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Leo Horoscope

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Your ruler, the Sun, is the centre of the Solar System (some might say the Universe) and that is exactly where you see your place in the world. You are a powerhouse of energy, and few star signs have the same level of drive and motivation that you do. At the heart of this Leo energy is your fire element, which is recognisable in every aspect of your life—work, love or play.

Leo, second best is not even on your radar. You love to be the greatest at everything you do and because you exhibit so much self-confidence, others are quite prepared to step aside and let you shine. You do so, however, with a sense of generosity and love. And people generally find you a pleasure to be around.

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Generally, Leo-born people have slim bodies and are graceful in their movements. Their faces are oval, with large eyes and a strong voice. Their hair is their pride and joy, and they emphasise it by stroking it, running their fingers through it or playing with a curl. If baldness should befall them, they will either wear a well-made, undetectable hairpiece or make their well-shaped head a feature by remaining bald.

You enjoy anything that promises pleasure and like to be creatively involved in such things as gourmet cooking, which feeds the body as well as the soul. Unusual recipes take your eye and you like to have people praise your efforts. This is another way that you can take centre stage, as you feel it is your rightful place in the world.

You have a great mind, Leo, and have the capacity to think much bigger than most other star signs. Being a fixed sign of the zodiac means you are determined, at times a little inflexible, but you will achieve whatever you set out to do.

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You are dedicated and loyal to a fault, a genuine friend, and expect the same in return from those you wish to spend your time with. You are encouraging to others and like to see your friends and loved ones as successful as you are. It is not in your generous nature to refuse to help to others achieve their goals as well.

You are proud, like the lion, and can be badly wounded by disloyalty or treachery of any kind. You can be a formidable adversary if you find out someone has crossed you. Leo-born individuals are nurturing—think of a lioness and her cubs—and with your loyalty you make a great parent.

You have strong intuition and can apply that to your professional life where you have a knack for spotting a good deal and exercising your great sense of timing. Being a born salesperson, you are persuasive, and even if people oppose you initially, it doesn’t take long for you to bring them around to your way of thinking.

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If you happen to be the boss in your workplace, bear in mind that not everyone is like you. Some of your workmates may find your power just too much to handle, and there is a danger that you could become overbearing. As a Leo, you start at 100% and work up from there, which can be rather daunting for those around you. It is one thing to be respected, another to be feared. It is not likely that anyone who has been in your presence will ever forget you.

Humility is one of your lessons in life, Leo. You love praise and attention as this makes you feel that your efforts have not been in vain. But you are more than happy to share this praise with those who have contributed towards your success.

Leo, you are ambitious and can reach the pinnacle of professional life with your drive and determination. You have a competitive spirit and are attracted by sports or games of chance. This is another arena where you like to win.

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