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Karma, Mercury and Retrograde planets

Mercury goes into its retrograde motion today, October 14, 2020. Understanding karma, Mercury and retrograde planets is an important astrological study. We’ve all heard about Mercury retrograde on the grapevine, through friends etc. Is it really as bad as what they say?

Karma and retrograde planets

There are some writers who maintain that retrograde planets relate to past karma. The fact of the matter is that every planet is somehow unravelling your karma. Furthermore, retrograde planets do seem to indicate a greater connection with past events. For this reason, you need to review what’s going on in your life. What may seem like a delay is really a recapitulation of past events, thoughts and actions. This has the effect of helping you perfect your understanding. This helps improve your skills in the game of life.

Another principle is that retrograde planets transiting a specific sign of the Zodiac are in fact visualizing the sign behind them. This could be rather confusing to lay people and even professional astrologers alike. This is because, planets transiting the second house of finance while moving into retrograde motion, the planet influences the first house. This relates to one’s physical body, persona and how other people perceive you. The main thing in looking at retrograde planets is to keep an open mind. Through observation, analysis and experience you can see how these reverse moving planets work in practice, not just theory.

Retrograde Planets and how we’ve been dumbed down

Unfortunately, the concept of retrogression has been dumbed down. Generally, we only hear of the retrogression of Mercury. This of course is a shame and one of the reasons astrology has fallen into disrepute. As I’ve indicated, Mercury is not the only planet that has retrograde cycles. And in fact, every planet except the Sun and the Moon will at some stage function in this so-called erratic manner.

The other thing to note is that these planets don’t actually move in reverse motion. Retrogression is simply an expression of comparative motion. When a faster-moving planet passes by a slower planet it appears to be moving backwards. The best example of this is two cars moving along the highway. One is moving faster than the other.

As the faster vehicle approaches and passes the slower one, the slower vehicle appears to be going backwards. We all know that the slower vehicle isn’t in fact moving backwards but appears to be going backwards.

This elusive quality which is an appearance can also be transposed to real-life events. This is one of the reasons Mercury is given so much prominence in the retrogression discussion. The notion that we think something is on track when in fact it’s doing quite the opposite seems to be the principal at work here.

Mercury also seems to have a large part to play in contracts, agreements and most importantly communication. No wonder there’s so much miscommunication and misunderstanding when this planet is retrograde. Under the retrograde positions of Mercury, you need to carefully think out and plan your strategy. Once again, the lesson of patience comes into play. Things usually take longer to manifest under retrograde cycles and require a revision of what’s been before.

Why is Mercury retrograde a good thing?

Too often we’re all madly running around, hastily making decisions and then regretting those decisions. If you think a little more carefully about it, the retrograde movement of Mercury isn’t always as bad as we make it out to be.

Thinking more carefully about what you say and consider the consequences of what you’re saying. Your speech is something that has great power. You should use it wisely. This is the way to enhance relationships through better understanding. By talking less we naturally get to listen more, and by listening I don’t simply mean hearing but listening with your heart and with undivided attention.

Mercury has the nature of being a fast planet, therefore, its retrogression gives you an opportunity to slow down before it moves in reverse motion. This eccentric behaviour means there’s a revisionary quality about it. Translate this to your thinking, speaking and decision-making processes. It reflects that part of you which needs more detailed analysis before committing to any course of action.

The impact of Mercury is now being felt as it goes retrograde today. It will be even more predominantly felt due to its challenging aspect to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This is a most intense and transformative period of life. This means aligning yourself with these particular qualities of Pluto. The square aspect is all only 6 the last time I don’t know whether there’s any money all transfer the challenging so resistance will only make the process more difficult.

You’ll be able to use the retrograde movement as a tool for radical self-transformation. The secret key is awareness. As long as you’re aware, even if you make errors in life, you’ll be able to put the lessons you learn to good use. Following on from that, it simply means learning from those mistakes otherwise, what’s the point?

