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Leo Love Horoscope

Leo In Love

Leo naturally rules the 5th sphere of the zodiac. That relates to love affairs, creativity and future karma. It has relevance to children and the relationships associated with them. For this reason, love and romance seems to be a particularly natural activity for someone with a Leo Love horoscope.

Being in love and sharing the emotional part of your nature is very, very important to you and will play a significant role in your future happiness. Along with this, entertainment and any sort of pleasure will be part and parcel of your romantic association. You need a social environment in which to show off your partner, in which to communicate how you feel with your friends. Being a Leo Love Horoscope, love is not a selfish thing to you. You want everyone to share in your joy.  

LEOL1In social situations, you want to take the lead and don’t feel daunted by large crowds. Sometimes others who don’t know you, misunderstand you. Therefore, a piece of good advice, especially if you’re looking to develop new friendships might help. Go a little more slowly and don’t be too theatrical in your advances. People misinterpret intentions, no matter how noble.

Because you are larger than life in most everything you do, others are intimidated by you, and in particular rivals who are possibly vying for the same lover. This could invite opposition and fierce rivalry. Unfortunately for these people, they don’t realise that you are up to the challenge of fighting for what you believe is yours.

You have ample opportunity to mix with people of all persuasions and to be selective in the type of partner you wish to have as a soul mate. You like the idea of being challenged and don’t quite feel as if you deserve a love that hasn’t been fought for.

Once you do become attached, your partner will learn that you are somewhat difficult to please, but by the same token, offer much in return. You are warm, affectionate and will serve your partner in every way possible.

Loyalty Second to None

Your loyalty is second to none and once you give your heart to someone there’s no mistaking your true love for him or her. You expect your partner to be equally loyal and can be unforgiving if your trust at any stage is broken. You need to make this clear at the outset of any relationship or friendship you enter into as you can be very decisive and this can be a crushing blow to someone who hasn’t seen your wrath coming.

For one born with a Leo Love horoscope, sexuality is particularly important to you and although this doesn’t fall strictly under the same area as entertainment and love affairs, sex is a natural extension of your playful nature. Leo males are particularly sexual, but both of the sexes exude a type of animal magnetism that others find irresistible.

Because the marriage zone for Leo is the sign of Aquarius, relationships are not always settled until mid-life. Saturn and Uranus have a hand to play in this and this can indicate some false starts to fulfilment on an emotional level.

Once you settle for the right partner, you do so for life and will expect the relationship to be mutually fulfilling in every respect. You are prepared to put in the hard yards to make it a successful partnership. Your standards are very high and you are ardent and demonstrative.

You make a wonderful impression wherever you go and because you have impeccable taste in dress, you will always be lucky in love even though as I said you may not choose to marry young.

Because yours is a Leo Love horoscope, once you choose a family life, you’ll be extremely protective, perhaps even territorial. You mustn’t become overly possessive as this will most certainly cause problems in your most intimate relationships. When you finally end up with the right person you’ll be committed and proud of your commitment. Astrologers generally say with confidence that love life for Leo is  fulfilling and spiritually enlightening as well.

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