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Lack of conscious awareness is the root of most problems

Be it in a relationship with a partner, family members, friends, at work, school, in a community or globally. This lack of awareness overlooks the fact we have the same need and right for connection to love, peace and joy. Furthermore, our own lack of acknowledging individual innate temperaments or prakruti and maintaining balance is often a result of negative unconscious conditioning.

All the elements in the universe exist within us as functional principles; ether, air, fire, water and earth. However, they are not only revealed through the physical universe as the structure and function of all things, they are also depicted through our mental energies that are subtle material elements. Additionally, although we all contain the same material elements, there are differences and that is because these  elements manifest more predominantly in some than others – on both a material and mental level eg light, medium and large frame;  blue, green and brown eyes etc. This adds to the ‘spice of life’ that we observe in different colours, sounds, tastes, feelings and aromas. Interestingly, these are reflected not only in the obvious physical world but also in our mental and emotional states.

Generally speaking, fire types will be   good leaders – warm and driven. Out of balance they will become more aggressive and frustrated. Those with more ether and air will be good communicators, joyful and creative. They will tend to be more fearful and anxious. Those with greater water and earth will appear more stable, caring and easy going. They will be sad and withdrawn. Obviously, we have all these states within us because all elements are functioning within us. However, they do predominate more according to our genetic predisposition and when out of balance can create havoc. In mainstream psychological terms they are called temperaments and are scarcely touched on. 

mindAyurveda refers to them as prakruti and offers a depth of knowledge around each and the method to bring them into balance in accordance with our own intrinsic nature on every level of being. It’s important to note there is no better or less than in this respect and all provide variety and what is required for our survival. For emotional and physical well-being it’s about finding self-acceptance – with one’s own intrinsic genetic nature and by accepting and acknowledging these differences in others to bring about understanding, balance and connection.
Given the evolution of the mind, thinking etc, differences within individuals are further enhanced according to childhood experiences and conditioning (influences by parental nature and their life experiences, care givers, teachers and friends). Unfortunately not all conditioning is positive. These maps of thinking form our unconscious memories and when in conflict with another are constantly playing out in our lives in ways we cannot imagine. Justification, defence, projection, self-blame, self-abuse and the abuse of others etc arise.

Dysfunctional personality types are a result of emotional trauma that hasn’t been acknowledged and healed. This is caused by people who have demonstrated narcissistic traits from deep unconscious trauma and who, sadly are not even aware they have a problem. Unrealistic standards that society imposes on individuals with a competitive, comparative nature and often based on looks, good health, intellectual achievements, material possessions, money and fame also serve to compound these problems. On a societal and cultural scale this is strongly reinforced through the influence of the media.

The problem does not lie in the desire for all need to have these things, but rather it is the feeling of better than or less than which creates the problem and the attachment to things. Having more or less doesn’t determine our happiness. Unfortunately this conditioning of better than or less than, is embedded in our unconsciousness and has a greater influence on our lives that we can ever imagine.

The reason why meditation, mindfulness and the power of now are so popular is because when we are truly in that space of peace it gives genuine relief to the little self. It helps to prevent the unconscious mind from flooding into our present state. However, it is not lasting because we are carrying childhood conditioning and wounds from the past – wounds that need healing. This can only come through knowledge, acknowledgement and self-care. By addressing these issues through self-honesty, the negative effect (no matter how big or small) of our individual life experiences can be resolved. Only then will our true authentic Self unfold and open to more light, laughter and love and more presence in the now. The purpose of these life experiences is to bring us to Self-knowledge.

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Robyn Graham is one of our panel of experts at and has a formidable list of credits to her name including:

UNIVERSITY STUDIES (University of New England)
Bachelor of Arts (Double major in Psychology and Human Bioscience)

Diploma of Soul Care, Transpersonal Psychology, Holistic Psychology and Shamanic Healing
Certificate in Holistic Counselling

Certificate of Conflict Resolution

Certificate in Ayurvedic Healing (Nature Care College)
Certificate in Ayurvedic Psychology (Nature Care College)
Cetificate of Lifestyle Counselling (Ayurvedic Elements)

Anthroposophy, Arts, Rudolf Steiner Education

YOGA STUDIES (Shantarasa Global Yoga Institute)
(Current studies )

CERTIFICATE OF YOGA TEACHER TRAINING (Includes Yoga Psychology and Yoga Philosophy)
(Current studies )