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Destiny and The Nadi Leaf Readings

The Nadi Leaves – True Akashik records

Destiny and The Nadi Leaf Readings
The Palmyra Nadi leaves

Scattered like gems across the sub-continent of India and Sri Lanka, palm leaf archives are reputedly  3,000 years old. They are said to contain virtually flawless accounts of the lives and destinies of each of us.

On these palm leaves, the intricate Sanskrit dialogues between divinely inspired astrologers and their protégés are documented. Myriads of lives are chronologically detailed from birth to death, with not only precise dates and times of life events but genealogical family names also being recorded therein.

From a mere thumbprint, the exact leaf of destiny will be painstakingly uncovered from which are revealed with breathtaking accuracy, the individual’s name, date and time of the exact moment of birth. Furthermore, all the major life events are rattled off with extraordinary precision down to the “fateful” date of death, if one is brave enough to open that particular chapter. It is just one of 16 chapters written for each person.

During my third visit to India in 1999, I was able to experience the remarkable truth of astrology and the leaves first hand.  Each and every detail of my life, family names and even inner secrets were revealed in pristine clarity to me.

It raises the fundamental and age-old question of destiny versus free will. How can it be? Our life histories and choices outlined like a soap opera over 30 centuries ago? My investigations of one such archive on the outskirts of Madras in Pallavaram, however incredulous it may seem, were precisely as I have described. Unbelievable to say the least. But true in every respect! And all from my thumbprint – nothing else!!

There, the purohit or priest as a custodian of his family’s archive of Nadi leaves ( as they are referred to ) expertly reveals all. This archive is of the famous Astrologer Sage Vasistha, one of the seven rishis or sages outlining our histories. The sage addresses questions about the individual in question and what events are to take place till death. Past, present and future births are also recorded and the most impeccable details are revealed.

The question may be asked of genetic scientists as to the ‘free will’ an individual truly has, given recent genome research. And what did the Sapta Rishis or seven sages of India in their revelations know that geneticists may today learn from? We should meticulously scrutinise the ramifications of this knowledge and how it may impact on future western thought and culture.

Free will?

I once believed in free will. That was until 1999 came along. Of course, free will is what helps determine you’re going to be successful and happy. There’s a sense of intention associated with success. It seems to make perfect sense that successful people unless they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, must have worked extremely hard to achieve the result they did.

Travelling to India quickly changed my mind. The ancient karmic Akashik records changed all that. The ancient Palmyra leaves upon which all the destinies of each human being are written was made available to me. Unlike normal astrology, the client simply provides their thumbprints, both right and left. Thereafter a bundle of leaves, apparently several thousand years old are ferreted out.

These records are like large rulers, stiff, thick parchment-like leaves with unusual characters, possibly Sanskrit, Dravidian or ancient Tamil Nadu language. After some poking around with a few superficial questions, my name was provided. When my name was mentioned and thereafter my mother, fathers’ and spouse’s name I quickly sat up in my chair, vertically erect and ready to start paying attention to what the priest was about to tell me.

At that time I was travelling with my client who till today is one of my best friends.  He’s since made his name as an up-and-coming Hollywood film producer. He’d worked with the likes of Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and many other A-list actors. We quickly turned our heads to each other and somewhat loudly whispered WTF!

The reader continued, “Your father is no longer alive, and you were separated from your mother in infancy”. “You were brought up by others……” For over forty minutes he reeled off incredibly precise prediction after prediction – the past, present and also future destiny forecasts which were revealed with incredible fluidity. It was surreal. All written in black and white, there on those dusty ancient leaves! It was my life on a leaf.

Uncanny future readings

He continued, “You will leave your current spouse, also your country of birth and move to the land in the north-west.  Not only that, you will move to a provincial region and live like a farmer, reclusive to some extent.” At this point Bill and I again both stared at each other in disbelief. We both uttered a double WTF, “That can’t possibly be right.” I scowled as he went on, “You’ll meet and marry a woman much younger than you and will start a family with her.

In this later age of your life, you will have a daughter with whom you will become extremely close”. This was starting to sound ridiculous! I was frantically taking notes and on several occasions since, went back to have more detailed readings and even took other somewhat sceptical friends and clients to verify what I had experienced. One senator also accompanied me in 2014 and nearly fell off her chair when all her family names were also read off the leaves.

