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Love and Sexual Secrets Revealed in your Face by Dadhichi Toth

Love and Sexual Secrets Revealed in your Face by Dadhichi Toth…Know more here!

Love and Sexual Secrets Revealed in your Face by Dadhichi TothThe art of face reading is a great way to understand yourself and others. That is what it seems to be all about. Whether you’re in business , a homemaker or even a priest at the local parish church, the name of the game is life and of course, relationship. So often our first impressions about others are dead wrong. We feel so confident that a person is ‘right’ only to find, sometimes within a matter of weeks even, that we were completely off the mark.

Broadly speaking, people fall into four temperamental categories – the intellectual, emotionalphysical and practical. Getting a personality snapshot first by studying the shape of your new friend’s face isn’t really all that difficult. Once you’ve learned a few basics about what face shapes actually reveal about our inner motivations and personalities, you’ll start to become fascinated at the umpteen varieties of humans. Face readers believe that face markings too are our minds’ etching of life experiences on our faces with the passing of time.

If you like the intellectual type they’re recognisable by their thin wiry frame. The face resembles an inverted triangle or pear shape. These types are mentally active, deductive and energetic but may lack stamina and so burn themselves out quickly. Princess Dianna slotted into this category.

The intellectual types must learn the art of pacing themselves to maximise their energy reserves. They may think too much and oscillate in their opinions. In matters of love and sex, the intellectual type is just that. They may rationalise and discuss their feelings and interactions. Because they are communicative by nature, the bedroom may become a forum for many discussions about relationship and what their partners “think” about love. The trick with this type is getting them to transcend the rational process and “feel” the emotion. Somewhere beyond the layers of intellect is a feeling human being. If you’re not into running commentaries or D & M’s during love making stay away from these types.

If your preference is for the emotional type then keep your eye out for the fleshier looking amongst us who are often recognised by their round “moon faces”. He mightn’t look like Schwarzenegger but he’ll definitely be sensual, have a well formed chest, large eyes and thick hair. This type is emotional, sensitive and caring. Their minds are great at absorbing information and they have a great memory. You have to admit for example, that Danny De Vito does have that ” come on – cuddle me look “.

The hearts of the emotional types may rule their heads but in matters of family life and marriage they excel. Even the males in this category will exhibit a certain femininity. That makes them popular with the opposite sex but not necessarily flirtatious. So if this is the type you are attracted to, don’t read too much into it. Moon shaped types are very loyal as a rule and make excellent providers for the family, love their children and are expressive of their feelings. Intuition is often pronounced in their case.

Unless you’re full of boundless energy the sporting fire type or physical temperament may leave you for dead in the bedroom. Better get a trainer right now and build up your stamina. They are usually well built, muscular and energetic. These are the guys that a lot of the younger ladies naturally go for. They are noticed by their thickset physique. They have a distinctly square shaped face and are called ligamentous types ( meaning the muscles and ligaments are developed ).

The fire type is pushy, bold, active, aggressive, ambitious and dominating. You may be intimidated by this type but you will always know where you stand with them. If vanity doesn’t sit well with you, then maybe the fiery muscular type is not for you. They like to feel good about themselves and need a lot of ego boosting to keep them interested… and amenable to any opposing views. Often heated debate is their way of letting off excess steam, which their gym workout may not have succeeded in doing, so doesn’t take the fire and brimstone too personally. Be prepared to take risks with the fire type. They are not only energetic in physical matters but in business and life generally. Nothing stays still with them- so if rigid security is what you’re after, avoid the fire type.

The practical or mesomorphic temperament’s structure is heavy boned with an oblong shaped face. They are persevering, methodical and rather materialistic individuals. There is a tendency to overwork and a striving for perfection in the line of duty. You may be waiting around for this workaholic while he or she chains him/herself to work situations. They are very concerned about material and financial security so thereby gain through commercial careers, banking, investment and property.

If it’s money you’re after, the practical type may have plenty of it. The tendency to pessimism may make the earthy, practical types seem less approachable than they really are. Loosen them up a little and help them savour the joy of living. Rupert Murdoch will tell you all about this tribe.

You’ll need to be highly self-motivated and independent with the mesomorph. They are always working and involved with some business or other. Ambitions may take a front seat with them, leaving a more dependant personality floundering with frustration. They are rigid and adhere to their goals and ambitions, even at the expense of relationships at times. Don’t push. Become a magnet through your own successes and watch the mesomorph gravitate towards you. They love the company of success. Getting involved or at least interested in this partner’s work and motivations is also another way of bonding and enhancing a relationship with this type.

