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Karmic Trends in Vedic Astrology

Here’s the Karmic Trends in Vedic Astrology…

The West has seen a lot of pseudo mystic interpretations in recent years of eastern traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, which is a result of the rise of the hippy subculture of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Popular among the masses are the doctrines of Karma and reincarnation. These subjects have also been misinterpreted.

Astrology has always sought truth and a solid foundation in understanding the mysteries of Karma, the soul’s transmigration and other aspects of life. However, the way it is presented in tabloid publications has completely misrepresented its value in fulfilling the spiritual and evolutionary needs for hungry souls. The West has seen a lot of pseudo-mystic interpretations of eastern traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism in recent years, which is a result of the rise of the hippie subculture in the 1960s and 1970s.

Popular among the masses are the doctrines of Karma and reincarnation. These subjects have also been misinterpreted. Also. astrology has always sought truth and a solid foundation in understanding the mysteries of Karma, the soul’s transmigration. However, tabloid publications have completely misrepresented its value in fulfilling the spiritual and evolutionary needs for hungry souls.

In an oral tradition spanning centuries, the original Vedic authors revealed the principles of Sidereal Astrology to their worthy pupils. They considered the celestial movements and their relationship to predictions only a small part of the true purpose of astrology. Every author of Vedic astrological tradition authentically begins his work with a salutary verse. A tribute and worship to all life on the planets, to the Abstract Intelligence that impels all beings to perform Karma.

In chapter one, Stanza 1, Sage Varahamahira invokes – ‘The Sun’, one of eight deities associated with Shiva. He is responsible for guiding those who reach the ultimate beatitude of liberation. He is also the Supreme Reality – one Heavenly light without a Second. These and other reputed authorities in Jyotish (vedic astrology), make it clear that the predictive, and even delineative aspects that determine character, personality, and destiny all fit within the larger view of astrology. Astrology is simply a tool to study the evolution of an individual.


Karma is a word that can be misunderstood and often not understood. This perspective explains that Karma is the sum of all karmas. The goal is to balance them and end the cycle of births, deaths, and rebirths. It is easy to focus on the external aspects of Karma and only apply it to action and reaction. Astrology excels in uncovering our intentions and determining the path we will follow in this life and in the future. Vedic tradition says there are three main attributes to nature.

* Rajas, passion and activity
* Tamas, inertia or immobility
* Sattva, harmony and goodness

There are four fundamental motivations or goals that drive human nature. Including:

* Dharma, the execution of law or duty through meaningful work.
* Artha, the acquisition of wealth or material security.
* Kama is a desire to feel and have sensual pleasure.
* Moksha is the culmination and transcendence of spiritual endeavor and the cycle of karma/transmigration. As a way to attain fulfillment and peace, all four aims of life can be accepted together.

Moksha is the fourth priority in human endeavour. He infuses spirituality into the three’material’ activities. By subliminating and directing other activities towards a spiritual goal, the three other activities become spiritualised. These four attributes and these four goals can be used to help categorise the 12 signs in the Zodiac. Each sign can be seen as a step in the evolution of our Self-knowledge to the ultimate state.

Gaining a deeper understanding of your birth sign can help you to focus and experience your path more clearly. Mercury and Jupiter are the Sattvic, or harmonious planets. Rajasic, or mobile, planets, are Sun, Moon, Venus, and the Tamasic, or inert, planets being Mars and Saturn, Rahu (Moon’s North Mode), and Ketu [Moon’s South Mode] respectively. The Zodiac is thus divided motivationally by elements. The Dharma, or impulse to do the right thing, is represented by the fire signs Aries and Leo. The Artha, or wealth impulse, is represented by the earth signs Taurus and Virgo. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Scorpio signify the kama or pleasure principle, and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, Moksha, or occult and spiritual pathways.

An individual’s geniture (horoscope), can be used to evaluate the process of reincarnation and Karma. A Kama sign with a high number of planets would mean that the current incarnation is prone to desire and fulfillment of a passionate nature. The strength and other dignities, as well as whether or not there would be spiritual growth, will determine the effectiveness of these energies. It is not always easy to categorise human beings as it is usually presented.

Each sign of the Zodiac is unique. Therefore, it is important to carefully balance the many combinations to determine the karmic level of your current life. However, high grades today may not guarantee high grades in the future. To see the benefits and lapses that may result from this incarnation, it is important to analyse the karmas and exhaustion. As we go through a series of lives, our star signs are reflected in how we evolve. These are the very characteristics that make up the cosmic patterns.


