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Nano-Medicine: The future of health and healthcare

Nano-Medicine: The future of health and healthcare

In the court of public opinion most of the world would agree that the human race is undergoing a massive transformation from the inside out. Many in our never ending present understand that the only way out is in. And this is to suggest that our ability to invert our senses inwardly allows all of us to reflect about our own being and purpose. As world government is being announced and the complete and total overhaul of our inward value are undergoing sanctioned designed alteration people are now discovering what real wealth truly is. Real wealth is health.

“Humanity is poised at the brink of completion of one of its greatest and most noble enterprises. Early in the 21st Century our growing abilities to swiftly repair most traumatic physical injuries, eliminate pathogens, and alleviate suffering using molecular tools will begin to coalesce in a new medical paradigm called nanomedicine. Nanomedicine may be broadly defined as the comprehensive monitoring, control, construction, repair, defense, and improvement of all human biological systems, working from the molecular level, using engineered nanodevices and nanostructures, molecular machine systems, and NanoBots too small for the eye to see.” Robert A. Freitas

One of the great success stories and innovations in anti-aging and preventative health benefits available today for human consumption is C60 Buckminster-Fullerne otherwise known as Bucky-Balls. Today, under the current circumstances of our daily living all of us are under constant assault from our environment due to pollution and sanctioned chem trails by governments. Toxins, fungi, bacteria and viruses are constantly trying to attack our bodies and most importantly our happiness. Nano-Medicine, the application of nanotechnology to medicine generally suggests molecular control over our own biological systems. A lot of Nano-technological advances are being released through the efforts of great engineers and scientists to assist in the equaling of availability for all people not just the rich and priveledged. The Buckminster Fullerene otherwise known as C60 is a promising new development manufactured in very few places in the world. I spoke to one of the engineers who currently manufactures C60 and was pleased to hear his motivation for doing so. “I wanted to help people and help them live a longer more fruitful life.” said Bob Greska

“Biotechnology and genetic engineering are comparatively well-known because of their many important successes over the last several decades. But advocates of these approaches often ignore a future post-biotechnology discipline, just now appearing on the 2-3 decade R&D horizon, that can almost guarantee whole-body elimination of biological senescence and the indefinite maintenance of healthy mind and body while producing few if any unwanted medical side effects. This new technology involves the application of molecular nanotechnology and nanorobotics to human health care. Over the next decade or two, it will become increasingly clear that all of biotechnology is but a small subset – albeit an important subset – of nanotechnology. Indeed, the 21st century will be dominated by nanotechnology – the engineering and manufacturing of objects with atomic-scale precision – not biotechnology.” Robert A. Freitas

I invite all readers of this article to take your power back and try C60 for yourself. There are literally hundreds of testimonials coming in from all over the world indicating improvement in neuroplasticity muscle strength, cognitive enhancement, improved skin conditions and more overall energy.  As we all improve our health we all improve our wealth.