer to manifest and require a revision of what has been before.

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