Children of the Zodiac - AriesThe glyph symbolises the Ram’s horns and is an Egyptian symbol. Each sign of the Zodiac has a symbol or an glyph that represents the progression of the soul through twelve stages. These glyphs reveal the inner evolution trends of the soul and express deeper, more spiritual aspects of astrology.

The symbol also represents the upward flow and creative nature of Spirit. It could also represent the sprouting and germination of a seed that results in the tree or fruit. It is a symbol of potentiality in its seed form. The symbol’s movement upward, outward and then down signifies the ultimate sacrifice made by Spirit to descend into the realms.

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Children of the Zodiac - Taurusis the Taurean glyph. Taurus On the surface level of representation, the Taurean symbol looks like the head and neck of a bull. However, the esoteric view is that the circle represents the divine Spirit and the crescent the blossoming or materialisation of Spirit.

Taurus is a bull-like earthy and fixed sign. It is determined and decisive in all aspects of life. Gemini The stage of manifestation is when the Spirit enters the phase duality. The thought is subject-object expression of Spirit. Therefore, the twins are a symbol of the “division”, or polarity, of Spirit. All things in the manifested world oscillate between negative – positive, right – wrong, up – down, in – out, etc.

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Children of the Zodiac - Geminiis the first to govern reproduction. Gemini symbolises this polarity. The vertical lines are used to denote male and female, or division.

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Children of the Zodiac - CancerThe symbol for breasts is the glyph of Cancer. The symbolism represents the nurturing and caring qualities of motherhood. Spiritually, the symbol also represents the nurturing and caring qualities of motherhood.

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Children of the Zodiac - Leothe fifth sign, is associated with creativity and childbirth. This glyph is reminiscent of a sperm cells, which are the first signs of life. The creative power of creation is contained within the seed.

Early writings described the glyph as the tail of a Lion, which was the emblem of the constellation.

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Children of the Zodiac - VirgoThe Virgin is Virgo. Virgo was the symbol of Nidaba (Egypt), in early mythology. However, the spiritual symbolism goes deeper. Its glyph consists of three vertical lines, one connecting the uppermost parts and another joining them. These three lines are the power of nature acting within time and space. They are action, inertia, and harmony. Tension is created by the addition of lines crossing and joining – this is the struggle of Spirit in its natural evolution. Virgo is the sign with the most delicate and sensitive of the signs. 

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Children of the Zodiac - LibraThe point of Libra is where Spirit is firmly established in its material expression, and ready to return to its original state. It is the intersection point between the world and the beyond. Libra’s symbol is balance. It represents the relationship between Spirit and matter.

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Children of the Zodiac - ScorpioAlthough the shape of Scorpio is similar to Virgo’s, the symbol for Scorpio has an arrow extension that points upwards. This upward energy represents the soul’s upward movement after its struggle in Libra.

If Scorpio is interpreted as death, it can be misunderstood. Scorpio instead signifies the rebirth and regeneration of the Self after the death of the ego. Scorpio is the sign of spiritual initiation, mystery and enchantment.

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Children of the Zodiac - SagittariusNow, the arrow at Scorpio’s end is flying towards Sagittarius. The arrow points upwards towards spiritual horizons. This is in line with Jupiter’s meaning, who rules this sign. This stage of evolution is when all the higher and spiritual faculties of man are fully activated. Sagittarius is also a spiritually-directed and vital energy that moves like an arrow.

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CapricornThe complicated Capricorn glyph reveals the complexity of people who were born under its influence. Capricorn is a sign of materiality, but the emblem represents spiritual energy that is directed towards material pursuits. The shape of the “V” is an inversion of spiritual power. The downward and inward tucking the arc shows the introverted nature that this power. Capricornians excel through self-sacrifice, especially when it comes to money and work. You can also turn this into spiritual benefits.

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Children of the Zodiac - Aquariusdespite being an air sign, has the water of life as its glyph. Aquarius’ spiritual nature is revealed by its fluid design. It is often depicted as someone pouring water from an empty pot. This symbolises the brotherly, compassionate manifestation of Spirit at this stage. Water is purifying and cleansing. At the Aquarian stage it represents the larger human family as well as a desire to heal and share with others. Pisces The semi-circles are joined at the centre and signify the incoming as well as the outgoing stages in evolution. They are one and the exact same, as they can only be found in the centre, the Self.

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Children of the Zodiac - Piscesis the final stage in Spirit’s evolution. If you want to unite these seemingly disparate aspects of creation, you must completely self-abnegation.

Each sign also has a ruling planet that is friendly or hostile to them all. We’ll get to that more later.

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