Dates and signs of retrograde Mercury over the coming years

Oct 14 2020         Mer       R             11°Sc40′

Nov 4 2020          Mer       D             25°Li53′

Jan 31 2021         Mer       R             26°Aq29′

Feb 21 2021        Mer       D             11°Aq01′

May 30 2021       Mer       R             24°Ge43′

Jun 23 2021         Mer       D             16°Ge07′

Sep 27 2021        Mer       R             25°Li28′

Oct 19 2021         Mer       D             10°Li07′

Jan 14 2022         Mer       R             10°Aq20′

Feb 4 2022           Mer       D             24°Cp22′

May 10 2022       Mer       R             04°Ge51′

Jun 3 2022           Mer       D             26°Ta05′

Sep 10 2022        Mer       R             08°Li55′

Oct 2 2022           Mer       D             24°Vi11′

Dec 29 2022        Mer       R             24°Cp21′

Jan 18 2023         Mer       D             08°Cp08′

Apr 21 2023         Mer       R             15°Ta37′

May 15 2023       Mer       D             05°Ta50′

Aug 24 2023        Mer       R             21°Vi51′

Sep 16 2023        Mer       D             08°Vi00′

Dec 13 2023        Mer       R             08°Cp29′

Jan 2 2024            Mer       D             22°Sg10′

Apr 2 2024           Mer       R             27°Ar13′

Apr 25 2024         Mer       D             15°Ar58′

Aug 5 2024          Mer       R             04°Vi06′

Aug 29 2024        Mer       D             21°Le24′

Nov 26 2024        Mer       R             22°Sg40′

Dec 16 2024        Mer       D             06°Sg23′

Mar 15 2025        Mer       R             09°Ar35′

Apr 7 2025           Mer       D             26°Pi49′

Jul 18 2025           Mer       R             15°Le34′

Aug 11 2025        Mer       D             04°Le14′

Nov 10 2025        Mer       R             06°Sg51′

Nov 30 2025        Mer       D             20°Sc42′

Feb 26 2026        Mer       R             22°Pi33′

Mar 21 2026        Mer       D             08°Pi29′

Jun 30 2026         Mer       R             26°Cn15′

Jul 24 2026           Mer       D             16°Cn18′

Oct 24 2026         Mer       R             20°Sc58′

Nov 14 2026        Mer       D             05°Sc02′

Feb 10 2027        Mer       R             05°Pi58′

Mar 3 2027          Mer       D             20°Aq55′

Jun 11 2027         Mer       R             06°Cn21′

Jul 5 2027             Mer       D             27°Ge28′

Oct 8 2027           Mer       R             04°Sc55′

Oct 29 2027         Mer       D             19°Li18′

Jan 24 2028         Mer       R             19°Aq41′

Feb 14 2028        Mer       D             03°Aq59′

May 21 2028       Mer       R             16°Ge18′

Jun 14 2028         Mer       D             07°Ge45′

Sep 20 2028        Mer       R             18°Li35′

Oct 11 2028         Mer       D             03°Li28′

Jan 7 2029            Mer       R             03°Aq38′

Jan 28 2029         Mer       D             17°Cp32′

May 2 2029         Mer       R             26°Ta40′

May 26 2029       Mer       D             17°Ta33′

Sep 2 2029           Mer       R             01°Li49′

Sep 25 2029        Mer       D             17°Vi26′

Dec 22 2029        Mer       R             17°Cp42′

Jan 11 2030         Mer       D             01°Cp26′

Apr 13 2030         Mer       R             07°Ta47′

May 7 2030         Mer       D             27°Ar26′

Aug 16 2030        Mer       R             14°Vi29′

Sep 8 2030           Mer       D             01°Vi06′

Dec 6 2030           Mer       R             01°Cp51′

Dec 26 2030        Mer       D             15°Sg33′

Mar 26 2031        Mer       R             19°Ar44′

Apr 18 2031         Mer       D             07°Ar50′

Jul 29 2031           Mer       R             26°Le25′

Aug 22 2031        Mer       D             14°Le17′

Nov 20 2031        Mer       R             16°Sg03′

Dec 10 2031        Mer       D             29°Sc48′

Mar 8 2032          Mer       R             02°Ar23′

Mar 31 2032        Mer       D             19°Pi02′

Jul 10 2032           Mer       R             07°Le32′

Aug 3 2032          Mer       D             26°Cn49′

Nov 2 2032          Mer       R             00°Sg12′

Nov 23 2032        Mer       D             14°Sc07′

Feb 19 2033        Mer       R             15°Pi33′

Mar 13 2033        Mer       D             01°Pi02′

Jun 21 2033         Mer       R             17°Cn56′

Jul 16 2033           Mer       D             08°Cn30′

Oct 17 2033         Mer       R             14°Sc16′

Nov 6 2033          Mer       D             28°Li26′

Feb 2 2034           Mer       R             29°Aq07′

Feb 24 2034        Mer       D             13°Aq44′

Jun 2 2034           Mer       R             27°Ge55′

Jun 26 2034         Mer       D             19°Ge16′

Sep 30 2034        Mer       R             28°Li06′

Oct 21 2034         Mer       D             12°Li41′

Jan 17 2035         Mer       R             12°Aq56′

Feb 7 2035           Mer       D             27°Cp01′

May 14 2035       Mer       R             07°Ge59′

Jun 7 2035           Mer       D             29°Ta18′

Sep 13 2035        Mer       R             11°Li37′

Oct 5 2035           Mer       D             26°Vi47′

Jan 1 2036            Mer       R             26°Cp55′

Jan 21 2036         Mer       D             10°Cp44′

Apr 23 2036         Mer       R             18°Ta37′

May 17 2036       Mer       D             09°Ta02′

Aug 26 2036        Mer       R             24°Vi38′

Sep 18 2036        Mer       D             10°Vi38′

Dec 15 2036        Mer       R             11°Cp02′

Jan 4 2037            Mer       D             24°Sg44′

Apr 5 2037           Mer       R             00°Ta06′

Apr 29 2037         Mer       D             19°Ar05′

Aug 8 2037          Mer       R             06°Vi59′

Sep 1 2037           Mer       D             24°Le06′

Nov 29 2037        Mer       R             25°Sg13′

Dec 19 2037        Mer       D             08°Sg56′

Mar 18 2038        Mer       R             12°Ar22′

Apr 10 2038         Mer       D             29°Pi49′

Jul 21 2038           Mer       R             18°Le35′

Aug 14 2038        Mer       D             07°Le02′

Nov 13 2038        Mer       R             09°Sg24′

Dec 2 2038           Mer       D             23°Sc14′

Mar 1 2039          Mer       R             25°Pi15′

Mar 24 2039        Mer       D             11°Pi21′

Jul 3 2039             Mer       R             29°Cn22′

Jul 27 2039           Mer       D             19°Cn14′

Oct 27 2039         Mer       R             23°Sc32′

Nov 16 2039        Mer       D             07°Sc33′

Feb 12 2040        Mer       R             08°Pi37′

Mar 5 2040          Mer       D             23°Aq41′

Jun 13 2040         Mer       R             09°Cn32′

Jul 7 2040             Mer       D             00°Cn31′

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