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Libra Love Horoscope

LIBRAL1Libra, you are probably one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, because you are ruled by the loving and sensual Venus. You’re particularly affectionate as a lover and as a friend, and go to great lengths to demonstrate your love to the people you care for.

Relationships are more than everything to you. If this part of your life is okay, you can enjoy things fully; if not, you brood and worry. You have a great eye for beauty and symmetry, so you’ll usually attract someone similar.

Once you find a partner you can connect with, you’ll go to any lengths to please them. Some Librans become overly dependent on other people for their happiness. Try to keep your relationships in balance with other areas of your life so that you don’t smother the people you love most.

When you do fall in love, you’ll be completely blown away. You’ll be extremely sensitive and responsive to the needs of your lover. You are devoted, and your commitment gets more intense over time. You need someone who’ll reciprocate this.

You view love, romance and, most importantly, marriage is something that requires 100 per cent input from both parties. So, choose your partners carefully as any shortfall in the area of respect and affection will send you looking for love elsewhere.

You’re definitely a loyal person, but you ask your partner to prove their love time and time again. This type of insecurity might lead to thoughtless acts and tension. You will be continually challenged to learn the art of unconditional love. The lesson is not easy, but you’re a good learner, and you want your love life to be balanced and happy, so you’ll make the effort to get it right.

You have very clear ideas about the support you want from a partner. You want them to communicate their feelings <i>and</i> their lust. You understand fully that the word ‘love’ is a verb, not just a noun. You constantly show your affection, generously, and in practical and tactile ways.

Sex is vitally important to you because it’s a way for you to show your feelings for that special person. When you’re attracted to someone you’ll go to any lengths to woo them; you’ll use the latest fashions, fragrances and other accessories to make an impression. And, you usually succeed! The lucky person who marries a Libran will experience love and sensuality at its finest.

You desire passion as well as love, and unless your partner is sharing their innermost fantasies, you may feel they’re not interested at all. Try not to jump to this conclusion: love can be given in many different ways, and lust doesn’t always equal love.

In family life you like to see that everyone you love is well cared for, with all the comforts and conveniences that money can buy. You want to give your family the best lifestyle you can, so you’re keen to sport the latest fashions and status symbols—and, of course, a partner who’ll complement you.

If you focus on maintaining harmony and stability, and add a little more commitment to your partnership, you will have a winning combination for love.

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