Face readers say that warmth, sensuality and a demonstrative nature can be seen in the face. Most importantly, look to the eyes. Prominent eyes with bright sparkle or glitter are also preferable to small, squinty or shifty eyes which reveal an introverted and secretive nature. In fact the eyes are the most important feature to observe in your close encounters of the lusty kind.

In your search for that perfect person look for eyes that sit firmly whilst gazing steadily. This reflects a solid and persevering nature and a person of stability and forthright disposition. In contrast, a wandering or shifty eye portends a nature given to unsettled and inconsistent habits. Restlessness will be evident and other features supporting your observation and insight, a tendency to dishonesty and unreliability will be marked in this type. In short, this is a person of meagre commitment.

Unevenly set eyes convey an unique meaning. Firstly, the person is capable of seeing things from a different perspective and applying lateral thought processes to resolving problems. These people will analyse your comments and observations with a “left – of – field ” mentality. Often you will be amazed at the impromptu insights that they offer. If you are looking for someone with a flair for shifting paradigms – then here’s your man ( or woman – whichever the case may be ). These people become invaluable assets to a company looking for ingenuity in it’s approach.

If the eyes slant upwards the person is an opportunist – more so if the brows also slant in that direction ( cats eyes look ). Many models like Elle McPherson and Claudia Schiffer possess these eyes. They know how to get what they want. If the opposite ie slanting downwards, the person may be a little self-deprecating and at the mercy of others, never being able to say no.

Princess Dianna and Michael Jackson share a feature of the eyes. They possess floating irises. The whites are visible under the eyes. This indicates an inner turbulence – person at odds with the world. Though spiritual in nature, they are hard to please or understand and have very high expectations of others. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln also shared these traits.

The whites visible above the irises may indicate some dangerous elements within the personality. The temper may be latent in this type and the nature very forceful. Take a step or two backwards from this person first. Charles Manson exhibited these eyes. Chinese face readers call them wolves eyes.

Also be watchful of people who look drunk even when they haven’t had a single beer. Their eyelids sit very heavily over the eyes. ( And don’t forget – don’t jump to conclusions. They may have had a hard day at the office ) but if the mouth is excessively thick and slightly opened then you have an very highly sexed individual.

Look at how close or widest the eyes are. Ideally, there should be at least one eye width between both eyes. This being the case, you can assume your subject has a balanced judgement and clear view of the world. The closer set the eyes the narrower the opinion and view of the world at large. It may also reflect an overdependence on parental and family structures. These people may need a nudge to develop their own independent lifestyles. Their willpower should be strengthened in the search for their own self-assurance. Youngsters or students displaying eyes of this type certainly need continual encouragement to grow in self-confidence. You will find these types possess little forbearance and tolerance and may crack under trivial matters being blown out of all proportion.

In contrast, the wide set eyed character is far more tolerant and broadminded in perspective. People of this class may present a flagrant disregard for authority and advice. A delicate blend of firmness and love will iron out the initial stresses between you and this type. Offer them alternative choice pathways in their path for the best results. In respect of career choices, these types need room to breathe. Give them plenty of space to explore their creative potential.

Deepest eyes betoken an intense, possessive, yet observant nature. When you look into the deepset eyed person you can be sure that the mind motivating them is idealistic and inspirational. Often writers and creatively driven personalities possess deep-set eyes. They are romantic to the core. You only have to look at Omar Shariff’s or Val Kilmer’s eyes to see the passion and romance oozing out of them. This idealism is tempered after the age of 35 and surprisingly, reveals a more than capable ability in finacial matters. They are of sound judgement, compassionate and serious minded. A philosopher’s face may often also display a deep-set “soul window”. You will need to carefully analyse and balance the other facial features to see whether this type is scattered and impractical. The square or round chin will anchor this type to a more empirical lifestyle.

Besides, a roving and unsteady eye, one incapable of looking at you directly, is an attempt to mask inner intentions. Sometimes though, the shy and discouraged will also reflect a similar eye. The look in these cases is an important factor in discriminating between one or the other.

Through practice the “look” can be ascertained quite easily and can reveal amazingly accurate character snapshots of your subjects.

What does the look entail? Some looks are cold, others endearing, angry, weak or strong. It is the look which overides an otherwise attractive face. Soft, enticing features will be neutralised by a stern and unfeeling eye or a look which is hard and cruel. Always balance your judgement of character by the look in those eyes that present themselves before you.

Be watchful of people who look drunk even when they haven’t had a single beer. Their eyelids sit very heavily over the eyes. ( And remember, don’t jump to conclusions. They may have had a hard day at the office ). A sleepy or drunken look is one that is seen in both men and women. It offers a preview of a personality given to excessive sexual desire, more so if the mouth is excessively thick and slightly opened. Here is a libidinous nature, but one which may be lazy too. Periods of misfortune and despondency are also revealed in this look. Unless you prefer a casual and uncommitted relationship with lots of libidinous activity…next please.