That was in 1999. It’s now nearly 20 years later and looking back I’m still absolutely astonished by the accuracy of all the forecasts made. I indeed departed Australia in 2010 and moved to the Philippines where I met my current wife. We were married in 2012 and we had a daughter, Alyana Tara, who is the love of my life. We live two hours out of Manila, in the rural province of Batangas on a quarter acre of land upon which we have many tropical fruit trees. We often produce a surplus of fruit so my wife and gardener sell that food at the local produce market. This was obviously the north-west country alluded to in the leaves.

Since that time, without exception, everything that was predicted has come to pass, precisely, as written in the leaf. There are fourteen chapters available for each and everyone who dares delve into them. One could be sceptical regarding the past and I must admit I spent considerable time trying to figure out how they may have solicited that information somewhere, somehow.

Although that may have been a distinct possibility, it’s the future forecasts which were impeccably correct and in no way could have been guessed with such accuracy. This mystery still to this day leaves me dumbfounded. As a result, I’ve spent the past 20 years investigating the methodologies of these nadi granthas and many of the principles bear out as I can attest to through my practice as a professional astrologer.

Your past life is also documented

I must say it was fascinating having chapter 9 regarding my past life experiences laid bare along with other more mystical aspects of my destiny. Chapter 8 relates to one’s date, time and place of death, including the manner in which your body will be disposed of and who will be there. Chapter 12 was very interesting in that it gives an insight into the condition of one’s spiritual self, and at the time of death what precisely your experience of death will be like. Scary stuff to most I think you’d agree.

This was a remarkable eye-opener along with all m numerous any other aspects of this fascinating astrological anomaly. My life was indeed written on a leaf and that everything on that leaf, including the date and time of my birth and death along with my horoscope which was drawn from my thumbprint, were included in this account. Incidentally, the horoscope drawn from my thumbprint is as accurate as any computer-generated horoscope. Unbelievable.

The accounts of our lives in this manner are given in the context of the great sage and his ring of disciples. Speaking about the person to whom the thumbprint relates to in a teacher-student dialogue goes something like this: “Master, tell us about this man who has 3 circles and a triangle on his thumb. What is his fate? Please do tell”. In this way, the arguments go to fro between master and disciples and the leaf readings are done giving the astrological principles as a means of substantiating what is said by the sage.

Suffice to say that the court case predicted, the loss of money and problematic business issues, the insertion and replacement of parts in my body (2 heart attacks in late 2017 and surgery and also dental implants), and other incredibly accurate events pinpointedly given, led me to the conclusion that if all of this information was contained in the leaf, written thousands of years ago, what did I, as an individual person have to do with it?

The future is fixed

From that point onwards I thought deeply about this and it substantiated what another great sage by the name of Ramana said about destiny:

“Try as hard as you will to make something happen in life, if it isn’t destined to happen it won’t, yet try as hard as you can to stop something happening, if it’s meant to happen, it will”.

We will explore some of these most fascinating components and how one can simultaneously juggle both and live a life of artistry, being in love with the role that one has to play without becoming at all attached to it.

The point of all this, of course, is that to be happy, at some point you must open up the can of worms called fate versus destiny to understand your life more fully. If your life is indeed written in the stars, on your palm, or on a dusty old leaf in India, where do you, as an individual, with so-called volition fit into the picture and if your life is already mapped out what’s the point of making any effort? Let’s look at these questions in more depth as we continue. Believe it or not, fate and free will can, through creative living, be easily reconciled.

The important point to note, however, is that the quality which distinguishes conjugal love from any other sort of love is passion. And what distinguishes your life being an extraordinary one from the millions and millions which aren’t, is also determined by your passion. Falling in love is concomitant with the notion of being passionate, intensely absorbed and attentive to the object of your love. When you make that object of love your own life, a truly remarkable transformation takes place.

Example of Nadi reading

These readings are done in a very precise and snappy way. There is very little embellishment and the issue at hand is on point. Here are 2 chapters that are given in an example reading.

