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Motivation, the “M” word is so much more than you may think….

“Motivation is the exact point a reason strong enough to cause you to be so positive about what could go right, instantly replaces the fear of what could go wrong, and instils a certainty which becomes action, and cannot be satisfied except with the materialisation of the result you desire.” – © Constantine Mitropoulos

The “M” word, motivation, is as elusive as falling in love is to those that seek it most, because when you look you cannot see however when you are aware you begin to notice everything and not just what you’re looking for.

It’s a little deep however when you are looking for something you tend to sort through things by discarding what is unsuitable. However when you look for nothing and instead browse through everything, you miss nothing, and this is how you find what you need instead of what you’re looking for.

This is why motivation is so elusive, because it’s nothing more than a reason that is so overwhelming, that it replaces any fear that might have held you paralysed from action, with an insatiable, relentless and untiring desire to succeed.

Lacking motivation in anything is because you are consumed with fear. Therefore, if you cannot find motivation then my advice is to stop looking for it, instead browse through life and every circumstance, because it’s as you browse through these circumstances that opportunities become your reasons. The same can be said with falling in love, looking for it means you must have a checklist, however when you find it you quickly realise that there is no checklist long enough that can tick all the boxes that finding true love contains.

Motivation, the “M” wordMotivation is just a reason, a strong enough reason that results in a change in attitude that is so positive it instantly eliminates negativity. Any fear that may have held you paralysed from acting is replaced with a sense of certainty, that instils action in a domino like effect with such an intensity that can only be satisfied with the materialisation of the result you desire. Motivation is what causes this to happen by accident, and all it took was a reason.

Contrary to popular belief grass will always need mowing, hair will always need cutting, dishes will always need doing, and work must be done. Likewise, motivation exists purely because it is constantly and repeatedly nourished and fed what it needs to thrive. Stop feeding it and your motivation will begin to suffocate, but give it a breath of fresh air and it will immediately respond and grow once again.

The take home message is simple, motivation needs maintenance as does everything, and I mean every single thing in your life. If you want to be driven by the positive feeling of motivation, rather than the avoidance of the discomfort of pain, hardship, suffering, torment, affliction, and agony, then maintain your motivation.

Motivation is maintained by only doing what you love and loving what you do whilst driven by a feeling that you love. Repeatedly looking for the real reason or motive to act, move, and do as required will make you accomplish absolutely everything and anything you put your mind to.

So be prepared to preserve and conserve, be prepared to continue the upkeep and service, and finally be prepared to nurture and feed your motivation with the feelings of emotions that you love. Only this will allow your motivation to repeat itself through every adjoining moment in your day. It will give you the impression that you are motivated when in actual fact you are simply loving everything you think, say, feel, and do because it just makes you feel really good.

Liking something, someone, or somewhere is never really everlasting and hence neither can you expect your motivation to last long either, but you do. You want it to last but it never does despite your continued, repeated and ever more intensive efforts eventually leading to frustration, disappointment and confusion. Finally you are confronted with the fact that you don’t know what motivates you. The answer you seek is to truly love something, someone, or somewhere. However this can only occur when you are devoid of hate and any other negative emotions.

First you must look for what you love in yourself and then love it, disregard any notion of negativity and just focus on just one thing regardless how insignificant it may seem, so when you next look at yourself you should immediately be focussed on this one thing that you love about yourself. This will motivate you every time you see or look at yourself, a constant reminder that you are loved. Being loved makes us feel special and gives us a reason to keep looking forward, wondering what’s next, excited and ready to embrace whatever comes our way.

If your motivation is true and you truly love what you are motivated about then it will last forever because it is constantly nourished and renewed. Being motivated cannot be because of what you will get out of something, instead it must be because of how it makes you feel about something. It’s the intrinsic feeling of emotion about someone, something or somewhere that creates everlasting motivation. Having the motivation to work hard to save money so you can go on that holiday or buy that car only lasts in intensity until you have gone on that holiday or bought that car, however it quickly evaporates shortly after.

Remember this, true motivation can only ever exist when you truly love what you are motivated about because it’s how it makes you feel that makes it everlasting, it cannot be physical, it’s the emotion.

numero-uno-colourBorn on August 15th, 1964, Constantine Mitropoulos was raised in Sydney, Australia, and educated at St Marys Cathedral by its resident brothers who taught him the value of honour, trust, respect, and discipline.

Mitropoulos was destined for great things, overcoming severe stuttering as a teen and cheating death from a life threatening disease of the brain, he approached life with an insatiable desire and hunger to be the best he could be. Responsible for pioneering CD-ROM and touch screen technology in the banking industry in 1987, he went into business for himself at age twenty-four, manufacturing the first CD-ROM to contain the entirety of Australia’s yellow and white pages, and hence revolutionising marketing forever. His giving attitude to life was honoured when he also received an apostolic blessing from Pope John Paul II for translating certain texts into Latin for the Vatican.

Passionate about life and filled with a burning desire to change the world, Mitropoulos knew his purpose in life is to lead and inspire others the world over. His quest began with TIABOB, his first book, and now continues with QUOTATIONS.