Cold and unflinching eyes with small pupils and sharp eye light may appear cruel. If other features such as a pointed and downward turning nose, sharp angular shaped face and tightly pursed thin lips appear in concert with these eyes, be certain that the individual is indeed cruel – both mentally and even perhaps physically.

The “look” of the eye and its internal expression is something that cannot be taught in words but doesn’t necessarily require years of experience to learn. In fact we more or less instinctively do it when we meet people in varying social or business situations.

The colour of the iris is also an important determinant in your appraisal of character. A deep blue color means that you are in the company of a highly sexed yet gentle and sensitive being. You may have to bridle your passion a while till you delve a little deeper. Light blue eyes suppose an individual who is likely to enjoy flirting with the opposite sex. Are you are a possessive type? Hmmm….then you may prefer a little less involvement with this one.

Deep green eyes are not only highly sexed like their blue eyed cousins but very inventive too – both in practical affairs and matters of the bedroom! You will need a lot of time to understand the spontaneous and sometimes wilful mind of a green eyed person. Men and women of genius often possess this colored eye. You’ll need to sharpen your intellectual skills with these green eyed mind monsters!

Grey eyes reveal a high degree of intelligence and imagination but the sexual passion may be less pronounced in this type as the reasoning may subdue the erotic side of their nature. They are a refined class of people with a fastidious streak.

Black eyes are very rare and when encountered are extremely striking. They are somewhat strong natured individuals and don’t always present their case with what you’d call, finesse. You’d need to toughen up your skin to live or work with a black eyed character. A tumultuous road lay ahead if you opt for a life of black eyed…( fun??.)

The mouth is related to communication, speech and sensual appetites like eating and sex. The lips relate to our ability to nurture others in loving relationships. If the upper lip is considerably thinner than the lower lip, it reveals an inability to reciprocate in relationships. Conversely, a thinner lower lip indicates an overly giving nature.

Lips which are full, round and even convey to you that the person is caring and sensitive. The upper and lower lips in equal distribution reveal a sensual and communicative personality.

If the lips are large it means an expensive and somewhat luxurious taste. But and expressive and generous temperament nonetheless. Often the large mouthed person can be very vocal under pressure, needing to verbalise, sometimes excessively their dissatisfaction and frustration.

Small lips which are also tightly closed indicate a self-centred and mean character. The downward curvature of the lips is an omen pointing to discontent in most matters. You may find it hard to please these types irrespective of what you do or say. Look for upward curved lips which indicate the opposite – someone cordial and optimistic with a sunny disposition.

Narrow lips reveal an unemotional character who lives more or less an internalised life, never able to enjoy the pleasure of sharing intimate feelings.

The groove on the upper lip, below the nose is worth mentioning. It is called the philtrum. If it is clearly marked, deep and long, it augurs well for a strong and healthy sexual appetite. It also has a bearing on the energy levels in general. Flat, weak and unpronounced philtrums are a mark of wanting in life force and drive.

People who are cordial and social with high personal standards usually have strong and fleshy noses. The size of a man’s nose and a woman’s mouth are supposed to be indicators of the size of their…. Well I think you get the picture. Unfortunately it’s not exactly a savoury intro’ asking newly made acquaintances to drop their most personal under attire to verify such researches. The face readers of yore obviously had an interesting time of it and if their accuracy in other areas of life is anything to go by, then maybe, just maybe there’s some validity to the size of the genitalia as well.

The nose is also a wealth indicator and so if you really want someone with dollars then the nose says it all. Aquiline noses reflect strength and business acumen – especially if the nostrils aren’t visible. Thin downward pointing noses indicate a tough cookie, possibly an individual with control issues, especially if the lips are thin as well. This is the commander in chief of your life from here on.

Characteristics like honesty, intelligence and reliability are major attributes that we all seek in business or romantic partnerships. It’s one thing looking for those characteristics in others, but finding them is not always an easy thing. A person who seemingly appears reliable at first may soon exhibit quite the opposite personality traits. How could you have known at the outset? Face reading will immediately offer you valuable information about a would be romantic partner or business associate. You can begin practicing face reading by observing friends, family members and work colleagues. Naturally, very few people fall into “pure” type categories, but more often than not, the predominant shape will be recognisable. Don’t be too hasty in your appraisal and above all, trust your intuition.

And now, before they’ve even told you their star sign you’ve sown ‘em up..….

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