12th chapter regarding spiritual emancipation in this life

Good speech and effective words are uttered from his mouth due to good karma. He will have good support from others. The time that the reading is being done there will, however, be unfortunate obstacles to his attaining spiritual knowledge.

He is blessed to meet holy men and gurus. They will help his progress due to their guidelines and blessings. Spiritual power will increase more and more. By following their dictates he will be able to attain spiritual emancipation in this life.

A debate between the teacher and the student in the Nadi dialogue over his current transits were discussed. It was asked by one student about the effects of the negative planets. It was said that this was from his previous birth. A further question was posed: how can he possibly obtain Moksha?

The Sage replied: Worldly pleasures will not block his path to salvation nor will his material pursuits. Confusion and lack of peace will be experienced due to these effects. This will also not affect the blessings of a holy man. He receives blessings while taking long journeys. To overcome these problems the astrological and spiritual remedies have been given and they will help. The negative effects will be removed as a result.

Age 54 he will have this Nadi reading. His 12th house is favourable. He is able to know the secrets of some spiritual scriptures.

Many countries will be travelled. He develops many friendships around the world. He is also interested in artistic work. He will always meet new people. There is recognition for his profession in foreign places. In Ketu Dasha particularly he can expect good results

He will conduct Pilgrimages and continue to receive the blessings of some holy man. From a holy man at a hillock he will be able to develop his spiritual power. There he will receive great guidance from that teacher. It will happen in this very life. He will continue to learn and practice mantras given to him. Later, he will undergo austerities from the age of 56 to 58.

His health will be generally good. His physical energies will attract others and inspire them. He has the capacity to charm others. He also enjoys many pleasures in this life. These physical attractions will however cause trouble in his life.

He may begin a spiritual training centre or begin teaching divine topics. Teaching meditation or yoga is indicated. After the age of 60 or 62 his plans and desires will be fulfilled. He is likely to live an ashram style of life after this. He will be following a rigorous discipline of self-control and overcoming worldly life.

Charities, donations community work serving others. For this purpose, he will visit several countries. Due to these spiritual developments, he will experience the Lord as a divine light or aura. His power of enticing the public will grow.

Mantras from his guru will become more powerful as he ages. He will practice them more and more. His guru’s power will be attained. Between the age of 65 and 70, these powers from his guru and the mantras he has been initiated in will increase. He will benefit from the general public.

He attains the secret of Trikala of the three worlds and consequently, his name and fame will come through new media-Internet.

He will have the knowledge of the secret of the past present and future.

With his spiritual awareness, at his death he will be fully aware when his soul departs his body – that spiritual wisdom will be gained. Before his death, he will have the supreme release ie Samadhi and he will attain liberation.

Chapter 10 career

In his work, counselling people is the method through which he will earn. He will grow in this way, much to the envy of others.

How can he enjoy these benefits with the negative results from the previous life? Lack of confidence and problems in his business inhibit his steady progress for a period of time. There will also be some monetary loss.

A new plan will not be able to take off during this cycle, however, performing the prescribed remedies will help. Age 54 to 55 is a good period financially and professionally

Spiritual involvement will help him overcome any troubles he encounters. New technologies will help him progress and he attracts wealthy clients and notable people.

Those who benefit from him will help me during his times of distress. Later, his earnings will become larger and huge. From this age, income will be higher. He will, however, face some adversity and losses.
Ages 55, 56 and 57 are beneficial and enjoyable for him.

He will meet a holy man – and between 59 and 60 this teacher will change his life. He will start new training centres of spiritual inclination. Teaching, training and monetary benefits can be expected.

We will have problems at age 59 or 60. The ill-effects can be reduced. He will receive the blessings of his mother at this age as well.

At age 60 – 62, there is an exchange and money transfer. A lot of property and money will come to him. He will be enjoying income from two sources. People from other countries will support him and he will receive income from these places.

He continues enjoying a relationship with his children. He takes an interest in investments of artistic materials and profits regarding antiques or musical equipment

Between the ages of 63 – 65, he has greater enjoyment due to self-control. In this time a medical treatment – skin and dietary issues arise.

He may also find his reputation smeared. His principal relationship will be reduced. Blood and skin ailments are likely and these are principally inflammatory ailments caused by food etc

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