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Learning How to Deal with Adversaries

This week, the new Moon in Virgo raises some issues associated with the sixth house, the natural house of Virgo. Unbeknownst to most, the sixth house relates, amongst other things, to enemies, adversaries, and those who would undermine you generally.

It may be helpful to learn how to deal with backbiters and enemies. Backbiting is often motivated by jealousy or admiration for someone else. It’s possible to either compliment them or encourage them. You don’t have to beat them. However, if you must, it is important to treat them as compliments and assist them in recovery.

Here are some tips:

Do not fight

It’s best to avoid speaking to your enemies as much as possible. And it is easy to avoid talking to your enemies as long as they don’t listen. One way to do this is by wearing earbuds in public or sitting on the opposite side of the classroom. Another way to avoid speaking to your enemies is to imagine silly things they will do when confronted with you. This is a far more effective way to prevent conflict and rumours than fighting your enemies.

Keep your distance from backbiters

While most people are familiar with criticism and fault-finding, some may not be so comfortable with this approach. In such cases, you may be placed in situations where backbiting is necessary.

The following tips will assist you in dealing with backbiters:

Please don’t consider it a compliment when dealing with people who backbite. Backbiters are often cruel and deceitful, flattering superiors and taking oaths. Their behaviour is detrimental to relationships and progress, and you must do your best to keep your distance from them. If you have enemies, do not give them any opportunity to attack you.

Avoid being a hypocrite

First, avoid being a hypocrite when dealing with backbiters and enemies. Although it may seem difficult, this is possible. You must set an example and be true to your convictions. And you cannot critique others’ actions, even when disagreeing. Also, you must also avoid thinking that you are better than them. You can overcome hypocrisy by loving your enemies and asking the higher power for help.

Hypocrisy refers to selfishness, focusing more on the problems surrounding them than their reality. It can cause problems in their relationships. If you can avoid being a hypocrite, you can keep your relationship with those enemies and backbiters intact. You can do this by focusing on your relationship with the higher power rather than your actions.

Another way to avoid being a hypocrite is to try to live a life that is in harmony with the flow of the universe.

To avoid hypocrisy, you first should

  • live according to a consistent ethical standard and not satisfy the desires of others.
  • Being honest with yourself is a great way not to be a hypocrite in dealing with enemies.

People are afraid to tell the truth, because it could lead them to be exposed as hypocrites. It can damage your reputation. Moreover, it also causes you to appear like a phony. In addition, being a hypocrite means that you’re hiding something really important to you.

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