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Neptune: Dreaming your Way to Success

What are your ideals? We all dream and strive to look for something beyond what we have, something that we can work towards, and after which we attain can say “I did it”. But usually these dreams are exactly that, simply imagination gone wild! Pipe dreams, that’s all.

Your dreams and ideals are shown by the planet Neptune. But this planet isn’t an easy one to deal with and also represents those areas within you that are veiled or hidden out of view. And on the outside as well, those areas where you’re likely to be deceived, let down and magically hypnotized  into believing something or other which is not true.  Neptune relates to the illusion, to that which doesn’t yet exist but to which you aspire, and continue to nurture with the expectation and the hope of finding yourself in that dream someday by making it a reality.

Some are able to manifest the dream, but others aren’t. Are you someone who will eventually attain your dream, unlike the vast majority or will you, like them, simply keep dreaming the repetitious dream rather than making it a tangible reality, something you can experience and enjoy as a combination of dreams and hard, protracted yet smart work.

Successful and not so Successful Dreamers – The Differences

There’s a gulf between those who attain and those who don’t, the primary difference being passion. We’re not talking about sexual passion although sexual passion usually accompanies an inner, driving passion for success and to manifest as real the dreams and creative visualizations you project. The successful dreamer is someone who has not only planned but been extremely methodical in feeding the fire of desire by the fuel of daily work, practice, business planning, and strategically defining the path towards their pot of gold called a dream.

By looking at Neptune’s placement at the time you were born we can see precisely where those desires and obstacles to your dreams lay. To a large extent the dream itself is the largest obstacle in that it distracts and seductively allures you away from the practicality of what needs to be done to attain your objective. If an unsuccessful dreamer it lulls you into a perpetual dream state, that state of mind where you think and talk about what you want or what you will eventually become but never quite achieving it. Unsuccessful dreamers, even on their death beds continue to believe that somehow those dreams of fifty years mysteriously come to life now in these last moments of life, but only take those dreams off into the next karmic round of birth and death.

The other essential difference between successful and not so successful dreamers is the confidence to act as if what is desired as an objective is in actuality already here. Fear often drives the uninitiated or novices in dreaming or creative visualisation to back off when risks, calculated or not so calculated, are required for the next big leap in life. Successful dreamers develop that confidence into a strong form of courage and trust. These are the prerequisites for success and to a large extent of overcoming the hypnotic effects of Neptune. We must never forget the dream but we must always be anchored in the practicality of what is necessary to attain the goal.

In the horoscope we should always look at the aspects that are formed to Neptune from other planets at the time of birth to study the other influences of impacting upon your success.  Astrology is a delicate art and requires more intuition. than technical skill.  An intelligent astrologer will always opt for intuition over technique. He should be guided by the principles of astrology but use intuitive license to seek out those gems of forecasting and prediction that distinguish and average astrologer from a brilliant one.                                                       

Neptune: Spiritual Trickster

Neptune: Dreaming your Way to SuccessNeptune requires a discarding of the veil and to a large extent the patterns and psychological complexes which cause you to deceive yourself and hold yourself back away from what you truly desire, projecting your reason for failure on any number of external factors.  Part of the dream means dropping the dream or the illusion.

The planet Neptune is not often associated with the principles of the ascendant or rising sign but I’d like to talk to you a little bit about that and draw the links between this most nebulous of planets to the ascendant which is often referred to as’ is  the mask. That we all assume some sort of different persona to deal with the world around us is interesting in itself but we all do it. We need to present to the world something that is not necessarily and truly our deepest inner core. We like to not only veneer the physical exterior with make-up, fragrances, eyeliner, bling and other non-verbal objects to define our mask. We sculpt our essential character/personality in the hope that it may impress, just as a fragrance wafts through the room and attracts someone of the opposite sex.

We use these are psychological veneers to be liked, accepted and helped. It this not pretense? Yes and no. The need to deal and integrate into a society with prevailing cultural trends requires adjustments in etiquette and protocol depending on different social settings. The difficulty is the forgetfulness of essential self and the assumption that this acquired ego or mask is us. This self-delusion is the quintessential role of Neptune, and like the Hindu analogy of Mahamaya and the illusion of this cosmos, causes us to forget our essential nature.

With the help of Pluto the tearing down, the stripping back and re-emergence of your essential Self, is the analogy of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Whereas Neptune’s job of deceiving and at the same time enlightening you, Pluto still has the job of breaking down, killing and reviving you into a newly transformed being. Not unlike the chrysalis and the process involved in the transformation of one creature into a more glorious form of its predecessor.

Those areas which initially seem like weaknesses or even defects can after careful scrutiny of the horoscope be seen to be the very things you need to achieve your success. Through careful analysis and self-reflection the chrysalis within their own being will emerge.

So I invite you to take advantage of the opportunity, to see what your successes are, how your dreams can become manifest through an understanding using basic astrological tools.  With practical insight you can once again reclaim your future and begin the process of spreading your wings.


About the Author

DADHICHI-MTDadhichi Toth is a seasoned astrologer in both western and Vedic traditions and has over 10,000 readings to his credit in his 30 years of practice. 

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